Saturday, October 25, 2014

Lewinsky mistreated by authorities in investigation of Clinton, report says - The Washington Post

   It was clear at the time the Starr crowd was out of control and that's why American's sympathized with old horn dog President.

    People get it..

Lewinsky mistreated by authorities in investigation of Clinton, report says - The Washington Post

Woolf personally loans campaign additional $200K

    Aaron Woolf loaned his campaign a couple hundred grand more earlier this month and may lend more. So far the filmmaker has ponied up $800K.

     He has skin in the game.

Woolf personally loans campaign additional $200K

Hunters and their dogs: What's behind the special bond? |

   My dog wants to hunt down the cat that lives behind my house....But I know it would be a bad moment for Jet is she caught the cat, so I restrain her.

Hunters and their dogs: What's behind the special bond? |

Habitat Christens Latest Home

   Lost going on this fall Saturday..... From Boo at the Zoo to the Flower Library book sales attended by big crowds to the dedication of the latest Habitat for Humanity house on East Lynde Street, where once stood an unsightly tenement.
   Becky Brock, her two daughters and a granddaughter got the keys today in an emotional reception.
Habitat has built many homes in the city and is planning projects in Carthage.
    We hope they will be interested in lots soon available on California Avenue.
     Habitat is a great way to do in-fill housing as the economic model is based on so much volunteer labor and donations..
    Ms. Brock was so appreciative and will surely enjoy the corner home, which also has brand new sidewalks ready to shovel this winter.

Cuomo Has $15.7M, Spends $8.6M In Three Weeks, and Other Campaign Fodder

    Publisher Harper Collins has paid the Cuomo campaign $2000 for a one time use of his fundraising database in a bid to sell the Governor's new book, which so far has sold under one thousand copies.
    Those corporate types who ponied up for the campaign now have to buy books.
     Meanwhile don't look for copies of the tome in Jefferson County. A long time Democrat told me the other night, there are no local Dems who have contributed to the Cuomo campaign and I hear enthusiasm is at best perfunctory.  I think it would be nice if Ron Cole bought a copy and donated it to the Flower Library. When Palin's first book came out I donated a couple new copies.
     Meanwhile on the hard to figure out River District race in AD116, insiders say they hear Addie Russell's numbers are strong over John Byrne, but a few minutes ago a customer from Morristown happen to see the Russell mail piece and volunteered she is very unpopular up there, so who knows.
The Byrne campaign has a strong ad buy, so we will see.
    On Monday, Ms. Russell is on the HOTLINE....Wednesday brings Mr. Byrne to Wealtha Avenue.
    Tuesday is the only open day for the HOTLINE in case Aaron Woolf changes his mind.
Cuomo Has $15.7M, Spends $8.6M In Three Weeks

NY-21 Friday Stressbuster question: Your Favorite Dr. Seuss Book

     The correct answer is "Horton Hears a Who".

NY-21 Friday Stressbuster question

Numbers, Numbers Everywhere

     There's lots of activity in the NY21 race this weekend with the candidates out east and both the major parties engaged in GOTV.....For Democrats, some is on behalf of Aaron Woolf, some on behalf of Governor Cuomo....But I think they have a decent effort afoot....Not that the Governor needs any help...He's way ahead and his joint Ebola move yesterday with Governor Christie makes him more solid.
    With GOP friends like Chris Christie, Rob Astorino may as well pack it in.
Got An Addie Russell Mail Piece Today Touting the Women's Agenda
     Any temporary reduction in antipathy towards Mr. Cuomo in NNY helps Dems slightly.
     Among the pickers....earlier this week I said Stefanik by 12....another DC guy with deep roots in the district emailed me yesterday and said 54-38-8...Meanwhile , known savant Middle Class Mike has the contrarian view, with Woolf by two.
     A lot of it depends on the strength of Green Matt Funiciello. Conventional wisdom puts him in single digits, but he has run a strong bid prompting some to think he may do better.
      I am thinking if the JETS win by double digits over Buffalo on Sunday, that bodes well for the Tyro.
    UPDATE- Ted told me the faithful were enthused over candidates Russell and O'Neill.....Supportive of Woolf but acknowledging its a long shot and Ted  says his read on the GOTV is it is as good as he's seen in Dem campaigns he's been involved in.
    Ezra (Ted's real name) says the Woolf campaign has been plagued by too many ad agencies and a message only recently in focus.
     I didn't hear about a lot of love for the top of the ticket, but it's hard to rally the faithful for a guy who can't sell a thousand books.

WDT: 260 Goes for Colleen

       The first newspaper endorsement of the season goes to Colleen O'Neill for Sheriff of Jefferson County.  The WDT says the former Trooper is best suited to address what it sees as management issues a result of the leadership of current Sheriff John Burns.

         The paper opines either Ms. O'Neill or GOP candidate John Bocciolatt could supervise law enforcement, but that Ms. O'Neill's perspective and familiarity with local police matters better suit her to lead the force.

           This has been a spirited campaign and the Republicans are very confident they will reclaim the office from what they charge is Democratic party mismanagement.  Mr. Bocciolatt has run on the theme of being a "top cop" based on his 28 year career in Portland, Oregon.

Watertown Daily Times | O’Neill for sheriff: Democratic candidate has background, skills to lead office

Friday, October 24, 2014

Andy's On Top of Ebola....And Not Hugging Nurses Either - NY Daily News

   Finally some common sense...Governor's Cuomo and Christie team up to make sure people exposed to Ebola face a 21 day quarantine....

   Can we get this kind of common sense out of DC ?

Travelers who've had contact with Ebola-infected people now face mandatory 21-day quarantine in New York, New Jersey - NY Daily News

Aliens Wows Kids...Scares a Few

   It was an evening  for the little ones as dozens of children came to the Thompson Park Vortex for trick or treating and a costume parade with the Alien who came back again this year.
   The Vortex is the ultimate urban legend christened last year and now an attraction for aficionados of the paranormal.

I Stopped By to See My Democrat Friends Whether They Liked It or Not

   I bought the ticket but didn't stay for the chow but that's OK as it was good to run into so many Democrat friends at their fall dinner at the Savory.
With John Sullivan....Two Small Town Mayors With Big Ideas
    It's so nice not to be in a major party where hegemony is a virtue and principle sometimes isn't.
    It ran into keynote speaker John Sullivan, the former mayor of Oswego and now a pitch man for Governor Cuomo....He says he bought one of the books no one else is buying. John is a very accommodating politician.
Ted Ford and Assemblywoman Russell
    Assemblywoman Addie Russell was there...She is a lock for another term....Sheriff Candidate O'Neill was there.. I think that's a real competitive race but the Dems are as cocky as the GOP insiders on that race.
    Family Court candidate Sue Sovie was there...She of best lawn signs who came out with a commercial today that is strong...She announces straight up that she is unable to have children, a swipe back at her opponent's "family guy' campaign.
Colleen O'Neill and Sue Sovie
    Judge DeJoseph was there and there were reps from Governor Cuomo and Aaron Woolf's campaign.
    Not all the Dems like me but I am voting for three, maybe four of them this year.
     I saw some brochures for the Women's Equality Party, which everyone makes fun of privately.......But we are doing a lot for women in Watertown what with electing females to Congress, State Senate and Assembly.
    I suspect that triumph was lost on people in the room.

Ebola Meets Obama...Cured Nurse Gets Hug from POTUS | Daily Mail Online

      The perky nurse who contracted Ebola and survived with the help of a transfusion from another sufferer was sprung from the hospital today and went to the White House for a hug from President Obama.  

       This woman is too famous to just go back to working in a hospital. She needs her own reality show and I am sure every talk show booker has called already.

Dallas nurse Nina Pham declared free of Ebola | Daily Mail Online

NIH: Dallas nurse Ebola-free, will be released

      The two nurses are both ebola free.....

NIH: Dallas nurse Ebola-free, will be released

NY 21 The Movie

Here's one readers suggestions for who should play the major characters in NY21-The Movie, which we are pretty sure is being written as we speak.

Funiciello > Zach Galifianakis

Stefanik > Amy Poehler

Woolf > Chevy Chase

Doheny > Jason Alexander

    What are your thoughts ?


Mad as Hell

  Ask who they would like to be portrayed by in Hollywood,  Matt Funiciello said Robert DeNiro....Elise Stefanik said Sandra Bullock....and Aaron Woolf chose the late Peter Finch....the Mad Prophet of the Airwaves in my Favorite Movie.....Network.
Today's NY-21 Stressbuster question

WDT: 22nd Habitat for Humanity home to be dedicated Saturday

        Where there was once a tenement, there is now a home.  The apartment house at the corner of East Lynde Street and Mundy Street had been among the city's worst structures. When the slumlord (local) gave it up for taxes, we demolished it and gave the lost to Habitat for Humanity. Now there is a single family home where there surely would have been a vacant lot.

     Habitat has built 22 homes in the area, many in the city. It's a good way to in-fill a neighborhood and we hope to partner with Habitat on filling the Ogilvie site on Pleasant Street.

Watertown Daily Times | 22nd Habitat for Humanity home to be dedicated Saturday

Woolf wants to "tell a new story" for change in Congress | NCPR News

   This week Aaron Woolf told supporters it would be "inelegant" for him to describe to voters his qualifications for office. I don't get what that means, but increasingly Mr. Woolf is on his own script and appears intent on winning or losing on his terms.
Speaking to Volunteers Yesterday in Glens Falls
     There's a charm in that and that's why I would have liked the chance to talk with him on air. We just haven't had much of a chance to get to know Mr. Woolf which makes him easily characterized by his opponents.
      A lot of people ask 'why do a talk show ?' as it won't affect many votes on a given day...Well, the reason you establish a rapport with media early is so they cut you breaks later.. It's easy to gnaw on a person who won't talk to you.
       Other candidates have discovered that as well, but in Mr. Woolf's case the lack of  a willingness to fill in the blanks has been a field day for the opposition research people.
Woolf wants to "tell a new story" for change in Congress | NCPR News

Tale of two women: One Republican, One Democrat | New York Post

        This NY Post columnist opines GOP women like Elise Stefanik don't become national sensations like their liberal, Democratic counterparts because the media wants to focus on a Wendy Davis in Texas rather than someone with more conservative values and positions.
        I don't know about that.   Our likely next MOC is getting attention elsewhere but to really go viral, you have to win, and that's still ten days away.
        In any event, it's good to see our district getting a shout out elsewhere and if Ms. Stefanik wins there will be plenty of time for national attention, and actually there is a danger in fame.
       One of Andrew Cuomo's smartest moves was staying in NY and not becoming a national talking head.  Those people you always see on the media mezzanine in the Capitol can't have too much time to do their jobs, which is to represent 700,000 people.
Tale of two women: One Republican, One Democrat | New York Post

WDT: TV 7 Poll Will Shape Final Perception of Race

       Early next week the final TV 7/Siena poll is released on NY21.....With the debates over and opinions of those who vote pretty much locked in, the poll should tell us a lot, particularly when you compare that to the strategies and demeanors of the candidates who have surely had their own polls done all along.
       The other day, my seat-of-the-pants take on the race was about a dozen point margin for Elise Stefanik. The largest single stash of votes comes from the Albany corner of the district and that's pretty Republican and likely strong for Ms. Stefanik.
        Two years ago, Bill Owens won by carrying four of twelve counties...The four are SLC, Franklin, Essex and Clinton.
        When you look at where  votes are and the overall backdrop of this year's elections, its no real genius on my part to come up with that number.
          The other races where little or no polling is available are hard to predict, but most experts feel Assemblywoman Addie Russell should easily win another term and no one seems to have a convincing feel on the Sheriff's race.
Watertown Daily Times | Woolf cares about little people in NY-21

Ebola strikes NYC,And Other Made for TV Moments| New York Post

     It's the mother lode for cable news. An ebola patient right there in New York City, the media capital of the world.
      Dr. Craig Spencer is in isolation at Bellevue Hospital, but he went bowling Wednesday night in Brooklyn, and the lanes are now closed.
      With every sneeze the Dow tumbles fifty points as America reacts in real time to a serious public health issue, but not the end of the world. The disease has been kept out of some countries like Senegal and Nigeria and America should do the same.
       All this and a hatchet wielding Muslim on the streets of NYC, plus another White House fence jumper..  We've moved on from Ottawa quickly.
Ebola strikes NYC: Doctor tests positive for deadly virus | New York Post

CNBC Reporter on Cuomo’s ‘Embarrassing’ Book Sales: He’s Just ‘Not Especially Likable’ | Mediaite

       The press is making fun of Governor Cuomo's anemic sale of his new book calling the 946 books sold is embarrassing because according to one anchor, the Governor is "not especially likeable."
        Mr. Cuomo got a $700,000 advance on the book.
        This is a vanity tome. Why would anyone buy it ?  Politicians frequently write these things to garner some cash and propel their national ambitions.
        President Obama certainly accomplished that.
         If every Democratic ward healer, and every person with a direct stake in the Second Floor has bought a book as a courtesy, these numbers wouldn't be so bad.
CNBC Reporter on Cuomo’s ‘Embarrassing’ Book Sales: He’s Just ‘Not Especially Likable’ | Mediaite

WDT: Within Days of Request, Clamor for Immediate Action on Year's Old Problem

     The daily traffic jam at Knickerbocker School has been going on for years and the School district has made a formal request to make the short street one-way or create a new entrance to school property from the end of Bishop Street.

      When opened in 1953 the school was a neighborhood elementary school where kids walked to school from nearby neighborhoods. In the modern age, children are driven to school and picked up after school more often and thus the traffic tie up.

       Change always raises concerns and protest. Just as changing zoning to allow a fast food restaurant created a fire storm, creating a one way street or redirecting traffic to a quiet dead end street must be vetted in the neighborhood.

        A traffic study will be done, although this topic has come up before. Action should be taken if there is degree of certainty it will work.

        A call for immediate action is fine, and the School District has brought the issue to the fore by sending a letter requesting action.

        Council responded by requesting staff provide recommendations. It's not instant gratification but then again this is not a new problem, and  it's possible there is no silver bullet as long as so many people decide to drive kids to school at one time.

Watertown Daily Times | A price on safety: City must address traffic-congestion issue at Knickerbocker

Thursday, October 23, 2014

WDT: Alien visit, Halloween parade to be featured at Thompson Park’s vortex Friday

       Friday at 5PM the alien returns and the Thompson Park Vortex comes alive as a costume parade is held and local kids can see first hand the strange goings on in this corner of the Park.

        Watertown Daily Times | Alien visit, Halloween parade to be featured at Thompson Park’s vortex Friday

Telling the Downtown Story Needs to be a Priority

      With so much going on downtown and soon to happen there, the Watertown Local Development Corporation will be compiling a data base of all projects and create a prospectus for investment.
      With projects big (Mercy and Woolworth) and small (various second floor apartment rehabs), downtown is experiencing a Renaissance even city residents may not be aware of.
A Drone's View of Downtown (Horizon Aerial Media)
       Success begets success and that square mile or so that is downtown is truly an opportunity zone with over $100M being spent on top of various public and private projects over the years.
      Other projects in the queue include the Empsall Building, The Lincoln Building and Factory Street Reconstruction.  The call center has been spruced up and a string of small projects are underway, including some very daunting ones like the Masonic Temple. And don't forget the Flower Library, all fixed up and ready to go.
      These are exciting times and we need to tell the story to ourselves and others.

Stefanik on HOTLINE Confident of Winning

Elise Stefanik put in her final pre-HOTLINE today and handled all the questions like an old pro....Hardly a tyro anymore !
       More candidates on next week.

Alien to Visit Vortex for Costume Parade Friday Evening.

   Remember a year ago when some people laughed at the idea of placing a sign at the site of the Thompson Park Vortex ? Then 300 people showed up for the unveiling.

   This year we celebrate this urban legend with a Halloween costume parade for kids......and again this year, the Alien is expected to visit.

Alien (left)
City of Watertown Plans Free Kids' Halloween Costume Parade Friday at Thompson Park's Vortex Sign

Letters to Editor.....The Next Pay Wall ?

     There are lots of letters to the editor in the local paper about various races for office. Somebody told me some papers are going to a policy of charging for printing letters. That would dry up the supply of sincere writers and everything would be submitted by campaigns.

      If the day comes when a publisher thinks letters should be charged for, count me out.  I'll donate my writing skills, but I am not paying to give them away.

Watertown Daily Times | Elise Stefanik has skills to serve our district

WDT: Easy to Cover Events at Downtown Diner Draws Little Media Interest

       GOP Congressional hopeful Elise Stefanik stops by the HOTLINE today for a scintillating interview. Yesterday the frontrunner in NY21 was at a downtown diner where she served up lunch to supporters and got a little publicity from the MSM. The WDT covered the event at Johnny D's Restaurant, located across the street from Channel 7, which passed on the event.
        Aaron Woolf was in the Arcade as well, visiting the antique shop across the hall and discovering a sign with his name on it.
        Last night, Ms. Stefanik attended a party dinner in Lowville and today concludes four days in the western side of the district.
         The only 'mystery' left in the campaign would be media endorsements and who has the most effective  GOTV. 
           Considering the challenges and impediments to running for Congress, NNY was fortunate to have three very interesting candidates, and the campaign was pretty straightforward and devoid of rancor.
           It will be good to see it over, and NNY will be pleased and proud of the representation Ms. Stefanik will provide, but first, she must win and that means getting her people out to vote.
Watertown Daily Times | Of victuals and voters: Stefanik visit to Watertown restaurant offers brief insight (VIDEO)

Andrew Cuomo's new book sold 948 copies in first week

      Andrew Cuomo is on his way to a second term....It's a good thing, as his career as an author is coming up short. The Governor's new autobiography sold 948 copies its first week on the shelves, despite being able to use the campaign to promote the tome.

       By comparison, Hillary Clinton sold 100,000 her first week. 

Andrew Cuomo's new book sold 948 copies in first week (Hillary's sold 100,000 in its first week) |

Following the money in NY Dist 21 race - WCAX.COM Local Vermont News, Weather and Sports-

      A Vermont television station has taken a look at spending in NY21 and the WCAX report shows while the two major party candidates raised similar amounts so far, Elise Stefanik has benefited from third party groups, especially since the national Democrats have dropped out of supporting Aaron Woolf's campaign. Of course, her primary battle resulted in much of that too.

      When you ad it all up , it probably comes to around $6M, which is less than the City of Watertown spends in a given year on its fire department,  so in the scheme of things, across the entire 12 counties, its not as much as it seems.

Following the money in NY Dist 21 race - WCAX.COM Local Vermont News, Weather and Sports-

NY State of Politics: Minor Party Candidates Didn't State Their Mission

     While the one gubernatorial debate will have no effect on who wins, the two minor party candidates missed opportunities to accomplish their goal, which is ballot status. They tried to talk issues and their one appeal should have been, 'vote for me to get real third parties on the ballot.'

     Libertarian Michael McDermott seemed very chummy with the Governor , even thanking him for insisting he be allowed on stage. Green Howie Hawkins, while well informed, didn't make the obvious appeal for progressives to vote for him and not just run up the score for the corporate Democrat in the race.

     In a session like this, you have to do something to trump the major party candidates in news coverage. Like the Rent's Too High guy did four years ago.

      Mr. McDermott and Mr. Hawkins "debated" like they were trying to win, when for them "winning" does not mean a move to Eagle Street.

NY State of Politics « The STATE of POLITICS blog is a running statewide conversation about NY politics – the debate and the drama, the victories and defeats. We invite you to be part of the discussion. Please share your comments on our posts or (please!) send us a news tip.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Astorino Wins the Governor's Debate.......But New Yorkers Will Elect Andy

   Republican Rob Astorino was sharp in tonight's only gubernatorial debate....but it didn't matter as the format protected the incumbent and Andrew Cuomo walked away from his hour in Buffalo as the winner.
Erin Watches Debate at Pete's
     Libertarian Michael McDermott and Green Howie Hawkins didn't seem to
 break through, but Mr Astorino clearly got under the skin of Mr. Cuomo.
      As long as Mr. Cuomo gets those wide margins in the Bronx and Bedford Stuy it is hard to imagine he loses.
       Debate ?   Astorino came out one top....Election....Andrew Cuomo wins....The real race is the minor lines....Let's hope voters support Hawkins and McDermott so the pay to play parties will have some competition.

The Definitive Prediction on NY 21 is In....

The Next MOC Helps Out at Johnny D's  This Noon Hour
I'm no Larry Sabato,  but......Tonight with 13 days left til the election, I offer my prediction on NY21....
     It's Stefanik 49.....Woolf 37.....Funiciello 14......
      Sorry MCM, but history is not on your side this year.

Raising $$$ for Books

    The Downtown Business Association is helping raise dollars to help the Library replace books destroyed by a water pipe break last week.  It's a laudable goal as insurance may not cover the loss. If the public helps out, that's a good thing.
    Donations can be dropped off at Community Bank.

WWNY: Baseball Strikes Out After Trashing Facilities.

      The City has a fine baseball field and it's suitable for a variety of college and high school games. Attempts to run a for-profit team have gone on for years with City subsidy on the grounds the presence of a team contributed to the character of the community.

     Misuse of the facility by a tenant and failure to make payroll are serious matters and the City administration lowered the boom.  Now you may see pressure from City Council to continue with the arrangements, so stay tuned.

Feedback: Watertown Rams Strike Out With City | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Bharara: ‘You’re Assuming There’s One Investigation’

     It's fair to assume the attack on Andrew Cuomo at tonight's debate will be through the Moreland Commission and the probe by US Attorney Preet Bahara.  I suspect the Governor will just deflect, listen to the slings and arrows, an walk away ahead by 19 points instead of 20.

Bharara: ‘You’re Assuming There’s One Investigation’

WDT: Talk is not cheap: FEC must do better job at protecting free press, political speech

        The demise of the screening of King Corn is still being pined-over at 260.  The Federal Election Commission issued an advisory opinion suggesting the newspaper-sponsored public showing of Aaron Woolf's film was a defacto corporate campaign contribution.  Well, so what if it was ?
        The newspaper has First Amendment rights and at best the screening was a perceived advantage by only a very few people. Few would have trekked to the Hilton for the show unless they provided free food and all you can eat portions.
       I hope the FEC never opines that my bar holding events for the Stefanik campaign constitutes corporate contributions. 
Watertown Daily Times | Talk is not cheap: FEC must do better job at protecting free press, political speech

City Gets $5 !

   When I was telling the city manager today of my $14 check, she told me the City of Watertown received a $5 check from Albany for a house the City has title to as a result of delinquent taxes.
    All five of those dollars will go towards lower property taxes.

Bribed With My Own Money.....Again

    I got  a $14 check from Albany today. It says it's because my school district stayed under the 2% tax cap.  I will now vote for all incumbents. Unlike the recent $350 check, the $14 ones go to people who are barren.

Western Party is on Pearl Street

    The friendly neighborhood tavern atmosphere of the Pearl Street Pub will be home to the western victory party for Elise Stefanik in NY21.
      As on primary night, and on debate nights, her supporters and all others are welcome. Even the disenfranchised and defeated are welcome. So that means we will welcome MCM and all others dejected and downtrodden as well as those victorious and ebullient.
      While the main party is out east, we on the frontier will celebrate a difficult and well fought battle.
       Join us on Tuesday, November 4 for the fun...but make sure you vote first.

Hump Day

   I think I am about ready for winter. Snow blower is serviced...and yesterday I had some trees cut and trimmed so if there is an ice storm, no buildings get hit.  That included a tree on the city owned lot next to me which DPW offered to cut, but I had done myself as I don't want the news story about me getting something for nothing.
Site of Former Tree
      Today is a quiet day. No candidates on the HOTLINE.  Not a lot going on at City Hall. Not that there isn't some mystery in the day ahead. I have to go to the bank and I still don't know which teller will wait on me.

Six things to watch for in the gubernatorial debate | Capital New York

     Tonight at 8, the state's PBS stations will air the four way gubernatorial debate being held in Buffalo.

This is a good use of Public Television stations , which often do little in the way of public affairs programming.

     Republican Rob Astorino will surely try to goad Governor Andrew Cuomo into rage, but I can't see that happening. If Andy can't stay cool for an hour, he really shouldn't win.

      The real race is by the two minor party candidates, Green Howie Hawkins, who is trying to garner disgruntled progressives and take Line C on the ballot. 

       Libertarian Michael McDermott  is trying to make enough of an impression to get the 50,000 votes needed to garner ballot status. He should just outright ask people to vote for him for that reason.

Six things to watch for in the gubernatorial debate | Capital New York

Start UP NY Lures Business Across a River - Times Union

       A business planning to move across the Hudson from Rensselaer County to downtown Albany will become the first Start-UP  NY designee with a promise to create 72 jobs over the next five years. The much hyped economic development program is aimed at luring businesses to SUNY Campuses or areas designated that are near campuses.

        That means workers who would have paid taxes if they were employed in Troy will not pay taxes because they work in Albany.

No-tax plan on track - Times Union

WDT: Debate No Cure for Narcolepsy

     The debate was dull. I was right.......other coverage of the WWNY session showed little of what we always look for in these tightly staged events....that is confrontation and gaffes.

      The candidates were reserved and the format was stilted.

       Representatives of each campaign were sequestered in offices throughout the Arcade Street building with a monitor to watch. No one was allowed in the studio.

        Even Aaron Woolf's wife Caroline was not allowed to watch her husband from a seat in the studio, a moment surely special for her. Mrs. Woolf had to watch from Cathy Pircsuk's office twenty yards away.

         Some of this may be the obsession campaigns have to limiting exposure, but surely the media, family members of friends could be allowed to enjoy the event as it happened.

         We can behave.

           Oh, and the strong blue backlighting on Mr. Woolf made him look like he was glowing, although the Democrat is widely thought to have had his best performance of the three debates, but not good enough to make a difference as the other two were solid and restated their now familiar themes.

Watertown Daily Times | NY21 candidates solidify positions in final debate, differ on health care and Fort Drum

WDT: Ka-ching.....State Squeezes Big Fine Out of Legal Docs by Me

     The State was not able to bully Legal Docs by Me our of business, but the Empire State did extract a $15,000 fine out of the store along with promises on how business will be conducted. The AG had sought to close the store which operates in Watertown and Syracuse.

      The Jefferson County Bar  Association had complained the company was cutting into their business and wanted it closed.

       The AG set up a sting and alleged the firm was giving legal advice in addition to providing forms. Eric Schneiderman said it was a consumer protection move.

        Legal Docs was pressured to sign a consent order but by fighting back were able to stay in business. In that sense the Bar Association came up empty.

Watertown Daily Times | Judge orders Legal Docs by Me to refund customers, pay fine

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Next MOC Visits Pearl Street....And That's a Good Thing

       The Channel 7  debate was well watched on Pearl Street tonight as supporters of Elise Stefanik joined attendees at a John Bocciolatt meet and greet for a great evening.
      Ms. Stefanik was there and sat with the folks watching on the big screen....because she is one of us !
      The Bocciolatt folks brought lots of food. Their campaign is a traveling culinary delight !
      Among those there were Glenn and Sharon Curry and Assembly candidate Russ Finley.

Tuesday in the 13601

         Today I attended the calling hours for Frank Caprara...It was at Sacred Heart Church and the crowd was non-stop all day. It was a fitting tribute to a beloved man.
         Today I covered by Colleen sign for a day as the bar is hosting a meet and greet sponsored by the Bocciolatt campaign..Just a simple courtesy.
Putting Sarah into Service for a Day.
        I heard today there are Bocciolatt signs at the home of Democratic primary challenger Paul Trudeau.  That doesn't surprise me.
        Mr. Trudeau got 41% in the primary and relations with Colleen O'Neill have never been warm.
        It seems there is  lot of grudge in this race and I think Ms. O'Neill is hurt this year by party label and there are some who don't want a woman Sheriff, especially among some female voters who don't like their men voting for someone they think is attractive.
        I heard the Sheriff may weigh in too. I will be anxious to see what happens there as despite some controversy, Sheriff John Burns is still popular with many county residents.

Voters Get Chance to Size Up Candidates One Last Time on TV 7

       Cautious candidates not wanting to be too snarky in their final TV debate and  routine questioning led to a low key debate today at WWNY TV but it was still a good chance for voters to make a final decision on who they want representing them.
     I was in the building as an invitee of the Funiciello campaign...I went because I thought we'd be in the studio audience.
     There was none as the studio was hermitically sealed and the invitees of the three campaigns were in separate rooms. I watched the show with Steve Burke and Bruce Krug.
      The Stefanik people were so intense , staring at their laptops, I opted for the more relaxed Green room.
WWNY Debate
       My God, we know how to act in public Scotty. I was doing TV when you were in diapers.
       I snapped a photo of the three as they left the studio and had the pleasure of meeting Mrs Woolf who I hope was enjoying her visit to Watertown.
       All in all it was a congenial affair and these NY21 warriors seemed to respect each other for the journey they had gone through.
Who Said They Don't Like Each Other ?
Team Green
       On optics, Mr. Funiciello had his proletariat blue shirt on. Mr. Woolf looked good with a red tie and Ms. Stefanik certainly got good advice on where to get pre-debate styling and make up.
        There really is little more to say about the race, and it was a pleasure to welcome all three to Watertown and thank them for their efforts.

Barbra Streisand contributes to Woolf campaign

Barbra Streisand contributes to Woolf campaign

Woolf Marches On

   Democrat Aaron Woolf is still campaigning hard and his GOTV effort seems the real deal. So you can't deal him out entirely, but the national headwinds combined with the Stefanik juggernaut seem daunting Even loyal Dems I know are saying to me that the Republican will win.
Aaron Woolf in Lowville Monday
     The other day while campaigning in Maryland, people walked out early on an appearance by President Obama. In other races the President is not invited.
      Locally, the Governor steers clear of local Democrats who openly defile his SAFE Act. It's not a good backdrop for Mr. Woolf's effort, especially against a strong, energetic foe.

From Washington DC to Willsboro: Elise Stefanik’s political timeline « The In Box

   This is an interesting timelines piece on Elise Stefanik.....her days at Harvard...her career in DC and her roles as GOP functionary and operative.
    But the in depth view of her life by North Country Public Radio reveals the central reason she should and will be elected.

It’s important to note that our reporting found nothing scandalous or unsettling about Stefanik’s career prior to moving to the North Country last year.  Indeed, her record suggests a remarkable level of competence as she moved quickly into the highest levels of Republican policy-making.  There is strong evidence to suggest that if elected, Stefanik will arrive in Washington with more influence and more experience navigating a complex political world than most freshman lawmakers can boast

      Last night I was listening to a long time, old school Democrat rant about Ms. Stefanik at Pete's. "If the Democrats ran a dead man, I'd vote for the dead man," he exclaimed.
      Well, I don't want a dead man, a place holder or someone who wants something to do.  The NCPR piece shows Ms. Stefanik is a DC insider, but a competent one and one who can make a difference.
        That's fine with me.

From Washington DC to Willsboro: Elise Stefanik’s political timeline « The In Box

WDT: Letter: Local Women Takes Offense to Manual Labor Remark

       Better get your letters to various editors in soon. The election is almost here and then you'll have to find something else to have an opinion over.

       Watertown Daily Times | Stefanik a strong voice for small businesses

Early Visit to PSB Starts Long Day

     It's an early start to the day with a 7AM visit to the PSB for a ceremony to honor a police officer and then back to Pearl Street to open the bar.
     Later in the day, I plan to stop by the calling hours for FX over at Sacred Heart and of course hope to attend the debate at WWNY.
      This evening a debate watching party is planned.
       Mix in the usual office time and the HOTLINE and its a full day ahead.

WDT: Police raid on Potsdam bar ends with trespassing charges for more than 40; one charged with resisting arrest

       I suspect most of the 46 charged with trespassing are wondering what they did wrong as police stormed into a bar in Potsdam and found 46 people under the age of 21.  The people were not really trespassing, and the charges will be dismissed or ACD'd.

       By having the arrest reports, it creates a nexus for the SLA referral that likely will result in suspension or revocation of the bars license or at least big fines.

       College students need to realize they have to drink on the down low at private, unsupervised parties and not in bars.

Watertown Daily Times | Police raid on Potsdam bar ends with trespassing charges for more than 40; one charged with resisting arrest

Monday, October 20, 2014

‘These Are Complicated Times:’ Cuomo Calls 51 Percent A Victory | New York Observer

    Expectations are lowering....Andy says 51% is fine. Remember when beating his Dad's second term numbers and surging to a national stature was the expectation.

     Given the number of automatic Democratic votes the Governor should get, a 51 is a disappointment ...But he remains Governor, and people forget that stuff quickly.

‘These Are Complicated Times:’ Cuomo Calls 51 Percent A Victory | New York Observer

World Focuses on Arcade Street to Discover the Fate of Life as We Know It

   The three NY 21 candidates debated earlier today in front of Carthage High School students at the local Elks Club.  Multiple sources declared Elise Stefanik the clear winner...Just kidding. I have no idea how it went.
    I heard it was very vanilla, which is about the best you can do in front of a student audience.
The real battle is tomorrow (Tuesday) at WWNY......

Watertown Considers Upgrading Thompson Park Playground | WWNY TV 7

     In what the local paper described as the Mayor's pet project, it looks like the 28 year old Childrens's Playground at Thompson will get a needed facelift and updating.  I toured the Thompson Park site today and had told City Council of the need recently after a call from local pediatrician, Dr. Al Gianfagna..
     Also tonight at City Council, lawmakers voted to keep current hours at the Park and tabled an agreement on the "deck" to her more input from the great Lee Hector, lawyer for Maggies.
      Council talked about traffic at Knickerbocker School and the high local cost of the Factory Street project ($7.4M).
       Council also agreed to go to the Vortex on Friday to meet the Alien.
Watertown Considers Upgrading Thompson Park Playground | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Cuomo accused of ethics lapse for promoting new book | New York Post

    Of course the Governor is using his campaign and office to promote his book but nothing will   come of GOP whining about the practice.

     Since no one is buying the book, it's all a case of no harm, no foul.

Cuomo accused of ethics lapse for promoting new book | New York Post

EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump, whose Atlantic City joints were a bust, says upstate New York casinos will 'go down the tubes' - NY Daily News

    While commonly mocked for being a birther, you can't argue with The Donald when he says all these upstate casinos will be a flop. Mr. Trump knows what he talking about. But let's build them and line some pockets and find out.

EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump, whose Atlantic City joints were a bust, says upstate New York casinos will 'go down the tubes' - NY Daily News

NJ: Carthage Central High School to Host Public Forum for NY-21 Candidates

     Show up at the Carthage Elks at 4PM today for the NY21 forum.

Carthage Central High School to Host Public Forum for NY-21 Candidates

Key Debates Are Among the Last Things That Could Change NY21 Trajectory

    The NY21 candidates make their way west today for a forum tonight at the Carthage Elks and the WWNY debate tomorrow in Watertown.
    Tonight's forum, while not on TV, is important as it will generate news coverage in advance of the Arcade Street showdown.
     Because they are hosting the debate, Channel 7 will cover politics with enthusiasm the next two days, and if Aaron Woolf hopes to prove the election guessers wrong, he needs to make something happen.
    Frontrunner Elise Stefanik needs to stay cool, likeable and look Congressional. In short, don't give the people planning to vote for you a reason not to.
     The next 36 hours will either create a competitive race or freeze it in amber with a Stefanik win in the offing. The latter is more likely.
      There are also radio interviews with Matt Funiciello on the HOTLINE tomorrow and Elise Stefanik on Thursday.  I believe Ms. Stefanik is on the Live at Five show tomorrow.
       By Thursday we will know if this is indeed a race that's over..

Stefanik Stumps With Cuomo Challenger

   I saw some pictures of Elise Stefanik in Saratoga County, campaigning with GOP Gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino.  I thought that was magnanimous because Mr. Astorino is not likely to win and Ms. Stefanik gains nothing by appearing with him...
Elise Stefanik and Rob Astorino
    There's an irony in the other party where Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo is expected to win but the Democratic candidate for Congress never appears with the Governor.

Schneiderman: Monster Energy encourages underage college drinking | New York Post

        Quick...find an issue to demagogue ! 
        Monster Energy drink is not culpable for 19 year olds drinking.....Although the 21 year old drinking age is responsible for "underage" drinking, which when I was 19 was just called drinking.
        The Attorney General, who was cited in a Dicker piece today for allegedly snorting cocaine at age 5o, wants to halt the use of energy drinks at college keg parties.
        Want to eliminate a lot of manufactured crime ? Lower the drinking age back to 18 as many college presidents and police leaders support.
        The duplicity and hypocrisy in the drinking age being a matter of concern for people fighting against drug laws is staggering.
         But for the record, I don't like energy drinks. Too sickly sweet.
Schneiderman: Monster Energy encourages underage college drinking | New York Post

More Than Half of Jefferson County Students Getting Free/Reduced Lunch | WWNY TV 7

      There is a such thing as a free lunch for many in Jefferson County where income levels result in very high numbers of children receiving free or reduced price lunches. Isn't everyone complaining about their free lunch because the portions aren't big enough ?
     Well, the purpose of lunch period is to promote proper social intercourse in school. Teaching kids who they sit with matters and how to avoid bullies and of course how to flirt.
       In the scheme of things if some people get  a healthy lunch, that doesn't bother me.
More Than Half of Jefferson County Students Getting Free/Reduced Lunch | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Gillibrand Emails For Schneiderman

       When the icons of the Democratic Party are trotted out for endorsement purposes the receiver of the accolades likely needs the help. Popular Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is touting AG Eric Schneiderman's commitment to reproductive rights (aka abortion) and says the election of practicing Catholic John Cahill would be harmful to women.

      For his part, the practicing Catholic says he will enforce the law as is even though he opposes abortion.

Gillibrand Emails For Schneiderman

Activist claims Schneiderman ‘snorted coke in the back of a bar’ | New York Post

    So, a guy who ran on a platform of being the only potsmoker in  the recent Democratic primary for governor says Attorney General Eric Schneiderman snorted cocaine at a 2005 party at a NYC bar.
     If true, will Randy Credico's assertion cause any person planning on voting for Mr. Schneiderman to do otherwise ?
      No, of course not. That the AG is not a warrior in the war on drugs is no surprise, but he will arrest someone on drugs and put out a press release if events call for it.
       Mr. Schneiderman is being challenged by Republican John Cahill.
Activist claims Schneiderman ‘snorted coke in the back of a bar’ | New York Post

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Astorino: Cuomo Will Be ‘Challenged’ In Debate

   Rob Astorino may think he will challenge Governor Cuomo and turn the race around, but that is easier said than done. The Governor could give the worst performance ever in a debate and he still has an automatic two to two and a half million votes....That's easily enough to win.
    The people hoping to win are Green Howie Hawkins and Libertarian Michael McDermott who hope to garner enough votes to give their party good ballot position.for four years.
     Prediction: the Governor stands pat....Astorino looks shrill and the two minor candidates pick up some street cred.
Astorino: Cuomo Will Be ‘Challenged’ In Debate

Day of Sloth

    Today was supposed to be my Day of Action in support of candidates, but I decided to sleep in and watch football instead....I will cap my day of action watching the Walking Dead.
      Now I am looking forward to Tuesday's debate party and the Meet and Greet John Bocciolatt is holding on Pearl Street.
      Anytime you can turn a Tuesday into a good day, I am in favor of that.
      I also am looking forward to all the HOTLINE interviews with candidates. Congress, Assembly, Sheriff and Family Court Judge.  I think it will be interesting. First interview is Tuesday with Matt Funiciello and he is bringing a mystery guest with him.
      There are three dates still open. Oct. 22, 24 and 28.....For any candidates who have declined to respond so.far. I think there is only one of them.

2014 MIDTERM ELECTIONS: Meet the millennials running for Congress  - NY Daily News

     The average age of a Member of Congress may decline a little if the current crop of Gen Y candidates win  Our tyro, Elise Stefanik, would be the youngest woman ever elected but a 31 year old NH woman is close behind.

       It's nice to be on the leading edge of change here in NNY.

2014 MIDTERM ELECTIONS: Meet the millennials running for Congress  - NY Daily News

Nurse got $630,000 in OT at N.Y. prison

   Nurse makes more than some school superintendents could also be the headline.

Nurse got $630,000 in OT at N.Y. prison

Unlike Council, Kids Opt to Scare Crows, Not Shoot Them

    Youngsters and member of the Watertown Wolves took part in a fun activity today at the Veterans Walkway as do-it-yourself scarecrows were made courtesy of the Parks and Recreation Department.
    With clothing from the Urban Mission youngsters stuffed hay and dressed their scarecrows....Non-lethal method.
    The creations will be placed around downtown this week. Jet and I attended the event on a chilly October afternoon.

After Caribbean Swing, Cuomo Plans Bronx Rally

    Governor Cuomo is back in country and plans a rally in the Bronx.  Mr. Cuomo just wrapped up a campaign swing to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republican. There are a lot of New Yorkers who trace their lineage to those two places.

After Caribbean Swing, Cuomo Plans Bronx Rally

NY21 Editorial Board Meeting: Elise Stefanik (Republican Party) -

     She prefers Ford vehicles and lists Rep. Bill Owens and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand among the political people she admires.

     Jobs are the top issue and as you might suspect she is no fan of the ACA.  Elise Stefanik answered the editorial board questions at Denpubs,  a publisher in the eastern side.

      Voters should take the time to read or listen to editorial board meetings in cases where the tape is made available. These boards are one of the few times a candidate is tested on issues in any kind of depth and they can be a window into the soul of sorts.

NY21 Editorial Board Meeting: Elise Stefanik (Republican Party) -

Top Republican comes to town to back Stefanik

    Calling her a breath of fresh air for the nation, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy came to Glens Falls yesterday to stump for Elise Stefanik.

     Rep. McCarthy just took over the post following the defeat of Eric Cantor.

Top Republican comes to town to back Stefanik

WDT: We'd Like a Do-Over on This One

   The endorsement of Mary Rain by the Watertown Daily Times was very tepid, but at the time the WDT said she deserved  a chance even though her promises were thin gruel in a race against Nicole Duve.

     Watertown Daily Times | Moving forward

WDT: Loose cannon fires away: Mary Rain blind to her own flaws as a prosecutor, public servant

    As I recall, there were a lot of prestigious people backing Mary Rain for DA in the Big County. Now the WDT, which I recall endorsed her, has turned on her in less than a year, calling her an embarrassment and an impediment to justice.

     So, how could so many smart people be so wrong ?  Or are they wrong and Ms. Rain right. ?

     Well, I didn't have a dog in the fight last year, but I could tell something was amiss on election night when a champagne swilling DA-elect spit up on camera...The incident would have been  big news in most markets but it got a pass here.

      Ms. Rain has over three years left in her term. Better warm up to her. She's not going away.

Watertown Daily Times | Loose cannon fires away: Mary Rain blind to her own flaws as a prosecutor, public servant