Saturday, January 30, 2010

SarahPAC raised $2.1 M in 2009 - Andy Barr -

Good news as Sarah Palin continues to raise money for political activities in addition to her gigs as an author and TV commentator. She may not run for President, but she will stay on the scene.
SarahPAC raised $2.1 M in 2009 - Andy Barr -

State Gives Judge the Finger

Too bad there is no attorney general when its the State of NY doing the unscrupulous.
Last year the Legislature passed a 900% to 4900% increase in the license fee for a store selling cigarettes. Those who chose to renew, did so paying from $1000 to $5000 per location instead of the old $100 fee.
OK...It was the will of the people and its a pernicious product,right.....
Well, it now turns out a restraining order was issued September 16, 2009 staying the implementation of the fees.
It was never anything I read about and the State Tax Department never attempted to notify retailers that they didn't have to pay the new fee until the stay was lifted. They kept collecting and cashing checks for the larger amounts. (I happen to be looking at a check cancelled TWO months after the stay.
Well the stay is still in effect and the state finally sends out a letter saying you don't have to pay it unless and until the stay is lifted.
Gee, you think any business person in this state could disregard a court order in that manner ?
So much for being a nation of laws.

Rather Than Just Delete It, I Will Answer this Comment

Here's a comment elevated to the main page....

Mayor Graham wrote:
"Stop the practice that allows IDA's to cancel out state sales tax to anyone who asks....."
I look forward to your letter to the IDA asking them not to grant sales tax and mortgage tax exemptions on that new hotel project.
On Galloo What I heard last night. The island now generates 62,000 a year in tax revenue for town and school taxes. When the project is developed it would be in the millions a year.
Sarah Palin could even do the math and see this is more revenue for local governments. Why can't you?

A response. Yes as the Galloo debate comes to a head, a request for tax abatement surfaced at the IDA put forth by a known developer who says he is planning a hotel to add to buildings he already owns adjacent to route 81.
As Mayor I have been pushing hard to convince Council to move to the top of the list, a series of sewer improvements needed to allow this property to be built on.
I believe that is the kind of assistance municipal governments should provide in order to make all the land within our boundaries useable. Council has made this our top construction priority in 2010.
I did appear at an IDA meeting to explain our efforts to help this developer and was asked what I think of PILOTS and other tax exemptions.
My response is that under current policies and procedures, If the IDA chooses, after an analysis, to grant exemptions, I believe the fee charged to the developer should go to the city to help abate the costs of these improvements.
I did not take a stand on exemptions as the matter had not been debated by City Council. Any city position on this particular project will come as a result of City Council resolution which may be presented at a public hearing on the exemptions in March.
Indeed, while I personally feel the IDA policy on exemptions is in some instances contrary to the interests of local governments, I also know it is unfair to superimpose on a particular developer the issues raised by Galloo.
Now about the property tax revenues. I have no problem with such an arrangement struck on behalf of the Town of Hounsfield and the Sackets School District. If I were head of those bodies I might likely urge the County to give up their next born to get that quick cash for my town. The town is bypassing a huge amount of mortgage tax for that quick cash. And for the Town, the potential share of sales tax is small compared to the quick cash from a PILOT deal.
Since I represent others, who will be subsidizing the Galloo project, I have a different view and choose to present it publicly, and I do it using my real name so even folks like this anonymous writer can take their shots at will.

WDT: Dems Hear Howls from O-burg Over Prison Closing

NNY's Democratic Team is vowing to fight their own Governor's recommendation to close a prison in Ogdensburg. Senator Aubertine and Assemblywoman Russell are getting a dose of angst from the locals, but fact is if there is going to be cutting, something somewhere has to actually get cut....In the Governor's budget, the Maple City drew the short straw, leaving local Dems with some splainin' to do.
This is the flipside of years of dotting upstate communities with prisons as a means of compensating the locals for living in a state where doing business is an exercise in self-flagellation.
As I have posted already, here's a loophole in the law that could give these lawmakers revenue. Stop the practice that allows IDA's to cancel out state sales tax to anyone who asks.....
Watertown Daily Times | Prison backers rally for support

Doheny On the March

With a large campaign war chest, the MSM asks the question, 'Is Matt Doheny running for Congress ?'
One could surmise that's the case, but alas this political observer doesn't have to read tea leaves simply because I know he is running.
How do I know....Because he told me.
Doheny is not coy about it, and if you don't believe just ask the operatives you are likely to see him with.
His finance report lists one staffer and one consultant.
I guess I missed an opportunity over the years.
Anytime somebody came to me with questions on process or strategy, I just gave them the answer to the best of my ability.
I didn't know that in a market this small people got paid for their opinions.
My advice would be to continue to display the trappings of a campaign and do some TV to get your numbers up.
Priority number one is get this down to a two way race with Doug Hoffman and then win the primary by having the party organization on your side.
Funny thing about Will Barclay. He is in many ways a good candidate, but when you talk to GOP folks , he is all of a sudden a non-starter (or worse). And this is among people who a couple of years ago proclaimed him to be the Second Coming.
He is talked about now as yesterday's news among Watertown's political cognoscenti
Now, my advice to Doug Hoffman would be buy a house in Saranac Lake, get some coaching on speaking and television, raise money off your national persona and do an end-run around the county chairs and insiders who are likely to oppose you.
You mean there are people getting paid for this kind of off-the-cuff punditry.
This is a great country.

Friday, January 29, 2010

WDT: Race on for the 48th....Ritchie is In

Only hours after I chided her for being Hamlet on the Oswegatchie, reports surface that St. Lawrence County Clerk Patricia Ritchie is indeed running to unseat Senator Darrel Aubertine in the the pivotal 48th District.
Jude reports Ritchie is telling GOP insiders what was already obvious and that is she is taking on Aubertine is what could be another wing ding of a race.
Privately, Democrats are dismissive of Ritchie, claiming she is Palinesque in her grasp of the great issues of the day in Albany. Granted, her first run at state office in 2002 was hardly a civics lession in state government. (Granted, some of us don't think of 'Palinesque" as a perjorative.)
In that Assembly bid Ritchie lost a close race to Darrel Aubertine for the Assembly seat long held by H. Robert Nortz. Neither candidate was scintillating on the stump and Ritchie, while devasted by the loss, has since always been talked about when these races came up.
Certainly, Senator Aubertine has become more of the Albany politician while still maintaining that hometown flavor.....This year Albany is out and hometown is in and on that count Ritchie is competitive.
Her tune-up run this year was a successful bid to halt motorists from being forced to buy new license plates. In the couple of conversations I have had with her, she has improved her political appeal in eight years.
It will take an imaginative campaign for her to overtake Aubertine, and that's something missing from recent GOP efforts in the 48th.
One GOP type told me tonight Ritchie is popular running as county clerk, but that doesn't necessarily transfer to a race against an equally popular incumbent senator. In short, it's Aubertine's race to lose.
And while Republican state leaders have promised to fund her race dollar for dollar, it is unclear the GOP has that kind of cash, when there are several races they will need to fund in order to take back control of the body. One plus is that the 48th is a relatively inexpensive district to compete in.
Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

What the State is Losing on Galloo Could Save Those Jobs in Ogdensburg....Sorry Maple City

With the PILOT vote just four days away, the County Legislature remains split on the tax break deal being demanded by Big Wind. Opponents say its 8-7 against right now but some of the votes are in play. In particular, Legislators Fitzpatrick and Thomas and Zando will be courted by the firm proposing the half-billion dollar undertaking on Galloo Island.
As this project has unfolded one of the things that amazes me is that the State of New York goes along with these "buy, lease-back" arrangements that are used as the means to eliminate sales and mortgage tax.
Why does the State allow its revenue stream to be reduced by the arbritrary decisions of a local IDA.
In the case of this one project, that's over $13 million dollars in sales tax revenue to the state alone, plus its share of the mortgage tax.
Without obviating this one tax on this one project, the state could keep open that prison in Ogdensburg and save over 200 jobs.
If these arrangements are being executed in all 62 counties, the loss of potential revenue to Albany must be enormous.

Doheny: I Have Raised $600K....How You Doin' Will ?

Republican Congression candidate Matt Doheny has a bulge in his back pocket.
Today the Alex Bay native and money manager announced he has some $600K in his campaign warchest.
That means he is running, so the MSM can stop already with the fiction of a listening tour. Doheny has been the master at behind the scenes and quiet building of a campaign.
An office is up and running. He has staffers. And earlier this week he Big Footed his two possible opponents by hijacking a visit to Watertown by top NYS Republicans by holding a swanky soire at his Paddock Street home.
The decision to waive his wallet at this time may give opponent Will Barclay pause in his deliberations on whether to run. Meanwhile, Doug Hoffman is not expected to be wowed by the fundraising.
Hoffman should be impressed by the behind the scenes networking by Doheny as that is what will cause a rapid evaporation of Hoffman's current edge in name recognition.
Plus in a primary, those party regulars can be a help.
For now, Doheny surely wants to convince Barclay to stand down. This week's soire and the finance report certainly will catch Barclay's eye at his perch in Pulaski.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Ruminations

Kind of in an upbeat blog earlier today on Cuomo-Paterson was listed on Liz' blog.
And I had a nice visit to Public TV today for the taping of the Great Wind Debate between yours truly and Jefferson County Legislature Chair Ken Blankenbush.
It got a little heated but generally was a repeat of the same old arguments.
I should have smiled more. No media came to cover it, although its an easy and topical story.
Afterwards we posed next to Big Bird in a display of comity and friendship.
What strikes me about the debate is that the beneficiaries of the tax breaks just can't bring themselves to ask an overtaxed public to kick in a little more on their behalf. Seriously....they should have stepped up...But its obviously a better deal for them on the Q-T.....
I felt bad Chairman Blankenbush was carrying the water for people very detached and distant from those they are asking a favor of.
Between now and Tuesday, the press is on. The strategy is to lay guilt on opponents and badger them to the point they yell "ENOUGH ALREADY !" and vote yes to make the issue go away....
Long weekend ahead for the object of the affections of Big Wind !
Then there is Tuesday night, when the size of the crowd, pro and con,may force moving of the procedings from the Legislative Chambers which are rated for under 150 people.

Paterson: I Was Right On KSM Trial

Finally some common sense among New York politicians who bob their heads at crazy White House ideas like trying the 9/11 masterminds in Manhattan.....Mayor Bloomberg now says its too do others...leaving Governor Paterson to chirp, "I told you so."
Paterson: I Was Right On KSM Trial

Cuomo Backing Ford ? Makes Sense Since Paterson Won't Back Down

Nobody doubts the political skills or knowledge of issues of a man like Harold Ford Jr.....But what makes him think he can move to NY, and run for US Senate against an incumbent, albeit appointed Senator who is supported by all the the regular Democrats including Senator Chuck Schumer ?,
Well, it could be he has the support of AG Andrew Cuomo because having Ford in the race for statewide office helps Cuomo with a ticklish dilemma he has.
Cuomo will have to run a brutal primary against David Paterson for the gubernatorial nomination. Paterson is the state's first black governor and while plagued with low poll numbers, the Governor is still the governor and in the Democratic party, identity politics is a big deal.
By getting Harold Ford running statewide, Cuomo would defuse the issue of kicking Paterson to the curb. Party insiders still remember the schism from Cuomo's 2002 attempt to deny Carl McCall the nomination.
Cuomo is expected to announce his candidacy next month,while Governor Paterson has said he will not yield to calls by some he step aside.

Doheny Soire Shows He Has Behind the Scenes Muscle

Jefferson County businessman Matt Doheny may be the least known of three likely Republican candidates in NY 23, but his GOP-only soire last night at his Paddock Street home was evidence he is the choice of many party leaders.
Doheny has been busy behind the scenes and when we all read top NY GOP leaders were holding a meeting yesterday at the Black River Valley Club to ponder strategies in this part of the state.....well it seemed that Doheny, Doug Hoffman and Will Barclay would all stop by for the beauty contest.....
Hoffman didn't, as he is not a favorite of party insiders....Barclay came....and Doheny was absent leading observers to wonder...
Then word comes that while Will was on his way back to Pulaski, the GOP poobahs were all headed to a swanky, catered soire at Doheny's house.
Brilliant strategy to prove he has the muscle within the party to win a primaty.
Insiders say his fundraising reports due this week will show him to be a player.
What makes Doheny a question mark is name recognition. A recent poll showed the President of Mozambique has higher name recognition across the district.
Doheny has to start reversing that if he is to chase Barclay out of the race and overcome Hoffman's early lead resulting from his strong showing in last year's race that resulted in the election of Rep.Bill Owens.
This week Bill Owens is busy being a Congressman...visiting soldiers at Walter Reed....announcing grants to local governments and attending the State of the Union Address.....
But for Doheny, its Owens support of publicly run health care....cap and trade...and the Pelosi agenda that is their issue...
To see who is going places, I would keep an eye on FEC filings due soon. For better or worse money....big what aspiring to public service is all about....Let's see who has it and who doesn't.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Florist: Top GOP Visit Paddock Street Home of Candidate Doheny

State Republican Chair Ed Cox and Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos were among those attending a party tonight at the Paddock Street home of GOP Congressional hopeful Matt Doheny....The event followed a party pow wow held at the Black River Valley Club.
The soire could be seen as granting insider status to Doheny over fellow Republican Will Barclay and Doug Hoffman.
I had to get word from the florist as I wasn't on the guest list but then again I am not a Republican.
Crashing Matt's parties is not as easy as getting into a White House state dinner.

Former Tennessee Rep. Harold Ford shows he understands New York better than Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand -

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand took another lambasting this week from the NY Post in this op/ed....There is clearly blood in the water on the Democratic side as Gillibrand has been unable to take her Senate appointment and build a solid political persona. Her anti-banking statements threaten NYC's vital finance industry and her defense of ACORN in a Senate vote last summer was tone deaf. So far her protector, fellow Senator Charles Schumer has chased away challengers and the Republicans have been unable to field a candidate
The emergence and aggressive tactics of Harold Ford Jr is exposing Gillibrand's weaknesses and that may only bring out more challengers in both parties. Today it was reported GOP Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb is pondering a challenge to her in what Massachusetts voters have turned into a not-so-Democratic year.
If an unknown, upstate, Assembly back-bencher thinks he can beat her....yes she is in trouble.
Former Tennessee Rep. Harold Ford shows he understands New York better than Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand -

WDT: Hoffman Skips GOP Pow Wow

Update from the Black River Valley Club....Jude reports the only likely Congressional candidate there was Assemblyman Will Barclay....Also present was Franklin County's Paul Maroun, who may be back in the hunt for the nomination although most observers had ruled him out. Doug Hoffman not there....
Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Lazio Appears to be the GOP Standard Bearer for Governor

The apparent locking down of the Conservative line by former Congressman Rick Lazio virtually seals the GOP nomination for him as well. The party is not going to attempt any race of consequence without a melding of lines B & D.
Dailypolitics - NY Daily News

GOP Leaders Take It On The Road to Watertown

With Watertown as one of four locations for GOP pow wows this week, observers should watch the dynamics of potential Republican Congressional candidates and of course what role does Patricia Ritchie play at the meeting.
Does Doug Hoffman show up ? Is he a pariah as his opponents claim ?
Where do the old guard party leaders line up between Matt Doheny (young, unknown, bright, succcessful) and Will Barclay (young, son of a party scion, bright and successful except for that Senate race.)?
Is Patty featured as the Senate hopeful or just someone thinking about it ?
What about the Gubernatorial race now that Erie County's Chris Collins has folded and Rick Lazio appears the candidate. How deep is his support upstate ?
The two US Senate races....Are they both throwaways and there are the other statewide contests for AG and Comptroller. (Note to Pircsuk and Males....great year for politicals coming up !)
Oh, the Assembly race....Is my good friend Phil Reed really jumping into that briar patch ?
To be a fly on the wall at the Black River Valley Club.....Likely some good politics goin on !
GOP Leaders Take It On The Road

Tensions Rise for a Legislature Not Used to Schism

When the County Legislators dropped by Pete's Restaurant last night after their meeting, it wasn't the usual comity over wings and pizza....There was a distrust and an animosity in the air courtesy of Big Wind.
The Florist seemed ill at ease with fellow lawmakers and I sensed a little blowback over my pointed statements on the issue.
It seemed best to talk about other things, as this wind PILOT issue has been one of those matters that sets neighbor against neighbor.
The consensus of the pro wind people is they will not derail a project over perceived shortcomings with the IDA. The anti's just don't see a benefit equaling the subsidies.
I feel bad these lawmakers feel the need to carry the water for a huge company that by design has remained anonymous and distant.
Like the wind it will all blow over soon.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

WDT: Gilly Resents being Called a Bird

Wait a minute.....Senator Gillibrand says its wrong to call your opponent a "parakeet"?
Of all the nasty things you can say about someone, I hardly think the assertion you are a bird is all that bad.....So far Harold Ford Jr. is catching the public's attention with a brash, independent persona.
Senator Gillibrand is lashing back at Ford and it seems like its "race on" for the Democratic nomination.
Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Jersey Arrest Yields Maps of Fort Drum

While this guy may be just a nut....the matter of terrorism comes home to us with word the guy arrested today had maps of Fort Drum on him.......Read on.
Virginia man facing N.J., federal weapons charges had map of Fort Drum in N.Y. | New Jersey Real-Time News - -

Scozzafava Becomes a Tad More Conservative

For all the grief Diedre Scozzafava took last year for not being conservative enough.....she may have mended her ratings based on 20 key votes this year, DeDe scored a 55 putting her in the middle of the pack of state lawmakers. Last year she got a 15....That's when Conservative Chair Mike Long said no way to her candidacy...Now Long says DeDe seems to have found least enough to raise her score.
Scozzafava, many others, middle of Conservative ratings pack - Capitol Confidential - New York Politics - - Albany NY

Wind Debate Pits Your Humble Blogger against the County Legislature Chairman

TV 7's Jeff Cole stopped in this afternoon to invite me to take part in a 30 minute televised forum to be taped on Thursday......
The topic....Big Wind and Tax Abatements.....The other side of the issue.....County Legislature Chairman Ken Blankenbush.....the location, WPBS-TV with the show to be aired 3 times and I am sure made available to news organizations. In fact, I would expect the MSM would want to cover the taping.
I am flattered to have been asked as there are many articulate opponents to aspects of the Galloo Island Wind Farm. There are the NIMBY's, the Economic Doubters, the This Deal Sucks for Local Government Crowd, and the These Damn things are taking over the Countryside and Ruining my View Crowd.
In the affirmative are the Al Gore Green Jobs Folks, the Clean, Free Energy Types, and the Entrpreneurs who Will Make a Fortune off Subsidies and Tax Breaks Crowd.
I look forward to seeing Chairman Blankenbush on Thursday.
Oh and for you would be reporters out there, I would think Ken's appearance on this show makes him a yes vote for the wind pilot....making it 7 to 7........

Elin Nordegren crashes at Brett Favre's ranch while visiting Tiger Woods at sex rehab clinic: report

Life is great when you can stay at Brett Favre's ranch while your hubby is attending a $6200 a week sex rehab clinic in Mississippi. Such is life for the most cheated-on wife in America, Elin Nordegren as she apparently holds out hope her Tiger will stay at home in the future. Favre will need some counseling too after blowing the NFC Championship Game with a fourth quarter interception.
Elin Nordegren crashes at Brett Favre's ranch while visiting Tiger Woods at sex rehab clinic: report

A Guilty Conscience Wiped Clean By the Lord

I just got back from a meeting with the county IDA in which I was shockingly diplomatic with the nice folks on their board.
Despite the brew-ha-ha over Big Wind, we had a discussion on what is being done to help development on the City's west side and there was consensus on supporting development that you can reach out and touch. So it looks like another hotel with a conference center will be going up.
Now compare all the high dollar dealing at such affairs to what happened after I returned to Fort Pearl.
A gentleman came in to talk to me. I knew him vaguely by sight.
He told me that nine years ago, while he was an alcoholic, I gave him five dollars too much in change. He kept it because he said at the time it was all about him.
After completing rehab, the man says he also has found the Lord and that those five dollars have weighed heavily on his heart. So today he gave me the five and some extra for interest. He told me not to worry but he insisted he needed to clear the slate as he is leaving the area.
Wow, that's the first time that happened in my 25 years in business.
It's funny how the smallest thing can eat at you if you have a conscience.

Hoffman to Address Conservative Party PAC

Congressional Candidate Doug Hoffman is one of the speakers next week at a Conservative Party candidate screening event. Mr. Hoffman is the only of the likely challenger in NY 23 to attend and this is seen as further evidence Hoffman has the inside track on Line D.......However, content matters and the Lake Placid CPA will have to deliver to this issue oriented gathering.
Hoffman garnered 46% of the vote last year, losing by three points to Democrat Bill Owens.
Jefferson County businessman Matt Doheny and Oswego County Assemblyman Will Barclay are strongly hinting at candidacies for the GOP nod.....
CPPAC Registration Form in our Newsletter | Conservative Party of New York State

Hiram Monserrate likens himself to murdered civil rights workers as he steps up Senate fight

This guy is a gift from Heaven if the GOP is to have any chance at retaking the Senate this fall. Senator Slasher is just a wonderful metaphor for dysfunction in his party's caucus. Of course we also have to remember it was Montserrate who briefly became a Republican last year when he helped the GOP topple majority leader Smith.
Montserrate claims he is being discriminated against. Democrats just want him gone. There may not be sufficient grounds to expell Montserrate but Senate Democrats will do it anyway, as they need this guy out of the way.
Hiram Monserrate likens himself to murdered civil rights workers as he steps up Senate fight

Senate hopeful Harold Ford lands in Buffalo for learning experience in Kirsten Gillibrand country

Senate hopeful Harold Ford Jr. made his first upstate trip to Albany and Buffalo. While the Democratic establishment is reluctant to pull the rug on their incumbent Senator....Mr. Ford seems to leave a good impression.....As the prospects get shaky for Democrats in marginal seats, Ford is likely to find enough good stuff in visits like this to justify a run. He needs people to rally behind him if he is to beat Kirsten Gillibrand, as affability and charm can only go so far.
His first trip upstate was not very imaginative, as he stopped in upstate's two most Democratic enclaves.
Senate hopeful Harold Ford lands in Buffalo for learning experience in Kirsten Gillibrand country

Monday, January 25, 2010 - Upper James Street Dock Closed Indefinitely ??

This is a crisis in the Bay....What will folks do on a summer evening but mill around the Public Dock...Where is the MSM on this story ? - Upper James Street Dock Closed Indefinitely ??

LIZ: Bloomberg Pays IP More than Spitzer Paid Ashley

As a member of what Liz calls the "rogue" Indy chapter in Jefferson County, I can only chuckle at this piece on the State IP Sugar Daddy, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. I am sure you will too when you read it.
And to think our treasurer has trouble coming up with $12 a month for the bank service charge on the local IP checking account. We are so inept, we cannot get the county leg candidates to at least pay $50 each for the line... inept, or principled, depending on your outlook.
The Daily Politics - NY Daily News

Tomorrow Night's Forecast: Very Windy

Lobbying and stroking is going on in advance of tomorrow night's meeting of the Jefferson County Legislature's Rules and Finance Committee. On the docket, the Galloo Island Wind Pilot and no matter what happens at the committee level, the measure will go to the full board next week.
More tidbits are coming out about what will be built on the island in addition to all those wind mills. There will be 23 homes built for workers along with a health club and a helipad. All of it tax-exempt under the auspices of the County's Industrial Development Agency.
Those in favor of the PILOT agreement dismiss opponents as misinformed and not understanding the economics of the project.
Those against argue the project is already heavily subsidized and that communities throughout the county should not lose out on their chance to share in the economic activity resulting from the half billion dollar project. At issue is sales tax which if lost will deny municipalities from Antwerp to Worth their share of the tax. A share guarenteed by a deal ratified in 2004 by the County Legislature.
A high powered lawyer for Big Wind is busy lobbying, trying to convince lawmakers they are doing a good thing by granting the massive exemptions.
For attorney Robert Bergdorf its a case of selling not the merits of wind....but instead selling self esteem to local lawmakers anxious to say they have "created" jobs. Tuesday night will be the first chance to guage just how good a salesman he is.

NYDN: Food Network Host as First Lady ?

New Gov's girlfriend will ensure great meals on Eagle Street. Sandra Lee of the Food Network and Attorney General Andrew Cuomo have been an item for some time and this Daily News story suggests the pair would continue to live as husband and wife if elected. They are not now married. Ms. Lee says she will do what is necessary to help her squeeze become governor.
Q&A: Food Network host and cookbook author Sandra Lee on Attorney General Andrew Cuomo

Plowed under by Sampson: State Senate boss' lie buries hopes of farm worker bill

Looks like the Farm Labor Bill is nixed and the view downstate is key Democrats abandoned workers in that industry by failing to OK requirements that farm laborers receive the same pay and benefits protection as other workers. Things like overtime and the like.
NNY's Senator Darrel Aubertine led the charge to bury the bill.
No worry, as the Senator will still get the nod from the Working Families Party because in the end, maintaining numerical control of the Senate is more important than those pesky working families.
Plowed under by Sampson: State Senate boss' lie buries hopes of farm worker bill

Sunday, January 24, 2010

NYDN: Cuomo to Announce in March

The Daily News reports Attorney General Andrew Cuomo will announce his gubernatorial run in March. By then the state Legislature will have roughed up Governor Paterson in the budget battle and Cuomo fans are hoping he just gives it up....That may not happen but a repudiation by party poobahs at the Democratic Convention will finish Paterson off, although he could still force a primary by collecting petitions. Cuomo's toppling of a sitting Democratic governor who is also the state's first black chief executive is risky but he is banking party regulars will forget about Paterson quickly.
Republican Rick Lazio will be the likely GOP nominee as Erie County Executive Chris Collins stumbled a couple of times, including his lap dance remark to a woman at the State of the State speech.
Gov. Paterson

Hey Upstart Blogger...Get Over It !

Seems new media has perfected a fine whine as well as old media......When someone won't play their game they claim foul...
Seems the new blog WhatsUpNY23 wants to interview Assemblywoman Janet Duprey of the Plattsburgh area. She refused, saying she doesn't follow blogs, especially anonymous ones.
Several insights is NY23 is clearly from the eastern end of the 23rd, because no one in the west knows or cares about Ms. Duprey, although she does hold the honor of clinching last year's doomed GOP Congressional nomination for her friend DeDe.
Also, the fact Ms. Duprey doesn't follow blogs is a quaint throwback to the politics of old, but she is smart enough to realize this blogger supports her opponent.
And the anonymous issue is an issue. We judge the content based on our knowledge of the writer. Is the person informed ?...what is their bent or agenda ? Are they ethical in their reporting ?
Now I don't do interviews on this blog....I just offer up observations...but I wouldn't expect anyone is going to consent to be interviewed by me...Too upside...lots of potential for a mistake or manipulation.
If its any consolation, for weeks, Assemblywoman Scozzafava has said she wants to come on the HOTLINE, but I haven't seen her in the studio yet. Senator Aubertine never comes in....Neither did Bill Owens....And you know what...all of that's OK...I understand their reasons and don't hammer them over it. In some cases I even vote for people who won't do the HOTLINE....No room in this world for holding grudges.
But if MS. Duprey wants to call the HOTLINE she is welcome.....Then I could claim an "Exclusive."
Whats Up NY-23?

NEWS 10: Aubertine to Fight Prison Closure as Ritchie Pledges Fight for Local Pork

Everybody will be pledging to keep open a prison in Ogdensburg and save the 300 jobs there. Patty Ritchie and Nick Vaugh are claiming Democrats Darrel Aubertine and Addie Russell have been ineffective in maintaining this bit of spending largesse. So the Governor is proposing closing it in 2011.
It will in the end be "saved" as Democrats cannot let the loss of the prison be hung like an albatross around the neck of a swing seat Senator like Mr. Aubertine. The dance leading up to that will be fun to watch.
What is interesting is that we say there is a money crunch....we say we want lower taxes and cutting of waste....or trimming of fat if you prefer that metaphor.....Yet with inmate populations down, the state is unable to adjust its capacity because each of these prisons is a mini economic engine in the small upstate community where it is located.
The simple answer is to save Ogdensburg and find another prison in a GOP Senate District and close that one. Or maybe just loan some money from the Thruway Authority to the Department of Corrections and keep 'em all open.
Sad fact is real cuts mean just that. But don't let that get in the way of the dance between Darrel and Patty over keeping those inmates in the Maple City. Heck, I even signed Patty's on-line petition...because I hope she would sign mine if Dry Hill were slated for closure.
Aubertine prepares to fire back at Gov. Paterson - News 10 Now