Friday, August 27, 2010

The Russians are Coming !

Russian women are making news of late, what with Anna Chapman now in a copyright dispute over a post-spying photo shoot...and of course Oksana Gibson, wife of Mel, who drove him off the deep end....
Turns out the new Lieutenant Governor candidate for the Anti Prohibition Party is of Russian descent. Tanya Gendelman is well known in Brooklyn's large Russian/Jewish community. That network will provide her a base for organization and fundraising as running mate to gubernatorial hopeful Kristin Davis.
Gendelman is a lawyer specializing in personal injury but has also been successful in criminal defense work. As we say with all these lawyer candidates, they also could function as a placeholder and be substituted next month if a nomination can be arranged at a major party judicial convention.
Even if there is no surprise LG candidate in the wings, Gendelman would likely be an effective partner in helping to garner the 50,000 votes Davis is hoping for to establish her contrarian, libertarian party.


Anonymous said...

Another personal injury lawyer. That's exactly what we need.

Anonymous said...

how do you know what the Gibson story is? Are you a male chauvinist?

Anonymous said...

I don't care if she's a she. I'm just impressed that she's a personal injury lawyer. Just what we need. Maybe Joe Knows her.

Quit making an issue where there is none. Maybe Jeff just hates Ruskies. If so, maybe we can get him some state financed counseling from a certified professional.