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Sarah Palin Divorce Rumor Surfaces, is Shot Down - The Hollywood Gossip

Would They Ever Print Such Rumors About the "One"
Sarah Palin Divorce Rumor Surfaces, is Shot Down - The Hollywood Gossip


Reminds me of the old Lyndon Johnson line about such things....I don't care if its true, I just want to hear you deny it !

Palinistas Rally Behind Their Hero

Supporters of Sarah Palin say the blogger stories about her pending divorce are just another smear.
Spokespersons for her Draft Sarah 2012 effort say its just not true.
"Yet again, some so-called journalists have decided to make up a story. There is no truth to the recent “story” (and story is the correct term for this type of fiction) that the Palins are divorcing. The Palins remain married, committed to each other and their family, and have not purchased land in Montana (last week it was reported to be Long Island),” spokespersin Meghan Stapleton wrote.
With the level of scrutiny the mainstream media give her, its hard to imagine this type of news would only come out via bloggers.
Whatever happens, I wish her well and look forward to seeing her on the national scene .

Blog Report: Sarah & Todd to Split

Now before we accept as gospel, remember this comes from a blogger in Alaska. We bloggers are insightful, but remember how many of us thought Darrel was running.
Nonetheless, the story seems to have some corroboration and will get the media fully mobilized.
A woman at Pete's just related to me how much she will suffer from bad press while so many men in DC are hitting everything in sight and it's hushed up. Hey, that's life, for better or worse.
If this is true, a single Sarah Palin is an intriguing prospect !
Todd and Sarah Palin to divorce

Washington Clunker Cash Won't Last Long !

I am working on my first Cash for Clunkers deal this Saturday morning at FX Caprara Kia/Volkswagen. Lots of people seem interested but with so many sales even the additional $2 Billion expected to be approved by the Senate won't last long.
For consumers make sure you have insurance documents that show one year of continuous ownership. If you have your registration and previous one that is good too.
Make sure you have your title and it must not have any liens.It's an easy deal for the person with the right trade in and the paperwork in order......We will certainly help you understand the program.

It sounds like such a come-on to say this.....but if you are thinking of doing it, time is short.....The prospect of free money in tough times attracts folks like flies on a rib roast. This program, whatever its merits, will not last long.

For those idealogically opposed to such government largesse, put your politics aside, hold your nose and take the cash !

Friday, July 31, 2009

Dealers Race to Get Their Clunkers Crushed - The Lede Blog -

A Not so Flattering Take on Cash for Clunkers.....
Dealers Race to Get Their Clunkers Crushed - The Lede Blog -

Kind Words for a Democrat

As the Democrats inch closer to naming a candidate for Congress in NY-23, my old friend and fellow mayor John Sullivan comes to mind.
John is a smart guy who knows government and politics. He has toiled in the vineyards of the Democratic Party rather than just showing up at the 11th Hour and announcing...."hey everybody, I'm a lawyer and I'm rich..."
I know John is a lawyer but I don't know if he is rich.
In the wake of Darrel Aubertine taking a powder on running, Mayor Sullivan of Oswego would seem the best overall choice for embarking on a brief but concentrated race in the massive 11 county 23rd Congressional District.
He begins by having contacts, not the least of which is his boss, the next governor, Andrew Cuomo.
John has the intellectual chops to do the job, even though I am not supporting the notion of another cow in the Pelosi herd.
A race between Sullivan and Diedre Scozzafava would be civil which is not appealing to the operatives, but would be to the people who just want a decent, heads up person to represent them for three years till this district goes bye-bye.
He has worked hard to push the Democratic rock up hill for years, which until recently was truly a Sisyphian task in NNY.

NY Daily Balance: What's Darrel Aubertine got against liquor store owners?

Darrel Aubertine is not running for Congress....but foes of the Senator are so well organized they are still using simulated newspaper like blogs to derail him. It's all part of the effort for his 2010 Senate reelection bid. Now the matter of liquor stores and wine is one Aubertine jumped into by sponsoring NYC Senator Liz Krager's bill. Here is the anti Darrel blog so you can judge. Fair and balanced.
NY Daily Balance: What's Darrel Aubertine got against liquor store owners?

The Empire Page -- Moving New York out of the 17th Century: A Proposal to Reform Wine and Liquor Laws

Sen. Liz Kruger explains her wine and liquor bill. Insiders say the nuances may be debated but wine in the supermarkets is a done deal and there is no stopping it by liquor stores or anyone else. This affects lots of small businesses and consumers in NNY but little is heard about the proposal. This story is a synopsis of the legislature as proposed.
The Empire Page -- Moving New York out of the 17th Century: A Proposal to Reform Wine and Liquor Laws

Clunker Cash Perks Up Lazy Lots

As many of you know I have spent some of the last few years in car sales, so I have a newfound appreciation for the rigors of the job. That's why while I understand cash for clunkers is a giveaway, I support it because it's helps people I know make a living.
Today I got a text from the xenophobic crowd saying clunker cash should only be used to buy American cars. Like the guy selling Hyundai's, Honda's, Toyota's or Kia's is somehow a less worthy American.
This program provides a little respite from tough times in a ravaged industry. There will still have to be downsizing, but at least a few guys I know are taking a little extra home to their families this week. They deserve it.
By adding $2 Billion to the program, the Congress and the Administration are moving some metal and getting some crap off the roads.
If you like government as an instrument of change, then this is probably one of the more successful efforts.
I will still call it food stamps for cars but that's just because I believe the old expression, "it is what it is."
That doesn't mean what it is is bad.

A Stimulus That Stimulated

The modestly sized ($1 Billion) "cash for clunkers" program is drawing people into showrooms at such a rate, the program may be suspended while the Feds figure out whether they have exceeded the dollar amount allocated.
On the one hand, this is a more effective program than all the bailouts of executives. This program appeals to average middle Americans who see everyone else get a bailout except them. Now they get a little free money and it feels good.
Food stamps for the auto industry. Sort of.
But for the folks who work in this industry, who have had a tough couple of anxious years, the excitement and traffic has been a respite from the notion that what you have done all your life is dead ending.
Maybe Washington will add some more cash and this can continue despite the confusion now clouding the program. The statute says it lasts till November first or until the cash runs out....Apparently the cash is running out and the sales are running ahead of the ability to keep a tally.
Money is being tossed at everything in such large amounts, it is intellectually hard to argue that throwing a couple or three billion more at this popular endeavor is a bad idea.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Obama's Place of Birth: Kenya to Some, A Manger to Others

I can't believe CNN is letting Lou Dobbs get away with all this obsession with whether President Obama was born in Kenya and not Hawaii, thus meaning he was not eligible to run for President.
Wasn't this something that should have been raised last year......Before the man was elected with 53% of the popular vote. There isn't any court in the land who is going to order the man out of office even if it is true.
One piece of evidence is that Mr. Obama allegedly said he was from Kenya when applying for student aid while at Harvard. No race intended, but that is at best a "white lie," not a mortal sin......If true the guy was working the system, but like that doesn't happen when applying for free money.
Today I listened to a guy tell me he had figured a way around the cash for clunkers rules so he could get his free $4500.....People do that stuff because it is generally thought that screwing the government is not sex.
Well, back to Barack Obama. Skip the birth issue. He was born. Lived in the USA, worked here and got elected to various offices.
If the McCain campaign was afraid to raise the issue or if the press refused to do anything that would derail their candidate, shame on them.
Mr. Dobbs and others should let this one drop and concentrate on the policy issues that could result in a one term presidency.
You can bet Hillary is keeping score and will be ready to roll in 2012. She won't be hoping for a Kenyan tie to do the job.

Conservatives..Where is Jim Buckley & Herb London When They Need Them ?

New York's Conservative Party was formed nearly a half century ago as a reaction to Rockefeller Republicanism, the sort of Northeast, country club egalitarianism with little regard for social issues......
Over the years, the Conservatives,like all third parties in New York, has evolved into a cross-endorse vehicle, mostly for Republicans. The idea was while many of these folks were liberal, the endorsement could be used as a means of pushing them to the right.
In this years 23rd CD race, the Conservative Party was poised to endorse Democrat Darrel Aubertine if he had run. Meanwhile the Republicans are nominating a socially liberal candidate in Diedre Scozzafava, whom Conservatives say they will not support.
Well Aubertine is out and the Dem nominee will not get the Conservative nod.
That leaves three choices.
Endorse Scozzafava despite all the protests on the theory that saving a GOP seat in the House trumps ideology. Unlikely given the rhetoric to date.
Leave the line blank. This is a safe overture to the Republicans saying we don't like your nominee but we won't stand in your way. Highly likely scenario.
Nominate their own candidate.....A couple have come forward....Run a campaign of issues and try to score as many votes as possible thus leaving an impression on whomever wins. And of course as in 1970's US Senate race in NY, the Conservatives might win.
The old feisty, hard core Conservative Party of 1970 might run its own. But today's party is less strident and it's leadership more a part of the system now and anxious to stay in positions of influence.
That made sense in the Pataki years, but the GOP is nowhere in state government and continuing to curry their favor by looking the other way may doom the party.
I think the Conservative Party has run out of gas and will leave their line blank.

'Clunkers' cash is going fast | | The Detroit News

Putting aside the debate over government spending and government intrusion into the market place, this $ 1 Billion dollars seems to have provided more pizzaz to the economy than the hundreds of billlions of dollars in boondoggles and bailouts spent elsewhere.
'Clunkers' cash is going fast The Detroit News

NY-23 Attrition: Dem Field Shrinks as French Bows Out | Politicker NY | New York Politics News, Reaction, and Analysis

So Dan French is Out. Everybody talked about him like he was a leading contender. I have never met him and don't know anyone who has. Same thing with these other folks who are wealthy lawyers with no apparent ties to life in the North Country. While I respect those who have been successful elsewhere, roots matter.
NY-23 Attrition: Dem Field Shrinks as French Bows Out Politicker NY New York Politics News, Reaction, and Analysis

Seems Like a Natural Extension of my Political Persona

I was talking to a political operative tonight at Petes about this blog and he thought it amazing and unusual that an elected official wrote such a thing everyday.
Maybe its a little unconventional, but for me it is not only therapeutic but also is a way to share my views to whomever is interested without the filter of the mainstream media.
Now I think mainstream media serves a purpose but it is not pervasive any more. Three is no longer a collective consciousness based on what was in that days paper.
Many people still rely on mainstream media, but a large number also depend on blogs, tweets and the internet in general.
So I will continue to write and continue to fully identify myself.
Hope you keep reading.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009



Liquor store owners were in panic last night and today because a press release from a Senate press office in Albany erroneously said the both wine and liquor will be sold in supermarkets under newly introduced legislation.
The error was reitterated in releases from local lawmakers including Senator Darrel Aubertine, and printed on blogs like this one as well as on the popular site.
I am now told the measure only addresses wine in grocery stores and that it will pass.
"The train is leaving the station on wine in supermarkets," I was told.
In return the legislation takes away some of the blue law restrictions on liquor stores in an effort to placate them.
There has been heavy pressure to allow sale in food stores as an additional way to generate licensing revenue to the state. Food stores also want to take advantage of wine sales which is the largest growing component of the booze industry.
The embarassing slip up has left legislative staffers trying to explain the error to an already hostile liquor store industry.

Hannibal Man, Veteran Seeking Conservative Party Line in 23rd Congressional Race

Call me a cynic, but the Conservative Party has long been a servant of the Republican Party and while they cannot bring themselves to nominate Diedre Scozzafava for Congress, they will not put a person on the ballot who could cost her the race. Instead they will "null the line". In short, Mike Long punts.
Hannibal Man, Veteran Seeking Conservative Party Line in 23rd Congressional Race

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Northern New York follies

This guy hits the nail on the head. These government boards that waste money going on retreats really tick me off. If I am going to spend a weekend at a swanky resort, its not going to be with Jeff Smith and Pete Clough....
Northern New York follies

Don't Ignore the Charming Irishman

When Sen. Aubertine first withdrew, the name circulating the most was former Oswego Mayor John Sullivan......He is a good choice on political skills and charm, but this McGrath from Lewis County is said to have better access to $$$$$. A reader says attorney Owens of Plattsburgh is not even a Dem....
John Sullivan Says...

Addie Out

Good Move Addie.....You are young, new to the Assembly and getting good marks for the job so far. Don't mess it up with blind ambition.
Watertown NY Breaking News Newzjunky ® Fort Drum Watertown New York Newz, News, Obituaries, Weather, Homes Apartments Auto North Country Thousand Islands Newspaper Lowville Carthage Ogdensburg

Watertown Daily Times | Bisselle throws his hat into the Democrat ring

Who's This Guy? I am Hearing the Dems Now Focused on Plattsburgh attorney William Owens, but a couple days ago the rumor was John Sullivan.
Conference call of county chairs to be held tonight, but are the chairs really the pickers anymore ?
Watertown Daily Times Bisselle throws his hat into the Democrat ring

Catching Up on Stuff

Answers to QUIZ from Yesterday.
1. 39 States
2. 18 Districts
3. 212 Legislators (150 Assembly plus 62 Senators)
4. 34 Supervisors
5. 8 wins minus 3 losses, so the number is 5

-Other News

-Campaign reports filed in July show me with about $1300 available and left over from the 2007 campaign. Expenses this year were $500 for expenses related to the June 6 trip to Auburn for the visit of Sarah Palin. There were no revenues in the past six months.
-The local Indy Party is even less flush with a balance hovering around zero. Unlike other counties the IP has seldom held fundraisers, which often are defacto compensation for access to the line on the ballot. The state says a party cannot have a zero balance so contributions are welcome.
-A review of City Council minutes shows lawmakers were briefed on the plans for a large deck on the building at 500 Newell Street during a meeting in April, 2007. Oops....
-A vacancy exists on the Flower Library Board after the resignation of member Steve Bradley. The Board and I are reviewing requests by interested persons before making a recommendation to City Council.
-Looks like another run is being made at wine in the supermarkets. Too much lobbying muscle in the Wegmans of the the World for Albany to resist.

Dr. Gates Drinks Red Stripe,....What Will the Cop Order ?

Can you believe the talking heads are still have their "conversation about race ?"
I was listening this AM to Morning Joe and the analysis was on about the 911 call in Cambridge and whether the concerned neighbor who called had raised the issue of race.
Of course the issue cannot die a natural death....On MSNBC as I speak, Dylan Ratigan is touting a story about a new on-line race test, which can determine whether or not a person likes black people. if you want to get tested.
Then tomorrow, its the big White House beer bash was Professor Gates and Sgt. Crowley join the President to "reconcile" their differences.
What differences ?
A haughty professor with a chip on his shoulder got into a pissing match with a cop who seems to have been doing his job. It is a he said, he said and surely could be resolved with a visit by the police chief to smooth things over if President Obama had not had his Sharpton moment and decided to do the race thing.....just as he did last year to Bill Clinton.
All this episode proves is the elite media loves to talk ad nauseum about race. Dr. Gates is no Rodney King and should not be compared to that situation.
Am I the only one who has been a civil rights fan over the years and now is just sick of being preached at.
I guess I am.

Monday, July 27, 2009


How Many States Can You Lose and Still Be Elected President (assuming no hanky panky by electors, this is not a trick question) ?
How Many Election Districts are there in the City of Watertown ?
How Many NY State Legislators are There ?
How Many Members Were There on the Former Jefferson County Board of Supervisors ?
How Many General and Primary Elections Have I Won Minus Those I Lost ?

What is the Sum of the Numbers in the Five Answers ?

Text answer to my cell 486-0879. Winner will be announced Tuesday on the Hotline.

122 Ten Eyck Street....Any Interest ?

There is another vacant piece of city owned property that may be of interest. It's at 122 TenEyck Street in a very nice neighborhood.
The city acquired the apartment building on the lot years ago and demolished the unsightly building. The lot was used for equipment storage during the now completed street reconstruction.
It is large enough to build a house, but just barely. If you want to build where services and utilities are readily available, this might be of interest.
The Council is interested in selling for the purpose of building a house, not just a vacant lot. So no matter how it is sold, that may be a condition of sale.
Your feedback is important.

No Beer Pong in the Park

The poll taken here on whether alcohol should be allowed in the new Whitewater Park on Newell Street shows 46 % favor the idea of the devil's brew being consumed on public land.
Currently there is not a majority on City Council in favor of the sale or consumption of such products out of doors. This is an interesting topic because you are dealing with legal products sanctioned and taxed by society but only useable in certain venues (private property and licensed sites).
Another issue is smoking. I say ban it, because its messy and the waterfront is hard to clean up. On the other hand, enforcing such a rule in the out of doors is almost impossible.
Trying to regulate people isn't an easy endeavor....Makes you wonder sometimes if we should spend so much time doing it......Sorry, just a little libertarianism sneaking through.

Fort Drum Soldier Dies from Wounds Suffered in Afghanistan

Local Soldiers Taking Casualties At an Increasing Rate....
Fort Drum Soldier Dies from Wounds Suffered in Afghanistan

Finally Some Northern Exposure Here in NNY

No one is quicker than I to point out the leftward tilt of our local media mandarins, especially the Obama-mania at the Watertown Daily Times.
Last night while watching Governor Palin's farewell speech, I tweeted the WDT and said I would give $100 for otter food at the Zoo if they relent and run a Palin story front page above the fold.
I was told no way, and of course they wouldn't want the tail to be wagging the editorial dog.
So when I checked out todays WDT I saw a Palin story with photo above the fold on page A-3. I considered that as a gesture at fairness.
Therefore in the spirit of of comity and for the good of the Otters I make the donation anyway.

Check Your Mail Box-The Hounds Can't Be Called Back

The comic nature of politics was in my mail box this morning as my tenant (a Conservative) and I (Indy Party) got glossy mailers from the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee excoriating Darrel Aubertine as an Albany big spender who shouldn't go to Washington.
A customer reports getting anti Aubertine robocalls at home. All of us have watched the already paid for anti Aubertine TV ads.
Further testimony that Darrel was considered the man to beat and it would have been brutal. Did the pending assault influence Aubertine ?.....I am sure it was a factor. After 2 previous Ultimate Fighting matches, I wouldn't blame Senator Aubertine for putting he and his family above the blood sport of national politics. - Democrats seek direction in New York special

We said it First Here.....Democrats lack a plan B in the wake of the stunning announcement that Darrel Aubertine will not run for Congress.
Obviously Ted Ford was the only Democrat who had seriously considered what a race without Darrel would be like. - Democrats seek direction in New York special

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Unshackled from Office, Palin Catches Fire in Goodbye Speech

What a difference a Prompter makes.
Sarah Palin gave a spirited speech to several thousand fans gathered in Fairbanks today as she said goodbye to her governorship and signaled America will see a lot more of her.
Invoking the pioneer spirit of the 49th state and railing against a paternalistic, big spending national government, Governor Palin ticked off not just her accomplishments but outlined a plan for advancing the interests of her state and nation without the title of Governor.
Palin chided the media and said there are too many apologists for America, a not so subtle reference to President Barack Obama.
The AP account reads, "Free speech was a theme of her farewell speech at a crowded picnic in Fairbanks, as the outgoing governor scolded "some seemingly hell bent on tearing down our nation" and warned Americans to "be wary of accepting government largess. It doesn't come free."
She also took aim at the media, saying her replacement, Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell, "has a very nice family too, so leave his kids alone!"
And she told television cameras: "How about, in honor of the American soldier, you quit makin' things up?"
I liked the speech....It was Sarah unshackled from the McCain handlers and the constraints of office. She even handled a heckler.
The writing was crisp and full of the frontier colloquialisms that are Sarah Palin.
Once she got into the speech, her relationship to the TelePrompter was flawless. A far cry from a less auspicious announcement July 3 at her Wasilla home.
She sounded like she is going to be a force on the national scene....How, I don't know....Maybe as a candidate...Maybe as a spokesperson for the causes of freedom and fiscal restraint she believes in.
One thing is for sure. This woman loves her country and is not an apologist for America. A lot of people are longing for that instead of trying to be a citizen of the world.
Time will tell.

Enough Mr. President, You Dont Need to Be America's Oprah

The man billed as the harbinger of a "post racial" America couldn't resist an Al Sharpton moment this week when he branded a Cambridge MA police sergeant as "stupid" for his handling of a burglary call at the home of a Harvard professor who is black.
After some backtracking...some hemming and hawing, President Obama found his footing Friday and with a couple phone calls and some humor had won back the press which momentarily had turned nasty on him.
This President couldn't leave well enough alone......After involving himself in a local dispute not worthy of Presidential intervention, Mr. Obama now has arranged for Professor Henry Gates and Sergeant James Crowley to come to the White House for a reconcilliation.
Everything is about race these days, and the election of Mr. Obama has not changed that.
The President does not need to turn the Oval Office into a soundstage for the Oprah-sizing of the office.
It was a dispute resulting from the chaffing that occurs when cops bring authority to bear on people who haven't done anything all that terrible.
It happens all the time and when cooler heads prevail everybody gets over it.
Mr. Obama needs to get over it. I suspect the other two participants already have.