Saturday, February 27, 2010

Old Poop Geraldo Amazed at all that Drinkin' and Fornicatin' in Vancouver

I saw a promo on FOX for tonights Geraldo....Seems the man who exposed Willowbrook is going to fill us in on the sex, drugs and drinking going on the the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.
OMG...I never would have imagined that young, ambitious, attractive young people far from home living in a village of similarly positioned people would party...Astounding journalism....
When I was 18, it was not really an issue because partying was OK.....Since we redefined childhood to a higher age (except when going to war) there goes with it the feigned outrage over human behavior.
Canadian female hockey players drinking beer after winning gold....Skiers, skaters, even curlers swilling the devil's brew and hitting on each other.....
Geraldo must be getting old, if he thinks this is news....But if its just a story being done for ratings, that's OK.....Feigned outrage is perfectly OK if there is an economic motive.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Me vs the MSM

In all the excitement about the Governor imploding, I forgot to mention the media sparring match on Thursday's HOTLINE as I squared off against John Johnson, son of the current publisher of the WDT and heir apparent to running the MSM in our fair city.
We talked about the future of print journalism and he is a guy with ideas coming off more than two decades away from Watertown among other things working for 3M on marketing or selling the ubiquitous Post-It notes. Great product.
He defended the current WDT product while acknowledging the paper is sluggish in changing to meet the era of new media.
I, of course, told him what I think should be done to save print journalism....He politely listened knowing as we both do my career in news is less than stellar. I am like a '55 Chevy left in a field to face the elements and found long after my useful life but still an interesting curiosity.
He didn't take the bait when I called Newzjunky the 'anti-Christ." He agreed the killer whale got shortchanged in his paper but pushed back when I said their newsroom was too moribund (stop by at night, he said).
All in all his answers were smooth as a baby's butt.
John twittered later that he enjoyed the sparring....Probably meant, 'that's the last time I go down there to be bludgeoned by that turkey....But coming from a good family, he wouldn't say such a thing.

Gov. David Paterson makes it official: He's not running

So he's out and party regulars are lining up publicly behind Andrew Cuomo for Governor of New York. He was going to win anyway, but this makes it simpler and less contentious.
And I am sure the "investigation" will be perfunctory and find there was bad judgment but no criminal intent.
As for Andrew Cuomo, he is still being coy and says he will announce his intentions on his schedule.
Some are not satisfied with Paterson's refusal to step down and let the Lieutenant Governor Richard Ravitch finish out the year...
Must be Paterson wants to work in his legacy....The Soda Tax.
Gov. David Paterson makes it official: He's not running

Tilted Kilt Sports Bar & Restaurant Submits Plans

A pretty hot new sports bar is due to open this summer on the site of Davidson Auto Center on Arsenal....
Tilted Kilt is a high end franchised sports bar and restaurant and will take aim at the Fort Drum crowd.
From looking at the web site for the chain, it features bar food, an Irish motif and attractive waitresses.
A winning combination and a welcome addition to the Arsenal Street strip.
Site plans have been submitted to the planning board listing the owner as "Crazy Irishmen LLC out of Turin, NY.
-An aside to this....Glen Curry reports progress on the former Red Lion soon to be known as Maggie's Restaurant....The Newell Street eatery is being renovated and is very nice inside according to Glenn.

Governor to End Campaign in Wake of Scandal

Several news organizations are reporting Governor David Paterson will abandon his bid for election to a full term, thus clearing the way for Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to win the Democratic Party nomination.
There is no word if the Governor will resign as some have called for in the wake of the latest scandal to engulf Albany....this one concerning aide and confidant David Johnson.
Only last weekend, the Governor announced his candidacy in a fiery speech at Hofstra University.
The Daily Politics

Gov. Paterson scandal: New allegations swirl that state troopers broke rules to help powerful pols

A month ago, the head of the union representing State Troopers was blasting Governor Paterson for what was alleged was insufficient staffing and a cancellation of academy classes in this year's budget.
Now we learn the Troopers were busy helping the Administration tamp down a domestic violence complaint against a close aide to the Governor. And the new Superintendent says the contact Troopers had with the victim was not coercion, but was just to give the lady "options" in dealing with her restraining order request against aide and confidant Robert Johnson.
That's code for pressuring the victim to stand down, since Troopers had no jurisdiction in the case which originated in the Bronx.
These are not 23 year old part time village cops with no professional supervision. This is the most elite , high paid force in the State and here they are , in the middle of another political scandal, admitting they contacted a victim for what could be no other reason than to persuade her to halt her complaint against a powerful man.
It's not unheard of to have this happen...But it is certainly tiring.
Gov. Paterson scandal: New allegations swirl that state troopers broke rules to help powerful pols

Enough, governor -

The call has intensified for Governor David Paterson to leave.....Not just give up his race for election, but to leave the office he assumed under strange circumstances two years ago. The scandal involving aid David Johnson will leave Paterson unable to govern regardless of the circumstances. The effort to push Paterson aside by his own party has been intense even before this incident came to light. The reality is that Paterson cannot run as the populist outsider as a member of a party that is anything but....and he seems to have exercised extraordinary poor judgment in his appointment of Johnson as his "body man" and top aide.
True, there were many in his party greasing the skids beneath him, but this incident is hard to overcome, given the other misgivings and low poll numbers the Governor has.
New York is fiscally out of control and the tiller is in the hand of....well I dont know who.....Reports are the Governor has not even spoken to Lt. Governor Ravitch in weeks.
Mr. Ravitch is free of the taint surrounding the Governor and has no ambitions beyond his current office. Perhaps it is best if he finishes out the year.
Enough, governor -

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ford: Paterson Shouldn't Run

The picking of the carcass has begun....Elected officials are openly urging David Paterson to not run or in some cases there are calls for resignation....Senate hopeful Harold Ford wants Paterson to stand down and plans to attend an Al Sharpton sponsored meeting on Saturday at which black elected officials will discuss Paterson's future.
Can white lawmakers gather as well ?....Since race is such a big deal in the Democratic party, Mr. Ford may see the demise of Paterson as an opening for him as the statewide ticket would be all white without Paterson.
Hey the world goes on even if the Governor's world does not.
Ford: Paterson Shouldn't Run

Republicans Poised....But to Do What ?

Republicans are aflutter over the Paterson scandal...if it is one....GOP State Chair Ed Cox is questioning AG Cuomo's ability to probe his probable opponents while Gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio wondering aloud if it was Cuomo or his agents who have been feeding the New York Times with dirt on the Governor. All of this would help the GOP if only they could field some good candidates.
The Daily Politics

Public Safety deputy resigns in latest Paterson scandal -- Page 1 -- Times Union - Albany NY

Resignation comes amid charges Troopers misled her in their dealings with the woman seeking a protection order from the Governor's body man, David Johnson. Nobody wants to be near this fan when it hits.
Public Safety deputy resigns in latest Paterson scandal -- Page 1 -- Times Union - Albany NY

The More You Read, The Worse it Gets for Paterson

The plot is thickening, the woman is identified, her lawyer is talking, the AG tells Troopers to let him handle it, top Dems are opening pressuring Governor Paterson to stand down and not run......All because of the bombshell that took two weeks to emerge, but is causing a stir in Albany that could drive the Governor from office or at least from his campaign.
While its been hard to figure out the truths in the obvious effort to remove David Paterson from the race in favor of Andrew Cuomo, this situation is serious....especially the assertion that the Governor himself spoke to a woman seeking an order of protection against his body man, David Johnson.
In any event, the probe and the recriminations to come will further distract the Governor from his budget duties and leave the process to the dubious talents of the Legislature.
As events swirl out of Paterson's control he may find he cannot govern and that could be Richard Ravitch in the mansion for the remainder of the year.
Andrew Cuomo

Dirty Tricks or Governor Ravitch ?

Speaker Sheldon Silver's statement on the David Johnson case is somewhat cryptic and could leave the impression the story about the Governor or his security detail attempting to dissuade a victim of domestic violence from seeking a protection order is perhaps a political dirty trick....If its not and the Governor is implicated, then it may be curtains for Paterson who would be forced out by the threat of an indictment.
If its just more mud slinging then we are in for a rough year. No doubt the Democratic hierarchy wants Paterson off the ticket for 2010. All the nice stuff has failed and they are left with just the hardest of hardballs.
This should get good.
The Daily Politics

Transcript of Woman’s Testimony About David W. Johnson -

Governor Paterson is being closed mouth about the circumstances surrounding the alleged assault of a woman last Halloween by a key aide to the Governor...a man named David Johnson, who has now been suspended pending an investigation by the Attorney General.
This transcript does not make State Police look good, but of course at this point we only see the testimony of the woman involved. However, if members of the Governor's security detail, or the Governor himself, tried to influence a criminal probe in the City of New York, that will be a problem.
At the very least, this matter was tamped down by the administration of late when the aide came under the scrutiny of the New York Times.
This is the "bombshell" rumored to be coming a couple of weeks back. One can see why it could lead to speculation of resignation.
With an investigation underway, the Governor is relieved of the obligation to respond to inquiries about the matter.
Transcript of Woman’s Testimony About David W. Johnson -

Gov. Paterson asks Cuomo to investigate him in adviser’s scandal -

Here is the Post take on what will become a problem for David Paterson and now likely rival Andrew Cuomo is being asked to investigate by the Governor....So it could be either an opportunity or challenge for Mr. Cuomo as well
Gov. Paterson asks Cuomo to investigate him in adviser’s scandal -

NYT:Paterson Suspends Body Man....Scandal On

Governor Paterson has suspended his "body man" without pay and the NY Times has what may be the story that could cause serious political problems for Governor David Paterson.
Close aide David Johnson was cut loose as a result of an incident with a woman last October in which there may have been an assault. The story is the woman dropped her complaint against Johnson after pressure from the State Police and possibly the Governor.
All of this results in Johnson out the door and a probe launched.
What this means for the Governor, we have to wait and see.
The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia

Poll: NY'ers Want Wine in Grocery Stores

Why wouldn't they ? It makes sense from a consumer viewpoint to sell wine in supermarkets, even though that would have a deleterious on small liquor stores. The new licensing fees would give a flush of cash to the state.
If liquor stores lose their exclusive rights to sell wine, then they lose a profit center since wine mark ups are better than hard liquor.
So why won't lawmakers allow liquor stores the option of selling beer. They cannot now. Why can't a liquor store sell cigarettes, or a newspaper....or a soft drink...or even have an ATM machine on premise....Everybody else can.
Its all in the 1934 Alcohol Beverage Control laws pass in the wake of Prohibition. Archaic laws that gingerly allowed the sale of sin with appropriate restrictions that would limit exposure of the public to spirits unless they entered a strictly licensed environment.
It was proposed last year to loosen those restrictions in exchange for the wine deal. It all makes perfect sense, but as is often the case in state capitals the Governor and Legislature cannot make the simple changes.
So now you have thousands of small business men and women wondering if they will be forced out of business or not.......This is a simple Legislative transaction....and they cannot get it done...How often is this happening in industry after industry in New York...the answer is..It happens a lot.
The Press Republican - Article: Poll: NYers want wine sold in grocery stores

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Aubertine to Dems: Drop Dead, I Want to Win

In a sure sign upstate Democrats unlike their NYC counterparts, do indeed have to worry about winning, Senator Darrel Aubertine has joined with Republicans in the Senate to attempt to block the Governor's plan to delay tax refunds.
Good for the Senator, but there are many other issues that he is going to have to break with those who win without a race.
Watertown Daily Times Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

New plan to collect tax on cigarettes sold by Indian retailers : Latest Local News : The Buffalo News

The increasingly pathetic Empire State is now trying to hammer Native Americans in its desperate effort to prop up its finances.....The illusion is that cigarette taxes will continue to allow New York's "working families" to avoid paying the piper for a bloated government.
As people give up this stinking habit or find other sources for the product, the Governor and Legislature are seeing their tobacco blood money dry up....
That's why they had to create a new villain...Sugary drinks.....
What a joke Albany is....
New plan to collect tax on cigarettes sold by Indian retailers : Latest Local News : The Buffalo News

Howard George Dies at 75

Well known Marine, Town Justice and martial arts guy, Howard George has passed at age 75. He touched many in his life. :: Newzjunky NNY death notices

The Independence Party Tries a Buttoned-Down Appeal | The New York Observer

New York's quirky third parties are often the home for the non-conformists, the unwanted, and those who truly are political hobbyists.
Such is the case with the Independence Party, whose primary value has been its name and home on Line C of New York's ballot.
The party has few activists except for cells of activity in various counties. The party had made a bold move towards local control some years ago, but reversed course in 2008 when that policy impeded the Albany wheelin and dealin with the leadership....
The party shifted course and is very much in the traditional role of trading the line on the ballot for a place at the table.
Now Chairman Frank MacKay, a mercurial, shrewd, hard-nosed pol from Long Island, is trying to recast the party as the antithesis to the states pro-labor Working Families Party. The IP will be the party of small business and business dollars are flowing in.
First test for MacKay is this year's budget....Hope he doesn't back anyone who backs the sugar tax.
This is an interesting read...Check it out.
The Independence Party Tries a Buttoned-Down Appeal The New York Observer

More Dumb Press Releases from the GOP

Recent press releases by the Will Barclay for Congress campaign are the kind of inane stuff we have seen so often in GOP efforts in our area.
Mr. Barclay raps opponent Doug Hoffman for remarks made in 2008 by then Presidential candidate, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX). The Barclay campaign concludes and demands Hoffman repudiate Paul as a possible Presidential candidate in 2012, even though Paul is not even a candidate and nobody really thinks he will be. Paul did win (with 31%) a recent straw poll at the C-Pac meeting in DC which Mr. Hoffman attended. It's an absolutely crazy leap of logic and its reminiscent of the silly string of releases out of Barclay's 2008 bid for state senate against Darrel Aubertine.
Mr. Barclay is also demanding that Rep. Bill Owens demand the resignation of the Director of Homeland Security over remarks Janet Napolitano made after the arrest of the Christmas Underwear Bomber.
It is unclear who this campaign would like Matt Doheny to renounce or repudiate. Hope it's not me.
When I first read WhatsUp comments on this matter , I thought it a bit harsh to Mr. Barclay, but I read the more temperate Seymour piece on it and I was struck with how "out there" the demands sounded.
Mr. Barclay's campaign should be careful about demands to renounce this and that.....I am told the biggest impediment to his garnering support is Barclay's Albany taint.
In the last two years the GOP has tapped Assembly Minority leaders (Tedisco and Scozzafava) to win a Congressional race. Both lost.
One GOP insider told me yesterday the party is not seeking to make it a Trifecta by nominating another Albany politician in an era when such titles do more harm than good.
Whats Up NY-23?

Ed Koch Frees Himself From Gillibrand Endorsement | The New York Observer

How am I Doin' ? Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch may not want to ask that of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.....Hizzoner recanted his endorsement now that former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford Junior is a likely challenger.
Ed Koch Frees Himself From Gillibrand Endorsement The New York Observer

Sewer Lines Not Sexy, But Needed for Jobs

The Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency is considering infrastructure grants to municipalities for projects related to business development.
One application from Alexandria Bay for its iconic dock...another fromt he City to help in the sewer improvements related to the Gaffney Drive area.
I would think the Town of Watertown may want to seek funds for its sewer diversion project so that the Olive Garden can open as planned.
Much of this money is from Fort Drum housing tax abatements and the fees the IDA collected in lieu of those taxes.
This is money that was diverted from local government and its good to see some of it coming back for the public improvements people expect from government.
I feel the appropriation of public dollars should be the domain of duly elected public bodies, but that's an argument for another day.. For now the right thing is being done if this money is being spent on infrastructure.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hoffman lines up big-name support, but local backing up in air -

I see Cary Brick is quoted in this article about the NY23 race.....Good to see Cary emerging from years of toiling in DC.....He has a lot of insight, hence his new title The Oracle at Clayton.
Hoffman lines up big-name support, but local backing up in air -

Breen Avenue....The Ying and Yang of Expensive Projects in Tough Times

With decision time next Monday on whether or not to rehab Breen Avenue at a cost of $2million, I ventured out to do some more research since its becoming a touchy issue with street residents frustrated over promises it would get done.
This project like many has appeared in various five year projections but was not the top priority as proposed by staff. It became a priority because Council members were responding to the pleas of street residents.
I talked to the manager, the sewer superintendent, and went down to Engineering for an excellent briefing on the street, its issues and the plans for rebuilding.
As it stands now, there is not support for the borrowing of that sum in such uncertain times.
The other arguments are that it was promised to the residents and there is a need to continue to work on infrastructure even in tight times.
The options at hand are do the project as proposed.....don't do it and put it off indefinately......or do one half or the other.
The south end of the street near Petes has the most underground deficiencies and would cost about (don't hold me to this) about $1.3 million.
The north end near Coffeen Street is OK underground but is the worst on the surface, but would cost less.
Armed with knowledge , I went over to the General Store on Bradley Street to talk with Anthony Doldo who owns the store but also lives on Breen Avenue and is sort of a spokesperson for residents.
We had a good talk and I filled him in on the options and current mood of the Council.
I heard his views too.
Hopefully, the dialogue can help me make a more informed decision, but since it takes a four-fifths vote to move ahead, its still a heavy lift for those in favor.

Economic And Revenue Forecast SFY 2010-11 | New York State Senate

New York's fiscal picture gets worse by the day. Analysis of revenue by both the Assembly and the Senate show the Governor's projections up to $1.2 billion too rosy.
Soda tax here we come.
Economic And Revenue Forecast SFY 2010-11 New York State Senate

New York State's top court makes ruling on its own pay raises

The men and women in robes want a raise....So bad the Court of Appeals gave a nudge to the Governor and Legislature by ruling judicial pay hikes cannot be linked to other unrelated matters....Judges have not got a raise since 1999. Now in hard times any raise will seem like too much due the likely large percentage. That's the danger in letting these things go that long.
New York State's top court makes ruling on its own pay raises

Pope Benedict Names Local as 14th Bishop of Ogdensburg

The Holy Father has chosen a local to be Bishop for North Country Catholics. Rev. Terry LaValley will be the new Bishop for the Diocese of Ogdensburg.
Rev. LaValley is an upstate native and attended Wadham's Hall Seminary in Ogdensburg and has served in small parishes like Massena, Rossie and Hammond.
Congratulations to Father LaValley !
Diocese of Ogdensburg

Address the Problem Without a New Tax...How's That for Blasphemy ?

There is a debate over the harmful effects of sugary drinks and the link to childhood obesity.
The purported Albany solution is a tax on soda. You know...just a few pennies and it will support needed health care keeping many SEIU members employed.
How about my common sense proposal that actually addresses the issue without levying more taxes.
-Ban the sale or consumption of soft drink, energy drinks, or sugared fruit drinks on or near school grounds.
-Ban the sale of said products to those unable to make an informed decision, such as those under the age of 18 (same as cigarettes)
-Make the providing of said beverages to those under the age of 12 the equivalent to endangering the welfare of a child.
-Create through use of bottle bill revenue agencies like T-PACC that can systematically at public expense villify the soft drink industry.
-Ban point of sale advertising at stores.
-Restrict the placement of vending machines to venues that are subject to adult supervision.
Common sense yet still nanny-state....
Since I have no interest in the State Legislature, I offer my suggestions free of charge to Darrel, Patty, Addie and Nick.

Popular Car Now at a Turning Point as Scrutiny Ramps Up

The escalating swirl of publicity surrounding what had become the top selling auto could lead to a death spiral if it continues. In an already soft market, the relentless probes, leaks, recalls, recriminations, and now hearings will only build consumer worries about what had been such a sought after vehicle.
After spending some four years in the retail auto business, I know that not only was Toyota a top seller locally and nationally, it was the go-to car for many shoppers and a strong performer in the used car market, meaning they were good trade-in vehicles.
Sales surely have dropped like a rock and the resale value along with it.
The sudden interest of Washington and the Congress is typical of their sanctimonious piling-on when there is publicity to be had. Now they are hauling the president of the car company in front of them and there are memos suggesting Toyota quashed more extensive recalls of an accelerator problem dating back to 2005.
This is a company with a great record of customer satisfaction up to now and for its competitors a little turn in the barrel may be rough justice for years at the top.
And the fact that Washington apparently runs GM and Chrysler, so there is an interest in seeing the top import hit the skids.
Nonetheless, I am sure these are tough times for the many dealership level people just trying to earn a living in a tough trade.
Toyota will likely rebound, but too many more revelations could make the problem permanent.
Docs: Toyota Surges Related to Electronics - CBS News

NNY: Sorry Mindy...We are Not on Your Side

To get off politics for a bit...Looks like 97% of those in our survey say Ogdensburg native Mindy Lawton deserves no apology from Tiger Woods for her being part of the series of affairs and liasons the golfer had outside his marriage.
Mindy, like all these ladies, surely knew Woods was a married man. In fact, Woods and his wife visited the Perkins Restaurant in Orlando prior to him asking her to follow him back to his estate in her Saturn.....That car must have stuck out like a sore thumb on that street.
Woods did provide this OFA grad with a glimpse of La Dolce Vita and Mindy did make a little cash when she recently sold her story to a British tabloid.
The local woman's nexus to this tawdry tale is an interesting aside although there has been no reporting up here to find out more about her side of the story or her background in the Maple City.
What is clear is that NNY residents by a margin of 97% to 3 % take Tiger Woods side and by implication suggest the woman reaped what she sowed.

Monday, February 22, 2010

WDT: Hiram Plots a Comeback

Former State Senator Hiram Montserrate isn't taking his expulsion from the Senate in stride....He is planning to file a petition to run as an indepdendent candidate in next month's special election in District 13 in Queens. He cannot run as a Democrat because special elections do not allow democracy to occur and the party leadership has their candidate.
Monserrate was ejected from this great deliberative body after being convicted of assaulting his old lady (girlfriend).
An effort to get a judge to reinstate him failed. And the system will do everything possible to get Montseratte tossed off the ballot since boards of elections and judges know if he is a senator again its curtains for the Democratic majority. My money says he never gets on the ballot, not that he would win anyway in a district that is safer than safe for whomever is on line A.
Watertown Daily Times Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

The Daily Politics

-Governor Paterson says he will be competitive.....but just to make sure he isn't the MSM came out with some poll data saying he trails Rick Lazio.
-NYC Council President Christina Quinn and 14 City Council Members are on a junket to Israel. What purpose is served by that ? I skipped the annual mayor's confab in Albany this week simply because cutting travel, cuts expenses. These people are out of touch.
-Is Washington trying to ruin Toyota ?....Now documents critical of the Obama Administration are leaked in advance of Congressional hearings. The government holding the hearings also owns GM and Chrysler....Hmmmmm???
The Daily Politics

TV Commercials Promote Soda Tax

This so galls me....the ads promoting the tax on sugary soda...Just a few pennies...Well, if that's all it is it won't dissuade anyone from using the product.
And its more than that...On a five gallon box of syrup, they will charge $35.....the amount based on the reconstituted amount of drink after running it through a carbonator.
New Yorkers are being duped with the argument that this tax will fund health care...No its just another tax....
Let me know when it takes effect so I can buy up as many boxes of syrup ahead of time as I can. You want Albany to have more money...raise income and sales tax....You want people not to drink soda....outlaw it....
A 'Life Or Death' Tax »

The Dark World of Public Square's Political Underground

I got nosy today....And began a journey much like the opening scene from Get Smart.
Elevators headed down...darkened corridors to who knows where...I expected to step into a phone booth and drop out of sight. Into the bowels (yecch!) of the City's unseen underworld.
Finally I saw a light through a door and entered the subterranean war room of one Matt Doheny, candidate for Congress.
Natasha was there but Boris was out to lunch.....
I looked around at the empty offices with the beginnings of a campaign....I made small talk with the staffer, feeling I really wasn't welcome, but she didn't know how to politely get me out of there....
Then I ask to see the command center.....The NORAD headquarters of this Alex Bay native.....I went in to see the giant map of the 23rd Congressional District. The battlefield surrounded by lots of lists of people who are important, or think they are. I tried to discreetly scan the lists to see if I made the grade.
I ask to take a picture, like some goofy tourist who had wandered off the White House tour and ended up in the Oval Office.
I was refused....This kind of stuff is TOP SECRET.
By then I had run out of small talk and thought I had best leave before something bad happened.
I walked back the same steps and soon was basking in the warm sunlight of a late February day in Watertown......
I felt alive again.

Gilly Backs Paterson.....But Not in Person

Democratic Party office holders and operatives got the message.......Andrew Cuomo has a long memory and so showing up at Governor Paterson's campaign announcements around the state is not in your best interest.
One pol who gets a partial pass is Senator Kirsten Gillibrand who says she supports the Governor, but still didn't show up at his Long Island kickoff.
Senator Gillibrand told the NY Post she supports the man who ruined his own career by passing over media darling Caroline Kennedy to pick the obscure Congresswoman from Hudson NY to fill Hillary Clinton's Senate seat.
Even if she thinks Cuomo will win....Even if she secretly wants Cuomo to win, Senator Gillibrand has a moral obligation to support Paterson and appear with him. A failure to do so is more a reflection on her than him.

WDT:| Patty Plate tops $1.5m in car fees

Can we afford to send Patty Ritchie to Albany, since she is doing so well at her current job ? Sounds like a silly question but sometimes people like what you are going so much they are not interested in letting you pursue the dark, craven ambitions for higher office that in the end suck the life and principles out of otherwise great people.
P.S. Does anyone in NYC DMV realize how inept this process makes them look ?
Watertown Daily Times County clerk tops $1.5m in car fees

Conservative chorus at national conference: Aren't you Doug Hoffman? | News from The Post-Standard -

The difference in strategy in the NY23 race for the GOP nomination is profound.
Candidate Will Barclay depends on the traditional route of coming from a political family and currently holding a state office. For Barclay all that would have been enough 20 or 30 years ago, but the ability of others to get known through the Internet and other new media, plus the general disdain for Albany pols make his tast a daunting one.
Businessman Matt Doheny is strong on issues and intellect; is able to raise money; and is energetic and travels the district meeting with small groups of party leaders. For him the challenge is the broader electorate doesn't yet know who he is.
Then there is conservative rock star Doug Hoffman.....Ill at ease in public, prone to platitudes and untested on the issues. But as last years phenom Conservative Party candidate in NY23 he garnered an amazing 46%....almost won....and dispatched the regular GOP candidate to the exclusive realm of major party candidates who garner less than 6% of the vote.
Hoffman traveled to DC this weekend for C-Pac, the conservative love fest featuring keynoter Glenn Beck.
This is a different type of NNY candidate as for years Rep. John McHugh never had to be idealogical and in retrospect his voting record was a tad to the left.
Doug Hoffman is well known nationally and that will help his fundraising and his giant killer role against DeDe Scozzafava was a big deal. With a good media campaign, Doug Hoffman can win the primary and in fact must at this point be considered the front runner.
Two questions haunt Hoffman.....
Can a guy who is hangin' around with Beck and Coulter win in a district that is already trended blue ? (and I like Back and Coulter, but the reaction of many to them is visceral)
Can he compete intellectually and stylistically against Rep. Bill Owens, who while he has had to lurch left to stay on Speaker Pelosi's good side, is also a bright , affable guy who glides through the social encounters candidates find themselves in ? Mr. Owens is what he is. A sophisticated guy who became a $750K a year lawyer in tiny Plattsburgh, NY....At age 60 he decided it would be neat to be a Member of Congress, and by golly, here he is.
If this were not a potentially rough year for Democrats nationally, I would say this race is a bridge too far for the GOP....But it looks like a Republican year, so who knows ?
Conservative chorus at national conference: Aren't you Doug Hoffman? News from The Post-Standard -

A Little More Rump Analysis on NY23

The three campaigns of Republicans running for the party's Congressional nomination in NY 23 leads to the obvious question....Who can beat Bill Owens ?
It will be a tough race as Mr. Owens is a bright fellow with a campaign apparatus already working the race. He is the incumbent and has been building relationships since winning the special election last fall.
Doug Hoffman starts the race in the strongest spot with high name recognition; cash on hand; and relationships with national media more than willing to declare him the front runner due to his 46% of the vote in last fall's race. However, Hoffman has trouble on the stump articulating a message. He was dead last in all accounts of the one televised debate last fall. He is also not well liked by local media or by many in the GOP establishment.
However, if its 30 second commericals deciding the race...Count Hoffman in for the nomination.
Will Barclay has experience in government as an Assemblyman. But this is a year when Albany is hated and his record includes all those home rule resolutions allowing for local sales tax hikes.....While Barclay's votes were perfunctory based on requests, dont forget they and other votes will be used against the incumbent. Mr. Barclay also lost the 2008 special election in NY 48 and the damage from that still lingers.
In a one on one Hoffman-Barclay primary, Mr. Hoffman wins.
The third candidate Matt Doheny continues to have low name recogntion. But he is an outsider and self made man. His conversancy in finace issues makes him a logicle choice this eyar....But it is unknown if he can win.
In a direct race with Hoffman, I suspect Doheny is 50/50.
In the fall, Hoffman will wither unless he gets out ahead of the curve and offiacially proves he is conversant in the issues.

Clarkson Eulogy of Rett Foster Gives Insight into a Community Servant

Everybody contributes something to their community, but this obit by Clarkson University of their Board Chair Everett Foster gives a great synopsis of someone who really did a lot of things in addition to a successful private sector career....Mr. Foster died this weekend at age 67 and is remembered for his cheery attitude and heavy duty involvement in various activities.
Clarkson University: News - Clarkson University Remembers the Life and Legacy of Everett G. Foster, Chair of the Board of Trustees and Ardent Supporter of North Country Region

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Upstart Blogger Makes Strides

Much as I like my own "insight" into politics this young upstart WhatsUpNY23 is offering up some interesting analysis full of lots of names of people I never heard of.
Sounds like he operates from deep in the bowels of Team Hoffman, hence his helpful suggestion today that Doheny and Barclay would be best going after the State Senate seat and leave NY 23 to the big boys.
Hey, we all have biases....thats what blogs are for...but WhatsUp has become required reading for the politically afflicted.
Whats Up NY-23?

NYDN: Paterson Not Up to Job...Doesn't Really Want It

This morning the Daily News declares Governor Paterson doesn't want the job he just announced for on Saturday. Who does want it then ?
Voters wonder what makes Gov. Dave Paterson run for reelection

Paterson announces he's running for governor amidst pathetic turnout -

If you thought the media was in the tank for Barack Obama in 2008, then this year's media darling must be Andrew Cuomo.
The efforts to discredit current Governor David Paterson are so transparent at NYCs three major dailys...Just look at this NY Post headline on the Governor's announcement. What greater perjorative can you use about a person than "pathetic " ?
Add this to the recent attempt to stampede Paterson out of office based on a couple of catty exposes by the NY Times and you get the picture.
Perhaps, David Paterson is not a good governor, and maybe Andrew Cuomo (or Rick Lazio) is the Second Coming. But its so obvious what's going on here.
Paterson announces he's running for governor amidst pathetic turnout -