Saturday, February 13, 2010

Marginal Owens Gets Cover on Debt Bill

North Country Congressman Bill Owens had his cake and ate it too this week by getting to vote for so called PAYGO or pay as you go legislation while also voting against raising the federal debt limit. Mr. Owens was one of 24 Democrats allowed by the leadership to vote no on the debit increase which was also opposed by all Republicans. By voting no on a measure sure to pass, Owens and the others are able to keep their fingerprints off the burgeoning federal debt, while at the same time voting for the morepopular PAYGO bill designed to make Congress more accountable.
So this fall when Hoffman, Doheny or Barclay attempts to link Mr. Owens to the borrow and spend policies of Washingron, well he will be able to say.....Hey I voted no.
Voting on debt ceiling, PAYGO - First Read -

A Mayor's Day

Saturdays are a day of rest for many, but some things come up when you are in local politics.
Today, I was having breakfast at Mo's Diner on Factory Street when the owner of Shorty's Restaurant called. He was concerned about a water main break in Coffeen Street that could result in the shutoff of his water and the closing of his restaurant on Valentines Day weekend...What he says is a very busy weekend.....
So, up I go to Coffeen Street to check it out and sure enough there is water coming out of the ground and restaurant staffers have inked signs to tell customers they are closed...Waitresses are worried and as one in the business, I am too. Having suffered though many road closings on Pearl Street, I known what its like to see business slip away.
I text the manager who quickly gets back to me that staffing is being mobilized and that hopefully the pipe can be repaired without cutting off the neighborhood.
Well, it doesn't turn out that way and I get word late afternoon water will be cut off for as brief a period as possible...I call the restaurant owner and tell him we did all we could. He was pissed...not at the City,...but at life in general.....
Nothing worse than a passle of people wanting to spend money and you can't take it....But by and large, I think everybody did all they could.
Then, I had two people in a landlord/tenant dispute stop at the bar and I gave them the best advice I could without being charged with impersonating a lawyer.
About an hour later another gentlemen comes to see me...At least this one bought a couple drinks. He was mad over his assessment. I went on the computer and looked up the property...Thank goodness Fort Pearl has free WiFi !
We talked about it and by the end I think he understood what happened...Maybe next time he will ask more questions when buying property that had been improved without permits.
By days end I was ready for a trip to Petes to relax...I ran into this year's Shapiro Award winner and had a nice chat as well as talking a bit of politics with an Aubertine staffer.
All in all a pretty busy day for a day off.
Good thing I like doing it.

David Paterson to New York Times: 'Clear the air' - Andy Barr -

Governor Paterson wants the New York Times to clear the air....It was a purported pending expose in the Times that supposedly led other media to report on the Governor's looming departure from office....For a couple days we all thought it was a case of "it must be true in the NY Times is going to print it." Only problem is they never printed anything.
The Governor pushed back and refused to be stampeded out of office in what is clearly an orchestrated effort to get him out of the way for the expected candidacy or cornonation of Andrew Cuomo as the state's next chief executive.
Of course the Times will not run a story about something they have never reported on in the first place. Mr. Paterson knows that and for the moment may be warding off this attack.
His promblem is that the Democratic leadership chose to launch this sneaky salvo in the first place. While running against the bosses gets you headlines, it likely will not get Paterson the nomination.
I still don't count him out.
It is hard to imagine the party of identity politics and inclusion systematically kicking to the curb the two candidates for statewide office who are black....David Paterson and Harold Ford, Jr......If that happens, you can bet Andrew Cuomo will be scouring the ranks of the state's African-American community for a running mate. Just as Senator Gillibrand got the nod because she put an upstater on the Democratic ticket, there will be a perceived need for a racially balanced ticket as well.
As for Harold Ford....he is suffering death by a thousand cuts...The latest story circulated by the Party leadership is that he has yet to file a New York State income tax form and that he has been suspended from his duties at NBC....All designed to make Ford a less desirable person and stampede him out of the race pronto.
David Paterson to New York Times: 'Clear the air' - Andy Barr -

Owens prepares for second campaign -

Bill Owens says he is a reasonable choice who spans party labels He does come across as thoughtful and measured....the more cerebral choice. But this is a visceral year, so he will have his hands full...not so much with his own persona but with the national mood which is trending away from the party he only recently became a registered member of.
Owens prepares for second campaign -

PR: Article: Tea Party attacks Bill Owens

Its always a good thing to have a third party rough up your opponent for you and if that's the Tea Party folks, then so be it. Spending and deficits will be a dominant issue in 2010 and Rep. Bill Owens is in league with Team Pelosi.
They know it too....That's why Mr. Owens was allowed by the Speaker to vote no on a bill to expand the federal borrowing authorization. Often, a candidate who needs cover is allowed to vote against the leadership when they have enough votes anyway.
The Tea Party groups may feel an affinity towards candidate Doug Hoffman because he is the best known candidate. The other Republicans had best work this group. The Tea Party is not an actual party or group like a labor union. Its an amorphous feeling among voters upset over the growth of government and the spending that is staggering in scope.
What is interesting is that the North Country has become a fan of big government, so there is a constituency for more spending. The anti soda tax rally in Ogdensburg on Thursday showed me there are people who in this year are motivated to vote....but comments on this blog in favor of this silly tax tell me a campaign against spending and taxes is not a winning issue with everyone.
Ironically, the same anti tax tally in the 'Burg also featured people opposed to the closing of a local prison, pointing out the dichotomy between those frustrated by big spending but adicted to it as well.
In any event, look for Mr.Owens to say he was against expansion of the federal debt.
The Press Republican - Article: Tea Party attacks Bill Owens

Friday, February 12, 2010

Indy Dollar Probe Continues

Wow....that's some cash...and we'd be happy if those county leg candidates would give $25 each.
The Daily Politics

Ford's NBC contract suspended - Michael Calderone -

He's on leave from Merrill Lynch and suspended from NBC....This pondering a run is expensive !
Ford's NBC contract suspended - Michael Calderone -

A Trip to Addies Office

I stopped over to Assemblywoman Addie Russell's Watertown office today. Had to drop of a request for member item funds as Russell staffer Ted Ford called me and asked us to put in a request.
The Russell office is very wide open with a nice sitting area that takes the edge off the institutional feel of the Dulles State Office Building. It's a lonely trip in as once you pass the guard at the front door and the SOB is devoid of people in the lobby and on the second floor where her office is.
When I entered the office the bald head of Mr. Ford was evident. From a distance. he looks like Don Rickles.
There was the sound of children and you could see toys scattered on the floor in what I believe was the Assemblywoman's office. The atmosphere was loose and friendly, not the dentist office feel you'd get when entering the office of some legislators.
I delivered my mail, exchanged pleasantries and offered some advice on the great issues of the day.

Ford Loses Two Key Counties in Upstart Bid for Senate Seat

When you are the candidate of the party insiders you expect to win the endorsements of the big counties. When nominating a candidate for statewide office, all the parties use weighted voting...with the counties that perform best for the party in elections getting the most votes.
In the Democratic Party, that means the boroughs of New York, and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has grabbed the backing of New York County (Manhattan) and that amounts to about 10% of the votes at the party's convention this spring. Earlier the Bronx weighed in for Gilly.
Unless she stumbles badly, Senator Gillibrand will be the party designee, meaning she had over 50% of the vote at Convention....If potential rival Harold Ford gets 25%, then there is a primary. Many times there is an arrangement to make sure the lesser candidate gets on the ballot, particularly when minority voter considerations are in play. If Mr. Ford fails to get the 25%, he can still force a primary by circulating nominating petitions in June and July.
For Gillibrand the goal is to have the party leaders stampede the counties early and force Ford to fold. Obviously, he wants them to hold off in hopes folks get skittish about her.
In any event, at some point Ford will have to cross the Rubicon and that's a tough call going against the poobahs....But it is a year when establishment candidates may not fare so well.
Ford Loses Manhattan (Updated)

Wind farm tax breaks considered by Herkimer County - Utica, NY - The Observer-Dispatch

Its the same all over....this wind PILOT story is about Herkimer County where after five years no one knows the details of the a soon-to-be-voted on tax break for a company that doesn't publicly speak, but only talks to the press through a spokesman using e-mails.
Some quick money in tight times for the County and the promise of jobs. There doesn't seem to be organized resistance so the county Leg in this remote area will approve it. How can you object to what you know nothing about ?
Wind farm tax breaks considered by Herkimer County - Utica, NY - The Observer-Dispatch

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Press Republican - Article: Tea Party turning up the heat on congressional aspirations

The three Republican Congressional candidates can spend all the time they want stroking the GOP's aging faithful at dinners and country clubs.....But it may be who can energize the Tea Party movement who wins...Folks like those who gathered in Ogdensburg on a frigid February afternoon to protest the soda tax....these are the legions of little people who are sick of being nickled and dimed by the politicians and the public employee unions.
Doug Hoffman seems to have the edge in this group based on his efforts last year.....The other two younger candidates should be able to speak to the small business....and working stiff crowd who have had enough of New York's dalliances with socialism.
This reporter from Plattsburgh senses it there...I see it here...So its happening...Better be speaking to the Tea Partiers, Mr. Barclay and Mr. Doheny !
The Press Republican - Article: Tea Party turning up the heat on congressional aspirations

Maple City Folks Get Mad Over Albany Nonsense !

A boisterous crowd that some in the MSM might just dismiss as Teabaggers....But this group in front of the Ogdensburg City Hall was mad as Hell....
Their subject is the proposed "obesity tax" on sugary soda products. Led by local Pepsi bottlers the crowd heard Mayor Bill Nelson rail against the screw-ups in Albany and the endless taxes that are crushing folks in small town New York.
Mayor Nelson led the crowd in chants of "NO MORE TAXES" and protestors waved placards calling for change in Albany.
The soda tax is billed as a "penny an ounce" but its much more and would add to last year's crushing burden of the "Bigger Better Bottle Bill."
People are getting mad....This could be an interesting year.

Hooray for TV 7....John Moore Hired !

Good news to report concerning one of the good guys in local media.
Longtime TV 50 anchor and reporter John Wesley Moore is going to work for WWNY-TV.
No word on what Mr. Moore's duties will be, but if you ask me (and they aren't) he should be anchoring the 10PM and 11PM casts.
John has credibility, knowledge of the area and is a stable, dependable performer.
I first met John in the early 80's when he was in Ogdensburg radio and I was looking to hire a St. Lawrence County reporter to TV 7....John Friot got the job in what was really a flip of the coin choice and I was glad to be at TV 50 in 1987 when that news department started and John was hired.
John is a Lisbon native and is known for his GQ appearance. Sort of a John McHugh of local television.
The decision to hire John Moore is a sound one and will help Channel 7 by providing the affore mentioned traits to their on-air image.

Winning the GOP Nod is only Step One Against a Tough Opponent

Those of us who muse about the coming race in NY23 spend a lot of time on the three Republican candidates vying for the nomination.
No matter who wins the nod they will face Rep. William Owens (D-Plattsburgh) who has been in office a scant three months but so far is doing all the right things as an incumbent to get reelected.
At a meeting I was at yesterday, Mr. Owens was affable, engaging and seems to have mastered the art of politics even though he entered that field late in life at age 60. He says he likes his new job and finds it interesting and challenging.
Plus this fellow just looks out of central casting.
Plattsburgh's most successful lawyer until he ran for Congress has the distinguished look and air to him and he is systematically reaching out to the many NY23 residents who still know little about him. Last night, it was the Chamber After Hours event in Watertown.
So he will be a strong candidate, especially when armed with incumbent levels of money to run the best campaign gurus like June O'Neill can muster.
Before I am accused of being too obsequious,let me say like anyone he can be beat.
It is still a center-right district, with the exception of St. Lawrence County. Mr. Owens vote in favor of health care reform, his support of cap & trade, and his support for trying KSM and the gang in NYC are positions out of step with enough people to cause voters pause. Mr. Owens linkage to the unpopular House speaker and a President with declining numbers makes him vulnerable.
Still, its going to take a different style campaign than Republicans usually muster up here. Voters want a fresh face, with energy and the ability to focus on economic issues. It will take money and organization and a lot of shoe leather.
If I were a Republican I would be looking first for a candidate who takes their toe out of the water and dives in. Someone who says I want this job for these reasons and I am going to run hard to defeat Mr. Owens.
So far, there is too much equivocating on the GOP side.

City man Arrested for Chili Tampering at North Side League

Is this a crime or merely grounds for firing ?....In any event when I saw the headline on Newzjunky, I thought the contaminant was worse than pepper. Our chili comes straight from the can so if you don't like it, take your complaint to Mr. Hormel. :: Watertown Police Department

District to Parents: Sit Down and Shut Up

We may have achieved a new high in the headlong march towards no accountability in the public education system. We read with disdain the stories of NYC teachers accused of malfeasance kept on the payroll for years reporting to work not in a classroom but in a separate facility.....all because they can't be fired...
Now in the General Brown school district, the WDT reports those disatisfied with the superintendent cannot identify him by name and must be civil when voicing concern at a Board of Education meeting.
Can't mention his name ? It's Stephan Vigliotti, Sr. and for him to expect...and this policy suggests he does...well, for him to expect public discourse over him and his performance will be tamped down or sanitized...well that's just silly.
District residents and parents need to know why there is the apparent level of unease with Mr. Vigliotti that would lead to such a policy declaration by the district's lawyer.
What's next, a ban on public gatherings of more than three people in Brownville and Dexter....Move along folks.
Watertown Daily Times | District invites 'civil' remarks

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

'They haven't seen the last of Hiram Monserrate,' says booted Queens pol

Hiram Montserrate says he will not go quietly...Meaning he could seek help from the courts to keep his Senate seat after lawmakers voted last night to expel him.
As poor an example of public servant as he may be, it could well be the voters decision on his fate....Otherwise anyone the other Senators don't like can get the boot.
If he is out the Dems can control the special election as such affairs are decided by the bosses without a primary.
'They haven't seen the last of Hiram Monserrate,' says booted Queens pol

Two Governors...One Native

The question was posed on the HOTLINE today about whether anyone from the North Country had become Governor....Well I said Roswell Flower was born in Theresa and went on to success in NYC where he was elected to Congress and later became governor in 1892 He died downstate and is buried at Watertown's Brookside Cemetery....
Assembly house husband Ron McDougall called and mentioned Silas Wright who was the state's 13th governor.....But Governor Wright was born in Amherst MA and later moved to Canton NY where he did become Governor before his death and burial in the St. Lawrence county seat. Governor Flower was a native, but Governor Wright was not. So Ron is half right.
Weybridge, Vermont

Palin Palm Captivates White House and Their Media Friends

Sarah Palin took a job at her critics yesterday in TX as she scrawled the words "Hi Mom" on her hand....that a day after media showed an enlarged image of her hand with crib notes she used in a Q & A at the Tea Party Convention.
The Huffington Post and other liberal media are still busy focusing on the optics of Palin, today actually conducting an on-line poll over whether Ms.Palin's black suit is crushed velvet or satin.
The clincher came yesterday when the Presidents press secretary made fun of Palin at the daily briefing by writing notes on his own hand.
Sarah is in their heads and under their skin....and that's a good thing.

Whats Up NY-23?: Nick Vaugh's Twitter Crusade Against Addie Russell

Our friends at What's Up certainly keep voluminous records....including all the Twitter messages from Councillor Nick Vaugh concerning his Assembly rival, Assemblywoman Addie Russell.
Just goes to show in a world where we muse in real have to watch what you say as somebody, somewhere is going to weave it all together to your detriment.
These tweets make Vaugh look petulant and filled by the cliches of political operatives.
Meanwhile, Ms. Russell has honed her political skills are town meetings and seems pretty smooth at events and respectful of others in office and of the public in general.
This piece by What's Up should be a lesson on how not to campaign in an era when such sniping is out of least with this voter.
Whats Up NY-23?: Nick Vaugh's Twitter Crusade Against Addie Russell

Attention Ladies....Please Exercise Caution In the State Senate

Another story of a State Senator showing mysoginistic tendencies. Senator Kevin Parker "charged" fellow Senator Diane Savino during a closed door meeting attended also by Bronx Senator Jeffrey Klein.......Of course Senator Parker is a known hothead already facing an assault rap and just last night the Senate voted to expel Senator Slasher (Montserrate), who went after his girlfriend and is thought to have carved her face with a wine glass. All of this in the attached account written by Liz.
Once again, its the thugs in the caucus that will be an issue in races this year. And you can bet any female candidate might make sure these stories are conveniently dropped into the discourse even if their opponent is a perfect gentleman like Darrel Aubertine.
Department Of Irony

Monserrate Expelled...But Is it Legal ?

Nobody thinks much of Senator Hiram Monserrate of Queens....He was convicted of roughing up his girlfriend and is widely thought to have slashed her face with a broken wine glass. He has a thuggish demeanor and became a symbol of why Democrats from NYC may not be the best choice to control the State Senate....The vote was 53-8.
However....there was a lack of due process in bouncing a sitting senator for the first time since the Civil War. His conviction was a misdemeanor and Montserrate has pledged to fight the matter in court....That is expensive and time consuming and those in favor of expulsion figure he won't be able to compete against the Senate counsel who will seek to enforce the expulsion.
Meanwhile another rogue Democrat, Senator Ruben Diaz is talking about bolting the caucus again, thus throwing control of the Senate in question.
All this stuff may seem like downstate feuding, except all of this will become the central talking point for electing a Republican senator fron the 48th District. The continuing turmoil and controversy in the Democratic caucus...while not the fault of Darrel going to be his biggest challenge in the coming race against Republican Patricia Ritchie. If Monserrate fights and wins his seat back ..the fester continues and then there are the possible charges against Pedro Espapda, another problem child for the Dems.....
This is a tough year upstate to run on the mantra of "keep the Democrats in charge of the Senate." Senator Aubertine's charm and personal popularity will be tested this year....
Dailypolitics - NY Daily News

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Paterson Proposes New Taxes To Close Deficit -

Tawdry rumors did not prevent another day of new tax proposals in the capital. This is why people are so frustrated....Its getting tougher and tougher to do business and there is no willingness to cut spending.
Want to close a prison ? NOOOOOOOOO Want to close a state park ? NOOOOOOOOOOO Want to elimnate a state agency ? NOOOOOOOOO
Meanwhile all the debate in Albany is about the rumors about the Governor and the efforts to expel Senator Slasher....aka Hiram Montserrate
Its bad all over and will never get better.
Paterson Proposes New Taxes To Close Deficit -

Paterson: I Am Being Slandered and Its Not Working

Governor David Paterson told reporters today he is not resigning....he is running and that the only way he leaves the office in January is at the ballot box and the only way he leaves earlier is in a box.
The Governor dismissed and decried the media frenzy that includes assertions a major scandal will break and that he will be forced from office.
Governor Paterson strongly suggested the effort to stampede him coincides with his efforts to seek support for his election meaning it may all indeed be an effort to chase him from the race.
The Governors list of enemies is not short and includes potential rival Andrew Cuomo, the State Police who have publicly criticized him, and public employee unions angered over the prospect of budget cuts.
Paterson said he was interviewed by the NY Times for a story they are doing but was not asked about those matters the subject of recent new accounts, including marital infidelity, drug use and gambling.

Vance Investigating Indy/Bloomberg/Haggerty Connection

The NYS Independence Party and its high dollar contributors (Mayor Bloomberg topping the list)are getting a look-see from Manhattan's new DA.
Vance Investigating Indy/Bloomberg/Haggerty Connection

Watertown Daily Times | Opponents organizing to fight wind plans

Whoa....Whatever happened to creating jobs and bringing prosperity....Now the WDT reports local leaders who supported Big Wind on Galloo are mobilizing to fight a state plan to dot the shore of Lake Ontario with wind turbines.....I am confused..
Watertown Daily Times | Opponents organizing to fight wind plans

GOP Trio Break Bread in Fulton County

In areas with political memories that extend beyond the advent of television things like a Jefferson/Jackson Dinner or a Lincoln Dinner are annual staples of the two major parties.
Must be Fulton County Republicans remember their party's roots and last night's Lincoln dinner attracted all three likely GOP candidates for Congress in NY23....
Doug Hoffman, Will Barclay and Matt Doheny all showed up to mingle during cocktail hour.
Fulton County is located in the Mohawk Valley and only a portion of the county is even in the 23rd.
The presence of all three in the same place would have made for a great photo, but in the sprawling district, the campaign can only be covered second hand.
Hoffman foes like to flatter his makeover but quickly tell you when he opens his mouth its the same Doug.
Barclay foes make it a point of telling you that yes, Young Will was there.....all alone. OUCH !
I would tell you what Doheny foes had to say but I didn't run into any.
This stage of a campaign is fascinating.
Three guys, all accomplished in their fields, professionals, guys with things to do, take time to drive all over God's Country to have dinner with people they don't know in towns they never thought they would visit.
It will be interesting to see if any of the three conclude this is way too much work for the uncertain honor of opposing Bill Owens in the fall.

Capital rife with rumors of Paterson's political demise : Home: The Buffalo News

Here's a good analysis in the Buffalo News about the crazy rumor mill that has swept Albany and would leave you to believe Governor Paterson is toast. I think a lot of it comes down to derailing Paterson in favor of clearing the decks for Andrew Cuomo to be New York's Messiah. The Governor is said to be meeting with the New York Times today in what may be the perfunctory "confirm or deny" interview in advance of whatever they are going to print anyway.
My advice to the Governor is stand firm, especially during this budget process. Much of this may be driven by the groups for whom a hint of austerity never crossed their minds.
Capital rife with rumors of Paterson's political demise : Home: The Buffalo News

Criminal partner drops out of Aqueduct racino

Its not the sex that has Albany talking about another gubernatorial resignation.
Its gambling.
Alot is being said that Governor David Paterson is about to be outed by the NY Times in an expose that could drive him from office. Personal failings like drugs and sexual affairs are what is being talked about......but the more serious allegations are said to do with in oweing too much in gambling debts....and awarding lucrative contracts for video lottery terminals at Aqueduct Raceway in Queens.
There are some very astute political insiders who feel Governor Paterson will be gone by weeks end.....Time will tell, but the Governor is either being done in or is the victim of a huge conspiracy.
Criminal partner drops out of Aqueduct racino

Monday, February 8, 2010

AP Interview: NY's Paterson Lashes Back At Rumors - CBS News

Governor Paterson is lashing back at the media for acting like a pack of wolves in attacking his character and suggesting all sorts of things in his life that could result in resignation.
Mr. Paterson suggested its all an effort to chase him out of the race for the Democratic nomination for governor. The media has been in overdrive to the point of ridiculous, unless there is something really bad.....
AP Interview: NY's Paterson Lashes Back At Rumors - CBS News

Lazio Takes On The Times

Wow, this is getting to be fun......Rick Lazio is sticking up for the embattled governor and the NY Times is silent on what they have or don't have....It does seem the Governor has been subjected to unfair leaks about some expose....It will likely be about Aquaduct....and about some infidelities.....That may be why the Governor announced on the View last week that he and his wife agreed to cheat before they even got married.
Lazio Takes On The Times

Vaugh to Challenge Russell in 118th AD

A 22 year old first-term city councilman from Ogdensburg today announced his intention to run for the NYS Assembly seat held by Addie Russell.
Councillor Nicholas Vaugh is a Maple City native and is in the third year on City Council. Mr. Vaugh is studying business and political science at Clarkson University in Potsdam and will graduate this spring.
Councilman Vaugh says he will bring bold new leadership to the Assembly and is critical of what he sees as the failures of the one term incumbent.
While other candidates have been mentioned in the 118th, it now looks like a Vaugh-Russell showdown.
Vaugh has recently been critical of plans to close a prison in Ogdensburg and the Governor's plan to impose a tax on soft drinks.

Palin Writes Note to Herself !

The Huffington Post is on its way to a Pulitzer Prize for its blown up image of Sarah Palin's hand featuring what appears to be a crib note.
The smoking hand was discovered at this weekend'a Tea Party Convention in Nashville at which Governor Palin spoke to an enthusiastic crowd.
While many Americans have written notes on their palm in the absence of a piece of paper, critics of Palin will see this as further evidence of her lack of gravitas.
Others like me will see it as an amusing example of the lengths the liberal elite media will go to discredit Palin for fear she is catching on.

Gov. David Paterson Spokeswoman Denies NYT Has a Resignation-Worthy Bombshell - David Paterson - Gawker

Goodness...we have to rely on a website named GAWKER to get the denial from the Governor's office.......I wonder if this firestorm isn't just an effort to stampede Paterson out of office or out of the race. After all, all other efforts to clear the field for Andrew Cuomo have failed....Even the appeal from President Obama didn't help.
If its just more lifestyle stuff about the Governor's eye for the ladies....spare us...
Let's get on with the budget and defeating the crazy tax proposals on the table.
Gov. David Paterson Spokeswoman Denies NYT Has a Resignation-Worthy Bombshell - David Paterson - Gawker

Capitol remains abuzz about rumors surrounding governor -- Page 1 -- Times Union - Albany NY

More piling on in Albany as the thundering herd of Capitol journalists are just about all buying into the "something bad is happening to David" storyline. In particular, a rumored NY Times expose that some say will result in the Governor' immediate departure. Whether its scandal like Aquadect or more fleshing out of the stories of marital infedelity, when there is this much chirping, there might be something to it. Then again it could be dirty tricks orchestrated by the Democratic establishment to oust Paterson in favor of nominating Andrew Cuomo ?
I should call my good friend June O'Neill....Betcha' she knows the inside story.
Capitol remains abuzz about rumors surrounding governor -- Page 1 -- Times Union - Albany NY

'Paranoid' gov going ballistic -

A purported scandal about the awarding of a gaming contract at Aqueduct Raceway has been ignored by the MSM up our way, but it is according to Dicker the last straw in what he contends is a bunker-like scene in the office of Governor David Paterson. Interesting reading.
'Paranoid' gov going ballistic -

Report: NY Gov. Paterson future in doubt

Is it true the Governor may bail, or are such speculative stories merely the work of pro-Cuomo media anxious to so dirty up Governor Paterson that it would be consdired OK for Andrew Cuomo to wage a campaign against a sitting Democratic chief executive ?
The NY Post did run the story of the New Jersey lunch with an attractive "family friend." Then there was the story of Mansion romps that prompted the Governor to ban his State Police security detail from the living quarters at night. And how about the appearance on ABC's "The View" in which Mr. Paterson talked about his seeminlgly open marriage.
It was widely assumed Governor Paterson could be persuaded to make way for a Cuomo candidacy by merely announcing he would not run and taking a cushy job in the Obama administration.
Mr. Paterson balked at that and has stated he intends to run. Meanwhile his hard nosed stance on spending has actually helped his poll numbers.
Any number of people would like him to go away, including the state's powerful public employee unions for whom spending restraint is anathema.
By merely suggesting he is going off the deep end, opponents hope to quickly discredit the Governor in time for Andrew Cuomo's candidacy announcemnt in March. Polls show the attorney general would easily win the race for governor.
The Press Republican - Article: NY Gov. Paterson future in doubt

Sunday, February 7, 2010

State Parks agency's dilemma is a symbol -- Page 2 -- Times Union - Albany NY

Wonder which State Parks in our area will close ?....Complain all you want, cuts are coming in state government and the large 11.5% cut across the board will ensure closures.
No one wants their favorite park closed, and schemes like the new obesity tax on sugared soft drinks will be portrayed as teh way to maintain the status quo.
We will pay the new tax....Unless you can find a way to transfer ownership of your case of soda to the local IDA and then lease the bottles back thus avoiding the tax.
This is New York...lots of stupid things are done every day in the name of keeping the state in business.
State Parks agency's dilemma is a symbol -- Page 2 -- Times Union - Albany NY

Maureen Dowd's Take on Harold Ford - A Scrubbed Toe in the Race

Much is being made about the sophisticated and affluent lifestyle of Harold Ford Junior, as if to say a guy who gets pedicures and eats garden omelettes at tony NYC restaurants cannot be Senator.
Ford is banking on this being an anti-incumbent year as he ponders a run against Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.
Maureen Dowd of the New York Times weighs in on Harold, who by all accounts should be a favorite of the media elite.
Op-Ed Columnist - A Scrubbed Toe in the Race -

WDT Letter to Editor | Tea Partiers were in Hoffman's corner

Whether the Tea Partiers go that way again is yet to be seen....but for political newcomer Matt Doheny this is a group that needs to be cultivated. Its not all about meeting the Don Coon's of the world.
As for Hoffman, he has been working this surging group, while candidate Will Barclay, by virtue of his incumbency may have a bit harder sell with the Tea Party.
Watertown Daily Times | Tea Partiers were in Hoffman's corner

Palin: 'Tea party' the future of politics - Kenneth P. Vogel -

Speaking without the benefit of a Teleprompter, former AK Governor Sarah Palin wowed a crowd of the so called Tea Party organizers meeting in Nashville. Ms. Palin says the grass roots nature of the movement is a threat to both major parties and she said the Tea Party should not allow any one person to co-opt the movement.
The 2008 GOP VP candidate took on the Obama administration, wryly saying, "How's that hopey, changy thing goin' for ya."
It was the kind of speech that will be lauded by FOX and condemned as hate speech at MSNBC. Most accounts on both side of Palin's love/hate persona say she effectively rallied those who already back her and proved she is the only GOP leader who can go after Mr. Obama and his policies and get traction and attention.
Ms. Palin did pledge to help candidates in this election cycle and she encouraged primnaries, meaning challenges to the party leaders, especially in the GOP. One local note...what role, if any, will she play in NY23 where she did back Doug Hoffman last year ? This year a three-way GOP primary is shaping up and the Tea Party will continue to play a role in such races. Her future prospects remain cloudy, but if by becoming defacto head of the Tea Party and leading a resurgence of Conservatism in Congress, Palin could become a force not easily overlooked in 2012.
Palin: 'Tea party' the future of politics - Kenneth P. Vogel -