Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Bipartisan Welcome to Twitter

Let me welcome two veteran political types to Twitter. North Country Uber-Liberal Ezra "Ted" Ford is on, and so is County Legislature Chair and future member of Assembly, Ken Blankenbush.
Sometimes it can be hip to be square.

Good Move, Mr. President

While many pols like Mayor Bloomberg and our dysfunctional State Senate are busy making statements of mourning about the death of pop star Michael Jackson, the White House said nothing until press secretary Robert Gibbs was pressed by reporters on why no written statement.
Mr. Gibbs said none was forthcoming as he pointed out Jackson's flawed life and its juxtaposition to a string of 18 number one musical hits.
In not using White House letterhead for a grief announcement and by not calling the Jackson family to express grief, the President did the right thing.
Michael Jackson broke the rules and displayed a bizarre, abberant lifestyle of running up debt, abusing drugs, and squandering the chance to be a role model.
While Al Sharpton was on TV within moments of Jackson's passing, the White House was not.

Friday, June 26, 2009

One House Better than Two ?

Back in the Depression-ravaged Dust Bowl of the 1930s, Nebraska voters approved the nation's only unicameral state legislature. That means there is no senate and assembly like we have in New York.
Cornhuskers did it to save money, but now in NY some are proposing the same in the wake of the craziness going on in Albany.
Among those suggesting it is Rick Lazio, the former Congressman who is now seeking the GOP nod for governor of our state.
In the federal model , the Senate with its different duties and rules, and its compostion of two senators per state regardless of population creates a balance against the more temporal doings of the House of Representitives.
In Albany, the Senate is merely a duplicate legislative body.
While two heads are better than one, maybe events prove when governing, one house is better than two.
This is but one of many things that could be considered if a Constitutional Convention were called.
Sounds like a chance for reform.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


-TV Seven reporter Kevin Torres has left for a gig in 'Cuse....
-Retirement party tonight for long time city hall staffer Donna Vout.
-Important meetings at City Hall today.
-Democrat calls Governor a "coke snortin', staff bangin' governor".....Hate to hear what the other side of the aisle has to say.
-Saw Mike Schell today at the Fairgrounds Inn today.
-No petitions this weekend for to work and earn a living to pay for the new carbon tax.

Afternoon Delight

Went out for a bit today getting signatures for the 3 council candidates...up to at least 100 for each...Pretty warm out there...Started out in Glen Curry's 'hood but seems Smith and Bradley were out there on Sunday...So I went over to the Broadway West, Ward, Myrtle area.....
Ran into a bunch of teachers on a porch drinking beer and Jell-O shots...Must be school's out for summer.
By 4-30 I had enough....Got to shower before working tonight at the gin mill.

Farrah Fawcett..Thanks for the Memories

No one was more of a 70s-80s icon than Farrah Fawcett, who passed away today following a heroic battle with cancer.
Who could forget the poster everyone had. I was talking to John Moore today about the time we had a Farrah poster on the newsroom wall at TV 50. Someone complained and it came down.
I wonder if you can still get in trouble for that today.
Anyway, she was an American Icon and her passing saddens a generation.


- Lots of 3rd floor farewells at City Hall....Today Bryan White is bid farewell...Tomorrow night, a retirement party for Donna Vout.
-11th County Leg candidate Bobby Ferris met yesterday with Indy Chair John Rice seeking that party line in his bid for the only open seat on the Legislature.
-Only four of fifteen County Leg districts may have contested races...Districts 6,10,11,& 15 are in play...The rest are incumbent love fests
-Four people are running for Town of Lyme highway supt......Hey, it's a good job.
-Mount Carmel Feast this weekend...A first stop for candidates.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What's Up With Gert ?

Sackets Harbor Village Clerk Gertrude Karris is rallying in the latest numbers from our straw poll for the Jefferson County Clerk race.
DMV supervisor Cheryl Lane got off to a jackrabbit start in voting yesterday, but has faded into a near dead heat.
Our City Council poll shows all three contenders with strong showings.

Senate Dems Head Home, Senate GOP Stays Put

Senate Dems Head Home, Senate GOP Stays Put

Capital Punishment

Albany- I remember meeting now resigned Assemblyman Seminiero of Queens a few years ago. I met him on some lobbying day and he shook me down....But not to the tune of the million dollar scams that drove him from office this week. He has pleaded guilty and faces a long sentence.
New York City tabloids continue to blister the State Senate and I just gotta feeling the members love the attention.

VOTE TODAY IN OUR ON LINE POLLS-Judge, Clerk and City Council...

Sanford....Stick a Fork in Him...

Governor Mark Sanford (R-SC) was supposed to be the up and comer of the GOP till this weeks bizarre disappearance for six days in which no one knew where their governor was. His staff finally offered up the excuse he was hiking in the mountains on Father's Day weekend in order to relieve the stress of the recent legislative session.
Turns out he was in Buenos Aires, Argentina....he says alone, driving along coastal highways.
Talk about havin' some splainin' to do. ...URGENT UPDATE.....He was having an affair, and did the teary presser in Columbia today.....What a jerk....
With Sanford certifiable and a cheater, and the Governor of Utah appointed ambassador to China, Sarah Palin's prospects improve, but I still think she does better getting reelected next year and holding her White House bid til The One is term limited in 2016.

Mid-Week Ruminations

-The clerk at Nice n Easy was perplexed at my amusement over the cover photo on todays NY Post.....She didn't know what the State Legislature was, but if you do, its really funny.
-Good Response on the polls we are taking here on the blog. I read it so far as advantage Lane on the clerk race, and a potentially competitive race for city council which may attract more candidates as the filing deadline approaches.
-I dropped off my petitions for the judge candidates. Did a few for both. It's one of those races with two good people and I like them both.
-Doing the same with Council petitions, trying to get equal numbers for all three candidates.
-Ran into downtown artist Ron Collins today. He is an Indy member and says he is working on an autobiography that will be a revealing look at life in Watertown. Not since Fred Exley have so many been so nervous, I suspect.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Stuff

- I have given up trying to understand the nonsense in Albany. I yield to Liz Benjamin and Fred the Post and Daily News.
- Too bad about Ed McMahon......How could you not like him, and Carson was the best by far.....
-Scott Gray says he was endorsed by the Conservatives tonight...Does that mean lower taxes ?
-I am not an Obama nut, but I agree with him that the US doesn't need to grandstand the Iranian civil unrest issue...Time for McCain to shut his pie hole.
-I ran into Judge Martusewicz on Haley Street tonight. Had a nice chat.

Fear and Loathing in District 12

Went out tonight to finish up the Indy petitions in District 12, the City's Southwest side. I stopped to see the Bretts on Schley Drive. Jim is looking great and was off to a function. Jackie was gardening.
Then I hooked up with....wait that sounds bad.....I met up with Legislator Carolyn Fitzpatrick to finish up her petition. We met some great people and I was squired around in a fancy Ford with navigation, but I could find Paddock Street without nav.
When finished, I ended up at Pete's and am sitting next to Legislature Chair Ken Blankenbush. Oh Carolyn just joined us......As Ted Ford would say...Jeff, you're palling around with Republicans again.......
Don't forget to vote in our straw polls on this blog.

Miscellaneous Stuff

-Republican Cheryl Lane has taken a big lead in the straw poll on this blog.
-Jefferson County Conservatives are meeting this week to authorize out-of-party candidates to run on their line....Independence Party poo-bahs meet next Tuesday to do the same. Indy Chair John Rice says candidates who want to circulate Indy petitions need to have submitted a written request by this weekend.
-There will be minor party primaries for County Judge as judicial candidates do not need permission from party leaders to run. That means John Hallet and Kim Martusewicz will face off September 15.
-At City Hall , we are glad to see Fire Chief Milt Sayre staying on until the search for a new chief is complete. Congrats also to Bryan White on landing a gig in the City of Canandaigua.
-New straw polls on this blog. Be sure to vote.
-Tonight I will be working the streets in District 12 with Carolyn Fitzpatrick

Monday, June 22, 2009

ROBO CALLS Coming Early This Year

I never thought those robo-calls trashing one candidate worked.....But tonight a local man who knows politics was telling me about a recorded call he got from a woman claiming that Darrel Aubertine hasn't been to work in two weeks and that Aubertine supports Rev. Al Sharpton for U.S. Senate.
Said my friend, "I hope Darrel doesn't really support Sharpton..."
Guess the call worked....Apparently there is calling in this district aimed at driving up Aubertine's negatives.

Trail Mix- Musings on the Down Ballot Races

I was talking to a follower of city politics today about the upcoming elections and the paucity of candidates. I was told the reason is a public perception that things are being handled well and there is not a pressing need to change.
I talked to another lady I ran into the Post Office who had a different take. She asked, "Who would want that job?"
Whatever the reason, there appear to be three people running for Council and only one of the four County Legislature seats in the city is likely to have a race.
In the city's non-partisan race, incumbent Jeff Smith is seeking a third term. Former Councilman Steve Bradley is running after a two year hiatus from City Hall. The Latte' candidate appears to be Brew-ha-ha owner Teresa Macaluso, who is circulating petitions but has not announced to the Times her candidacy.
Two candidates I thought would run are liquor store owner John Rice who ran a strong campaign two years ago and retired radio executive Dave Mance who says he wants to change his residency to Florida to avoid high taxes.
As for all those graduates of the Jefferson Leaderhip Institute run by the Chamber of Commerce, nobody ever seems to surface from that group.
In Legislative District 15, Republicans say they have Anthony Doldo running against long-time and very popular legislator Jim St. Croix.
Legislators Fitzpatrick, Gray and Adsit are unopposed.
My favorite campaign is for County Clerk, where Republican Cheryl Lane is running a quiet campaign....I haven't met her in all my years of getting driver's licenses. Everybody tells me she is "a very nice lady from a solid Republican family." Then Scott Gray whispers to me, "do you think her opponent's Staten Island roots will hurt her?"
You mean Gertrude Karras, the Democrat, is from New York City, I ask.
"Afraid so," said the Florist.
Oh my, we can't have downstaters administering the DMV eye test.
I would write about the County Judge race but I still can't spell Kim's last name.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Michael McCarthy RIP

Mike McCarthy was one of those rare people these days who took part in the process. He came to City Council meetings and regularly called the HOTLINE program.
Mike spoke out about the issues and knew what was going on despite blindness. He was an advocate for the disabled and a chronicler of fish fries and other events at the Northside Improvement League.
He was a lobbyist for CitiBus and reminded lawmakers not everyone has the means or ability to get around.
Despite challenges, he was involved at a level few are.
This weekend, Mike died at his Francis St. home after a battle with cancer.
He was 47.
He will be missed.

Monserrate and Espada....A Pair of Idiots

The two "rebel" Democrats who created the turmoil in the State Senate are doing all they can to reenforce the notion they are clowns unfit for office......
Senator Pedro Espada, now Senate President, was busy late last week trying to make a Bronx apartment look lived in for the media he invited over....Too bad neighbors saw him carrying clothes and food in to continue the ruse he lives in the district that elected him.
Not to be outdone, Sen.Hiram Monserrate of Queens this weekend compared himself to Jesus. The bizarre allusion had Monseratte fighting corruption the way Jesus Christ did when he confronted the money changers in the Temple.
Rev. Al Sharpton did have a humorous take on Monserrate's comparison to the Son of God.
Sharpton quipped that Jesus had a little inside information. "Always make sure you've got your resurrection guaranteed before you start getting crucified," he said as the audience erupted in laughter.
Time for both parties to dump these jokers , regardless of who ends up controlling the body.
I know I will not vote for anyone who stands by either of these two.

Who's Your Daddy ?

May the joys of family be with Pedro Espada, Malcolm Smith, Dean Skelos, and all the gang in Albany on this Father's Day.
May you be bathed in the love of your offspring as you reflect on a life of service and dedication to the public good.
When you are done with your special day, please go the Capitol tomorrow and do us all a favor by either resigning or doing what you are paid to do.