Saturday, September 19, 2009

Palin Meal Offered on eBay Brings in $63,500 for Charity

Money well spent. I know Ted Ford would pay that for a meal with Nancy Pelosi.
Palin dinner offered on eBay brings in $63,500 for charity: Former Gov. Sarah Palin

I Heartily Endorse Our Candidate....What Was His Name Again ?

The things you have to do when you are a partisan. I don't believe for a minute that Senator Darrel Aubertine actually votes for Mr. Owens in the privacy of the booth. Last month Senator Schumer was caught by local media not knowing who was the Dem candidate in the 23rd. When told, he quickly issued a full-throated endorsement of a man he doesn't know.
I vote for Darrel Aubertine because he's one of us. On this one he isn't. All of "us" are voting for DeDe.
But I do understand the consequences of not supporting the party choice, so I will take Darrel's nod to Plattsburgh with a grain of salt.
Watertown Daily Times State Sen. Aubertine endorses Owens in congressional race

Friday, September 18, 2009

President Obama Debunks Race Claims

President Obama broke with his sycophants on MSNBC by declaring today that opposition to his health plan is based not on race but on a disagreement over the role of government.
Obama: Health care anger not motivated by his race - Yahoo! News

Must Be The Guv Listens to Glenn Beck

The Governor is taking on ACORN as is just about everybody. Good move Governor.
Gov. Paterson orders all New York state contracts with ACORN to be put on hold

The Pink Has a Renaissance at a New Locale

If you have ever been in the Evans Mills area and seen a street called the Pink Schoolhouse Road, read on.
The road is named for the one-room schoolhouse that once stood there but was disassembled and rebuilt in it's new home in the back 40 at the Jefferson County Historical Society on Washington Street. The 100-year-old structure was the place starting a century ago and until the 1950's students studied through grades one thru six with the help of a single teacher.
No pools...or theaters or indoor plumbing.
Yet for the many students who attended, it was a great education. Ninety-six year old Eldon Schell was one of those students and tonight he attended the rededication of the former school, freshly restored and ready to host youngsters yearning for a glimpse of the good old days.
Lots of people were responsible for this preservation of days gone by, and they all deserve major kudos.
The snippets of the North Country's past available at the museum located in the Paddock Mansion are reason to support this worthwhile organization.
The Pink Schoolhouse restoration was an inspiration to anyone who values the way things were.....And a look at the grads of the Pink show all the pricey trappings of modern education may enhance but surely don't replace the basics taught to some many in this modest structure.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gilly's Stumbling

A new Marist poll shows former Governor George Pataki beating by 4 points incumbent Democratic US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.
Senator Gillibrand was the controversial upstater who was pro-gun and anti-TARP. She was the fresh face selected last June by Governor Paterson to replace Hillary Clinton.
From the beginning the media elite trashed her because she was not the media darling, Caroline Kennedy. The far left of the Democratic party threatened a primary until party leaders led by Senator Schumer put their foot down.....and Rep. Carolyn Maloney said the N-word in public......
Gillibrands upstate, blue dog charm has been whittled away by the need to conform to a party largely run by downstate leftists.
This week she pinned a target to herself by voting against cutting off funding to the largely discredited social do-gooder agency known as ACORN....
Save your defense of ACORN, among those center-right upstaters, that vote was telling.
Now the once unpopular former governor is beating her in the polls.
2010 may be a tough year for Democrats.....if for no other reason than midterms are tough for the party in power and the Dems have done so well the last two cycles, the pendulum is poised to swing.
Senator Gillibrand is held in suspicion by the Manhattan liberal elite and by currying their favor she is losing her bluedog chops.
I mean George Pataki is hardly a fresh faced, new ideas guy.....He's old news, but he is ahead....Senator Gillibrand should be wondering why.

Rep. John McHugh is confirmed as Secretary of the Army -

Congratulations to Watertown native John McHugh on his confirmation as Secretary of the Army.
Rep. John McHugh is confirmed as Secretary of the Army -

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Game On- Let the Race Begin

The announcement that John McHugh's long awaited appointment would move forward means an end will be in sight for the sort of on again, sometimes off again race to represent New York's 23rd Congressional District.
It looks like this Doug Hoffman may be for real. I thought he was just trying to bluff the GOP into dumping DeDe and I still think thats a possibility.
He may indeed run, and because his name is next to the word 'conservative' on the ballot, he will get 16 % of the vote. The sort-of Democrat from Plattsburgh, Bill Owens, will get a Democratic baseline vote of 32% and Ms. Scozzafava wins with 52%.
If Hoffman folds, look for 58-42 as the margin.
Broadcasters won't get the windfall they hoped for but some cash will be spent.
Already, the political class is looking ahead to the special election to fill Scozzafava's 122nd Assembly seat.
County Legislature Chair Ken Blankenbush feigns indifference but will not win an Oscar for his purported blase' attitude towards the seat.
The other name you hear a lot is a guy named Lucas from Lewis County. There is always Behling. And how about a sleeper candidate....Instead of Dave Renzi, how about his very able, affable and attractive bride Jessica ?

Carter Remarks Ignite Race as an Issue Again

Jimmy Carter said it, but it was Brian Williams of NBC who raised the issue and prompted the former President to ratchet up the debate over whether opposition to President Obama is part of a pattern of deep-seated racism now bubbling up.
Carter’s Racism Charge Sparks War of Words - The Caucus Blog -

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Indy Primary Won By Judge Martusewicz

Jefferson County Judge Kim Martusewicz has won the Independence Party nomination for a second term and appears to be on the verge of the Conservative Party nod as well.
Unofficial returns from Tuesday's primary favored Martusewicz by a two to one margin in the IP.
While turnout was sparse the verdict was clear.
And please.....don't be listening to those who are lamenting the "cost" of holding a primary for so few voters.
Democracy is not something we want to lament the price of.

OMG...I Have to Change After All These Years !

I voted today on the new optical scan system. After a lifetime on mechanical lever machines it was different.
I liked the paper ballot and it was easy to read. This ballot also leaves a true paper trail, something that didn't exist with the mechanical counters in the old machines.
There is a bit of a privacy issue since you are at a cubicle and not behind a curtain. I suppose placement of the cubicles could help. Also, when you take the ballot to the optical reader, everyone can see it.
You feed the ballot in and it registers the vote and drops the ballot into a bin.
This was a pretty easy breakin exercise, since only the two minor parties had a primary in the city. If a total of 120 people vote, that would be good turnout.

Our New Neighbor Squeaky

Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme will be living nearby.........
Would-be Ford assassin 'Squeaky' Fromme moving to Marcy - Utica, NY - The Observer-Dispatch

Summary of Primary Voting Today

Watertown Daily Times Voters choosing candidates at primaries throughout NNY

Rare Write In Primary in District 11

The race for county legislature in district 11 (towns of Rutland and Watertown) provides Independence Party voters a chance to nominate a candidate since no one submitted petitiions in July.
Voters will have an "opportunity to ballot" as a result of a petition I gathered. This means IP voters can write in a choice. They can write in the name of the major party candidates, Robert Ferris or Paul Simmons. Or they could write in the name of anyone else.
The person with the most votes gets the line and its quite possible one vote wins this because the obscure procedure is not well known.
This is also a test of the organizational skills of Mr. Ferris and Mr. Simmons, both of whom didn't garner signatures earlier in the summer.
Those wanting to write in must make sure they put the name in the proper portion of the ballot.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Life is Easier When You Surrender Your Identity to a Political Party

I wrote a post about President Obama's appearance on 60 Minutes and juxtaposed it to some of the more fiery recent speaking engagements he has had. I also referenced Glenn Beck, the FOX News oracle who has been especially incisive of late concerning ACORN
Comment-meister Dan Francis wrote:

Your post has mixed signals and review points:
1. Anti-pro Obama?2. Pro-anti Beck?Which is it? Both probably.

You see this is why I have problems with the folks who immediately call me a racist when I chastise Serena Williams for her tirade.....Yet when I compliment her apology, I don't get the pox removed.
I try to look at all viewpoints, and don't call FOX News, Faux News.....I understand their take on things. I watch Beck, Hannity and O'Reilly...I also catch Mathews, Schultz and Olbermann...I suspect the people who throw invective don't watch much variety.
So, Dan, I just can't see the world in the black and white terms some do.

Serena Williams apologizes for tirade, goes on to win doubles at U.S. Open --

Nice statement from Serena.....Says it all.
Serena Williams apologizes for tirade, goes on to win doubles at U.S. Open --

'Pimp' & 'hooker' catch ACORN staff

This story gets funnier every day. A third ACORN office has been caught offering homebuyer counseling to a young couple posing as a pimp and hooker looking to open a brothel for underage Central American girls being smuggled into the country.
'Pimp' & 'hooker' catch ACORN staff

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Faces of Obama

I watched President Obama's appearance on 60 Minutes....He was smooth and makes a persuasive case for doing something but he also seems to understand some people are suffering as he calls it, "sticker shock" over the cost of change.
In these kind of interviews, the affable and charming reformer makes a good impression on skeptical, moderate types.....Then there are the revival style, uber-rallies like the one yesterday in Minnesota or the labor speech last week in Cincinnati.
For those who find Barack Obama a scary merchant of radicalism, there is rhetoric to support the premise.
Then there are appearances like 60 Minutes when the reasonable, self-effacing Obama flashes a smile and sounds downright moderate.
In the end, it is clear this President will continue the trend towards Federalism that all of us have seen since we drew our first breath. In that sense, he is not much of a change, so that would argue against him being radical....At least until the next episode of Glenn Beck, when the 60 Minutes nice guy is made to look ominous again.

Finally the Right Thing Happened in Professional Sports

Serena Williams smashed a racket and dropped some ominus F-bombs at the line judge last night in semi-final action at the US Open.
She lost the match when the judges awarded what was then match point to her opponent Kim Clijsters of Belgium.
Does decorum or sportsmanship matter ? A friend of mine who likes the Williams sisters called the match a travesty. Hardly.
It would have been wrong to let the events slide (although even that doesn't rise to the level of 'travesty').
I was glad the judges imposed some standards and I suspect in a more reflective moment a champion like Ms. Williams will feel the same way.