Friday, April 29, 2016

NPR: Is Trump Written Off in NNY ?

   I will say these NPR folks try to do some behind the headlines analyis of local politics and taking a look at the effect of Trumpism on the race for Congress is interesting, except that it's unclear there is much of a race between Rep. Elise Stefanik and challenge Mike Derrick. She seems to have done all the right things to earn a second term.
     North Country Republicans, the ones with titles in front of their names, have been avoiding the candidacy of Donald Trump and seemed inclined to quietly back John Kasich. The decision to avoid Cleveland by Rep. Stefanik was sure to attract the attention of astute political reporters as four days in Ohio this summer didn't destract that much from constituent work.
     This week a key GOP insider told me point blank the race for the Presidency is over and that Hillary Clinton will be the next President. It is worth noting Bernie Sanders won across NY 21.
      Such optimism, but in politics, it's your own race first and Mrs. Clinton is known here. For much the same reason, the local GOP has given up on trying to seriously contest the River District even though the party came withing 90 votes two years ago.  They seem content to let iconoclast Russ Finley run with no party help.
       On the other hand, there are party leaders and there are voters, and Mr. Trump may do better here despite handwringing by party leaders and media barons.

Rain Puts a Gag Order on Herself

      Another day, another Mary Rain story. In this one the DA's law clerk has his permission to practice revoked because he again didn't pass his bar exam.  I didn't know you could be prosecuted by people who aren't even lawyers, but it probably increases your chances of getting off.
      Another tid bit. A Rain staffer tells the WDT the boss won't be talking with the newspaper. I assume that means all media so my chances for a HOTLINE appearance are dimming.
       As I have suggested, Ms. Rain is cooked politically but not charged or convicted of anything. She might as well keep her head down and ride out the remaining 19 months of her term. Meanwhile today taxpayers will pay her $700 for her services.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Manafort: ‘Last Tuesday Was the Nail in the Coffin’ for Cruz; Indiana ‘Is When He Realizes He’s Inside It’ - Breitbart

       Line of the day went to Trump Svengali Paul Manafort....That plus Speaker Boehner's remarks...This is entertaining for sure.....Looking forward to Morning Joe every day to start another day of festivities.

      Manafort: ‘Last Tuesday Was the Nail in the Coffin’ for Cruz; Indiana ‘Is When He Realizes He’s Inside It’ - Breitbart

WDT: Police investigating death after gunshots reported on Winslow Street

      Another death on Winslow Street.  Things are getting bad around town.

Watertown Daily Times | Police investigating death after gunshots reported on Winslow Street

As Coverage Expands of Mary Rain's Reign, What Will Happen With Her Signature Case ?-

    It's now been five years since Oral Hillary was charged with killing a Potsdam youth. The trial is slated for this summer. Justice isn't swift in the Big County and while everyone says the swirling storm around the county's DA won't affect anything, you have to think the jury pool will be aware of allegations of impropriety and it has to lower prosecution credibility...especially in a case so old with recollections now better defined as history than current events.
     Syracuse media has picked up on the Mary Rain story. But again, at $3500 a week, just keep going till the voters kick you out.
     As for Mr. Hillary, who knows if he's guilty ?  
Judge accuses St. Lawrence DA Mary Rain of prosecutorial abuse with big trial looming |

One Big Happy GOP Family

   Today former Speaker John Boehner called Ted Cruz a "miserable SOB" and "Lucifer in the flesh" and he said John Kasich is a loner and the type of friend you have to work to include in activities. Meanwhile Speaker Boehner said he is now a texting buddy of Donald Trump.
   The remarks were made at Stanford University.

10th Division Monument Starts Taking Shape | WWNY TV 7

         Some things get done on schedule and so it is with the 10th Mountain Division Memorial in Thompson Park.   Those who took on the project including retired Col. Mike Plummer have kept it on pace and it will be interesting to see how it changes the landscape at the City's highest point.
         Dedication is slated for July 1.
10th Division Monument Starts Taking Shape | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

WDT: Rain Supporters Now Want Her Out...Thanks for Telling Us Now

     Mary Rain is proving vexing for those who advocated for her ascension to the office of DA of the Big County.  In an editorial, it is opined public officials should be able to finish their terms if they have not been convicted of a felony, but that if Ms. Rain had a shred of decency she would resign due to her demonstrated incompetance.
         When did she become inept ?  Who vetted the candidate who once elected was in  position to preside over the administration of justice for 120K people ?
          Now the frantic want Governor Cuomo to parachute in and rescue them from their lack of judgment.  I doubt Mr. Cuomo will oblige, nor should he.
          The power of the state manifested in police and prosecutors, buttressed by public demands for law and order, is a frightening thing, but she was elected and like her or not, she will finish her term,and run for reelection if she wants.
          To think someone being paid $3500 a week is going to give that up when she probably thinks she is doing a good job is laughable.

Protecting the Homeland from Phony Designer Shirts

        Customs agents have protected the brand of Ralph Lauren by seizing 1700 shirts said to be counterfeit. This is all based on the notion that people are willing to pay lots more for the same shirt with Ralph's name on it.
       Glad our tax dollars can be used to protect the phony value of designer clothes.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Poll: Millennials Don't Like Capitalism

   So it turns out young people are supporting Bernie Sanders not out of youthful rebellion or contrariansim.  The millennials don't think like we do..or how we were brought up to.
    There is change happening and elections show it. If this polling is true, many of these people will bever vote for Hillary Clinton.

Sanders campaign begins laying off staff - POLITICO

        Signs of a winding down are present as Bernie Sanders' campaign trims paid staff in the wake of the latest primary losses. Just two weeks ago he was riding the crest of winning eight of nine contests, but the media drumbeat that he couldn't win and the establishment support for Mrs. Clinton in big states have worn the insurgent down.

       Senator Sanders will probably win some more states, and his hope of nomination depends on the frontrunner having a meltdown caused by outside factors .. That's not likely, but Mr. Sanders might as well keep up the fight.

Sanders campaign begins laying off staff - POLITICO

It Starts With Looking Like a Winner

  Stagecraft matters. The Cruz VP announcement was lame visually. A few dozen people on risers with flat lighting..  Tonight's Trump rally in Indianapolis had a  big crowd. many of whom were behind the candidate.
    The lighting was first rate and the candidate jumped out of the crowd which was lit subdued and in a different color temperature. At the Watertown rally I noticed from the other side of the hangar how Mr. Trump jumped out in detail even to my old eyes.
     Now you say you don't're concerned about the "issues".  Well no one ever heard a sermon without first deciding to go in the church and so it is with politics. To pay attention you need to be visually hooked.
      Last night at the Trump rally, the sound got screwed up. I'd hate to be the guy responsible for that...and all right there in Trump Tower.   Ouch !

Jefferson Tax Hike Providing the Extra Revenue 175 Wanted....So What's the Story at 245 ? | WWNY TV 7

         The county sales tax did indeed go up this year and one Legislator says things are on "the way to recovery".  The extra quarter point is the reason. Now the City gets 24% of the local share under the 2004 agreement I negotiated (everyone else was willing to settle for the 21% offered).
         So if sales taxes are up, why is the City proposing a hike in property taxes ? That extra point has shown up in the last seven months of the fiscal year ending and will be part of the year ahead.
         That's why it will be child's play to rearrange the numbers and stay under the cap.
Jefferson Tax Hike Appears to Pay Off With More $$$ | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Cruz to name Fiorina as VP running mate - POLITICO

    For Ted Cruz this move rivals his Faustian deal with Kasich for being just plain dumb.  Carly Fiorina has worked hard for Senator Cruz since her own bid unraveled, but the fact is she lost and pretending you are the GOP ticket doesn't mean you are.

    Yes, you dominate the news cycle and if Donald Trump is smart he will say nothing and let others talk about how dumb it is.

     I see former House Speaker Hastert got jail time for "serial child molestation" in the late 70s.

     It was the hush money that got him in trouble.

     Cruz to name Fiorina as VP running mate - POLITICO

Rising DA Pay Was No Surprise

   Why is everyone acting surprised as the pay raises for DA's ? It was part of already passed state law and you can bet those running last year knew what they were in for and that's why there was opposition in the races.  $183 K on its way to over 200 in a couple years.
    These are good jobs for NNY lawyers. and for those who say there's a war on women, the DAs in Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties are all women, including the now infamous Mary Rain.
     What's also going up is pay for local judges including both city judges. These people have always been treated well. Back when the second city judge was one day a week , it still paid $30K with full benefits, although those details were never revealed because of public disdain for benefits for what they see as part time work.
     Lawyers sure do take care of each other.

Twenty Years of the DRC....Something Dreamed Up Right Here

    The Democratic Rural Conference meets this week. It's the brainchild of Jefferson County's Mike Schell, a good and decent man and one committed to the Democratic Party.
1996 Photo
   The DRC has sought to take NY's urban downstate based Democratic Party and made it more attuned to upstate issues. Results have been mixed as the party leaders have made trips up here and have devised programs for upstate like the Regional Councils.  But on many issues like SAFE Act or minimum wage, it's still stacked against us.
     Look at the recent Presidential primary in which 52 of 62 counties voted for Bernie Sanders, but Hillary Clinton won the state easily based on the counties the Democrats owe their existence to.
     Nonetheless, if we are going to have parties, Mr. Schell is to be commended for his efforts over the years.

The Race Expected Not In Sight

      The politcal calendar is moving along quickly and this week a GOP insider in a position to know said the Assembly race may indeed be Russ Finley taking on Addie Russell as the last challenger doesn't seem inclined to run. John Byrne nearly defeated Ms. Russell two years ago but has made no public pronouncements this year and the time to get mobilized is nearing.
       The prospect of a GOP primary and the uncertainties involving getting the C line are issues as is raising money as two years ago the Republican spent considerable money without really raising much, and that likely won't happen again.  A better organized effort on the DEM side is also a factor.
       2014 was a perfect storm for Mr. Byrne in many ways and he came close, losing by 90 votes. That storm isn't lining up this tme. Issues have changed as have tactics and the people behind the scenes are different.  Media antipathy towards Ms. Russell seems to have waned.
        Local GOP establishment is also bummed out over the rise of Trump, a candidate they feel will lose easily, according to my source.
        Hopefully a malaise among the party elites won't hurt the party in other important races like Congress where reelecting Elise Stefanik should be a priority.

County To Offer Anti Heroin Treatment for Those Headed Back on the Streets

      It doesn't cure the problem, but the Sheriff's Department is acknowledging heroin addiction as the health problem it is by offering treatment upon leaving jail that reduces the appetite for the drug for at least a month or so.
     It's all a very complicated problem as society ping pongs back and forth between compassion and the desire for law and order.
      But the program seems a symbolic move in the right direction.

WDT: Oh Those Nasty, Naughty SNIRT People

     Seven thousand people participated. Five people were injured. There were ten DWIs as police frm several agencies swarmed the event.  And in an editorial this morning, the annual SNIRT Run gets a raspberry from the elites.
      The editorial even chided Lewis County Sheriff's deputies for not "leading the way" and snagging more than their three DWIs, as NYS Park Police wrote more.
       It's a big event that draws many people. It's not something I choose to participate in but obviously many do. 
      Some measure success by how many arrests are made or fines collected.  To me, getting 7000 ATV fans to come to a county of 28000 and spend money is an opportunity to be savored.
      Maybe I am missing something.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Trump Moves a Big Step Closer to GOP Nod......Clinton Moves Closer to Prize as Well

      A big five state sweep for Donald Trump and a four for five for Hillary Clinton, bringing the nation a step closer to an epic confrontation in the fall.
       Mr. Trump scored numbers in the upper fifties into the sixties as he drove his delegate total well over 900.  Rival Ted Cruz was mathematically eliminated from a first ballot win. In fact Mr Cruz appears to have finished third in four of five women.
        It's all about Indiana next Tuesday.

DA Salaries Go Up and So Do Your Taxes.

     Not only do district attorneys get a big raise this month thanks to NYS law, but the counties get to pay for it.  Jefferson County lawmakers are protesting but likely to no avail.
      Funny how only Newzjunky caught the irony days ago of Mary Rain getting a big raise. The DA raises continue in the years to come and they will be over $200K in a couple years. When she retires our DA will get a six figure pension.  Obviously very astute person to get on that gravy train. As for Ms. Rain, all she had to do is a low key mediocre job and she could have stayed and got bigger and bigger salaries...As it is she will do pretty well even if not reelected.

Day 6: Prince's sister says he left no will

     Here's a windfall for the lawyers....Prince had no will....And it's now coming out how much his posse and entourage enabled an escalating addiction to pain pills.  Too bad....

Day 6: Prince's sister says he left no will

DA Group: State Should Launch 'Immediate' Probe Into Rain Charges | WWNY TV 7

    Sounds like the legal cartel wants to kick poor Mary Rain to the curb. Are these the same lawyers who put Legal Docs out of business ?

     Can't take these people seriously anymore.

DA Group: State Should Launch 'Immediate' Probe Into Rain Charges | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

County Meeting on that New Fangled Internet

   I see the County Leg has their meetings streamed live and you can watch them on You Tube. It was always frustrating to me the City could never quite master the Internet. Chairman Gray is getting it done as head of the Legislature.

Stefanik will not attend Republican National Convention | All Politics is Local with Maury Thompson |

      As an astute observer and student of political science I am sure Elise Stefanik as would any of us would love to spend four days in Cleveland this July taking in an Indians game,, the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and the festivities at the Republican National Convention.
2014 Photo
     But with her own campaign to run and summer being a time to visit her large district, she won't be attending the RNC.  So as she passes on looking out over Lake Erie in favor of Lake Champlain, our MOC can ponder the political earthquake happening in the Mistake on the Lake by watching it all on TV.
      I know I will be in seclusion those four days watching what will be an event talked about for years to come.
Stefanik will not attend Republican National Convention | All Politics is Local with Maury Thompson |

WDT: Lewis County Continues to Worry About SNIRT Run

      The SNIRT run attracts people who take to the countryside knowing they will get dirty, face iffy spring weather and be inconvnienced is many ways. Yet people go and enjoy their day of roughing it on their four wheelers because that's what they want to do.
      Every year I read stories about how government has to regulate it, massage it, fester over it and in some instances get rid of it.
      It seems to be one of those events that exists in spite of government.
      Lewis County has a small industry in outdoors activities and should embrace it all by leaving it alone.
      People participate in these type of things to get away from modern life.  They don't want more fees, roadblocks, tickets or permits.
       People talk about this event the way the do Christmas. Just let them enjoy their day outdoors.

Did Legislature Overreach in Asking for Rain's Removal ?

   The SLC Legislature officially has voted 10-3 to express no confidence in DA Mary Rain and more important ask the Governor to start a probe that could lead to removal from office.
    The move is unusual because the DA is an elected official accountable to voters not to the County Legislature. What is problematic for Ms. Rain is such a request goes beyond local festering over the job done and places pressure on the Second Floor to intervene in local politics.
     The normal remedy is to defeat the person at the polls.  Ms. Rain is not up this year, but there is little record of trying to get people removed from office without an actual conviction. That happened with Skelos  and Silver,
     The Legislature asking for Ms. Rain's investigation and removal may be misplaced, but ten members decided to put the county's imprimatur on the complaints and bad press for the DA. 
      I am just not sure, since DA is Constitutional office, whether the County Leg should be involved in asking for a witchhunt.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Cruz considering Fiorina for VP | TheHill

    Floating VP picks is a way to make yourself look like you are a winner, so I get that.

    But picking any of the 16 losers as your running mate is crazy. 

    Pick a Governor like Haley or Martinez, but the issue may be vexing. Who want's to run with Ted Cruz ?

Cruz considering Fiorina for VP | TheHill

If Megyn Can Get Over It, So Can Everyone

        A friend of mine told me one of the major reasons for not supporting Donald Trump was the raucous feud with Megyn Kelly, so now that they have a major interview scheduled, the women's issue seems to have faded. So it's OK to support The Donald, especially given the alliance from Hell between John Kasich and Lyin' Ted.

       Imagine all those North Country "John McHugh Republicans" craving the sensible center who placed their hopes with Governor Kasich, now to be jolted with this Faustian deal in the waning days of the primary process.

      The stop Trump movement is failing and by May 3, with a Hoosier win, victory will be virtually assured for Mr. Trump.

       Now all those who felt for social or professional reasons they had to spurn Trump on the cocktail circuit can come out....unless they are supporting Secretary Clinton, in which case they are truly RINOs.

y lands big interview with Trump | Page Six


   Here's some news we can all celebrate. An appeals court has upheld the four game suspension for Patriots QB Tom Brady. A trial judge had struck down the deflate gate penalty from the Commissioner.
    My new Perlick cooler came in today. Being installed now.
     Had a good morning at the gym and at least the Prince coverage is over with, so it was back to all politics.
      Chance of snow tomorrow morning...Time to dust off the urban legend about a blizzard on Mother's Day.

Blame the Poor Always Good Politics

    Cutting the annual appropriation to the CAPC has been low hanging fruit for some time, but long considered forbidden fruit as doing so seems punitive to the poor, who make up a large portion of the city population.
     In some ways, throwing the relatively small appropriation their way was a way to say 'yeah we are helping everyone'. Not a lot of money, but something.
     Now its proposed to be eliminated.
     Those cutting are all set in life and don't know what poverty is all about. They don't see it walk by their house or shop in the stores they do.  The pension contributions for the Council and manager alone equal the amount given to CAPC, just to offer perspective. It's less than one tenth what is spent on lawyers.....Or less than the cost of one-half a cop or fireman.
       Those darn 'po folk....They are the ones behind that tax increase.

Will Cruz-Kasich Deal Work and Isn't it a Prelude to a Ticket ?

Will those who support John Kasich because they believe in him buy into the newly hatched deal to cast strategic votes for Ted Cruz in Indiana in a bid to stop Donald Trump ?
     Getting voters to go along with these schemes is not easy and there is no certainty that Kasich supporters would vote for Mr. Cruz
     It sounds like an implied deal for a Cruz-Kasich ticket.

WDT: Budget Said Unlikely to Exceed Tax Cap

    Buried deep in this story is good news and that is there is no appetite to exceed the tax cap so the increase will be more like one percent than 12 percent. The Mayor is quoted as saying the adopted city budget will differ greatly from the the one proposed.
     Among the changes possible would be an effort to off load the bus system on Centro, the central NY system now running services in Syracuse, Utica and Rome. That would take some time though, if its even possible.
      Budget review sessions are set for early May with adoption of the spending place on or near June 1.

Koch Brother Warms to Hillary

     Despite being a punching bag for Democrats a Koch brother is suggesting he could find Hillary Clinton he best choice for President.

Saving the Party or Faustian Bargain ? Trump Foes Strike a Deal

     The failing Stop Trump movement has led to an agreement between the other two active candidates to try and stop the billionaire.  John Kasich will abandon his efforts in Indiana in a bid to deliver the state and its 57 delegates to Ted Cruz.
     Meanwhile the Cruz campaign has agreed to stand down in Oregon and NM and let Governor Kasich attempt to deny those states to Mr. Trump.
      Whether supporters go along is yet to be seen but the move was jointly announced by the two campaigns.
       Mr. Trump is expected to sweep five states on Tuesday and was increasingly favored in the Hoosier State. Indiana is seen as a necessary step to deny Mr. Trump the 1237 delegates he needs for a first ballot win.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Trump: No, I'm Not 'Toning It Down'

      Tone it down ? Hell no !

       The rigged political system....the need to start winning....Lyin' Ted....Keep it up...

        Sure, flesh it out with some policy too and no more Megyn Kelly feuds....but the rest of it is why people support Donald Trump.

        And Earth to MSM....people don't go to rallies to be bored.

Trump: No, I'm Not 'Toning It Down'

Be Nice Bernie, and We'll Let You Have Your Own Super PAC.....Gag Me....

   The Democratic old guard and establishment are for the most part trying to play nice on TV suggesting Bernie Sanders must finish out the primaries devoid of his biting criticism of the frontrunner.
    Stop all that stuff about the Wall Street transcripts and Clinton Foundation dealings.
    Today former PA Governor Ed Rendell was on TV and showed how establishment he is when he suggested after Sanders loses he can be influential by setting up his own Super PAC and wielding power that way.  Mr. Rendell clearly hasn't paid attention to the Sanders message, and his patronizing suggestion shows why Bernie will never be all in for Hillary if she gets the nomination.

Sen. Inhofe: I'm supporting Kasich so Trump picks him as VP - POLITICO

   Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe has his own theory on endorsements...He is endorsing John Kasich for President in hopes eventual nominee Donald Trump picks him as VP.

    The Ohio Governor is well positioned for that pick given his resume and the state he is Governor of.

     However is still one of the gang of 16 hopefuls who didn't make it and it is probably still best if Mr. Trump goes outside the list of losers

     Governors Haley and Martinez seem good choices if they would take it.

     Meanwhile on the other side, Hillary Clinton's mouthpiece, the NYT floated a story on possible VP picks, in part to portray her as the certain nominee. My early guess is Senator Tim Kaine of VA. He speaks Spanish and comes from a key border state. Don't believe the nonsense about an all girl ticket. Senator Warren wouldn't take it and Mrs. Clinton wouldn't want her.

Sen. Inhofe: I'm supporting Kasich so Trump picks him as VP - POLITICO

Paul Manafort: 'The Count' Tasked With Saving Trump | US News

      On TV this morning, I watched with interest Paul Manafort, the old pro brought in to guide the Trump ship in to port.  A long time lobbyist with a storied list of clients here and abroad, Mr. Manafort came to the campaign through a mutual protégé of he and Donald Trump.
      Roger Stone. The Nixon dirty trickster and long time dabbler in the dark side of politics recommended Mr. Manafort.
      I had the interesting good fortune to meet Mr. Stone at Hofstra University prior to the 2010 Gubernatorial debate. We had chatted on the phone a few times as he was helping Kristin Davis with her effort to land ballot status for a new party. In the end Mr. Stone's efforts were eclipsed by the Rent's Too High guy who became the novelty candidate.
      However, the chance to meet Mr. Stone was a highlight of the year for me as it was an insight into how politics works at this level. That's why I am so interested in Mr. Manafort. He is one smooth dude and knows how to play the game of life and politics.
       The Trump campaign is well served by Roger's buddy running the show.
Paul Manafort: 'The Count' Tasked With Saving Trump | US News

WDT: Can our local restaurants survive the onslaught of national chains?

    The food critic editorializes in favor of supporting local restaurants. That's a pretty safe position and as one who eats in local restaurants, I see merit in it.....But many chains offer the food, service and atmosphere I enjoy.
     On holidays when the locals are off , I usually will go to Appleby's and always am pleased with the menu and service. Also if you want to dine after 8 or 9 at night, be prepared to go chain.
     I like Pete's because I know the people there and feel at home. I like Fairgrounds because its convenient and has a varied, easy to navigate menu. 
     Remember though, a chain is still a local business paying taxes (often pretty high assessments) and employing local people, so your guilt shouldn't be too high.
      So to answer the question in the headline.....Hard to say.  Wage rate hikes will require the kind of automation, efficiency and bulk buying that chains can do. Local restaurants can survive by knowing their market and providing a level of service and attention equal or superior to chains.
      Lots of things change. Remember cafeteria restaurants....Don't see that much anymore and they were viewed as a threat.
       The difference in local restaurants is they rely on an entrepreneur willing to work hard in a tough industry. Such people only come along occasionally, but when they do, yes the local one can survive.
Watertown Daily Times | Can our local restaurants survive the onslaught of national chains?

Rosario Dawson cites Monica Lewinsky at Sanders rally - POLITICO

       A Sanders surrogate mentioned the "L" word at a rally in Delaware.    Actress Rosario Dawson compared efforts to quash the Bernie revolution to bullying, a cause  championed by Monica Lewisky, a name Team Clinton would rather leave in the history books.
        While the chattering class talk about "bringing the party together", there are schisms in both camps not easily reconciled.
        Rosario Dawson cites Monica Lewinsky at Sanders rally - POLITICO

WDT: Y Bursting at Seams

      Today the WDT reports the local YMCA is so successful they don't have the space for all their athletic programs between their locations downtown and at the Fairgrounds complex once owned by The Ultimate Goal.
       Under the soon to retire director Peter Schmitt, the Y has grown and provides a range of services. At one time there were overtures to take over city recreation programs, but it went nowhere.
       There are also private gyms and a new childrens play center downtown opening soon. As options increase. it is likely the issue will be revisited.

Buff News: Trying to Regain Privacy Not East When Photos are on Internet

    A WNY woman who posed for "art" pictures as a teen has been waging a battle to get them off the Internet as they have become a source of embarassment for her and an impediment to her career.
     Makes you look skanky for doing something that years ago was just a rite of passage or youthful indescretion.
      Way back when, when I was at JCC the art classes had nude models in a studio in the Library basement.  It was sport to find a reason to walk by and get a peak. But that's where it ended.
      Nowadays the Internet preserves and amplifies decisions now regretted.
      Not that there is anything intrinsically wrong with nudes but today's world calls for protecting your brand from the start, not something easy to do with something as addicting as Facebook out there.
      I am sure that studio in the basement is long gone.

Why Won't Taxpayers Protect Dogs ?

    A group of people at North Pole Fire Station this weekend raised money to help buy bullet proof vests for local police jobs.
     A laudable goal but wouldn't such equipment be part of having and equipping canines for the work they do? The State Police, Sheriffs and local PDs all have multi million dollar budgets.
      It just makes it sounds like taxpayers are being cheap when we are told a dog can't have a vest that authorities say is needed.
      It's an emotional thing. People like to support dogs and few would support a weekend fundraiser to pay for police overtime, but is equipment any different than the other costs of running a department ?

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The desperate scramble for Bernie's secret weapon - POLITICO

      With Democrats ready towrite the obituary for the Sanders campaign, picking the carcass comes to mind. The email and donor data base that has fueled the opposition to Hillary Clinton has value to the establishment that assumes anyone who gave to or supported the Senator will do the same for the Secretary  Fall in line for the good of the party.
     Some will, but some gave as encouragement for a movement and have no interest in old guard party politics. You know those people. The ones whose lives are not defined by two groups staring across an aisle at each other.
     Both parties are showing the signs of wear. They just don't know it yet.
The desperate scramble for Bernie's secret weapon - POLITICO

WDT: Trump tells Connecticut voters he’s “not toning it down”

   Donald Trump has toned it down but to sanitize his rallies to the point the media wants is not happening. 

    This just in....People who attend political rallies enjoy some red meat...So they want to hear him say "lyin' Ted"  or "get 'em out of here."

     Upcoming policy speeches and less displays of Trump Beef or Trump Wine are appropriate, but watering down the rallies to satisfy the dainty and the sensitive is not where he needs to be.

     To the extent possible, you have to dance with the one you came with.

Watertown Daily Times | Trump tells Connecticut voters he’s “not toning it down”

Jefferson County Jail's Overcrowding Problem Solved? | WWNY TV 7 - News,

         Maybe something has been done right ?  Has Sheriff O'Neill swung critics to her side by solving the outboarding of prisoners issue ?
During 2014 Campaign

          Good for her....and she did a good job on the Trump rally.....Just get rid of the tank and we're all set.

Friday Night: Jefferson County Jail's Overcrowding Problem Solved? | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Firefighters Union: "We're Not Asking For a Blank Check" | WWNY TV 7

         The Mayor says he is their friend....but for smoke eaters  its a case of 'with friends like that , whe needs enemies ?'
         Mayor Joe Butler's interview on TV 7 got a quick response from the head of the union representing City firefighters
          The back and forth is joined and now the public can hear both sides without hiding everything behind closed doors or hiding behind out of town lawyers representing both sides.
          The Mayor is an able spokesperson for management. Let him make the case and create the pressure to see his view prevail.
Firefighters Union: "We're Not Asking For a Blank Check" | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

WDT: Derrick Must Have Voted for Bernie Because He Acts the Part

   Democrat for Congress Michael Derrick doesn't have a trust fund bride, but he has raised some money and in joining the picket line in Plattsburgh with Verizon workers, he was able to pitch for votes and point out his opponent received a donation from the phone giant.
     Mr. Derrick is a decided underdog against Rep.Elise Stefanik, who is popular, has worked hard and has lots of campaign cash in the tradition of what DC people are able to do.
     Mr. Derrick is also a convincing speaker on issues like the military and foreign affairs.
     This year has proven that money spent is not the only barometer of success and the rhetoric doesn't favor the notion of boasting about how much is raised.
      I think Rep. Stefanik should and will win a second term as she has earned it, but I wouldn't dismiss Mr. Derrick out of hand as this is a year when politics as usual is not gone but its not admired.
Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York.

WDT: Perry Parses the Primary

   In the longtime citadel of sensible center, RINOism, there is much pining in the analysis piece about the primary where Perry gets wistful over NNYs rejection of John Kasich, a man they feel is in the mold of former Rep. John McHugh.
    He did catch the dichotomy most Hillary-mania national media missed.  Her 300K margin was generated against the tide of 52 counties that went for Senator Bernie Sanders.
Watertown Daily Times | Parsing the primary

The reason 120,000 voters ‘vanished’ before primary day | New York Post

      When you go to vote and are told you are not the wrong place....or whatever, you may just walk away frustrated as , after all, these are authority figures at the table and they can't be wrong.
      So on primary day in Brooklyn it was discovered 120,000 active voters had been inexplicably purged.
      Great time to find out.
      There is good reason for skepticism in out electoral systems. Not everywhere of course, many do run smoothly, but long lines, changing polling places, registration deadlines a year before voting, polling hours shorter in some areas, and on and on.....
        Then add the natural fear of having party hacks running the whole thing and its a recipe for saying the heck with it all.
        Many election officials are diligent and committed to voting, but elections are not won by expanding the pool, they are won by getting out the pool who votes your way all the time.
         New York has some of the most egregious problems and despite being what the Governor calls a "progressive" paradise, little is done to correct anything.
The reason 120,000 voters ‘vanished’ before primary day | New York Post

Was Prince killed by painkiller addiction like Michael Jackson | Daily Mail Online

   For a guy used to dancing and prancing on stage in platform shoes, chronic hip pain was not only painful to endure but surely depressing. Anyone who has known anyone with hip woes knows how bad it can be..

    In come painkillers, addiction and you know the end result. That's the working theory of what happened to Prince, and those who know best are his roadies, and sycophants and doctors who likely were unwilling to intercede when the big guy said he wants relief.

Was Prince killed by painkiller addiction like Michael Jackson | Daily Mail Online

It's the Green Rain People Are Looking At Now

     The medical examiner isn't the only one picking at the carcass following the sudden death of Prince. A huge personal fortune and who knows how much unpublished material is in the estate, but with no current spouse, no children and his parents long passed, the music icon's fortune is in doubt.
    There is a younger sister, who could, if there is no will or trust, do well.

WDT: Time to Start Setting Aside Some Cash

     Is it just politics and grudges or is Mary Rain deficient as DA of the Big County ?
     Either way there is an election coming and the matter can be righted then. Another allegation is out about professional misconduct as local attorneys are more emboldened about publicly going after the DA.
     For Ms. Rain, the probability is high she won't be reelected. It's not certain she could get the GOP nomination, but like any such race it depends on the opposition.
    In the meantime, Ms. Rain just got a nice raise to $183K.  She won't make that in the private sector, so she may want to start getting her finances in order for the transition. Pay off all credit cards and if you get a new car, pay cash.
    Tougher times are ahead.

All Eyes on Kelly Ripa This Week

      With a lot of local viewers watchng Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan there is likely a combination of concern and elation over the flap resulting from Strahan announcing he is abandoning Ripa for a gig on ABCs GMA.
      Ms. Ripa is so mad she skipped work for three days last week and once back may choose to rip into the former Giant's star.
       It's ratings gold, but for Mr. Strahan and ABC perhaps a risk if Ripa rips too hard.