Newspaper Endorses Funiciello....

Newspaper Endorses Funiciello....
Grateful Dead and the Walking Dead Endorse Him Too

Friday, October 31, 2014

Adrondack Daily Enterprise Says Its Worth It to Take a Chance on Funiciello....

    Matt Funiciello is getting support from those who want a pox on both their houses. This is a real rebuff for the major party candidates to have one of the main papers endorse the Green candidate.
    Has the Post Star endorsed yet ? 
Funiciello would help break Congress’ pattern | Matt Funiciello for Congress

DId Anyone See Astorino in Town Today ?

   Was Rob Astorino in town today ?  I haven't found any coverage and sometimes the media just decides something isn't that important...especially on a day when there was a press conference at the Masonic Temple. 
    UPDATE- I found  a photo on Mike Ring's page.
That's Don Coon on the Right

Congressional candidates discuss marijuana - Press-Republican: Local News

       Only if you  are a Green can you advocate full legalization of marijuana. It's like marriage was a few years ago when everybody had to say its between a man and a woman even if they didn't believe it.

       If there is going to be legalized pot, I only hope we will have the sense to ban the sale of it before noon on Sundays unless its being purchased in a convenience store..

Congressional candidates discuss marijuana - Press-Republican: Local News

Remember Bob McEwen is the One to Send Back Down to Washington....

         I noticed a photo from Malone today of the daughter of former NNY Rep. Bob McEwen meeting up with Elise Stefanik. I remember Mr. McEwen well.  He was a key in the expansion of what is now Fort Drum and he arranged for Charlie Plumpton and I to get press accreditation for the 1980 Winter Games in Lake Placid.
     It's good to see Mary McEwen with our soon to be MOC. It's an interesting bridge across the generations of NNY politics.  I remember going up to Mr. McEwen's home on the St. Lawrence to film a retrospective when he retired...I believe after the 1980 election.

SUNY chancellor could see $200,000- plus pay increase - Times Union

     I see considerable irony in the fact the SUNY Chancellor's $490,000 salary is not enough and it is going to be raised $200,000.  The pension contribution alone on that large  a salary is $140,000.

     Yet not  a word will be uttered on the editorial pages, the blogs or on Facebook. These salaries are not that unusual in academia in NY and they far eclipse any elected official. The Governor is paid but $170,000.

SUNY chancellor could see $200,000- plus pay increase - Times Union

Colleen To Andy: Sorry Governor, I Voted for Zephyr

   .  In a shocking display of independence from the Democratic machine, Sheriff candidate Colleen O'Neill said on the HOTLINE today she passed on SAFE Act author Andrew Cuomo in the September 9th primary, instead casting a ballot for upstart Zephyr Teachout.
       Ron Cole must have rolled over on his sofa upon hearing that, as he awaits a call from the Second Floor.
Colleen O'Neill on the HOTLINE
       Ms. O'Neil had high praise for former GOP Governor George Pataki, who she guarded while with the NY State Police.
       The daughter of former Sheriff Al O'Neill also labeled as untrue a charge from John Bocciolatt that she had offered the undersheriff job to Paul Trudeau months ago in a bid to avoid a primary.
       Mr.Bocciolatt now had Mr. Trudeau's endorsement and Mr. Trudeau is one of five being considered for undersheriff if Mr. Bocciolatt wins.
        Ms. O'Neill took exception with an anecdote from her opponent who says he chose not to arrest a 14 year old who had beat a man to death.
        The Democrat said she would make changes in the department when needed but also respects the current staff.
        She credits political kingmaker Ted Ford with getting her in the race.

Dog Park Locations Rated

   The analysis on six potential dog park sites is on the street with estimates ranging from $130K to $260K for the most expensive location.
    City Council will study the report and public comment before designating a site. After that a preliminary drawing can be used in fundraising. I would recommend those interested drive to the six locations to check them out.

Halloween 2014

      It's Halloween so enjoy....but be careful. The weather looks a little sketchy and watch out for trick or treaters.

       They are everywhere but parts of Watertown's south side are especially crowded with youngsters.

Tomorrow is All Saint's Day for those who are especially devout.

 Halloween - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Taylor Swift gets a Bronx cheer as NYC Ambassador -

   Taylor Swift loves New York....but she's not from the City so some people have a problem with her being used as the pitch person in advertising placed around the world by NYC's tourism promotion agency.

    A person who moves to a city or region and embraces it is often the best representative as they have a special passion as opposed to someone who just happens to have been born there.

Taylor Swift gets a Bronx cheer as NYC Ambassador -

WDT: Jefferson County Undersheriff Trudeau endorses Bocciolatt for sheriff using taxpayer resources

   This is kind of a non-story..... Undersheriff Paul Trudeau is endorsing John Bocciolatt to be his boss (possibly) and he uses the Sheriff's Department fax machine to send the press release out to media.
   Not the best idea, but he is the Undersheriff and is endorsing as such.
    This is one of these things where the media takes an event...calls a bunch of people demanding a probe be launched and then gets their response.
     The news was the endorsement and this revelation only serves to diminish its value.
      What is interesting is the motivation for the endorsement and what Republicans think about the possibility the loser in the Democratic primary gets to be Undersheriff. That job should go to a Republican if the GOP takes the top office.  
       I would have let Mr. Trudeau quietly urge his friends to back Mr. Bocciolatt and skip the endorsement in public. It looks contrived.  
Watertown Daily Times | Jefferson County Undersheriff Trudeau endorses Bocciolatt for sheriff using taxpayer resources

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Poll Shows Stefanik Lead Growing

     Another poll shows Elise Stefanik with a double digit lead over Aaron Woolf and Matt Funiciello. The Harper Polling Group has Ms. Stefanik up by 14 points with Mr. Woolf mired in the low 30s.
     Earlier this week another poll pegged the margin at 18 points....and no Mike, this does not mean the racing is tightening. My pick last week was 12 and I think that's about right.

Poll Shows Stefanik Lead Growing

WDT: School Merger a No Go in Thursday Vote

   I don't know whether a merger should have occurred, but why hold an election of such consequence on a Thursday, only five days before the real election when many more people will turn out....The reason is that's how the education system gets their keeping the process away from the people.

Watertown Daily Times | No school merger, Canton, Potsdam reject proposition

EDITORIAL: Cahill is our choice for attorney general - Niagara Gazette: Opinion

  Eric Schneiderman is the Democrat and as such will likely win the AG race, but Republican John Cahill was aggressive and assertive in a Time Warner debate Thursday night.
    The often contentious session showed Mr. Schneiderman looking shifty and Mr. Cahill looking aggressive. Mr. Cahill is considered the strongest of the three statewide races, but I can't see him winning.
    Mr. Schneiderman said marijuana should not be legalized at this time. He also said he may read Zephyr Teachout's book "Corruption in America" but only after he has read the Governor's book. That;s so sad.
EDITORIAL: Cahill is our choice for attorney general - Niagara Gazette: Opinion

Jefferson County Dog Control Seeks Owners for 21 Dogs at Nov. 2 Open House

   It was a year ago at the Jefferson County pound open house that I took home Jet.  While every dog can't be First Dog, they are all first in the hearts of those who adopt a friend this Sunday.
Last Year's Placement at the Pound Open House

     They are very nice at the pound and I would be the first to say an open house creates a sense of urgency as "you snooze, you lose."
      Check them out ahead of time and don't make a quick decision. It's a decade or more long commitment.
Jefferson County Dog Control Seeks Owners for 21 Dogs at Nov. 2 Open House

Finally, I Got a SAFE Act Sign

   I always wanted one of the SAFE Act signs and today Russ Finley stopped by after his WPBS "debate" and I told him to go ahead and put one up.I
Conservative Russ Finley
     Every year you meet interesting people in politics. And this year is no exception. It turned out a more interesting 2014 than I would have thought a year ago.

Dirty...And Guess What ?

   I had occasion to tour two houses the City is auctioning off after getting for back taxes. Such squalor, especially in the one on West Main Street. Dirty, skanky and then when we were inside somebody said they heard the house was infested with fleas... I went home and washed all my clothes and took a shower. It's amazing how some people live.

Former Green Party organizer endorses Woolf

   What's up with these people ? Greens should be trying to establish a viable third party and Matt Funiciello is their best shot to do that.  They always come home to the corporate party in the end.

Former Green Party organizer endorses Woolf

Albany Paper Backs Woolf - Times Union

The Albany Times-Union seems to think the North Country should care about their capital perspective and is endorsing in all sorts of races outside Albany County.The T-U endorses Aaron Woolf because they say he is  bi-partisan, non-dogmatic guy.

The Hearst owned paper says Elise Stefanik is too GOP-talking point and that Matt Funiciello is too nutty.

Editorial: Our choices for Congress - Times Union

WDT: Byrne calls on Russell to return Vito Lopez money

    While MCM and I differ on NY21 I have always thought he was right when he said Addie Russell was more vulnerable on Vito Lopez than SAFE Act and Common Core.
     Now GOP hopeful John Byrne is beating that drum in the final days in a bid to topple Ms. Russell, but one wonders if its too late as these things get lost in the shuffle late in the game.
     The contradiction between the ten point women's agenda and the hush money secret settlement sanctioned by Speaker Silver in the Lopez case along with other Albany sleaze is a potent issue.
       Democrats are privately worried about a late surge by Mr. Byrne...but Ms. Russell is up on the air now with commercials and insiders say she started the race with  a huge polling edge.
       All along this race has been a referendum on Ms. Russell, so we will see what happens. Top operatives from the Ritchie organization are said to be crafting Mr. Byrne's effort.

Watertown Daily Times | Byrne calls on Russell to return Vito Lopez money

Bush-A-Lot Makes News During HOTLINE Visit

    Republican Sheriff candidate John Bocciolatt shot a bear in addition to deer.....was endorsed by Undersheriff Paul Trudeau who is under consideration for the job in a Bocciolatt-run department and as a long time Oregonian prefers the Beavers over the Ducks.
    All that an  stories about discretion in making arrests was the message in a free wheeling hour long appearance on the HOTLINE.
John Bocciolatt
    Mr. Bocciolatt was at ease and affable....Defended the use of tactical vehicles and mused about the months long campaign and its rigors.
An interesting moment came when Mr. Bocciolatt said  a local GOP attorney has offered to tutor him on New York law. I am not sure the Republican high command appreciated that bit of candor.
   Mr. Bocciolatt charged opponent Colleen O'Neill with trying to barter the undersheriff post to avoid a primary.
    And the Watertown native talked about his youth here and his high school days. It was an enjoyable chat.
     And John Moore was there shooting B-roll and enjoyed a free lunch courtesy of Children's Miracle Network.

WDT: NNY Political Class are Cheapskates

   This is why rich people, PACs and out of state contributors dominate finance reports. North Country people are notoriously cheap when it comes to supporting their candidates. 
    Where are the names we all read and hear about. Few elected and appointed people. No $2600 givers. Lot of lip service among Democrats for Aaron Woolf but the numbers tell the story. He's there because for local Dems, the campaign was free, free, free.
    But it's Jefferson County Republicans who amaze me. I know some with decent cash and they give nothing.
     Civics is about voting, but its also about supporting candidates through giving money and helping with things like petitions.  It's pretty much all done now by paid notaries working for local state legislators.
     More and more the process is the domain of the few as most people sit out politics at all levels. Also so much of government is run by the unelected elite, who frankly look down on politicians. I mean really, is there a school superintendent who would work the hours of a Senator Ritchie for that pay ?    
Watertown Daily Times | Individual contributions in CD 21 race

WDT: Ballot Propositions Outlined...

   There are three propositions on Tuesday's ballot.  Vote NO, YES, NO

Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York.

The Test of Time

    I think it was Perry White who said "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."
    So it has been for the long ordeal of a campaign waged by Elise Stefanik who today was endorsed by the WDT, a paper that months ago was demanding Harvard transcripts to prove the woman they labeled a "tyro" really attended a good school. (Would she have been asked if she had said she attended SUNY Potsdam ?)
      Campaigns are about being tested and having to persevere and perform under pressure.
      While many saw her potential before she announced in 2013, the media and political class of the western side challenged her repeatedly and she won over the voters first and now the opinion leaders recognize what potential for being a fine MOC she has.
       I am sure years from now Ms. Stefanik will look back on the rough and tumble of it all and realize that to survive is especially gratifying.
       On a much smaller scale I remember the tests and challenges I have survived and realize that Perry's bromide is correct.

Dumb and Dumber Clash in Syracuse

      Rep. Dan Maffei declared in a TV debate that "War and Peace" was a Dickens novel...Fortunately his opponent John Katko didn't know who wrote it either.

In third TV debate, Katko, Maffei clash on transportation, Social Security and who read the Obamacare bill |

Fair and Balanced

   Measuring fairness is not always easy, but for those who think this blog favors one candidate for Congress, a count of photos show nine (oops now ten) of Elise Stefanik and four of Aaron Woolf and two for Matt Funiciello.  I would say the margin is statistically insignificant, thus I deem myself fair and balanced, at least by Watertown standards.

Sheriff Candidates Face the HOTLINE

   There is a great opportunity to learn about the two candidates for Sheriff today and tomorrow on the HOTLINE.  John Bocciolatt is on today and Colleen O'Neill tomorrow.
    Sentiments are running high in this race and all the insiders I talk to say they have no idea who wins.  

Humorous Parody Could Have Been Real in Today's Ebola-Mania World- The Daily Currant

    Given the Ebola hysteria and the bloviating by some pols and the lady in the took me a couple or three paragraphs to realize this story was a humorous parody.....Or is it ?

New Jersey Bans Halloween Trick-Or-Treating Over Ebola Fears - The Daily Currant

WDT: 260 Hearts Elise....

        Citing her education and energy, the WDT has endorsed Elise Stefanik for Congress.  Campaigns are about changing minds and last winter and spring the Watertown media in total had cost its lot elsewhere, but a focused and disciplined effort by a candidate I saw as a unique opportunity long ago changed minds....Or at least opened the minds to the reality that the best prospect for representing NNY is Elise Stefanik.

Watertown Daily Times | Stefanik for U.S. House: Willsboro Republican has energy, background to represent NY-21

WDT: Finley Turns Heads in Final Days

       Conservative Russ Finley got a shot at the WDT editorial board as third party candidates continue to at least get a hearing from media giants that for years systematically ignored them out a sense of allegiance to the two party hegemony.

       Mr. Finley can come across very well as he did at the Chamber debate two day ago when he essentially won the event over Addie Russell and John Byrne.

       Not that anyone elected to Assembly is going to do all they claim, but Mr. Finley has disproved the adage that it's the Republican party's job to choose the candidate and the Conservative Party's job to support that candidate.

       There is a televised forum with all three candidates being taped today for airing on Public TV.....Media coverage of the event could be crucial especially if Mr. Finley is able to use his presentation skills to go after his opponents.

   Watertown Daily Times | Conservative Finley sees 116th Assembly race as a tossup

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mystery Poodle Spotted

  I saw the mystery Poodle tonight and it prompted me to think about the report coming out in just days on the proposed sites for the dog park.  There is going to be a tough choice for Council.
   With six sites in play, lawmakers will have to commit....
    Why ?  Because without a consensus site, no person with real money will contribute...People with money don't contribute to controversy.
    I am enthused about the City having a dog park and hope advocates can rally behind the concept and put their preconceived notions aside.

Suspicious Shutterbug On Pearl Street

     A man about 60 years of age in a black Chevrolet Cruz was spotted on Pearl Street taking pictures of the front and back entrances to the Pearl Street Pub. A customer snapped a picture of the man's car so I have the plate number.  Anyone with information can contact me at 486-0879.
Suspicious Activity

     A lady called this morning to tell me I was"pathetic" for posting the picture. Let someone park in your driveway and get out and walk around your home taking pictures and scurrying away. Am I or my staff wrong to at least take notice or be concerned "?

In Upstate New York House Race, Republican Makes Her Youth a Selling Point -

   The campaign of Elise Stefanik is gaining national attention and surely her election next week will do more. As the youngest woman ever elected and the vanguard of a new generation of leadership, Ms. Stefanik is poised to be more than your average freshman in Congress.
    It's good to see NNY in the spotlight and events Tuesday will yield good things for NY21.
     It's widely reported NNY residents are clipping the mailer and posting the photo in positions of prominence at their home or business....Kinda like when we were kids and folks had a photo of JFK or FDR in the kitchen.

            And tomorrow the "New Ideas, New Generation Tour" kicks off in Plattsburgh. The five day run-up to the election completes the narrative of the Stefanik campaign...that she is something new for the district and the nation.
            You know it's kind of exciting to see something this interesting coming out of NNY. I think I will start following the race a little more closely.

In Upstate New York House Race, Republican Makes Her Youth a Selling Point -

Dems Looking for Stumble Didn't Get One

   Democrats didn't get what they wanted  from today's HOTLINE and privately concede their GOP foe did fine in deflecting items left uncovered by local media including a harassment arrest and numerous SLA violations at his Oneonta bar.
   John Byrne turned  the conversation to his themes and didn't seemed rattled by the questions which he surely knew were coming. The admissions may have tarnished his image as a businessman but nobody is that upset with a Joker Poker game or some college kids under 21 getting served. Mr. Byrne said he got out of the business as fines piled up.
    Democrats also think the Byrne direct mail piece was well done and were smarting over the allegations  Addie Russell accepted campaign contributions years ago from disgraced lawmaker and
hands-on Assemblyman Vito Lopez.  I would have used photos of Lopez with Speaker Silver as I think the topic is a difficult one for the Democrat to explain.

Byrne Holds Up Well During Hourlong Inquisition

     Republican Assembly candidate John Byrne made his case to voters on the HOTLINE, ripping Addie Russell for accepting money from disgraced lawmaker Vito Lopez and restating his opposition to the SAFE Act and Common Core.
John Byrne on the HOTLINE
    Mr. Byrne explained the aggravated harassment charges leveled years ago in Manlius in what he says was a verbal dispute over boat storage. He also for the first time talked about his 14 years as an Oneonta bar owner and the numerous fines incurred before his license expired in 2009.
    Mr. Byrne talked about his family and refuted charges by his Democratic opponent who says Mr. Byrne's Otsego County plastic business folded. Mr. Byrne says that's not true.
    During his appearance, Mr. Byrne stayed on message and was feisty when needed in defelecting the questions from me.
    And while the heavy commercial load didn't allow us to get to it, Mr. Byrne did tell me later he has in fact shot deer,  although I did not inspect the grill of his car for blood or hair.

Urban Mission Celebrates Renovations | WWNY TV 7

   The Watertown Urban Mission showed off its renovated Factory Street offices and food bank....Very impressive looking and a real addition to downtown to offer the services in a facility that reflects well on Watertown and offers clients the dignity they should be shown as well.

  The two million dollar project is the brainchild of Mission CEO Erika Flynt and the fundraising was chaired by Rev. Fred Garry.

   In addition to the contractor local IBEW electricians donated time to the project. Good for them !

Urban Mission Celebrates Renovations | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Stefanik: Campaign has taught her importance of listening, learning

   From this summary of her E-board meeting with the Post Star, it sounds like Elise Stefanik and the editors there have made peace although the endorsement has yet to come.

    Ms. Stefanik talked about the need to be a listener and what she learned in her nearly two year campaign for the NY21 seat.

      Stefanik: Campaign has taught her importance of listening, learning

Astorino Gets a Bone from the Post as Endorsement Season Ends

   As endorsements trickle in, the NY Post backing of Rob Astorino seems a bit perfunctory as in the editorial the newspaper praised aspects of Governor Andrew Cuomo's tenure.

    Meanwhile back here in NY 21 we are waiting to hear the pronouncements from the two major papers, the WDT and the Post Star.  Elise Stefanik met with the Post Star E-Board this week and the coverage of the meeting seemed congenial. Over at 260,  the decision is made and it's  a matter of which day it appears, probably on Sunday.

Rob Astorino for governor of New York | New York Post

Democratic Congressional Candidate Rallies Supporters In Plattsburgh | WAMC

   Democrats like Rep. Bill Owens are saying what you would expect after finding out their candidate is behind by 18 points in the last public poll taken in NY21....The voters are only now focusing on the race....and we will beat them on turnout.....

     The voters who will actually vote have focused and decided, but you have to say something and that's what the Aaron Woolf campaign did in a rally this week in Plattsburgh where their campaign is headquartered.

     Clinton County was the bulwark of the Owens wins and Mr. Woolf needs to hope he gets the same margin there Mr. Owens did....It's not looking like that will happen, but you just have to get supporters to not focus on a poll.

Democratic Congressional Candidate Rallies Supporters In Plattsburgh | WAMC

WDT: We'll See If Danny Francis Likes Today's HOTLINE

        Today's HOTLINE appearance by Republican John Byrne should be very interesting. As always, I will let the candidate get his points across, but the candidate's timeline, his life story will get some scrutiny as well.

        And the now standard question in AD 116...Have you ever killed a deer ?

Watertown Daily Times | Russell defends vote for SAFE Act as challengers blast it, but agrees process was flawed

The Race Insiders Still Scratch Their Heads Over is for Sheriff

     With an 18 point lead in the polls, it's down to the final TV commercial asking for your vote and a few more letters to editors like this one from Bart Bonner, as Elise Stefanik tries to spend the final days meeting voters on the eastern side NY21.

       There are no "undecided" voters , just voters and non-voters.

        Everyone who follows politics has sized up every race, but the race most people I talk to have a tougher time figuring out is the one for Sheriff.  There is no polling, just seat of the pants assessments.

       One variable is the unreported but real support from the current undersheriff Paul Trudeau who lost a Democratic primary and is openly supporting the Republican John Bocciolatt against Colleen O'Neill.

        Mr. Trudeau garnered 41% in the primary and seemed to have a posse of followers he may be able to deliver to Mr. Bocciolatt. It's the kind of small edge that may matter, although the situation shows how little party labels mean, especially in a race like this.

Watertown Daily Times | Stefanik stands for our founding principles

Over at the KOS....The Real One....They're Still Working at Sinking Stefanik

   The flailing campaign against Elise Stefanik is trying to use contributions from energy related companies as an argument for her being evil. So whats the big deal ? There isn't one, and how many voters are swayed by these arguments who weren't swayed already ?

    NY-21 - Elise Stefanik Has Received Thousands from Gas, Oil, Fracking & Energy Interests

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Parsnips a Uniter Not a Divider

      In today's stressbuster question the NY21 crew is ask about vegetable preferences.....Aaron Woolf says he has learned to like many vegetables but still can't stand parsnips....

      I endorse the Woolf position on parsnips...I got roped into trying them one night at Pete's and they are awful.

     Proof positive we can both reach across the aisle.

NY-21 Monday Stressbuster question

Blander than Bland Assembly Debate Allows Sure Loser to Shine

       Conservative  Assembly candidate Russ Finley came off the most polished today as the three 116th AD Assembly candidates at a forum at the Bruce Wright Conference Center sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.
      The major party candidates promised more for schools and pretty much more for everything and Mr. Finley asked where the money is coming from.
Addie Russell and Her New BFF  Russ Finley

      Republican John Byrne was nervous looking and spoke in broad sweeping platitudes like "common sense in common core."  Mr. Byrne has spent the most on the campaign.
     Meanwhile, incumbent Addie Russell was typical Addie....She got all worked up at the end and delivered her stem winder as Ted Ford calls it.
      Ms. Russell, who has never killed a deer, posed for pictures after the event with Mr. Finley who says he killed at least 40.
       Tomorrow,  Mr. Byrne is on the HOTLINE.....It will be fun.
116th Assembly Race Pits Incumbent Against 2 Challengers | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Zephyr Teachout Won’t Endorse Andrew Cuomo | New York Observer

    Well, in the name of party, you can't say what Zephyr said about Andrew Cuomo and then obediently endorse him.....That's best left to the say, John Sullivan....John can pivot on a dime with ease,

     Zephyr Teachout should vote for either of the two parties not functioning as me-too parties...That would be Green or Libertarian.

Zephyr Teachout Won’t Endorse Andrew Cuomo | New York Observer

Dog Makes It Undetected to Top Floor at City Hall

   Yesterday I violated my oath and allowed a serious lapse in City Hall security. There was a poodle on the Third Floor and I petted the dog and took his picture rather than ordering the dog to leave and launching a probe on how it got there.

       It was a beautifully groomed dog and I know the owner from years ago. The dog in Engineering was a curiosity to many Third Floor workers but none of us called 9-1-1.

Rob Ford wins City Council seat, brother loses mayoral bid | New York Post

     The Rob Ford era as mayor of Toronto is ending....Mayor Ford won back his former City Council seat after cancer prompted him to pull out of a reelection bid. His brother took his place on the ballot but lost by six points to John Tory.

Rob Ford wins City Council seat, brother loses mayoral bid | New York Post

Endorsement Starts at Paragraph #7

   Poor Andy...His books aren't selling and yesterday he suggested quarantined ebola patients read his book.
   But he is going to get reelected and is getting the endorsements of newspapers like the WDT, which did so in today's edition.
   Unfortunately, his endorsements start with several paragraphs of what he has done wrong from Moreland, to stopping fracking to being dismissive to conservatives.
    Then the Times went on to say the positives including support for NNY housing, the Regional Councils, on time budgets and so on.
     Hey all you publishers.....If you are endorsing someone fine.....but don't spend the first six paragraphs telling us what's wrong with him.....
     Some of us might quit reading at that point.

Funiciello Invites Woolf To Really Walk Across The Aisle and Endorse Him After Latest Poll | Matt Funiciello for Congress

    If you believe the numbers no one will beat Elise Stefanik, but  it's still a race where the best she has done is 50%.  That's good in a three way,  and with Aaron Woolf faltering, Green Party candidate Matt Funiciello has renewed his call for the Democrat to step aside.  He may be right. Siena says four of his eleven points come from Republicans....Five of eleven from Democrats.
     Mr. Funiciello's votes are not the property of the Democratic Party as June and company would likely argue.
Funiciello Invites Woolf To Really Walk Across The Aisle and Endorse Him After Latest Poll | Matt Funiciello for Congress

The Finish Line is in Sight for Someone None of Us Knew at this Time Two Years Ago

       When you are up by 18 you do what any of us would do if in Glens Falls....You go to Poopie's and greet noon hour diners. At this point the wheels are in motion...the commercials bought....the GOTV in place, and for the candidate, a surreal and tedious time. Elise Stefanik will be at the famous Glens Falls eatery today.

       Keeping busy and visible....and waiting till the voters weigh in. No more trying to garner earned media...It should come to you as the apparent front runner, and it's time to look relaxed, confident and ready to serve while all the time nerves and a knot in your stomach remind you of what's ahead.

      There's a Poopie's in every town, and I'd just keep visiting them all the next seven days.

A Strategic Vote for the WFP

   Addie Russell told me on air she is voting for Governor Cuomo....but on the Working Families Party line. All to help preserve their ballot status. Like most Democrats I talk to she politely rolls her eyes at the Governor's new Women's Equality Party....and on the matter of the September primary, she was evasive.
    She did not confirm voting for the Governor in the primary, only repeating that she supports the Governor. I suspect she, like Ted Ford, voted for Zephyr Teachout.  That's fine, but  as one political veteran pointed out last night, when asked who you voted for in the primary, at this point its better to loudly proclaim "Andrew Cuomo !" , whether you really voted for him or not.

O'Neill Wants To Bring Respect Back To Sheriff's Department | WWNY TV 7

   The other big race locally is for Sheriff and its hard to read as there is no polling. A GOP old bull last night conceded Democrat Colleen O'Neill may indeed win and the reason is the projection of a more energetic image and the feeling she can shake things up in office.

    Republican John Bocciolatt has run as the "top cop", touting his arrest numbers during a 28 year career in Oregon.

     With GOP voters revved up, Ms. O'Neill needs ticket splitting but Mr. Bocciolatt enjoys the apparent support of her former primary opponent and current Undersheriff Paul Trudeau.

      I just can't get a grasp on this race and those who claim to know are just talking.

O'Neill Wants To Bring Respect Back To Sheriff's Department | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

NY21: Woolf rallies troops at GOTV effort -

     A Democratic friend shocked over the Siena Poll numbers, texted me his analysis of the cross tabs and the "overweighting" of GOP voters in the sample...Then he quickly added, "I'm not trying to spin this, Woolf's numbers are terrible."

      The poll surfaces as gospel to the media just seven days before the election when the Woolf team is trying to deploy its much touted GOTV effort...But a vibrant get out the vote regimen only matters when you are close....You don't make up 18 points that way.

      The problem for Mr. Woolf is supporters will become disillusioned and lose interest in making hours of calls. The media and political establishment will look at Mr. Woolf as dead man walking, and an upset is more and more difficult.

NY21: Woolf rallies troops at GOTV effort -

Live At Five with Glenn Curry on AM1240: Live at Five Show Ralph Nader Interview 10.27.14

    Ralph Nader calls the Live at Five Show.....a groundbreaking and hard hitting interview with Addie Russell on the HOTLINE....Lots of good radio today on AM 1240 WATN.

Live At Five with Glenn Curry on AM1240: Live at Five Show Ralph Nader Interview 10.27.14

Poll: John Katko surges past Rep. Dan Maffei in volatile Syracuse race for Congress |

     If you believe the polls, the GOP in NY is poised for a couple of pick ups in the House delegation. Siena now says John Katko is leading Rep. Dan Maffei by ten points in the volatile Syracuse district.

      Mr. Maffei was leading by eight in the last poll done by Siena and the Post Standard.

       Meanwhile it's become an issue in the race where the Congressman's baby was born. In Washington, DC and not at a Syracuse hospital.

Poll: John Katko surges past Rep. Dan Maffei in volatile Syracuse race for Congress |

Monday, October 27, 2014

Suddenly The River District Race is the Hot Ticket as Woolf Prospects Fade

   Today's HOTLINE interview with Addie Russell may make tomorrow's Chamber debate more interesting. Democrats are mad over my questioning on the Vito Lopez issue, but  Republicans are not happy about the pending question to their candidate...have you ever been arrested...Addie Russell says John Byrne has by virtue of her statement that she is the only one in the case without an arrest record.
    Newzjunky picked up on the angle today and while other media will ignore, this could get interesting.
     I think Mr. Byrne's timeline leaves him vulnerable and I think Ms. Russell is vulnerable on the Lopez/Silver relationship.
     Wild card on Tuesday ?  Conservative Russ Finley who likes red meat.
Public Questions Sought for Tuesday's 116th Assembly District Candidate Forum

Stefanik Clobbering Woolf

    Those national pundits didn't give NY 21 to Elise Stefanik for no reason.....A Channel 7-Siena Poll out today shows the Harvard educated tyro widening her lead to 18 points over Democrat Aaron Woolf.  The margin is 50-32 with Green Matt Funiciello at 11.
     The survey shows a larger margin than a similar poll last month which pegged the race at 12.
This poll, one of a handful made public, will set the tone for candidates and media coverage in the final week.
      Barring some bizarre statistical error, its hard to imagine anything other than a happy and proud night for the Stefanik family next Tuesday. Meanwhile, Democrat Aaron Woolf should refrain from any more infusions of cash.
      It's over.

Francis: Graham's Interview of Russell Insulting

   Long time Democrat Dan Francis says I was unfair to Addie Russell today when questioning her on the HOTLINE.
 ... sounds to me like you didn't hear the show I did .. she defended herself well against Graham's insult, badgering, and poor performance... hard questions, yes and she handled them quite professionally ... he did not like her answers and he kept at it ...

     Surely Republicans think I was too easy on her.

Finally a Little Heat in the River District

   The Addie Russell campaign strikes me as one that knew early on poll numbers were way in their favors and that the GOP foe was unknown....That's why the Dems didn't drag out the opposition research...They didn't need to..but the candidate didn't take a lot of prompting today to bare some fangs, which of course made the HOTLINE interview more interesting..
   There is a debate tomorrow and a chance to ramp it up on both sides. And on Wednesday, I am obliged to ask the question that was raised today.
    So this sleepy race may be a little more exciting but don't look for the MSM to dive in.  

Russell: I Never Shot a Deer, But I Am the Only Candidate in the Race Who's Never Been Arrested

       Assemblywoman Addie Russell didn't mince words today, labeling as false a media assertion that her opponent, John Byrne, operates a plastics business in Otsego County, a business Ms. Russell says folded years ago.
      Ms. Russell was more blunt during her HOTLINE appearance, telling listeners she is the only candidate who has never been arrested   Her opponents are Conservative Russ Finley, who admits to an arrest years ago resulting from a dispute with local police, and Republican John Byrne, who Democrats have been spreading stories about incidents in Manlius and Oneonta.
     Mr. Byrne will be on the HOTLINE on Wednesday.
     Ms. Russell was sharply questioned by me on her failure to call out former Assemblyman Vito Lopez, a man she now calls despicable. She defended her position in the Democratic caucus where she says her representation means something.
    Ms. Russell was quizzed on the SAFE Act and admitted she had never killed a deer but felt the law could be amended. The three term Member of Assembly also was evasive on whether she voted for Governor Cuomo in the September primary but says she supports the Governor, although didn't mention him by name.  My hunch is she voted for Zephyr, but in all fairness she didn't admit to it.
   Ms. Russell says her knowledge and experience merit a fourth term in Albany.

Gambling Dollars Don't Cancel Out Tax Hike | WWNY TV 7 - News

   Giving up private sector gambling in Jefferson County may not be good news to the tourism industry, but for local county government, the exclusivity deal the State cut with Mohawks will net 175 Arsenal Street an extra million dollars.

   The Indians were cut a deal by the Second Floor and to garner local support, some money was promised to local governments.

    Despite the extra money, Jefferson County is proposing a tax hike as spending is going up 7.2%.

Spending, Taxes Go Up In Proposed County Spending Plan | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Gov. Cuomo’s 72 jobs | New York Post

    Who doesn't run for office promising Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.....Governor Cuomo's START-UP NY program has spend lots promoting Mr. Cuomo's agenda and by extension himself, but so far one company moving from the one side of the Hudson to the other is the result.

     No START UP zones in NNY yet, and really, these tax free enclaves on college campuses (or near them) is a slap in the face to long time businesses unable or unwilling to game the system for Free, Free, Free.

Gov. Cuomo’s 72 jobs | New York Post

Pegula Donates $30K To Cuomo

        Terrence Pegula is a smart man. That's why he just donated $30K to the Cuomo campaign. Mr. Pegula and his wife own the Buffalo Sabres and the Buffalo Bills.

        They know the support of the next Governor is important to the teams.

Pegula Donates $30K To Cuomo

WDT: Sack Addie....Vote for the Other Guy

   After reading the endorsement of "anyone but Addie"  in the WDT, I realize even I could have been endorsed if I had pursued the seat as some in the GOP had asked me to.
    Congratulations to John Byrne for the embrace from 260, but the editorial is mostly an excoriation of Assemblywoman Russell who had never been a favorite there.
Not Liked at 260
     There is little reporting ever done on Mr. Byrne who once owned a now closed plastics company in Morris NY and was licensee for a tavern in Oneonta from 1995  till 2009. He currently operates a campground in Cape Vincent and is on the town board there. He was very active in the wind debate.
John Byrne at Seaway Parade In Ogdensburg
    Mr. Byrne has worked hard for the seat, visiting countless events and handing out literature. He has focused on the SAFE Act and Common Core, and only recently has criticized Ms. Russell for her support of Assembly leadership and the covering up of sexual dalliances by Vito Lopez and others.
     Ms. Russell is guest on the HOTLINE today and Mr. Byrne is on the show on Wednesday.
    Conservative Party candidate Russ Finley is also on the ballot.
Watertown Daily Times | Byrne for 116th District: Councilman has right mix of government, business experience

Astorino: Cuomo is becoming ‘unhinged’ by campaign stress | New York Post

    The prospect of winning by two dozen instead of three dozen points may annoy Governor Cuomo, but I doubt he is "unhinged" by the Astorino campaign which so far has not laid a glove on Andy.

    Whatever issues Mr. Cuomo has are self inflicted and not sufficient enough to derail his reelection.

Astorino: Cuomo is becoming ‘unhinged’ by campaign stress | New York Post

New York US House elections 2014 predictions - Bing

    Not everyone thinks NY21 is a lock but everyone thinks its a lean. The search engine Bing lists Elise Stefanik as having a 75% chance of winning over Aaron Woolf. The Washington Post had listed Ms. Stefanik as 99% certain.

      Overall, the GOP in NY is expected to win 7 of 27 seats, with no real mysteries in who will win.

New York US House elections 2014 predictions - Bing

WDT: Letter-| Funiciello has best ideas to represent NY-21

       The most revealing part of Matt Funiciello's campaign has been his intellectual and substance-based approach to the race, and what's obvious is that had this been a two party race it would have been a lot more shallow.

        The irony is that independent and heartfelt views are not what you are running to provide.. You are running to be part of a party caucus in the hope your views can have some impact on overall public policy.

      In the end, to be effective, you have to be obsequious to the system. That's what representative government is and that's why the idea people have to seek leadership roles to effect any kind of change.

        When you are running to share ideas the drill is different than if you are running to win.

         We will see what's winning when the last public poll comes out in a day or two.

Watertown Daily Times | Funiciello has best ideas to represent NY-21

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Vote Working Families Party to Pressure Andrew Cuomo | The Nation

     Progressives are being told by their masters that the WFP is the best place to vote if  they want to influence Governor Cuomo.

     That's not surprising as the WFP is the patronage/me-too party for the Dems

      The Nation chimes in.

       The question to be asked is whether progressives want to be part of the existing power structure or whether than want to bolt....If they really want to bolt they should go Green. But the Dem high command doesn't want that.

Vote Working Families Party to Pressure Andrew Cuomo | The Nation

White House Presses States to Reconsider Mandatory Ebola Quarantine Orders -

    DC is asking Governors Cuomo and Christie to back off on a very politically appealing decision to quarantine all medical aide workers for 21 days.    I don't see anything wrong with it. It's not like we are locking people up at Riker's...just keep them out of our bowling alleys.

White House Presses States to Reconsider Mandatory Ebola Quarantine Orders -

Bear World's Sister Store, Blinky's Liquors, Opens on Route 11 in Pamelia

    In New York you can buy beer in a grocery or a drug  store, but not liquor....In a liquor store you can buy liquor but not beer. After you go to two stores you can go home and mix the intoxicants.
     But increasingly the market place is stepping past the state's crazy laws by having a beer store and a liquor store side by side.....but with separate entrances.
    The latest is Bear World on Route 11 which also features a fine selection of craft and exotic beers.
    The reason for the law is the old notion that liquor is intrinsically more evil than beer and must be sold in a limited setting where people looking for a loaf of bread or a quart of milk might venture.
     That's why the State fines the stuffing out of liquor stores when they sell a pack of gum or a newspaper.
     Government is so silly but really we need hard to understand and contradictory laws in order for the public to be in awe of the state.
Bear World's Sister Store, Blinky's Liquors, Opens on Route 11 in Pamelia

WDT: Media Only Takes a Cursory LOok at Campaign Funding...More Interested in the Tick Tock Poll Story Tomorrow

 Occasionally we read  a story about "outside" money....Well, that's because no one inside ponies up...At least no in our area.

   The more popular story to cover is the easier one...It's the made up news of a poll.  The prestigious TV 7-Siena Poll is out early this week and that will define the race for the final days.

    The media has a strong interest in a poll that shows the race "closing"....So does anyone trying to raise last minute. If the poll shows 12 points, like I predicted, everyone will lose interest.

Watertown Daily Times | Out-of-district money fuels Congress race

Once Critical NY Times Endorsed Andy in a Monday Edition...No Wonder I Missed It

   With Andrew Cuomo's reelection all but certain,  even the once critical NY TImes in an obsure Monday edition backed the incumbent. As the symbol of progressive thought in the media, they had to endorse Mr. Cuomo, but in the primary they refused to and it was the Times that ran the scathing Moreland expose.
    The Old Gray Lady backed Andy,, as will virtually every paper in the state including our own....The prospect of being out in the cold is something publishers and editors don't like to face, just like the rest of us.
    The case for Mr. Cuomo is simple. He is not likeable and his connections to ethical reform are tenuous, but he gets things done. Budgets are passed. An ebola quarantine has happened. The Governor also has made very effective use of the LG for upstate relations and economic development. He put SSM behind us and depending on your viewpoint led the nation in tougher gun control.
    There are reasons to endorse the incumbent. It's just that personality and political reform are not among them.

Post Star Backs Astorino...Says Andy is Corrupt Bully

   Corruption, bullying and secretiveness were the main reasons the Glens Falls Post Star took a pass on endorsing Andy for another term and endorsed Republican Rob Astorino. 
    It's going to be tough for Maury to get his calls to the Second Floor press office returned, but most reporters say that relationship is poor anyway.
    The Post Star's gutsy endorsement is an outlier as most papers will go with the flow, but in a very subdued way.
ENDORSEMENT: Astorino will tackle corruption in state

Report: Army used alcohol, women to recruit football players

   And with the stakes as high as they are in college sports, we should be surprised alcohol and dates with cheerleaders were used to recruit high school athletes....even to our military academies.

   Another inconvenient truth about the 21 year old drinking age. Even the federal government that forced it on states, violates it in the national interest.Think about it the next time some 60 year old convenience store clerk in Gouverneur is busted in a sting over  a six pack to someone dressed to look 25.

   As for using the girls as bait.....Maybe there is a War on Womyn.

Report: Army used alcohol, women to recruit football players

NYC politician declares Ebola bowling alley safe | New York Post

      The ebola hysteria reached new and whacky heights over the weekend as NYC pols visited the sites an ebola stricken doctor went to last week including a bowling alley in Brooklyn where one pol declared it he can put his fingers in the holes on the ball, anyone can.
       So far the only sensible policy response has been the Cuomo/Christie quarantine requirement.....Done on the day the POTUS was hugging an ebola free nurse in the Oval Office
NYC politician declares Ebola bowling alley safe | New York Post

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Lewinsky mistreated by authorities in investigation of Clinton, report says - The Washington Post

   It was clear at the time the Starr crowd was out of control and that's why American's sympathized with old horn dog President.

    People get it..

Lewinsky mistreated by authorities in investigation of Clinton, report says - The Washington Post

Woolf personally loans campaign additional $200K

    Aaron Woolf loaned his campaign a couple hundred grand more earlier this month and may lend more. So far the filmmaker has ponied up $800K.

     He has skin in the game.

Woolf personally loans campaign additional $200K

Hunters and their dogs: What's behind the special bond? |

   My dog wants to hunt down the cat that lives behind my house....But I know it would be a bad moment for Jet is she caught the cat, so I restrain her.

Hunters and their dogs: What's behind the special bond? |

Habitat Christens Latest Home

   Lost going on this fall Saturday..... From Boo at the Zoo to the Flower Library book sales attended by big crowds to the dedication of the latest Habitat for Humanity house on East Lynde Street, where once stood an unsightly tenement.
   Becky Brack, her two daughters and a granddaughter got the keys today in an emotional reception.
Habitat has built many homes in the city and is planning projects in Carthage.
    We hope they will be interested in lots soon available on California Avenue.
     Habitat is a great way to do in-fill housing as the economic model is based on so much volunteer labor and donations..
    Ms. Brack was so appreciative and will surely enjoy the corner home, which also has brand new sidewalks ready to shovel this winter.

Cuomo Has $15.7M, Spends $8.6M In Three Weeks, and Other Campaign Fodder

    Publisher Harper Collins has paid the Cuomo campaign $2000 for a one time use of his fundraising database in a bid to sell the Governor's new book, which so far has sold under one thousand copies.
    Those corporate types who ponied up for the campaign now have to buy books.
     Meanwhile don't look for copies of the tome in Jefferson County. A long time Democrat told me the other night, there are no local Dems who have contributed to the Cuomo campaign and I hear enthusiasm is at best perfunctory.  I think it would be nice if Ron Cole bought a copy and donated it to the Flower Library. When Palin's first book came out I donated a couple new copies.
     Meanwhile on the hard to figure out River District race in AD116, insiders say they hear Addie Russell's numbers are strong over John Byrne, but a few minutes ago a customer from Morristown happen to see the Russell mail piece and volunteered she is very unpopular up there, so who knows.
The Byrne campaign has a strong ad buy, so we will see.
    On Monday, Ms. Russell is on the HOTLINE....Wednesday brings Mr. Byrne to Wealtha Avenue.
    Tuesday is the only open day for the HOTLINE in case Aaron Woolf changes his mind.
Cuomo Has $15.7M, Spends $8.6M In Three Weeks

NY-21 Friday Stressbuster question: Your Favorite Dr. Seuss Book

     The correct answer is "Horton Hears a Who".

NY-21 Friday Stressbuster question

Numbers, Numbers Everywhere

     There's lots of activity in the NY21 race this weekend with the candidates out east and both the major parties engaged in GOTV.....For Democrats, some is on behalf of Aaron Woolf, some on behalf of Governor Cuomo....But I think they have a decent effort afoot....Not that the Governor needs any help...He's way ahead and his joint Ebola move yesterday with Governor Christie makes him more solid.
    With GOP friends like Chris Christie, Rob Astorino may as well pack it in.
Got An Addie Russell Mail Piece Today Touting the Women's Agenda
     Any temporary reduction in antipathy towards Mr. Cuomo in NNY helps Dems slightly.
     Among the pickers....earlier this week I said Stefanik by 12....another DC guy with deep roots in the district emailed me yesterday and said 54-38-8...Meanwhile , known savant Middle Class Mike has the contrarian view, with Woolf by two.
     A lot of it depends on the strength of Green Matt Funiciello. Conventional wisdom puts him in single digits, but he has run a strong bid prompting some to think he may do better.
      I am thinking if the JETS win by double digits over Buffalo on Sunday, that bodes well for the Tyro.
    UPDATE- Ted told me the faithful were enthused over candidates Russell and O'Neill.....Supportive of Woolf but acknowledging its a long shot and Ted  says his read on the GOTV is it is as good as he's seen in Dem campaigns he's been involved in.
    Ezra (Ted's real name) says the Woolf campaign has been plagued by too many ad agencies and a message only recently in focus.
     I didn't hear about a lot of love for the top of the ticket, but it's hard to rally the faithful for a guy who can't sell a thousand books.

WDT: 260 Goes for Colleen

       The first newspaper endorsement of the season goes to Colleen O'Neill for Sheriff of Jefferson County.  The WDT says the former Trooper is best suited to address what it sees as management issues a result of the leadership of current Sheriff John Burns.

         The paper opines either Ms. O'Neill or GOP candidate John Bocciolatt could supervise law enforcement, but that Ms. O'Neill's perspective and familiarity with local police matters better suit her to lead the force.

           This has been a spirited campaign and the Republicans are very confident they will reclaim the office from what they charge is Democratic party mismanagement.  Mr. Bocciolatt has run on the theme of being a "top cop" based on his 28 year career in Portland, Oregon.

Watertown Daily Times | O’Neill for sheriff: Democratic candidate has background, skills to lead office