Monday, May 24, 2010

Indy's To Pow Wow in Troy for Early Endorsement in Governor's Race

I got a call from the Cuomo campaign today asking my support for Mr Cuomo at tomorrow's Indy Executive Committee meeting in Troy....There is no mystery about the disposition of Line C and in terms of amassing the greatest number of votes to allow the party to remain on that line, Andy (Andrew) is clearly the best choice.
While I think Mr. Cuomo has good political skills, I am still a little jaded over the last hard-charging Attorney General who ran for Governor on a promise to shake up Albany. I suspect this AG has thought it through a bit more and with his family pedigree surely knows how to get things done....Plus he has a 250 page manifesto that Eliot Spitzer didn't have.
I am not attending tomorrow due to the nasty habit of having to work, but I wished them well....I haven't been in the Collar City in years.

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Jon P said...

If he manages to fix NY like Papa Mario did, I am going to have to quote Jeff Dunham and say that just like Achmed, "We are all screwed".