Saturday, November 14, 2009

Joe Bruno...Albany Personified

With the corruption trial going on for former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, one wonders what the fuss is about. What Bruno did in terms of alleged influence peddling is commonplace in Albany.
I remember a time I was shepherded into Assemblyman Anthony Seminario's office to talk about some issue I was in Albany for and while I naively thought he was interested, it is all fundraising as I had a solicitation on my doorstep the next day from the Queens Democrat. It was in essence a bill for his time, and the amount you donate was recommended for you. Years and years later he was convicted and evicted from the Assembly for that stuff. Basicly running a scam where people thought they were lobbying but actually were being shook down.
As for Joe Bruno, a little time inside the Capitol and you know him to exchange the public good for endorsements, and the culture he lived in as majority leader is a bizarre world of defference, deals and sycophancy.
Prior to the Spitzer inaugural, I was invited to Bruno's office where he was holding court with a full table of snacks in a pre-swearing-in fest for the loyal opposition.
Republican Senators were fawning over him and cooing over whatever utterances the powerful Senator made. Young female staffers gushed to the dapper Senator how good he looked in what was a Kafkaesque setting overlooking the mall where the new reform governor would be sworn in. Joe probably already knew about Ashley.
He was power personified, and I suspect the same goes on in the cloistered world of Assembly Speaker Silver.
So the fact that you had to hire Joe as a motivational speaker in your company in order to get access to government contracts is hardly surprising to anyone, least the pols and media who were marinated in the same Albany stew.
Sure, he's guilty....Guilty of governing in our state capital.
Bruno hired, doors opened -- Page 1 -- Times Union - Albany NY:2768:

Discount Deal on Land Poses Challenge for Council

On Monday, City Council will decide on a special use permit for a long-abandoned gas station on State Street sold for $35,125 last year to local businessman, Mark Bonner.
When the tax sale certificate was sold there were other credible buyers willing to pay $70,000 or more for the blighted lot and building. City Council voted four to one (I was the NO vote) to skip the higher offers and sell the property for $35,125 to Mr. Bonner. There were assertions made the lot would be home to a Tim Horton's restaurant.
No such event happened and now as a stopgap use of the property, Mr. Bonner is seeking to lease the property to a nearby automotive repair business that also sells used cars and wants to display cars on the 804 State Street lot. Under the zoning law, such a use requires granting of a special use permit, just like the Red & White Auto Sales on Arsenal Street did some years ago.
The way I look at it the City and its taxpayers have a $35,000 investment in the property since that is the amount the land was discounted to the current owner. With that subsidy in mind, I believe the Council has far more of an interest in the use of the property than if it had been sold at a market price.
The reasons for selling to Mr. Bonner were never really explained other than a promise had been made to him prior to other buyers becoming aware of and interested in the sale of the land.
This is an interesting dilemma for lawmakers on Monday night.
Watertown Daily Times | City voting Monday on car-lot permit

Let Congress Be Congress....For Better or Worse

Everybody knows if you have the resources you can sue for anything, but the latest courtroom endeavor by the controversial group ACORN needs a quick slap down.
ACORN is argueing that Congress' cutoff of their funding was unconstitutional because it singled out one organization for funding elimination. The vote came after a spate of allegations about unsavory practices by the left-leaning group.
It doesn't matter whether you think the FOX expose on ACORN was legitimate or a set-up. Nor does it matter whether you agree with public funding of such groups.
It's not unconstitutional because the Constitution vests the appropriation of public funds with the Congress.
Congress is the elected body designed to do the will of the people. Now that's always open to interpretation but its the only system we have.
If you can go to court for being defunded, that's bad.
To localize it, City Council makes appropriations of dollars each year to the Zoo and the Historical Society on the premise that these bodies contribute to the public good and are worthy of public support. Agree or disagree if you want, but that debate should occur in the Council Chamber.
Imagine if we cut the Zoo funding and the Thompson Park Conservancy immediately ran to Judge Gilbert demanding he reverse the vote of the duly elected public body.
Ridiculous....I think so...and to expect the courts to expand their right to review and reverse legislative decisions is an improper use of the courts.

McCain camp: Book 'petty and pathetic' - Andy Barr -

After they staged a post election trashing of Sarah Palin, agrieved staffers in the campaign of Senator John McCain are hitting again in reaction to expected criticism of their efforts by former VP nominee, Sarah Palin. In the interest of being fair and balanced , I will abandon my usual sycophantic approach to Palin and link you to this Politico piece outlining their criticims. This will be a wildly successful book tour from a publicity viewpoint. I doubt it changes perceptions about Palin. Those who like her will continue their rapture...Those who despise her will continue their oozing of bile....
McCain camp: Book 'petty and pathetic' - Andy Barr -

Friday, November 13, 2009

GT & WDT Spar Over Owens Election

The Gouverneur Times is showing no willingness to halt it's feud with newly minted, albeit not certified Congressman Bill Owens. Today the GT alleged Owens' swearing in following an uncertified election was illegal. Owens was quickly given the oath so he could vote for the Pelosi health care bill that passed 220-215.
By any measure Owens election while likely was not official. The GT is sparring with their counterpart in Watertown which is assuring voters Owens election is kosher. It's like the old days when there was actually competition in the newspaper business.
Go to it guys !
Gouverneur Times Article

Dexter Native to Seek Senate Seat

Jessica Crawford, 31, a 1996 graduate of General Brown, is running for the GOP nomination in the 49th Senate District , now held by Democratic Senator David Velesky. Good luck Ms. Crawford. It's great to see talented young folks moving into the ranks of elected office.
Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Sarah Palin: AP ‘erroneously reporting’ on book - Andy Barr -

With my limited knowledge of marketing, I would see the book was strategically leaked in advance of the release and the outrage is feigned.....That's OK...It's going to be great theater as the Left's most feared takes to the state with a massive book tour.
MSNBC will forget about the Wars, the economy, health care and global warming to launch a full assault on the woman who is anethema to their livestyles and worldview.....FOX will forget to cover those things too for different reasons.
Either way the reintroduction of Miss Sarah is coming to a town (Rochester) near you. I preordered my copies so I won't have to fight the lines at the Mall.
Sarah Palin: AP ‘erroneously reporting’ on book - Andy Barr -

Awkward Call Punctuates Evening at Petes

Last night my cell phone rang and the caller ID showed the number of Assemblywoman Deidre Scozzafava. I picked it up and she was surprised I was at other end of the, line. She said she was calling back a number that showed up. The last time I had called her was to leave a message of concilliation on the day of her withdrawal. I did send out texts last night over the Capital Tonight appearance and while I don't think I sent her one, let's say I did.
I think she thought she was returning a call to real media.....Like maybe I was a booker for Morning Joe. I did extend the offer of an appearance on the HOTLINE...It's all I had to offer....
Anyway her hubby Ron M'Dougall called the HOTLINE today to needle me about a woman caller who was more than flattering of my mayorality. Everybody is entitled to one fan, and no the woman calling was not my mother although I am sure she was listening via the stream.
The HOTLINE would be a good chance for her to tell her story unfettered by the MSM. Just as in her October 27 appearance, I am sure she would benefit from fair but tough questioning instead of the sycophantic treatment from some in local media.
Anyway, sorry I wasn't from Morning Joe.

Close Race Tilts to Challenger

A close race to the challenger in Lewis County Legislature District 6 as Paul Sanford apparently beats Joyce Hoch by just five votes. The two had been tied before the counting of absentees. Just like the NY23 race, close elections remind us voting does matter. Congrats to Mr. Sanford.
Watertown Daily Times | Challenger appears District 6 winner

Tightening Race has Us All Chattering over What Will Amount to Nothing

Lots of national chatter about the change in the numbers in NY23 that resulted in Doug Hoffman losing by 2000 fewer votes......
Last night I did an interview on Capital Tonight with Erin Billups. She is the new temporary host of the show, although I am told she will not be the permanent choice. Too bad, she did a good job last night.
Musing about a flip in the race is fun, but harmless as it is highly unlikely the race could be changed by the outstanding absentees. One variable is the short time line of the special election created a November 16 deadline for military ballots, but few of those will actually be cast.
So about 7100 absentees are in play.
DeDe Scozzafava will get about a quarter of those as these are people who voted before she bolted from the race and her campaign had an outreach program to the absentees, as did the Democrats. The Hoffman campaign had no such program.
Taking out the DeDe votes there are probably about 5000 votes left in play and Hoffman would need 80% of those to pull even.
That just isn't going to happen, so Bill Owens will stay in.
The change did provide a chatter point for cable news, and changing numbers certainly reenforce the feelings of those with no confidence in our electoral process.
Its all part of the game.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dede Scozzafava: GOP not based on 'substance' - Andy Barr -

Ok, here is another DeDe post mortem where she trashes the current GOP as being a party without substance....I talked to her briefly tonight and she said she is willing to come on the HOTLINE towards the end next week to analyze her staggering fall from grace. We will see if she shows.

Dede Scozzafava: GOP not based on 'substance' - Andy Barr -

Screw the Print Analysis...Watch News 10 Now Interview With Me for the Real Scoop !

Its head to head in cyberspace between the area's new idealogical competitors, the Gouverneur Times and the Watertown Daily Times. The GT ran a story to suggesting the changing numbers in the NY 23 race could result in Rep. Bill Owens removal. The GT is a conservative paper with an anti-Owens bent, while the WDT endorsed Owens after their candidate folded her cards three days before the election.
In the attached piece, Jude Seymour tries to reassure NNY that Mr. Owens victory will hold. Of course it will, since a 3000 vote lead with only 7000 absentees in play will result in no change.

Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Doug Hoffman 'seriously' looking at 2010 bid - Andy Barr -

Will Doug Hoffman try again ?....After an apparent 49-47 loss to Bill Owens, Mr. Hoffman is leaving open a 2010 bid.
While some have said it's "one and your done" for the novice politician CPA from Lake Placid, Hoffman did score impressively for one starting from obscurity on Line D to knocking the Republican nominee out of the race and almost beating the well-funded and attractive Democratic nominee.
It's no secret Hoffman would face a Republican primary in 2010, presumably from Jefferson County moneymeister Matt Doheny, who would be a formidable fundraiser. Doheny would also enjoy homeboy status in the populous western parts of NY23.
The question is did Hoffman capture lightening in a bottle that can be released again next year, or is NY23 likely to get lost in the 434 other House races in the off-year battle for Congress ?
Hoffman also faces the challenge of proving himself in the speaking arena. The "aw shucks I'm not a politician" ploy will not work next year. He will need to be sharper on the issues and hone his public speaking. You cannot say "I don't know" in the middle of a televised debate as Hoffman did in the one TV matchup held October 29.
And the key player again will be Conservative Chair Mike Long....If Hoffman remains his man, it pretty much forces the GOP to be the me-to party.
Just as Hoffman changed the landscape more than anyone could have imagined in 2009, that same landscape will be changed again next year when a primary, not a back room deal, will decide the nominee. A legitimized GOP nominee, whether Hoffman or Doheny, with Conservative Party support could be in the hunt.
However, it would seem the 39 year old Doheny with his fundraising expertise would have an edge if it gets to be a spending war...which of course it will. Club for Growth will not be weighing in on a GOP primary. Plus Doheny can make the argument he is more of a candidate of the future who holds the same fiscal views as Hoffman, so why not vote for youth ?
People who matter how much they beat expectations....still lost. And for Hoffman, the question will be ,'whats different that will change things the second time ?"
Doug Hoffman 'seriously' looking at 2010 bid - Andy Barr -

County By County Courtesy of Jude

Owens Hoffman Scozzafava
Clinton 10,536 7,530 686
Essex 3,718 3,175 432
Franklin 5,125 4,589 247
Fulton 1,969 2,489 676
Hamilton 888 1,184 293
Jefferson 10,460 10,884 1,179
Lewis 2,169 2,676 282
Madison 8,087 8,985 602
Oneida 2,024 2,779 362
Oswego 11,000 12,748 950
St. Lawrence 12,987 8,748 1,194

Total 68,963 65,787 6,903
Owens leads by 3,176

NY 23 Race Tightens....Owens Lead Dwindles

Looks like the race for Congress is a bit closer than expected and the Doug Hoffman campaign is regretting their concession speech on November 3. The margin of victory for Bill Owens was listed as over 5000 on election night. A recanvass has revealed transcription errors that when corrected favors Hoffman and dropped the margin to around 3000 with absentees not yet counted.
The result is still likely to favor Owens, but the closeness of the race is evidence your vote is important.
Recanvassing shows NY-23 race tightens even as Rep. Bill Owens is sworn into House seat | News from The Post-Standard -

Will Our Electric Bills Go Down if We Subsidize Those Wind Mills ? No, You Silly Goose !

Perry raises a good point here about corporate welfare. The proposed payment in lieu of taxes agreements for the wind industry is problematic if you believe in fairness. Fortunately, our system of taxation is so unfair and punative, the public doesn't bother to attend public hearings on the massive giveaways outlined in this story.
Week after week, I see huge decisions made in local government and no one raises a peep of protest...The reason ? The public is smart and realizes these kind of deals are inside baseball and the people are not going to be paramount.
Taxation in this state continues to be so onerous, the only way something new can get built is to have the rest of us subsidize it through so called economic development. The day is coming when the overtaxed existing businesses and individuals will buckle under the weight of these schemes. Take that to your public hearing.
Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bill Clinton & NBC Make "Teabagging" a Household Phrase..Better Explain to the Youngins'

MSNBC pioneered it and now President Bill Clinton has validated it.....That is use of the phrase "teabaggers" in reference to the anti-tax & deficit protest movement that call themselves "tea partiers."
The tea party movement blossomed over the summer and was named after the protest by Colonists in 1773 against excess British taxation. The Tea Act led to dumping of tea into Boston Harbor as a protest.
In an effort to ridicule the movement, MSNBC yakkers like Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann started calling these people "teabaggers," a vulgar reference to a sexual practice described by Urban Dictionary:

1. teabagger
multiple meanings. 1) one who carries large bags of packaged tea for shipment. 2) a man that squats on top of a womens face and lowers his genitals into her mouth during sex, known as "teabagging" 3) one who has a job or talent that is low in social status

For reasons beyond me, the Peacock Network allows this kind of talk while if I said it on local radio there would be Hell to pay.

Now President Bill Clinton has validated use of the phrase during a meeting yesterday with key Senate Democrats...

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) said Clinton described the ongoing tea party protests against the Democratic agenda as a sign their party was making progress.

Whitehouse quoted Clinton arguing: "The reason the tea-baggers are so inflamed is because we are winning."

President Clinton of course is more closely associated with cigars and interns, but the lovable and rogueish ex-President has now made use of "Teabagging" mainstream !

Good job, Mr. President !

POLITICO 44: Inside 42's lunch with Senate Dems -

DeDe Says She Remains a Republican and Today Did a Stint as a Talking Head

Got a call from Dave Mance at about 8 oclock. The International Man of Leisure was at his Florida bungalow watching CNN. Dave told me to tune over because Assemblywoman Diedre Scozzafava was set to be interviewed
She was on to talk about being "Scozzafava'd."
That's the new verb referring to the phenomenon of a centrist (some say liberal) Republican being attacked viciously by conservatives seeking idealogical purity in the party.
Ms. Scozzafava is seeking to join former Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork who had his name become a verb after a pack of rabid Democrats ran him down like a deer savaged by pooches who suddenly were not so much like the family pet.
Scozzafava sounded reasonable and made the "big tent" argument. Indeed that was the argument last July that putting a Republican....even a Jacob Javits-type Republican was better than allowing the numerical majority of Speaker Pelosi to increase.
Like all the candidates her handlers had kept her under wraps mouthing blather through a spokesperson of dubious value until it was too late and her campaign was, as I said before, like a crippled Bismarck circling in the Atlantic while she was plugged with torpedo after torpedo till sinking into the murky deep.
Two late campaign appearances by Scozzafava (October 27 on the HOTLINE and October 29 on WSYR-TV) showed her best able to answer questions. The other two candidates were either hiding or unable to speak, or both.
By then it was way too late. Too many torpedoes had left the Bismarck's fate sealed and it was just a case of whether she sank on Saturday or Tuesday.
The news out of this morning's interview was Scozzafava intends to stay a Republican and may use her new platform to speak in favor of the GOP big tent.
She will have the opportunity to speak about what happened and should use it. If she had taken more time to speak for herself in July, August,September and early October the result may have been the same, but I suspect not.
For now, she is a verb in the lexicon of victims of the "rabid right." She will find solace and sympathy from some quarters and may be content to finish out her term before taking the job June winked at her over.
Maybe she will choose to remain in the political fight. Who knows, but for now the best therapy may be to become a talking head for a time.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lefty Watchdog to Gouverneur Times..."YOU LIED !"

It appears the on-line newspaper Gouverneur Times is setting itself up as the right wing truth squad against newly minted Congressman Bill Owens. A story this week also carried by Drudge alleges Owens broke four campaign promises in his first day in office. Team Owens and the liberal watchdog Media Matters cried foul. Another example of upstart media roiling the waters left calm by the MSM.
Drudge advances false claim that Rep. Owens "broke four promises in one hour" by voting for House health care bill | Media Matters for America

New York Unveils New License Plate Design -

OK its a good looking plate reminiscent of the older style plates that adorned New York automobiles when we earned the moniker "The Empire State."
We are being forced to buy the plates not as part of a money raising scheme enacted last spring by the Governor and Legialture. There is a $25 plate fee. I just renewed my registration so I will not get the plate for a while.
New York Unveils New License Plate Design -

Scozzafava: They Called Me a Lesbian !

The NY23 race is the story that keeps on giving. Now the inside tales of the tumbling candidacy of Diedre Scozzafava, and how in a torrent of tears it was Chuck Schumer and Steve Israel who offered the hugs that led to Scozzafava's game-changing exit/endorsement on the campaign's final weekend.
Scozzafava Tells WashPost She Cried, Was Called "Lesbian" Before Rolling to Dems - New York News - Runnin' Scared

Monday, November 9, 2009

Paterson: NYS Will Be Broke In 4 1/2 Weeks If Cuts Aren't Made Immediately -

The political establishment loves to trash Governor Paterson.
They will insist he doesn't know what he is doing and that the spendthrift state legislature knows best.
Well, Governor Paterson is right when he says the state will be broke by Christmas.
Nobody need listen....just keep up business as usual..
Paterson: NYS Will Be Broke In 4 1/2 Weeks If Cuts Aren't Made Immediately -

Scozzafava Gives Up Leadership Post

Assemblywoman Diedre Scozzafava had to fall on her sword today.. spilling blood on her pink suit and giving up a $16,500 stipend as deputy minority floor leader pro tempore....Like that's a title to get excited about.
The resignation of the post came after Scozzafava met with Minority leader Brian Kolb who told DeDe she was a bad, bad girl for endorsing Democrat Bill Owens for Congress.
Why would DeDe want to be a another lackey in the Assembly to a party so far in the minority, they will never dig their way out.
The Daily Politics - NY Daily News

NY TIMES: Scozzafava and WDT Pushed Owens Across the Finish LIne

UPDATE: Publisher Johnson Says NY Times report a lie....and he wants a retraction.

The twin endorsements of the Watertown Daily Times and Assemblywoman Diedre Scozzafava provided the last minute momentum to propel Democrat Bill Owens to a win over Doug Hoffman in NY23, according to the New York Times. Also backing the claim is Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MY) who heads the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Its all laid out in the attached campaign analysis.
The NY Times reports Democrats pressured the local paper for a quick endorsement to help sway Scozzafava voters in the western counties of the 23rd. Greater Watertown voters were the only ones still in play in the final hours as Scozzafava's campaign had collapsed in the eastern and southern stretches of the 23rd.
I suspect lining up the endorsement came prior to Scozzafava's 10 AM Saturday before-the-election withdrawal from the race. At that time, I approached Times Publisher John Johnson Jr at the Flower Library book sale and pitched him to consider switching his support to Hoffman based on a need for GOP values on fiscal matters and the fact that at the time while little was known about Hoffman, even less was known about Owens and his agenda. I left feeling it was an open subject and later that day at the request of the Hoffman camp, I tried to set up a meeting between Times Managing Editor Bob Gorman and their press guy Rob Ryan.
A previous blowup during an editorial board meeting attended by Hoffman had left the novice candidate skittish about the paper.
By the time I got a hold of Gorman Sunday morning the Owens endorsement editorial was already in print, so it was all moot.
The nature of the pressure the NY Times said was used to get the local endorsement is unknown, but I suspect the pitch was made that Owens can do more on issues the paper was concerned about, particularly ones related to the Seaway, water levels, and hydropower. These are all matters the Democratic President and Congress could address.
I would suspect an appeal was made that Owens would pledge access and would work with the publisher.
Meanwhile, the paper's animosity to Hoffman was palpable and whether any relationship could exist was certainly in question.
Watertown media was very close to Ms. Scozzafava and her candidacy was seen as the home-team effort.
As her effort was immolated in the national culture wars, media was torn between two men they didn't know. The endorsement and subsequent blogs by key Times staffers suggest Owens was their clear choice and in conjunction with the endorsement by Ms. Scozzafava, I would suspect Hoffman was made to looked a little risky to some and Owens, the carefully vetted candidate of the West Wing, looked more solid and predictable.
Of course, the sophisticated Democratic ground game tested in other battles was a key as well. Over 100,000 potential voters were contacted and cultivated personally by a small army of DCCC workers and volunteers. That was all happening beneath the radar.
These after-action reports on NY 23 are numerous, but for political science types, the dynamics of this race are interesting and the tactical decisions made by each side show he close races can be won or lost.
On the Hill - In Republican District, National Party Takes a Hit -

Sunday, November 8, 2009

American Thinker: Who lost NY 23 for the GOP?

This is a pretty good analysis of how Doug Hoffman lost an election he could have won. The fact he got hung up on local issues is ironic since his opponent was no better informed, but was seen as more glib and thus never challenged. An extra aside from yours truly....the race was created by the White House who had picked the candidate and devised the strategy before they created the vacancy. They had the sophisticated field canvassing effort in place and would have likely beaten Scozzafava if the Hoffman phenomenon never occured.
The Democrats pivoted to play in a race they never could have anticipated and won the end game simply by showing their guy to be more mainstream and reasonable to the few voters in play the final few days. The big swing came in the western and southern ends of the district where Hoffman should have won big, but didn't.
American Thinker: Who lost NY 23 for the GOP?

Oh To Be a Fly on the Wall in Leader Kolb's Office

On Monday morning, Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb is supposed to meet with one of his Republican flock to discuss not the lovely Indian Summer weather, but more contentious topics like 'Is DeDe Scozzafava the Benedict Arnold of the Republican caucus and should she be punished for abandoning the Republican Congressional nonmination in an effort to elect Democrat Bill Owens?'.
In Albany, you can be forgiven for a lot of things, including slashing the face of your girlfriend with a wine glass, or committing wholesale adultry as long as you are north of Bear Mountain, or using your leadership post to enrich the health care consortium owned by your family.. All that and more is OK.
But disloyalty to the party...thats a problem...Talk to Mike Bragman about that.
Well, we know what Shelly Silver or June O'Neill would do to a Democrat who did what Scozzafava did just eight days ago. But what will the Republicans in the Assembly do ?....Given their numbers, they don't do a heck of a lot, so they probably have had lots of time to ponder this dilemma.
What does Mr. Kolb say to kick off the chat ?
'Gee DeDe, What's new ?'
After all, Scozzafava is already set up as a victim of a party that mugged her for wanting just a little marriage equality and now she gets punished for putting a stop to the man who wanted to represent the district as a Republican, even though he couldn't express that on television.
Given that nothing goes on in the Assembly Minority, there is an argument to be made for letting it slide...let her finish the term...and move on to a post in the Cuomo Administration (oops that part is still embargoed).
Maybe the GOP should just move on and not be seen as vindictive, even if what was done was a betrayal of those who supported her and gave her the nomination.
That's what I'd do....nothing. Let it slide... After all , to err is human, to forgive divine.

Sarah Palin: The Pelosi Bill Was Rammed Through on Saturday, But Sunday’s Coming | Facebook

Well, what do you know, just hours after the House version of health care reformed passed by a vote of 220-215,along comes an op-ed piece by Sarah Palin. I will offer the link here for those who depend on the MSM for all their news and opinion.
Sarah Palin: The Pelosi Bill Was Rammed Through on Saturday, But Sunday’s Coming | Facebook

New NNY On-Line Paper Blasts Owens Out of the Gate

The fledgling on-line paper called the Gouverneur Times has barely let the new Congressman lower his right hand before landing a left hook on Bill Owens by accusing him of breaking four promises in his first hour in office.
In the increasingly on-line world of news this apparently conservative newspaper may try to carve out a niche against the increasingly NY Times-like editorial positions of the Watertown Times.
Recently, when I ask some senior folks at the WDT about the format being used by the Gouverneur Times, they dismissed the effort.
I agree it will be tough for an on-line upstart to gain a foothold, but I will add it to my favorites as something to check on every day or so to see what is being said there.
The Gouverneur Times - Your Online News Source

Owens, Now, Comes Out for the Health Care Bill | The New York Observer

Now that the election is over, we can get down to the serious business of finding out where the candidates stand on the issues. Within hours of being sworn in, we learned where Rep. William Owens stands on the the Demorcrat health care proposal. He voted against the Stupak amendment that would have banned federal funding for abortion, a decidely pro-choice position even though in the campaign he said he was personally opposed to abortion.
Mr. Owens then was one of 220 Members who voted in favor of the health care bill, although reports suggest he had various positions during the campaign.
There was never any doubt he would support the measure as he was the choice of DC Democrats to try and flip the seat, as that was the prime reason for nominating John McHugh as Secretary of the Army. The endorsement of Mr. Owens by the Service Employees International Union and the Working Families Party were key parts of his victory and these endorsements were as clear an indication of Mr. Owens intentions as the Club for Growth indicated the proclivities of his opponent, Doug Hoffman.
This health care bill faces tougher sledding in the Senate and with only a two vote majority in the House, it will be difficult for House leaders to prevail in conference on things like the public option.
Owens, Now, Comes Out for the Health Care Bill | The New York Observer