Saturday, July 4, 2009

Just What is the Appeal and Why Is She Taking a Chance

Gov. Sarah Palin's decision to leave office with 17 months left in her term certainly evokes cries of abandonment....leaving high and dry.....erratic....the list can and will go on and on as this matter is discussed in the coming weeks.
The effects are clear. A month ago we did a poll just for fun pitting Gov. Palin against Gov. Paterson. She beat him by a better than six to one margin.
A current poll on this page has a much less flattering result.
For some, Mrs Palin is a horrifying person. The visceral response of the left begs the question of what do people see in her.
It's really simple......Identity politics...a lot of folks identify with Gov. Palin, her upbringing, her family challenges, values, rural roots and general non-Eastern, non-Ivy League persona.
Just as there are people who identify with Barack Obama for his hardscrabble roots, his ethnicity, his sophistication and his education.
It's the "one of us" appeal that often goes beyond party labels or ideology.
Just as the election of Barack Obama was as they say in media, a transformational event. The ascendency of Palin was as well for her constituency groups.
Sarah Palin was turning around the attacks against her. She bested Letterman and has discredited the campaign of ethics complaints. But it took its toll on her and her family, or so it seems.
From the outside, we may say, whats the big deal...jokes are like water off a duck. However the cumulative effect on a family was enough, and so she stages a tactical retreat, hoping to regroup.
"I shall return," is the military quote she needs to rely on. But it took two and a half years for MacArthur to retake Manilla. Guess we have to stay tuned.

Independence Day Musings,.

It's the Fourth of July and we need to celebrate the 233rd anniversary of the signing of the Declaration. Now those were men who staked life, liberty and fortune on an unproven principle.
-CORRECTION-In some previous posts, I made a spelling error concerning Democratic county clerk candidate Gertrude Karris. I apologize for the error.
-Then there is Albany 2009, where the Senate has again failed to reach a power sharing agreement. Next year a good platform to run would be simply, 'the job I am running for involves voting on legislation and I intend to vote on every bill, regardless of what the leadership tells me'.
-Judge Jim Tormey stopped by yesterday. He supervises the judges in the Fifth Judicial District, which includes our county.
-Check out our blog polls. While Aubertine and Scozzafava lead, there is an appetite for other faces as well.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Hey, I Like What She Stands For, But This Takes Some Splainin' Miss Sarah

'Is there another shoe to drop ?' is the question we all have after Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said Friday she is not seeking a second term, and is resigning the office effective July 26.
If her reason is merely that she has been savaged by brutal attacks, that does not reflect well. I have been there and while it's not easy there is a satisfaction to withstanding the slings and arrows to continue fighting another day.
Perhaps there is more. I don't see any hidden scandal like secret trips to Buenos Aires. Maybe the rumors about a TV gig are real. Talk about losing gravitas by becoming another talking head.
With the benefit of half a day to reflect this just seems impulsive, but I am assured by a friend now visiting Wasilla that she is in the hunt for 2012.
Governor Palin always says if she sees an open door, she wants to have the wisdom to plow right through it. In this case, I hope she didn't close more doors than there were open by not at the very least finishing her first and only term as governor.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Real, Live Upper East Side liberal Seeks to Derail Upstater Gillibrand

So the Democrats might just have the kind of internecine warfare that could give the hapless GOP an opening to win the Senate seat formerly held by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
Reports are Rep. Carolyn Maloney, a real-deal Manhattan liberal, will challenge Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in the Democratic primary in 2010.
The downstate libs have been angry since their icon Caroline Kennedy was passed over by the Governor in favor of Gillibrand, a two-term Member of Congress from rural Columbia County.
Gillibrand's opposition to stimulus...her defense of gun rights and her blasphemous admission she slept with guns under her bed prompted threats of primaries. The White House and Gillibrand backer Sen. Chuck Schumer have so far tamped down dissent.
Mrs. Maloney has apparently said she will strive to keep both Senate seats in the hands of NYC residents.
Forcing Mrs Gillibrand to lurch left could create an opening with those bitter upstaters clinging to their guns and religion.
There are reports former Governor George Pataki may seek the Republican nomination.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Congress Race to Start Taking Shape

On Tuesday the GOP holds the first of four regional meetings designed to allow prospective Congressional candidates to meet and greet Republican leaders in the eleven counties making up the 23rd CD.
The meeting in remote Speculator, NY will be the first glimpse at who is and who is not serious about replacing Rep. John McHugh who is expected to be confirmed as Secretary of the Army sometime in mid September.
The potential heavy hitters are businessman Matt Doheny, Assemblywoman Dierdre Scozzafava, and Assemblyman Will Barclay. Others, including regional candidates from the Plattsburgh area may also show.
The four sessions will precede GOP county Committees selecting a nominee.
Democrats also are said to have a process that allows those interested in running to submit notice by mid-July.
State Senator Darrel Aubertine is considered the 800 pound gorilla if he chooses to run.
If Aubertine is elected to Congress, then we can begin the speculation of the special election to fill the 48th Senate District.
If Aubertine runs and loses, there will be a line of candidates looking to run against the crippled candidate in 2010.
Already the operatives and pollsters are trolling the 23rd in what is expected to be a raucus summer and fall on the national stage.

Councilman's Truck Recovered

City Councilman Jeff Smith is back behind the wheel of his 1998 Ford F-150 pickup after city police recovered the stolen vehicle behind the Globe Mini-Mall. The truck was stolen overnight from Smith's Keyes Avenue home. Councilman told me the keys were in the console.
Click BELOW for Tips on auto theft...Don't let what happened to Smith happen to you

Auto Theft

Campaign Nuggets

-Dem insiders are floating another name for their party's Congressional nomination. He is an attorney named Brian McGrath who lives out of area but has Lewis County roots. Don't know much more other than I was told to float the name.
-The Executive Committee of the local Independence Party voted to endorse County Judge Kim Martusewicz in the upcoming party primary that also will include GOP judge candidate John Hallett.
-The Indy board also OK'd county legislature primaries in districts 6, 10 and 11 if candidates get their petitions done.
-GOP Congressional hopeful Matt Doheny met with a prominent florist this week to pitch his candidacy.
-Still no fourth candidate has surfaced in the city council race.
-Clerk candidate Cheryl Lane has Brownville Supervisor Leo Thompson as her Karl Rove for the coming campaign. Leo and Sonja's backing along with quiet endorsements by some local Democrats (who must remain nameless) are what swayed me to carry petitions for Cheryl.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

There They Go Again.

Spiro Agnew called them "effete liberal snobs" and nearly 40 years later they still dominate the Eastern media elite.
Case in point, Todd Purdum, husband of Dee Dee Myers and writer for Vanity Fair. His latest tome blasts.......omg.....Sarah Palin.
Now there's an easy target if you want to get invited to some great Georgetown cocktail parties to hang with Maureen Dowd and Chris Mathews.
The piece is full of non-attributed invective allegedly from aides of Sen John McCain. The folks on the losing end of a campaign are more than happy to have a scapegoat and its Sarah.
Purdum's piece makes lots of reference to Palin's sexuality, leading me to wonder when the pseudo-feminists are going to rally to the cause of the Alaska governor, who along with her family are routinely savaged by a media elite who just don't live in the same America as you and I.

Indy's Back Lane for County Clerk

The Jefferson County Independence Party is backing Republican Cheryl Lane of Dexter in the race for county clerk.
Lane will face Democrat Gertrude Karris in November in a race to succeed long-time clerk Joanne Wilder.
In backing Lane, IP County Chair John Rice said she is the best fit for the job. Ms. Lane is now an audit clerk at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Names Keep percolating in the 23rd

I still think the Barclay lad, as my friend Ted Ford calls him, is the most likely GOP candidate for Congress.....I just don't see DeDe Scozzafava running, but she may pick up the state senate scraps if Sen. Darrel Aubertine runs for and wins the soon to-be-vacant house seat in NY-23.
My rivals at IV report Assem. Diedre Scozzafava is in the hunt for the seat. It will be hard for party poo-bahs to pass her over.
Meanwhile this morning the Watertown Times reports Mathew Doheny has formalized his candidacy for the GOP nod by setting up a campaign account using $500,000 of his own money.....A not so subtle reminder to Scozzafava, and even Young Will, that in this race money matters.

Political IV

Calls for Payback Mean Little to McHugh

He is on his way out of the House to become Secretary of the Army, so for John McHugh the threat of conservative blow back over his vote in favor of cap and trade is not a matter of concern.
Nonetheless, the defection of 8 GOP House members on the issue is leading to calls for discipline against these members.
It is widely thought the legislation will face tougher sledding in the Senate anyway, so the House vote will likely fade quickly from the realm of talk show chatter.

Latte' Lady and Gert Top Polls

Coffee shop owner Teresa Macaluso and Sackets Harbor Village Clerk Gertrude Karris came out on top in this week's straw poll for City Council and for Jefferson County Clerk.
Macaluso, a former registered nurse who now owns the Brew-Ha-Ha on Coffeen Street, finished with 144 votes. Incumbent Councilman Jeff Smith had 119 and former Councilman Steve Bradley had 101. In November, the top two vote getters win a four year term on Council.
Karris bested DMV supervisor Cheryl Lane by a margin of 148 to 121. The two are vying to fill the seat held by retiring clerk Joann Wilder.

On The Streets

Tonight I did some petitioning for the City Council candidates. I worked the city's SW side near Harris Drive.
I like to help out everyone who is interested in running. I dropped off 131 signatures for Steve Bradley and 143 for Jeff Smith. Got some for Teresa Macaluso as well and will drop them off later in the week.
From my conversations there were no strong negatives against any of the three and each had their share of enthusastic supporters.
Tuesday night, the Independence Party gathers in West Carthage to issue out-of-party authorizations. Always good to visit Tammy and the gang at the Wicked Wench.

Experts Predict Clear Democratic Control of Albany Senate After 2010 Census -

I guess we don't have to worry afterall. An analysis of population trends shows there is no way the GOP could create a redistricting map that would save their majority if they won it in 2010. So in 2012, the Dems win big and it's all over for as long as any of us will be around.
Experts Predict Clear Democratic Control of Albany Senate After 2010 Census -

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Needed: Courage, Principle, Integrity

When will someone put aside party loyalty; put aside fear of retribution from the "leadership"; put aside their own lulu's and per diems, all to do the right thing and stop standing behind the stinking carcass that is official Albany ?
The answer is never.
Whether it's ego, personal agrandizement, power, or just holding on to the highest paying job you have ever had, Albany lawmakers have devolved into a parody of the system that put them there.
So even our own likeable Senator is reduced to standing at press conferences along side political gangsters and thugs. He has no choice. The Party put him there and he owes them his allegiance.
Before Ezra and Company accuse me of the sin they call Republicanism, let me offer this balance.
If Will Barclay or Dave Renzi were in the seat they would be standing behind Sen. Pedro Espada, a genuinely dubious public servant.
This weekend the warring factions are holding three-minute separate sessions to comply with the letter of Governor Paterson's order to session. There will be no power-sharing deal.
The answer for these folks is to break the tie. That's means total war continues at least through the 2010 elections.
That is why if I were Darrel Aubertine, I would take the GOP offer to let him win the Congressional seat and vacate the Senate seat so Republicans could win it and the Senate back again.
Hanging around Albany will not be a gratifying experience in the years ahead. Even three years in Washington prior to dedistricting followed by retirement looks a lot better to me than facing the nuclear winter of the 2010 NYS elections.