Saturday, July 11, 2009

The One of Us Factor

Darrel Aubertine knows how to be one of us. Bales of hay, tractors, flannel shirts and aw shucks middle age good looks have lifted him from town board member to state senator. (OK, there was also a dysfunctional GOP, millions of campaign dollars, a dogged work ethic and some pretty good political insincts.)
Dierdre (oops DeDe) Scozzafava also has that North Country, girl next door, let's go for a beer at Ninah's demeanor that should allow her to also be one of us. Her brother's finances don't fit the one of us mold and in a Congressional race I am told she won't get a pass on the issue.
Now this Matt Doheny shows up on google as working for DeutscheBank, a far cry from Carthage Savings and Loan if you are trying to be one of us. But he does have St. Lawrence River ties and is a smart guy. He can talk a lot of issues and if issues are talked about, he is OK.
I don't see operatives allowing Darrel and DeDe to be drawn into discussions of Federal Reserve policies or the linkage of Israeli settlements to parameters for a Palestinian state.
So if it is Darrel and DeDe vying for the seat, look for an explosion of down home folksiness and soft focus commericials of the pair (separately of course) in diners, dairy barns and nursing homes.
If its Darrel vs. Doheny, look for a rat-a-tat-tat of issues from the lawyer while the farmer merely has to say, "guys who talk that way aren't one of us....."
And don't look for Darrel to ever utter the words "cap and trade."

Friday, July 10, 2009

Nathan Thornburgh: A New Yorker for Palin: News Desk: Online Only: The New Yorker

Hotline Guest Featured in New Yorker
Nathan Thornburgh: A New Yorker for Palin: News Desk: Online Only: The New Yorker

State senators back to work after month-long stalemate, passing bills and looking for payday

Gotta Love This Crowd
State senators back to work after month-long stalemate, passing bills and looking for payday

Congress Race Trickles Downhill, and other tid bits

There is increasing certainty in Republican establishment circles that Assemblywoman Diedre Scozzafava will be the party's Congressional candidate against an expected candidacy by Democrat Darrel Aubertine.
And now people are already picking the carcasses.
Word is West Carthage Mayor Scott Burto is the pick for the GOP nod to run for DeDe's 122nd Assembly seat.....I had thought County Leg. Chair Ken Blankenbush was interested but was told today that its Burto.
UPDATE - A fellow blogger with impeccable GOP credentials told me Saturday there is no truth to the Burto rumor.

It's looking like Rep. John McHugh's confirmation hearings will be soon and he may be approved by the August 7 recess as Secretary of the Army. Meanwhile his staffers are scrambling for jobs as an expected Aubertine victory looms.

In the wake of the Senate debacle a lot of people are talking about convening a Constitutional Convention to rework the states governing document.
The existing legislature hates giving that much power to the people but if it happens count me in as a candidate for delegate to the convention. Three are elected from each Senate district. I've spent a lifetime learning the topic and think I could do a good job......So there I am, the first to announce for an office that doesn't exist yet.

Where's The Stimulus ?

The flagging economy is showing no signs of improvement locally with quarterly sales tax receipts for Jefferson County off 10.5% compared to the same quarter a year ago.
At the county level, sources say this is developing into a multi-million dollar shortfall, with talk circulating of pay freezes and union concessions.
For the city of Watertown, it is a dour outlook as well since sales tax, not property tax is by far the city's single largest source of revenue.
This is no surprise to people with rudimentary math skills. New car auto registrations for June were off 55% compared to two years ago.

Town of Watertown Supervisor to Face Challenge

Town of Watertown supervisor Joel Bartlett will likely have a Republican opponent.
The GOP is running Swan Road resident, Robert Swank, a retired executive from Car Freshner.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Daily Politics - NY Daily News

The Deed is Done....Pedro is In !
The Daily Politics - NY Daily News

Old Dem Lawyer May or May Not be Lt. Guv

Longtime Democratic lawyer Richard Ravitch faces a fight as Republicans try to go to court to derail his appointment yesterday to the vacant post of lieutenant governor.
Governor David Paterson suddenly discovered (in his mind) that he has the legal authority to fill the post although the State Constitution is silent on the matter.
It's all part of a scheme to gain control of the Senate which is split 31-31 and use the LTG Ravitch to break ties, presumably in favor of the Dems.
The joke continues.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Adrienne Ross on 1240-WATN

Our Alaska Correspondent
Adrienne Ross on 1240-WATN

Sometimes the Media Does Jazz it Up for Entertainment

This week City Council was ask to ponder names for several waterfront parks along the Black River. Some suggestions came from river enthusiasts and the Council discussed the matter and made some decisions.
One was to shorten Hole Brothers Whitewater Park to simply Whitewater Park. More concise. Easier for most to understand and yes it did eliminate the confusing moniker used by some to describe that section of river. I called the name "stupid" at the meeting for which I am sorry, as it suggested the good efforts of the namers was to be derided.
However, I stand by the decision in the name of simplicity. Same true of an elongated name near JCC shortened to Fairgrounds Trail.
Last year we wrestled with naming a new street near Route 81. We called it Western Boulevard and passed over the more colloquial "Sand Flats Boulevard" that had been suggested. Again the goal was simplicity and a name that was ageless.
Tuesday I met at City Hall with planning board chair Norm Wayte and the Times city hall reporter was there.....While Norm and I disagreed, we left on a cordial note. The coverage would suggest some kind of acrimonious argument occured. It didn't. Norm and I are old school. You propose it, debate it, decide and move on.
You see that is what representitive republics are about. The will of the people expressed through the best judgment of those elected.

Scozzafava vs. Aubertine If You Believe the Polls

Assemblywoman Diedre Scozzafava continues to lead in our straw poll on who should be the GOP nominee for Congress this fall. Last night the Republican hopefuls including Alex Bay's Matt Doheny met with party poo-bahs in Speculator NY in the first of 4 such meetings in advance of picking a candidate.
In a poll on the Democratic side, Sen. Darrel Aubertine trails "someone else" in a poll so far of over 400 visitors to this side.
The Congressional seat is now held by Rep John McHugh who is awaiting confirmation as Secretary of the Army.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Aubertine Files Lawsuit to Protect Jobs, Taxpayers

The Democrat Senator is sueing the Democratic Assembly over the issue of a Republican Senator walking thru the Chamber on his way to get a soda and was counted by the 31 Dems present so they could have a quorum. Why carry the water for this crazy scheme that even the partisan Assembly knows is bogus. I don't get it.
Aubertine Files Lawsuit to Protect Jobs, Taxpayers

Aubertine's Dilemma

Republicans hoping to be a burr under the saddle of Sen. Aubertine are sending out media advisories saying the Senator was not in a constituent meeting this past weekend as claimed.
The GOP says Aubertine was back in Cape Vincent meeting with reps from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.
Now there's a Sherlock Holmes moment. Of course he meets with the DCCC, he is running for Congress.
By playing hooky, Aubertine missed all those 3-minute sessions in Albany this past weekend.
Meanwhile, an influential Democrat tells me the Albany mess and the rigors of a Congressional campaign are understandably taking a toll on the Senator who is a devout family man. Will he let blind ambition rule, or have a Palin moment and say enough's enough with this nonsense. My source says that is not clear what will happen.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sarah Palin (AKGovSarahPalin) on Twitter

Bypass the Filter, get Sarah's Tweets Direct
Sarah Palin (AKGovSarahPalin) on Twitter

Abandonment or Leadership...Depends on Who is Spinning It.

Governor Sarah Palin is being chided by the daughter of the man she defeated to become governor for "abandoning" Alaskans by resigning mid-term.
Senator Lisa Murkowski's catty swipe is typical Washington but consider this.
In 2008 a man named Joe Biden ran for Vice President and also ran for reelection as Senator from Delaware. He won both elections and promptly kissed off the Senate seat leaving the residents of his state without an elected senator.
In the NY-DC media axis, did anyone say he "abandoned" Delaware residents ? What if a Sarah Palin had run for two offices simultaneously ?
I think we know the answers.
Fact is politicians at all levels routinely use their current office to seek another office. McCain Hillary, Obama, Dodd, GW Bush, Bill Clinton, Dole.....well need I go on ?
Upon reflection, Governor Palin may have carved out an interesting and principled position by not subjecting the governor's office to the political intrigue and badgering that go with her pursuit of national office.