Saturday, September 5, 2009

Beers for Bears

With winter on the way, visits to the zoo may be down but the need to maintain the facility in Thompson Park remains. Food, medical, utlities, all continues.
Patrons in local taverns and restaurants will have a chance this month to kick in to support the zoo as the "Beers for Bears" promotion kicks off.
Participating establishments will have collection boxes and donor cards to put your name on to be posted over the bar.
As it was with the recent otter exhibit fundraising this effort allows average folks to contribute what they can. It also increases awareness of the zoo in advance of their major upcoming fundraiser, the Zoo-To-Do in October.
I am pleased to be working with Zoo Director, Dr. John Foster and Councilwoman Roxanne Burns on organizing this effort.
Those businesses wishing to participate can call me at 486-0879.
Those currently participating include Pete's, BJs Tavern, The Paddock Club, Beef n Brew, and Fort Pearl. More are expected to be participating soon.
Just in......Ives Hill CC and the Thompson Park Golf Club now have Beers for Bears collection boxes.

Parallel News Universes

There are parallel news universes in this country and that perhaps describes why opinions are so frozen in amber....
Take the case of presidential czar, advisor, whatever, Van Jones. Mr. Jones is an advisor on the issue of "green jobs." He also has a proclivity for flamboyant and controversial speech.
On Fox, it's a major scandal with outrage and calls for dismissal. On NBC (I just checked) there is no mention.
That's why it is so understandable those who get their news solely from their idealogical soul mate network, whatever it is, have views not shared by those with other allegiances.
There are few absolute truths in todays news. Watch the responses to this post and you will see.

Anchor to Leave Albany Beat

Although he is only 30 years old, Brian Taffe of Time Warner's Capital Tonight program has become a force in NY State politics.....however the host of the popular nightly show about state government is leaving for a job in Philadelphia, PA.
Taffe's show has become must-see TV for afficionados of state government and is a good interviewer. I have had the pleasure of appearing on Capital Tonight a couple of times and found Brian always to be well informed and courteous.
Coverage of state politics is important and I hope T/W finds a suitable replacement.
Best wishes in Philly !

Friday, September 4, 2009

Far, Far Better than I Could Have Said It

Few things are more gratifying than good writing and Krauthammer is as they say "spot on" in this column in the Washington Post.
Charles Krauthammer - Obama's Magic Evaporates in the Heat of the Health-Reform Debate


This is the sad part of life in Albany...You have to be loyal to the "leader"....If not you end up like Mike Bragman....While its nice of this Member of Assembly to pooh pooh Espada....Democratic Senators can only express these opinions in hushed tones but trust me....except for those in the mulligan seats in NYC....They feel the same way.

City Council Preview

Among the items in the Council agenda for next Tuesday is concession agreement I am told Councilman Smith negotiated for the sale of food at the Ice Arena.
There is an agreement between city PD and the DA to share software and information in the drug war.
There is an authorization for the Beef n' Brew to have tables on the sidewalk......
And there is an agreement between the City and its firefighters for a two year labor contract with raises of zero and three percent.
There are also site plan approvals for those two new hotels at the intersection of Gaffney Drive and Commerce Drive. The development has rankled the owners of Stateway Plaza who we are told will threaten to halt passage thru their property if development occurs.
There is a cost overrun on a sidewalk project that will generate discussion and some bids for purchase of supplies that will be before the body.
Council will discuss police contract talks in executive session.
The meeting is Tuesday at 7PM at City Hall.

Watertown Daily Times | Comedian Canale sues over accusation

SuperComedian Ray Canale sues Rite Aid Over Close Shave at Syracuse Store
Watertown Daily Times Comedian Canale sues over accusation

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lucky Lady: But Does She Owe ?

The story is that Cape Vincent resident Kate Willibey received a million dollar scratch off lottery ticket in a birthday card.......Good for her...$50K a year for 20 years.
Wonder how the person who gave the card feels ? He or she had all that money in hand and clearly would not have given it away had the amount been known....
Is there is moral obligation on the recipient to share and if so, at what level ?
Or is it a gift and that's that.
Let's put up a poll and see how you feel.
Hint: to avoid this dilemma only give tickets like Loose Change or Hit $500, in which the top prize is only $500.

Lefties Dismayed over Lack of Lockstep Liberal

Lefty Blog not enthused about race in NY-23.
Daily Kos: NY-23: Forget about party labels

Neher Remembered by Friends at Arcade Gathering

A lovely evening tonight at the Paddock Arcade as friends and co-workers of radio legend George Neher gathered to share thoughts and remember their longtime friend.
Saw the Saiffs, Toni Harblin, Glenn Gough, Ezra, Joe Brosk, Joe Rich, Doreen Hanson, Mike Ring, Don Alexander, George's widow, Deb and his sister from Buffalo.
George had requested no fuss over his death but this low key gathering was organized after so many people wanted to remember the radio icon.
It was good to see so many friends.

Change of Command on A Sunny Day at Fort Drum

Major General James Terry has assumed command of the 10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum. MG Terry pledged to look out for soldiers. This is his third posting at Fort Drum. He is a Georgia native.
MG Michael Oates gave up the reins today after a two year stint that saw repeated deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. General Oates has not decided on his future telling me he is weighing his future and that if he opts for retirement a run for Sheriff in his native Texas is very likely.
Best wishes to General and Mrs Oates....Great People !

President to Welcome Your Kids Back to School

Your kids will get a dose of President Obama as they start the school year. On Tuesday, Mr. Obama will deliver a speech to students and a lesson plan that accompanies the speech urges teachers to conduct a variety of activities related to the address. Will local schools compel students to watch speech.....Should they ?
President Obama’s Address to Students Across America September 8, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Vanity Fair: Sarah Can't Shoot A Gun

Wait a minute....the same media wags who joke about Sarah Palin hunting game from a helicopter, now report she cannot operate a gun.
Sarah Palin's presidential hopes crushed as Levi Johnston claims she can't even shoot a gun - Telegraph

Millions to the Cape

Big day for Cape Vincent.....One of its residents, Kate Willibey won a million dollars on a scratch off Lottery ticket and the Village was awarded a Restore New York Grant for over a million to restore the Hotel Roxy.
New York Lottery

Restore New York Funds Allocated to Woolworth Project

When word came Tuesday that Watertown's Woolworth Building had been awarded a $2.5 Million grant from Albany, it was a combination of surprise, joy and relief.
The money will allow developer Michael Treanor to move ahead with a planned redevelopment of the now vacant store and office building. His plan is for a combination hotel/retail complex. Mr. Treanor has a track record of completing successful projects in Adams and Carthage and is currently renovating a vacant warehouse on Newell Street.
The project should get going in 2010 and save the historic building that was instrumental in the development of modern retailing.
City Council had designated the building as its top priority in the wake of the streetscape and infrastructure improvements done in recent years.
We appreciate the work done by many in advancing this project.

Back to Basics

The President who loves to talk was on TV yesterday giving health tips in the age of H1N1 flu.
Mr. Obama said to wash your hands, sneeze into your sleeve, and stay home if you get sick.
This is a good back to basics move by the President. Tackle an easy to grasp health issue and establish credibility with the public....Then you can move on to more abstract issues like coops and public options.
The latest polls show 60% of Americans say Mr. Obama has not explained just what he wants in his health plan, and 53% of independent voters disapprove of the job he is doing.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Aubertine Wins Again

Darrel Aubertine comes back to the North Country tomorrow a winner....not over Barclay or Renzi but over a bovine foe.....It may be his biggest test unless the GOP comes up with a candidate who can exhibit the old "one of us" persona.
Aubertine Wins Again Politicker NY New York Politics News, Reaction, and Analysis

Disgraced ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer denies report that he's running for office

Spitzer Denies Post Report He is Considering a Run for Office.................Of course he denies it to the other NYC tabloid after floating the idea in the NY Post......Now he will wait to see the reaction of the political establishment in his party....After watching the ascendancy of Pedro Espada, I can understand Eliot's newfound affinity for redemption.......But its a stretch to think he could get the comptroller nomination against a popular, albeit unelected, incumbent. As for the Gillibrand seat.....that would be such a romp for Kirsten....Oops don't suggest a romp to client #9.
Disgraced ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer denies report that he's running for office


Governor Paterson has shaved off his beard.....presumably to look less forboding to New Yorkers as he readies for a 2010 election bid.

Monday, August 31, 2009

How Do You Keep Track of What to Say ?

I think its generational.....the other day, we were musing on the Hotline about the use of the word "Oriental" in reference to folks from countries in what we called the Orient....You know, Japan, Korea, China, etc.
It was the companion term to Occidentals, or Westerners. In fact there is a college in California attended by President Obama called Occidental College.
Well, I guess the preferred term of reference for those from the Far East is now "Asians."
"Asians" are people...."Orientals" are I was told.
That's fine, I am adaptable.
Now, our Governor has codified the animus towards "oriental".

A.7698 / C.385: Requires the elimination of the use of the term "oriental" in documents utilized by state agencies, public authorities and municipalities when referring to persons of Asian or Pacific Islander heritage

Passed into law and signed by Governor Paterson.

Times have changed.....I remember when Mayor Burns and the Council would go drinking after the meetings at the Oriental Village on Gifford Street Road.

At worst, the only law being broken was the Open Meetings Law.......

Dad: Don't Count Her Out

Dad says daughter Sarah is busy penning her memoirs.......The 45 year old former Governor of Alaska is poised to make some serious cash just like others who have later made a run at the Presidency. It was always naive to think she could compete in that arena without personal wealth....No one else does..... • Sarah Palin busy writing book, her father says

Betcha the Heritage Foundation Hates Her Too

Oops...Guess DeDe has caught the eye of the folks at the more conservative of DC's two daily newspapers....This Times editorial begs the GOP to dump DeDe...........
Despite the lack of the Aubertine star power this may still be an interesting race, but my bet is a lot of outside meddling will create as much support for Ms. Scozzafava as it costs her.
Remember the great impression the Long Island political thuggery had in the Barclay race. Of course the Dems had their ACORN brigades in the form of the WFP, but somehow kept their presence a better secret.
The Scozzafava campaign also announced two Jefferson County chairs for her election effort. Both longtime GOP operatives....Guess they forgot the two members on City Council who are members of the first party to come out to endorse her this summer.
Upstate's 'right' choice - Washington Times

Fall is in the Air

While the white shoes and straw hats can stay out another week, the chill in the air at night is a sure sign summer is over and fall is headed in.....
Tomorrow City Hall reverts to winter hours...9 to 5....and the Bravo Fest and the primary elections are just around the corner.
Here in the city we will see if the City Council race heats up or if voters quietly decide to stay with familiar names.
In the county, there are Conservative and Independence Party primaries for County Judge. John Hallett needs to win them both to have a chance against his heavily favored Democratic opponent, Judge Kim Martusewicz.
Eventually the County Clerk race will heat up although it's hard to imagine the kind of fervor we have seen in the health care debate becoming part of the clerk race.
Unless the birthers and acorn both decide they have a stake in the DMV.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Northern New York Follies

NNY Follies is calling it quits as a blogger......His was one of the better and more thoughtful rants and the reasons he is bailing are an interesting read. I agree with this fellow....I see the same inane, insulting and acrimonious comments primarily from people adept at pushing the anonymous button.
Now I have disagreed with Follies use of a pseudonym and have told his employer his material should be in the paper as a regular feature. Its good stuff.
Blogging is a bit of an ego thing....someone who is not a publisher or a news director getting to play one due to today's technology.....But it is also a way to share ideas and entertain. Sometimes things come to the fore on the blogs that wouldn't see the light of day otherwise.
I actually had put Follies on my favorites....right next to Sarah Palin's Facebook page....I am sure Perry would see the irony, but I doubt he would insult me for it.
Best wishes !
Northern New York follies

The Russians are Coming !

Three beautiful Russian girls are causing quite the stir in the local bar crowd....I have had several people comment on the exotic threesome working at the Beef n' Brew Restaurant on Court Street in downtown Watertown. Their names are Anastasia, Maria and Dascha....They are only there for a few more weeks until they return to Mother Russia. Is this multi-culturalism by Gordie ?


OK...If we are going to reconfigure health care and lower the cost, let's start with Pedro Espada's "charity" that pays our Senate Majority Leader nearly a half million dollars a year plus jobs for many of his relatives. This shadowy entity receives it's money from the government.

On Labor, DeDe Leaves no Openings for Owens

Issues....Scozzafava supports card check and the $787Billion "stimulus" bill. This places her very close to the Democratic Party on labor issues, but that is no surprise.
Her husband is a UAW chieftan and she has in the past been endorsed by the Working Families Party. It is good to see some discussion of issues in the MSM, as an open seat Congressional race is unusual and people need to hear as much as possible about these candidates.
Watertown Daily Times Candidates for 23rd District split on labor issues