Thursday, November 4, 2010

Senate Update and Ballot Update

Just to update, some astute GOP operatives have commented that the Buffalo area seat in question and at least one other are likely to go Republican, meaning a 32-30 or 33-29 Senate is a good possibility.
One may say efforts to string out the count into the new year, but let's hope not.

Also, it looks like the Independence Party still may hang on to Line D after being ousted by the Conservatives from Line C
It had looked like the WFP may take the D line, although they are said to be 1000 behind the Indy's.


Anonymous said...

And that's good. An Elephant controlled Senate will stop any bs legislation coming out of Shelly's Assembly. Gridlock is the best we can hope for in this state.

Poly Information said...

Another good point is that our Senator will be in the majority. This alone will help the district. Next year will be a tough year for any legislator with a left over budget that did not balance and a $15 billion deficit to contend with next year.

Anonymous said...

At least the Senator "Goat Boy" got elected and its something all Republicans should be proud of. Greg Ball has some serious issues in his past to deal with.
The voters spoke and said they want Goat Boy!!!!!!!!!beeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhh. lol