Saturday, January 16, 2010

Smelter Garners Interest of Neighbors

A proposal has trickled through the city planning board and is on its way to City Council to grant a special use permit for a smelting operation to be opened at the former Black Clawson building on Pearl Street.
The device would melt surplus aluminum and according to the firm installing it, there will be no pollution and several jobs will be created.
A public hearing will be held on the permit and normally at such hearings one could expect no one to comment.
So the other day when some neighborhood residents ask when the public hearing was,I was surprised. These folks are concerned with the reuse of this property for an industrial purpose.
For years this neighborhood has endured several fires as Black Clawson properties burned and rained God knows what on the homes. I suspect DEC doesn't know either.
While this smelter may indeed be benign, neighbors are concerned.....they have heard the anecdotal accounts of high cancer rates in the area and are tired of being in the part of town where ambiance doesn't matter.
I will be interested to heat what opponents of the smelter have to say.....

Remember When His Dad Was Called Hamlet on the Hudson ?

Some say he is running....others don't know...He has a $16+ million campaign war chest and is supported by White House....So why isn't Attorney General Andrew Cuomo in the hunt ?
The pesky problem of an incumbent Democratic governor is the impediment to Andrew taking his victory lap on the way to Eagle Street.
Not all Democrats are high on Cuomo over David Paterson. The other day the former state chair called the HOTLINE and didn't sound to me like he wanted to dump Paterson in favor of the son of a former governor. Another well-placed Democrat told me the other day that Cuomo is too reminiscent of Eliot Spitzer in terms of temperment. (Maybe being Attorney General does that to you.)
There's just somethng about the hesitancy to run that makes you wonder about Andrew Cuomo. The old saw is step up...appear confident....don't miss the train as it may not stop again.
Mr. Cuomo seems to be waiting for the Governor to wander into traffic and get taken out of the race by events. Maybe Andrew is watching too much Saturday Night Live.
Attorney General Andrew Cuomo may announce gov bid next month

Friday, January 15, 2010

He Just Can't Help Himself....BHO to Visit Bay State to Save the Day

As he did in Virginia and New Jersey last fall, President Obama will attempt to demonstrate his immense popularity by heading to Massachusetts to campaign for Martha Coakley....She is the Democratic candidate for US Senate who is poised to lose to a man our own Senator Schumer has labled a "right wing teabagger".
The visit by President Obama shows how important the race is to Mr. Obama's legislative agenda....especially health care reform now being negotiated behind closed doors.
Obama making Bay State swing for Coakley -

Third Party Politics, Our Way and Their Way

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg lubricated the NYC Independence Party with $400,000 last year......Contributions party leaders said would be used for "party building".
Call me cynical, but I have heard the euphemisms of politics too many times.
Essentially, that was the price of being on Line C on the ballot, because in NY State, our system of fusion voting allows minor parties and those who have the organiational skills to control them to in essence market the line.
Juxtapose that to The Jefferson County IP, where there is no pay to play.
Partly its because we have been to mild mannered to to ask....maybe just too nice.
The other reason is people running for office just think they have to call and ask and that it is a free service. Some even think we should get their petitions and related paper work done for them.
There is some belief that a party is really some tangible organization with money, an office and staff.
It's not.
It's a line on the ballot...period.
There is no overarching ideology....its just a line used by non-conformists and opportunists who are in essence political hobbyists.
In Jefferson County, the IP holds no fundraisers and the big concern the treasurer has is the monthly service charge on the checking account that isnt used, but you have to have.
We don't have a Mike Bloomberg up here, but anyone willing to contribute enough to pay the service charge would be appreciated. I think its about $12 a month.

Palin at FOX....No Way to Predict Her Future

Are the Presidential ambitions of Sarah Palin over with her hiring at FOX ?
For the time being I suspect so.
The Presidency is a "many are called, few are chosen" type of job field and frankly at age 45 life can be more gratifying and productive pursuing other ways to support a family and still influence events.
The FOX gig gives her air time and a platform to maintain her national persona through speaking tours and on-air yapping.
It is up to her whether that morphs back into seeking elective office, and if it doesn't she has a great career ahead of her in broadcasting.
Her possible political goals are either the Presidency in 2012....possibly too soon. Or the AK Senate seat narrowly won by Mark Begich last fall. That comes up in 2014 and would be a platform for national office in the next 20 years, as she is young and would be in play in elections at least up to 2028.
In the meantime, she can be a force for conservative values and ideals while making some serious money and putting the 2008 election in the past.
The dangers at FOX are manifest. The biggest among them is just being the pet interview for Hannity or Beck when they need a ratings boost.
When Palin left the statehouse in Juneau, she said there are ways to accomplish goals without a title. Nobody believed her and figured she was angling for a White House run. That may be what happens but it could be that life outside office is her intention. In which case the book tour and FOX job make sense.
Time will tell. Palin has seen a lot of changes in her life in the just the last 18 months. She knows better than anyone, it is folly to predict the future given the wild and bumpy ride she has been on.

Lending a Hand..Rotarians Step Up

Kudos to Watertown's Morning Rotary and all the other local people and organizations who have helped out with the Haiti tragedy. Watertown has many generous people to be sure and also many people who do domestic and foreigh missionary work, trying to make a difference in places like Haiti. The size of the disaster is daunting and most of us don't know what to do to help, but the Rotarians showed the way. Thanks for their compassion and leadership.
Watertown Daily Times | Rotarians to purchase five kits for relief effort

Collins is called a ‘liar’ by state lawmaker : Home: The Buffalo News

The effort is to make it into a narrative that Mr. Collins says dumb things. In this case, the outraged businesswoman should come forward and say what was said, as I don't want to depend on second hand accounts from Albany lawmakers. People who are familiar with Collins speak well of him, but at this point all I know is he ia fresh face and a County Executive from Erie County.
Now every story about him will include a recap of the tick-tock of this event.
Collins is called a ‘liar’ by state lawmaker : Home: The Buffalo News

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Schumer Becomes D'Amato...Calls us Teabaggers

Today Senator Charles Schumer became the man he defeated in 1998....Remember when Senator Al D'Amato called Schumer a "putz-head" and it lead to the defeat of the three term Republican.
Well, now Senator Schumer has employed a vulgarism as he injects himself into the increasingly bitter US Senate race in Massachusetts. Mr. Schumer referred to GOP candidate Scott Brown as a "right wing teabagger."
Sorry Senator, you crossed the line. Check the definition of teabagger and realize now that you are insulting a lot of people who voted for you when you use such language in reference to those who are tired of trillion dollar deficits and Marxist economic policies.
Senator, you insulted a lot of people far beyond the man running in the Bay State. - Schumer Pulls 'Tea-Bagger' Card on GOP Candidate Brown

Panel : Punish Montserrate

The report is out on what to do with girlfriend-slashing Senator Hiram Montserrate of Queens. The panel studying Montserrate recommends either expulsion from the Senate or censure with revocation of privileges. Problem is we are in January, on the eve of budget deliberations and Democrats need Montserrate's vote to maintain their 32-30 majority, especially since Majority Leader Pedro Espapda is said to be headed for tough times as well. Wonder what those privileges are he will lose ?
The Daily Politics - NY Daily News

Collins trips over his tongue again : Home: The Buffalo News

The candidate endorsed by Jefferson County's GOP chair reportedly suggested a woman offer a lap dance in exchange for a seat at Governor Paterson's State of the State Address held in the crowded Assembly Chamber. Erie County Executive Chris Collins is learning quickly of the gotcha nature of running for state office...The correct answer is if you want to watch the speech sitting down, go home and watch it on TV.
Collins trips over his tongue again : Home: The Buffalo News

The riddle of Chuck puppet Gillibrand -

The depictions of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in downstate media has been brutal since day one and that may explain her trouble locking down the Senate election despite the best efforts of Senator Schumer and others to ward off challengers. This NY Post op/ed by Andrea Peyser really sticks it to Gillibrand and is not uncommon in its tone. It's pretty obvious challenger Harold Ford will get lots of decent press in the part of the state for Democratic primary voters live.
The riddle of Chuck puppet Gillibrand -

Straw Poll: Doheny Does Best of 3 Against Owens

It may not be the most scientific, but the three straw polls we did, show businessman Matt Doheny the strongest GOP hope against Representitive Bill Owens.
Since this blog's audience includes a wide range of political followers, the fact Doheny fared better than Will Barclay and much better than Doug Hoffman carries some significance.
This may be a year when folks want someone not just younger but also fresh, and not tainted by the nonsense of incumbency in Albany.
That's the rub against Barclay, in addition to his lackluster performance in the 48th Senate race.
Hoffman caught the fancy of many last year, but he has to flesh out his knowledge on issues and project a better public speaking image. And he has to solve the residency issue. While he is as North Country as the rest of us, he technically lives a few hundred yards outside the district and will not get a pass on it this time. The stated affinity of the state's Conservative Party for Hoffman is a huge plus, but that will evaporate quickly if the Lake Placid CPA is not performing.
As for Doheny, he needs to demonstrate appeal on the big stage. Meeting with party activists is fine and dandy, but last year shows the party cannot deliver much of anything. Doheny is still unknown and his Wall Street success provides an easily caricatured image for the Dems....something that can't be erased solely by wearing flannel shirts.
All of the candidates have plusses and minuses,but in the key areas of money, conversancy in issues, and a fresh marketable image, I would say Doheny has an edge, but not a lock on the process.
Of course, I confess to having been wrong on more than one occasion in the past.

WDT: Long Affirms Doug is His Man

More on NY23 and the crucial role the Conservative Party will play. In an interview with Jude of the WDT, state party boss Michael Long seems even more emphatic about supporting Doug Hoffman for Congress based on the strong showing he made last year garnering 46% running solely on Line D. A lot can happen between now and June when petitions are circulated.
The two other men competing for the GOP nod have to be skittish over the prospect of another three way race, but my guess is that by May, whomever has the most money, the best poll numbers and best performing skills on the stump will get the nod of both parties without a primary.
Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We Report, We Get Pushed | The Weekly Standard

Weekly Standard makes news by inserting its reporter in the story....Aggressive tactics prompt an incident just like the Scozzafava dust-up in Lowville by the same reporter last night dogging the Coakley campaign on a DC sidewalk.

We Report, We Get Pushed | The Weekly Standard

Harold Ford's New York - Ben Smith -

A read of this article tells you why you won't see Harold Ford Junior in Oxbow anytime soon.....His NY life is far removed from anything experienced by NNY elite. He is not one of us, as our State Senator frequently says.
Now the life of the Hamptons is certainly a part of life in NY but its not the life of Upstate or the bulk of those living in NYC for that matter...
But of course many like their egalitarian liberal types not to be of too pedestrian a lifestyle. Look at the Roosevelts or the Kennedys. So New York's down-and-out, beleaguered by taxes and fleeing jobs, might just take to Mr. Ford.....Somebody who made it when so many aren't.
And as the Democrat's Senate Majority Leader Harry Reed would say he is also light of skin color and has no Negro dialect, unless he wants to.
Harold Ford's New York - Ben Smith -

Half a million people may be dead in Haiti earthquake -

Half a million people may be dead in Haiti earthquake -

Judes's Confessional: Barry Admits He Wants to Run

So Barry Ormsby continues to inch towards a run for state senate. He has taken the step of telling the MSM of his desires, although for weeks the shadowy political world of Pete's had heard first-hand of his plans.
I like Barry, but this is a non-starter. You can't out-farmer the farmer, even if you do sell the tractors. A lot of these potential candidates have smoke blown up their you know what and get a bad case of candidate-itis.
Beating Aubertine is not easy, despite the hijinx of official Albany. Frankly, the GOP best shot is Ritchie because of the imponderables like personality, and name recognition.
Legislator Ormsby is also saddled with the Big Wind issue in which the public in large part does not share his view.
And in a campaign for Senate, nobody gets a pass on personal issues, and that includes the elevator escapade.
So, while I am a believer in floating your name, I think a nice guy like Barry Ormsby should realize what I do and that is politics loses its appeal the higher you go. Keep your safe seat in LD 9.
Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Whats Up NY23?: Conservative Boss Sticking With Doug....For Now

In a blog interview , NYS Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long suggests his party's nomination would be offered first to 2009 nominee Doug Hoffman. If true, the prospect of a Hoffman bid on line D would place pressure on the GOP to become the "me-too" party instead of the other way around.
The interview with the anonymous blogger "What's Up NY23, did not categorically rule out the line going to Republican Matt Doheny or Assemblyman Will Barclay. However, the tone of Mr. Long's remarks suggest Hoffman is first among equals.
Of course, campaigns are about proving one self. Newcomer Doheny will have to continue to make the case not just to party poobahs but to the general public.
All sides should remember last year's lesson about being popular in a group of eleven people and then acting surprised to find the broader audience feels otherwise.
By the way, many are asking, who is What's Up ? Is it a new incarnation of Political IV ?
I continue to think it best to identify the source as that allows readers to better judge the content. Nonetheless, this new site is providing insights, so it will likely gain a following.
Whats Up NY23?

Sean & Company: Harold, Call Me

Looks like former TN Congressman Harold Ford isn't all that interested in what upstate party bosses like our own Sean Hennessey have to say about his bid for US Senate. Mr. Ford reportedly has made no effort to contact the county chairs of the Democratic Party. That may explain why a former chair like John Sullivan called the HOTLINE yesterday to declare Ford hasn't paid his dues.....Translated, that means he hasn't kissed the rings of local party poobahs who really believe they come first in any bid for high office.
It is likely Mr. Ford cannot pass the Sullivan test for upstate street cred. That is he must be able to explain the difference between Oswego, Owego, Otisco and Owasco. It took Hlllary Clinton a year to overcome the carpetbagger label by touring upstate.
Since there is no credible GOP candidate in the race for either US Senate race up this year, the Democratic nomination is the game and knowledge of obscure, but scenic upstate venues may not count for as much as my good friend Mr. Sullivan thinks.
Harold Ford will be a media darling and can access quick cash. He plans an "I'm my own man" strategy and that is why he won't be seen gushing over Sean.
Ford is expected to visit upstate this month. Let's see if he does the Thruway tour Caroline Kennedy did when she ventured into the wilderness last year. Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany and then get the heck back to Manhattan. Don't look to see Ford in Ogdensburg or Owego very soon.
New York

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gov. Paterson's teenage son questioned for possession of stolen credit card

The Paterson lad was collared with a stolen credit card while he was rolling dice after school. Just what the Governor needs as he tries to stay focused on a bankrupt state and an upcoming election. There was no arrest, but the police continue to look into the credit card issue.
Gov. Paterson's teenage son arrested for possession of stolen credit card


-Greater Watertown Chamber of Commerce President Karen Delmonico suddenly departed the Chamber today. I always got along with her and wish her well.
-The guy the Dems screwed out of the Congressional nod in NY23, John Sullivan, called the HOTLINE today from his retirement home in scenic Green Island, NY, near Albany. Sullivan sounded very much the Paterson supporter on the show and he dismissed the pending candidacy of Harold Ford for Senate, saying the Tennessean hasn't paid his dues in the Land of Taxes.
-Chatter about Harry Reid's two year old quote is reaching critical mass on the talking head shows. Much ado about nothing.

A Second Hirschey Takes a Swipe at Big Wind

The interview on Whats Up NY23 is fascinating as the son of the head of the Jefferson County IDA parrots his dad's stinging rebuke of wind farms and the tax subsidies the IDA is trying to ladle on the Galloo Island project.
Jonathan Hirschey is son of Town of Cape Vincent Supervisor and IDA Chairman Urban Hirschey. The other day the senior Hirschey told the Jefferson Leadership Insititute that wind is an expensive, inefficient and intrusive energy source. Mr. Hirschey called PILOT tax abatements "Un-American."
Jonathan's doubles down on Big Wind in this interview.
The ironies are apparent.
Whats Up NY23?

Gilly Appeals to NYC Crowd in Bid To Hold Nomination...History Suggests She Has a Problem

Senator Gillibrand had to scurry to the Crowne Plaza in Albany last night to kiss up to Democratic Senate leader John Sampson. Its all part of her effort to ward off the expected candidacy of former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford, Jr.
The appearance shows how suddenly a sure path to the nomination has become uncertain with the emergence of Mr. Ford.
Democratic primaries are decided in the City of New York and Ford appeals to the constituencies who live there, plus he has enough charm to do OK upstate. Mr.Ford's candidacy is now thought to be a certainty and the former Tennessean doesn't seem to care what the party leaders have to say, including the President.
Since I know Mr. Ford can win the primary and the GOP seems unable to muster up a candidate, he could very well win in November without any outreach to upstate.
It could be the old Democratic playbook of losing over 50 counties but winning big in the ones that count the most.
The media seems content to cast her as a crippled nominee unable to hold the seat, and that only fuels the Ford effort even more.
Caroline Kennedy's revenge is a dish best served cold.

The Daily Politics - NY Daily News

Despite Opportunity, 2010 is no Slam Dunk for GOP in NY...They Need Candidates

-I guess former Staten Island Congresswoman Susan Molinari has taken herself out of the Senate race. Rick Lazio has rejected efforts to get him to switch from a run for Governor to the Senate race.
Observers say the race against Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is winnable, but nobody seems to want the prize.
Its a daunting task running for Senate. On a mini scale, I did it in 2000 as the Indy candidate in the Hillary race of 2000.
Raising money, traveling endlessly, and giving up whatever you are currently doing just doesn't have the appeal it once had.
So it doesn't look like this seat will be a GOP pickup and that explains why the real action is on the Dem side with Gillibrand and Harold Ford.

-The appearance of Representitive Bill Owens at Fort Drum yesterday certainly sends the right message about concern for the future of the Post. However, Mr. Owens is still an unknown to many.
I was chatting with a Democratic elected official last night as Mr. Owens picture flashed on screen. The woman told me she knows nothing about Mr. Owens ....Even though as a Dem she voted for him.
If the GOP can come up with a candidate people feel they know, this could be a GOP pickup. However, in the absence of some kind of personal connection, Mr. Owens seems to have the edge as he looks the part and has the Democratic machine behind him.

-Looks like those missing pension checks are arriving. Makes you wonder what will happen when the state really does run out of money.

Ford: I'm gearing up for Senate race -

While the chattering class on television this AM continues to talk about a two year old quote from Senator Harry Reid, a statement in the NY Post leaves little doubt of the intent of former Rep. Harold Ford Junior.
Mr. Ford virtually said he is running for the Democratic Senate nomination against Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand. This sets up a raucous primary pitting upstate against downstate. This also creates a chasm in the Democratic Party among those who wanted Caroline Kennedy appointed to the Senate and those who backed the decision of Governor David Paterson to take a different course.
When you look at Mr. Ford's background, his record, his mediagenic appeal and his experience running in rural areas, he has to be considered competitive.

Ford: I'm gearing up for Senate race -

Monday, January 11, 2010

Cuomo Gets a Hand; Reid Need Not Apologize Anymore; and the Check Isn't in the Mail

-GOP insiders say Andrew Cuomo is a definite for governor and is willing to put up with a couple weeks of criticism from the black community over the decision to take on the state's first black governor.
Mr. Cuomo may be getting some help in the form of Suffolk County executive Steven Levy who may be a stalking horse for Cuomo. Mr. Levy is organizing what he says is a run for Governor, but some believe its a faux candidacy designed to allow Mr. Cuomo to say he has two opponents and is not picking on the Black and blind governor, David Paterson.

-I am no fan of Senator Harry Reid, but this fuss that came out in the latest insider account of campaign 2008 is not the same as what Senator Trent Lott said in praising segregationist Strom Thurmond on the occasion of his 100th birthday.
Lott's effusive praise of Thurmond was an idiotic affirmation of the former Dixiecrat candidate for President. Senator Reid's reference to "Negro dialect" was impolitic by today's standards, but nothing more.
There are a lot of reasons to wish Senator Reid a bleak future in politics and a lot of whacky things he has said. His best is the complaint that constituents visiting Washington "smelled bad".
There are also some race-based quotes attibuted to Bill Clinton in this new book called "Game Change."
Question to the journalists who write these books: Why didn't Harry Reid's quote get reported contemporaneously two years ago ? How much good stuff do reporters just sit on with an eye towards their book to come later?
Harry Reid should stop apologizing now and get back to the serious business of losing his bid for reelection.

-There has not been much in the news, but a purported mishandling of the mail has caused pension check delays for many New York Retirement System recipients.
Ted Ford tells me he has been swamped at the office of Assemblywoman Russell with complaints from people worried the State has run out of cash. The party line from the comptroller is the money is there, the checks were misplaced.

Sarah Palin to Contribute to Fox News - The Caucus Blog -

So we will be able to see more of Sarah Palin as she becomes a contributor to FOX News. For those who hate her the comments are predictable. For those who like her, its a chance to see more of her in an issue oriented forum.
This may indicate she is doing what she said she wanted to do some months ago and that is contribute to change without attempting to hold a political title. Of course, she is young enough to look at high office at a later date as well.
Sarah Palin to Contribute to Fox News - The Caucus Blog -

MAIL: Dems Play Fear Card in Search for 2010 Cash

The 2010 election cycle is gearing up. I got a solicitation from Bill Clinton of Chappaqua, NY today.
Bill writes that GOP liars and fear mongers are threatening the large Democratic majorities in the Congress and the change we all voted for in 2008 could fall prey to the "loudest, angriest voices" seeking to take the Republican Party to the right.
Bill invokes the names of the Four Horsemen of the GOP Apocolypse....Newt Gingrich, Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin.
Now Bill sent me the letter because his wife probably gave him her mailing list of donors which I was on.
Unfortunately, I cannot accommodate the former President on this one.
I will be glad to give Ted Ford the refrigerator magnet enclosed in Bill's letter. It says "SILENCE GOP LIES."
I believe in free speech. I would no more want to silence GOP lies than the lies of your party, sir.
Ted, come get your magnet.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wise Buys Woes Continue to Dog DeDe

Dede Scozzafava Sued by St. Lawrence Univ.

Recession doesn't hold back Central New York teachers' raises | News from The Post-Standard -

New Yorkers love their teachers. Despite a recession the deepest in recent history, teachers are still receiving wages far in excess of the increase in the cost of living.
The Post Standard reports their survey of local districts pegs the increase each year at about 3.7% despite a CPI that in some months has declined.
The willingness of citizens to sacrifice in order to pay teachers is evidence of a sincere committment to the next generation's intelligence....
Actually, its just tough to say no when these contracts are struck behind closed doors and the administration tells school board members everybody else is paying more and to not do so is the equilvalent of child abuse.
Really....we need to spend more on local government...or do we ?
Recession doesn't hold back Central New York teachers' raises | News from The Post-Standard -

Patertson to Spitzer: Put Up or Shut Up

Governor Paterson has told the man responsible for his being governor to run for US Senate himself if he doesn't like Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Spitzer today critised Gillibrand and an annoyed governor fired back.
Governor Paterson had appointed Gillibrand to fill the unexpired term of Hillary Clinton. That decision has been widely criticised, primarily for bypassing media favorite Caroline Kennedy.
There is some good internal gnawing going on in the Democratic Party and Mr. Paterson does not seem reluctant to call it as he sees it......He has little to lose by candor.
The Daily Politics - NY Daily News

Harold Ford Jr. weighs new run for Senate, but first attempt went south after ad controversy

Harold Ford Junior has adopted a new state, got married and is ready to put behind him the 2006 Tennessee Senate race when now Senator Bob Corker was able to use his single-guy playboy image as fodder to defeat Ford in the year every other swing race went to the Democrats.
One Watertown fellow who says he knows Ford says he was a man about town, but also someone who is very driven and very bright. We will see what he does, but the support for Senator Gillibrand doesn't seem particularly deep within the ranks of her party.
Remember, in a Democratic primary the majority of votes are from downstate and Gillibrand's one time placing of guns under her bed and opposition to the stimulus bill have now given way to an obsequious outreach to the City's far left.
Senator Gillibrand is an upstater and that is good....but in her party...thats not the way to win a primary and Mr. Ford is a formidable foe whose only downside is his short term residency in the Empire State. Asks Senators Clinton and RFK about that problem.
Harold Ford Jr. weighs new run for Senate, but first attempt went south after ad controversy

Derek Jeter, Minka Kelly set to become Mr. and Mrs. 'November' -

The waves of despair are spreading to the North Country after the NY Post reported the pending nuptuals for Yankee superstar and perrennial bachelor Derek Jeter. The Post reported this morning that the future Hall of Famer will wed girlfriend Minka Kelly in a Long Island ceremony on November 5, after the 2010 baseball season is over.
At Mo's Diner this AM the waitress saw me reading the Post and focused like a laser on the Jeter headline. The fifty-something woman sighed as I suspect others will.
Jeter has managed to maintain a cult like following among female fans as he played the field both on and off. His numbers on the field and lack of drama off field made him an icon rivaled until recently by only the likes of Tiger Woods.
Best wishes to the Yankee captain and Ms. Kelly as they prepare for the event.
Derek Jeter, Minka Kelly set to become Mr. and Mrs. 'November' -