Monday, August 3, 2015

Fire Grant Down the Tubes | WWNY TV 7

      City Council rejected a $288,000 grant for fire staffing for two years.  The discussion brought up the CBA negotiations which center around an effort to eliminate minimum manning language which requires the scheduling of 15 firefighters on line at any time and eliminates management ability to staff as it sees fit.
    The grant was applied for with a 4-1 vote but rejected 3-2.  Accepting the grant would have provided a two year marginal reduction in OT but opponents said it would interfere with collective bargaining.
    In any event, that debate is over.
     Council meandered through a variety of other issues including Library Board appointments, lack of A/C at the Library, deciding which houses to sell or demolish, and moved a bike rack.
      Next week, we go to the Arena and also visit the Vanduzee Street property.
Signs Help Rally Support For Watertown Firefighters | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Afternoon Activities.......

  I took a quick tour of the Fairgrounds Arena in advance of next Monday's Council tour and briefing. Progress is being made and you can start to see the structure taking shape and get a feel for the end product. It's about 40% complete.
   The Superintendent and I then visited the bathhouse at the Thompson Park pool to get a feel for where we should go with that.  It would be a good place for rest rooms, but a decision has to be made at some point on the pool. 
   Finally,  Colesante's Tavern delivered another $288 for the dog park today, bringing their total to almost $400. While the elites would snicker at the amounts, it shows an interest and a concern for the neighborhood, especially after the recent attempt to deep six the project.
    Thanks to George and his customers.
     In those cases where cash funds are raised, they are converted to a money order with the business name on it before submitting to the NNY Community Foundation.

Senator Gillibrand Visits City to Meet With Economic Leaders

     Senator Kirsten Gillibrand encountered dozens of Right to Life  protestors on her way to a round table  economic discussion held at the Bruce Weight Center.
      Senator Gillibrand also toured a veterans food pantry. the Senator heard a run down of economic initiatives.
       Its good to see our other Senator here.

Poll: Toilets Should Stay in Potsdam Yard

   A poll in the WDT shows over 60% favor the Potsdam toilet garden should stay as a legitimate expression of art on a man's own property. The toilets have drawn fire from neighbors screaming about the effect on property values and the Village Board has been unable to do anything.

    I wonder if this is a case of the property owner feeding on the angst of his snooty neighbors, more than his sense of art.


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Ronda Rousey Is Unstoppable, and Now a Role Model for Girls - WSJ

       The whole Ronda Rousey phenomenon is interesting theater and seems empowering to girls who like not just her fighting skills but her feisty demeanor and spurning of the notion women are subservient.

      Not everyone can be a fighter but I like the message on empowerment, but then again I am past the age where I feel the need to dominate anyone.

Ronda Rousey Is Unstoppable - WSJ

Sunday Night

    People rail against me for talking about the lion, but I swear I was at dinner tonight and a couple tables of people were talking about the darn lion, and the dentist.  I ordered the lion bruschetta. It was delicious.
     Monday, Senator Gillibrand is at the Airport in late morning and there is a City Council meeting tomorrow night.  One thing I know is when I mention the Senator to my Army friends, the reaction is not so positive.
      Got a clean bill Friday from the Health Department in their inspection including from the erroneous complaint that never would have been lodged were I not a public figure. Hadn't had that nonsense happen in while. Tis the season.
      I had a good feeling about City Hall this evening as I had to go to the Post Office and when travelling down Gaffney Drive I saw a woman and her three or four year old daughter walking down the new sidewalk.  Nicely done project and something that really makes life better.
      It was a decision everyone on Council supported.....

Democrats would welcome Joe Biden 2016 run: DNC head - NY Daily News

With Hillary Clinton's personal approval numbers sagging, there is increasing worry she can win a general election....Enter Joe....Because Joe Knows.

Democrats would welcome Joe Biden 2016 run: DNC head - NY Daily News

Be Careful

   A fellow business owner was showing me today what has to be an elaborate rip off of some sort.  He received a USPS Priority Mail with tracking from what was said to be a liquor company in Wisconsin. Inside was a check for $1950 made out to my friend with no sneaky fine print on it.  It was from a Tamara Becker in Bloomington MN, and her address appears to be an apartment complex. It was drawn on a Bloomington Credit Union. A check on line shows the liquor company and credit union do exist.
    Of course my friend doesn't know any of these parties and is owed nothing, so it's likely a ploy to get somebody to deposit it and maybe get their bank account number ?
      You often get the ones where if you cash it, it becomes a loan, but this one was a different scam....
     Just proves the old saying , if it seems to good to be true , it is.

WDT: Proof of Trump’s charity giving elusive (So What ?)

        Is a list of charitable giving required at all levels ?  I'd be glad to comply if that's required. How about credit scores, tax returns and records of arrest and bankruptcy.  I've never seen any of that raised locally unless another candidate does, and then they are accused of attacking.

      The Donald better get used to all sorts of inquiries....some legit...many of a gotcha nature.      

Watertown Daily Times | Proof of Trump’s charity giving elusive

Fireman Signs Pop Up Around Town

    The status of the City Fire Department has not been much of a political (at least in a campaign) issue since the mayoral race of 1987 between Mayor Tom Walker and challenger John Kennedy. That was a race that largely hinged on that issue as otherwise, Mr. Walker was a respected and liked figure headed for a second term.
     Mayor Walker won by a whisker, but that was back when over 7000 would voted in a local city race. Now it's barely 4000 and the composition of the electorate may have changed. That's what some are surely banking on.
      This is a change election, mostly at the Council level where there is a certainty of two new and likely much younger members.
       A couple of those candidates in a position to be competitive want nothing to do with a head long assault on the Fire Department CBA.  Some candidates want to go hard after the union, feeling the Department is bloated and a threat to the long term fiscal stability of the City especially with tax caps now a yearly event.
      Seeing the signs is an interesting twist playing out in public. So was the entry of a firefighter into the race, however that plays out.
        It's fair to say things are frozen in amber on the issue for the time being.
   (To the commenter, no one offered me a sign. Be glad to put one next to my house but  not in front of bar. Codes would be all over me :)

Ronda Rousey destroyed Bethe Correia in 34 seconds | For The Win

   America's sweetheart and girl next door Ronda Rousey took 34 seconds to dispose of her latest victim, up from the 14 in her last major bout.
    The nation's ultimate mean girl, or "tough" as Schenk used to call them, doesn't seem poised to be bested soon.
     Maybe she could be the Donald's running mate.
Ronda Rousey destroyed Bethe Correia in 34 seconds | For The Win

Pictures May Indeed Be Worth a Thousand Words

   A truck plunges into the St. Lawrence and a picture is on Facebook....Is that news ?  A walk featuring people remembering a 25 year old crime ? Is it news , as some of the gatekeepers covered it and some didn't. The mayor once criticized for not being a church goer gives a speech to local ministers ?  Interesting but deemed not news.  A fixed position event like a City Council meeting...can be deemed news even if nothing happens. Anything to do with the Antique Boat among certain strata. LG stops to look at a boat....That is news, but some think it isn't, because she is just a "politician".
     In the citizen journalist, take a picture and its worldwide society we are in, what is and isn't "news" gets blurred as people see things through non-traditional pipelines.
     I just try to soak it all in.  Maybe some day I can sit on a panel discussion of crusty old school journalists pining over the good old days when we shot it on 16mm and typed it on a Smith-Corona.  

Saturday, August 1, 2015

My Saturday Night

     Had a great time at the Zoo and Brew tonight....Alicia and I made the loop...saw the wolverine...the bears up close and the mountain lion, among other beasts. Went over to see the pig and donkey as I think the farm animals feel left out.
      This is a great fundraiser and the weather was perfect. I didn't see any pols except Cody Horbacz and his lady. We chatted about things and the race ahead for all.
        An interesting aside to the evening in Thompson Park was a trip through the Vortex. We came out on the golf course and watched three guys hit their tee shots...I am sure they didn't want the audience...but they all hit well. 
     Then off to Pete's for an after Zoo drink.

Tina Hosmer Smith Remembered.....25 Years Later

   Nearly one hundred friends, relatives and those who covered, cared or followed her case turned out for a walk to the locations of the last hours of Tina Hosmer Smith...slain by four bullets 25 years ago in an alley on Goodale Street behind City Hall.
    The emotional sojourn comes as Tina's family continues to seek justice in the unsolved homicide.
Two officers who worked the case, Lt. Joe Donoghue and former Chief Joe Goss were there along with Councilwoman Roxanne Burns and myself.
    The four AM shooting death produced leads but never an arrest. The boyfriend was scrutinized and other theories exist.
     City residents should offer a prayer for the deceased and her family.
      Earlier in the day at a breakfast gathering for local ministers, I asked for their prayers as well.
At that breakfast at Maggie's I spoke on the need for religion to define moral absolutes in a society where relativism reigns.

University of California System Now Allows Applicants Six Different Gender Choices

     It was always the easiest question on any application....M or F.....But now the nation's largest public university system has six categories so transgenders feel included.
The choices are: “male; female; trans male/trans man; trans female/trans woman; gender queer/gender non-conforming; and different identity.”
The application also asks “what sex were you assigned at birth, such as on an original birth certificate?” and the two choices are: male or female.
      If you don't want to put people on the spot why not skip the gender issue on the application...What difference does it make ?
UC enacts measures to ensure campus environments are inclusive for LGBT students, faculty and staff | UCnet

WDT:Watertown fast-food workers eagerly anticipate minimum wage increase

     Now that the state can micromanage the issue of minimum wages by industry and employer, one wonders where it all goes.  Of course the implementation is gradual and everyone's situation is different.

      On the national level there is pressure for a new baseline wage, with Hillary Clinton seeming to back a $12 an hour minimum being pushed by Senator Patty Murray of Washington State. Of course, the candidate is quick to add she encourages localities to adopt their own higher wage.

      Watertown Daily Times | Watertown fast-food workers eagerly anticipate minimum wage increase

WDT: Brew at the Zoo a treat for zoo animals and humans

   The Thompson Park Zoo will be abuzz again tonight as the Zoo Brew entertains hundreds more visitors. This will be my evening to attend.

     Also today, I have a speech to a group of local clergy this morning during a gathering at Maggie's  and mid-day there is a march for Tina Hosmer Smith, the victim of an unsolved murder 25 years ago today. All in all a busy Saturday

     That was quite a thunder storm Friday evening. Power was off for a time over here.

Watertown Daily Times | Brew at the Zoo a treat for zoo animals and humans (VIDEO)

Friday, July 31, 2015

Lion-killing dentist’s representative contacts Feds | New York Post

    The dentist who killed Cecil the lion has through a representative contacted the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

     This will cool down and the doc may pay a fine but no more......

Lion-killing dentist’s representative contacts Feds | New York Post

Kids who are popular at school become losers as adults | Daily Mail Online

    Justice for the indignities of being in the A/V club instead of the football team.

Kids who are popular at school become losers as adults | Daily Mail Online

Friday Night in the 13601

     Had my Friday campaign meeting with Kari Plumpton today to map out promotion of our August 27 event and make decisions on how to win the September 10 primary....I think we made progress.
     This photo reminds me of the time I drove my parents Olds Toronado (remember the funky speedometer ?) to A & W on Bradley Street and after the tray was affixed I went to adjust the window and dumped all the root beer inside.
      Funny the things you remember.
       I am glad to hear Tebow will make the Eagles...I always thought he'd be good for the NFL.
       I tried to read Jerry Moore's tome on the Scopes Monkey Trial today....but it was too long and I had seen the movie.  It was a fascinating episode in American history.
      Jerry, I need my intellectual fulfillment in bite size morsels.
      And I had a long phone call this afternoon from a woman angry over her apartment and she was of the opinion everyone was paying her only lip service...She even said the AG told her to call the Mayor....Thanks Eric.
      A friend told me I should have put a price on the invite for our August 27 event....Yes, we want donations but if someone can't or just wants to meet me, I don't want them to feel they are not welcome. Unless it's the Koch brothers....I would expect at least a Grant from them.

'Pornographic' Cosmopolitan magazine to be censored by major retailers | Daily Mail Online

       The family that brought us Tanya and the Symbionese Liberation Army now is crusading for blinders on Cosmopolitan magazines in the rack.....Victoria Hearst  says the popular mag is too racy for the children to see, while at the check out.

       Closing the barn door a little late aren't we all you folks who brought us the Spanish American War.

'Pornographic' Cosmopolitan magazine to be censored by major retailers | Daily Mail Online

Fire Grant May Highlight Monday Council Meeting.

    The issue that will garner interest in this week's Council agenda out today is the SAFER grant.... a nearly $300K grant from Homeland Security applied for by now opposed by the attorney handling contract talks with the firefighters union.
     The 30 day fuse to accept comes in just days and there is no resolution in the agenda so it will take a rule waiver to get the matter before Council on Monday.  I can't predict the end result but I hope it's able to be discussed.
      I told John Moore when he called, I didn't see acceptance and contract goals as mutually exclusive, so I would favor executing the grant agreement.
       Council also will decide what to do with tax sale properties. Staff is urging two houses be sold but one is too far gone and should be demolished.
       We will see what happens. 

Lion-killing dentist planned to take down elephant next | New York Post

     Dr. Palmer wanted to bag an elephant next, but they couldn't find one for him quickly enough after the killing of Cecil the lion.  

Lion-killing dentist planned to take down elephant next | New York Post

WDT: DA candidate Kristyna Mills suing County Board of Elections, college student for invalidating petition signatures

   There's a lot of back channel in this story which only now is getting much coverage, but what's lacking is an analysis of why the BOE invalidated signatures...A BOE run by both a GOP and Democratic commissioner.
     Ted Ford told me he had looked at the petition and a cursory view revealed over half of the 51 signatures were flawed.  Now the candidate is suing....claiming she was not given the chance after submission to correct the petition.
      Clearly, the Republicans are upset the BOE acted as it did instead of producing a deadlock ruling that would have to be disputed in court..
        I think many of the flaws were rookie in nature, a person from Dexter, writing Dexter under "Town" instead of Brownville.
        Having done petitions for years, I always make sure the columns contain the correct information.
Many times people signing will use "City"  instead of Watertown in the address.....or use ditto marks. It's a legal document. You have to make sure its correct, especially in a minor party situation where the number of signatures is smaller and the impact of striking a small number is greater.
        Other things to double check is the witness statement and date sequence.
         It's not really "technicalities", it's filling in the blanks and attention to detail.
atertown Daily Times | DA candidate Kristyna Mills suing County Board of Elections, college student for invalidating petition signatures

WDT: Mitchell may keep pension despite conviction

   There's always a lot of blather on someone's state pension and a conviction.  They are separate issues for Joyce Mitchell or anyone in her situation. She qualified and while she faces a few years in the pokey, for a crime, she has to live after she has paid her debt.

    There's too much of blaming Ms. Mitchell for the embarrassment at Dannemora....The warden gets his pension.

Watertown Daily Times | Mitchell may keep pension despite conviction

Thursday, July 30, 2015

From Gamergate to Cecil the lion: internet mob justice is out of control - Vox

     Very quickly an Internet mob has sent a dentist into hiding and subjected him and his family to all sorts of negative publicity....It happens in an instant.....

From Gamergate to Cecil the lion: internet mob justice is out of control - Vox

Where's Walter? Feds open investigation into dentist who killed Cecil the lion as White House says it will review petition to EXTRADITE the elusive hunter | Daily Mail Online

    Dr. Walter Palmer is in hiding and faces possible extradition....meanwhile the press and protestors have his ritzy homes in MN and FL in their sites.....This is one rich dentist, given what he spends on his hunting trips....No wonder a filling costs so much.
     Some say too much attention to a dead lion.....but anyone who knows news, knows this story is catnip.
Where's Walter? Feds open investigation into dentist who killed Cecil the lion as White House says it will review petition to EXTRADITE the elusive hunter | Daily Mail Online

Lion-killing dentist hides as protesters swarm his office | New York Post

    Doctor Palmer has his supporters.....After all, we all kill animals every day either to eat or because they bother us. I killed some millipedes this morning..

     But the killing of Cecil the Lion has hit a nerve and the doctor's practice has suffered, although I wonder if it will cost his patients ?  

     I wonder if their are heads on the walls of his examination rooms. ?

Lion-killing dentist hides as protesters swarm his office | New York Post

Which Woman Wins Award Today ?

   The Chamber of Commerce will announce the Athena Award winner this morning at 11 over at the Fairfield Inn. That's an odd spot unless its being sprung on a hotel employee.
    Who is the woman who has accomplished the most in the past year or demonstrated a lifetime of commitment ?
     Aside from your feelings on awards in general, it's always interesting to see who surfaces. 

WDT: Sales Tax Grows Slowly, For Now

   Sales tax and its increases have always been problematic for small neighborhood taverns where the tradition is to charge even amounts with the tax inclusive in the price.  So a $3 Bud is really $2.784,  soon to be $2.777. A further erosion of margin.

      The vast majority of businesses add the sales tax on to the price and no one says anything.

       It would be World War III to start doing it the normal way.

Watertown Daily Times | North country sales tax growth lowest in the state

Dismantling military's transgender ban to begin Monday

   Another challenge for the brass. Coming up with protocols for assimilating transgender troops instead of discharging them. It's getting more complicated to be in charge.

Dismantling military's transgender ban to begin Monday

Campus Cop Charged in Latest on Camera Incident| Daily Mail Online

       Another on camera confrontation...this one a campus cop staging what prosecutors say was a "chicken crap" pullover for  a missing plate that resulted in the officer shooting the driver in the head and then cooking up a story that would have been gospel except for the video..
        Do these cop-cam videos undermine law enforcement or make the government more accountable ?
        What is sure is that we will see a regular stream of videos depicting interactions gone awry.
Ray Tensing who shot Samuel DuBose is charged with murder | Daily Mail Online

WDT: Zoo-Brew Event Attracts Many Vendors

    This is one of the nicer events to go to....Casual, out of doors and you eat, drink and socialize at your own pace as you walk around the Thompson Park Zoo on a summer's evening.

     The Zoo Brew is on both Friday and Saturday night so pick an evening an do something different.

Watertown Daily Times | Thompson Park Zoo expects higher vendor count for Brew at the Zoo Friday and Saturday

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Why is the US still using a Nazi tall ship? - BBC News

      This is an interesting story about the US military's only tall ship and its fascinating roots.

Why is the US still using a Nazi tall ship? - BBC News

Joyce Mitchell says she performed sex acts, took naked photos for escaped prisoners |

   Life in a NY prison.....Her home life must have been a little dull.

Joyce Mitchell says she performed sex acts, took naked photos for escaped prisoners |

WDT: Police: David Sweat still cooperating a month after capture

   Why wouldn't he talk..he's got nowhere to go and in solitary would have no one to talk to. 

Watertown Daily Times | Police: David Sweat still cooperating a month after capture

Stripers Spotted on Pearl Street

   Maybe there was a time when we'd spell that with two "P"s , but not these days .
     I had the lot striped today following last weeks pavement repairs.

Brady To Be a Wreck in Coming Season as Anger, Hubris and Sanctimony Consume Star QB

   JETS and Bills fan rejoice as the bitter and angry Tom Brady decides he wants to be consumed by his own doing rather than cut his losses, take the suspension and move on.
   Instead QB Brady is lawyered up and ready to go to court and he has his minions on TV bashing the Commissioner.
    Keep brooding Tom......Fans of the other AFC East teams want you to fight hard in court and focus all your attention on saving your good name.....

Linda Tripp breaks silence after nearly 20 years, unloads on Hillary | New York Post

   Lift the rock of history and see what crawls out...Linda Tripp seeking her 15 minutes with a screed against Hillary Clinton.

   Linda Tripp breaks silence after nearly 20 years, unloads on Hillary | New York Post

After trailing 5-0, Yankees score 21 runs to demolish Rangers | New York Post

   Who would have though the Yanks would end July in first place by like seven games...And with such a sketchy rotation and aging players.

After trailing 5-0, Yankees score 21 runs to demolish Rangers | New York Post

Flanagan Starts Upstate Tour

    Now the Senate Majority Leader is taking an upstate tour. Senator Flanagan follows the Speaker in trying to prove they are in touch with upstate.

    The Leader is certainly welcome in Watertown and we would be glad to show him the Library and the Farmer's Market while he is downtown. Well, we hope he visits downtown.

Flanagan Starts Upstate Tour Police Blotter: Speeder Clocks 140MPH on Washington Street

   A driver doing 140 mph trying to flee police for a traffic stop....In the City on Washington Street.  At speeds nearly five times the limit the judgment of other drivers becomes skewed as pulling out and looking both ways may not presume someone coming into the picture that quickly.
    Not to mention kids,bicycles , dogs and the participants in the chase who have limited ability to react.
These things develop quickly, but we are all lucky a tragedy didn't happen.
    And what kind of car got cranking that fast so rapidly ? Police Blotter

U.S. dentist wanted for killing Cecil the lion -

       My dentist is not infamous and that's fine. I like to talk current events while in the chair and have no desire to hear about the killing of a beloved , sleepy eyed lion named Cecil who the dentist killed while on safari.

         The Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil is being sought by the government of Zimbabwe.  The doc says he relied on local guides.

U.S. dentist wanted for killing Cecil the lion -

Tom Brady's suspension upheld by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell | Daily Mail Online

    It's always the cover up more than the crime......Tom Brady destroyed his cell phone in order to conceal evidence in Deflate Gate.

     The phone was destroyed just before meeting with League investigators, but the players union calls the Brady suspension  outrageous and the veteran QB has pledged to go to court to get back on the field.

       What is Brady suspended for ?  Deflating or concealing evidence after the fact ?  Maybe both and how sympathetic is anyone towards his plight ?

Tom Brady's suspension upheld by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell | Daily Mail Online

County Legislators Face Tough Fiscal Choices | WWNY TV

      There's no doubt about it, local government has grown in recent decades. I remember covering meetings in the 70s for the news media and the numbers were so much lower for everything.
       County budgets were like $18M, now they are over $250M.
       The tough thing for legislators or for any local government is the combination of mandated programs and other programs that have a constituency ready to lobby for their continuance.
       There are so many social programs, any minor cut starts a firestorm.
        Same is true in Big Education, while municipalities have their own sins.
         We have grown government not by property tax as everybody is way within the Constitutional limit. We've grown it by creating funding streams in no way anticipated when the Constitution was written.
        Next year's "tax cap" will be adhered to largely because of those other sources.
        County Legislators Face Tough Fiscal Choices | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

WDT: Snow piles from record-breaking Buffalo storm still melting

   There's still snow waiting to melt in Buffalo. That's discouraging. Maybe it can hang on till this winter.

Watertown Daily Times | Snow piles from record-breaking Buffalo storm still melting

WDT: Prison Dupe Pleads Out

    Old Joyce pleaded out and in a weepy courtroom appearance admitted to putting saw blades in the beef.......She'll get 2 and a third to seven, while the warden gets a nice pension.

Watertown Daily Times | Joyce Mitchell pleads guilty in escape of 2 killers

NFL upholds phone-destroying Tom Brady’s four-game ban | New York Post

     Evidence destroying and cheating Tom Brady will be out for the full four game suspension for his part in Deflate Gate.

      The Commish denied his appeal. Hopefully he takes his punishment like a man, instead of further fighting in court.

      Brady isn't that important.

NFL upholds phone-destroying Tom Brady’s four-game ban | New York Post

Group Announces Plans for Rouse Building

   Downtown continues a popular spot for investment as a local developer announced plans to acquire and further develop the Rouse Building on Washington Street and related properties. The Lundy Group made the announcement in a release today.
Rouse Building

   The Rouse Building is on the corner of Washington and Winslow Streets, and the Lundy Group has most recently developed properties on outer Washington Street.

One Survey Raps Upstate As the Worst Place to Live..... - RoadSnacks#content#content

   Some lists you don't like to be on and someone has come up with a list of the ten worst places to live in NYS......The metrics used put Us and other upstate cities like Utica, Gloversville, Johnstown and villages like Herkimer and Albion in the crosshairs.

   But it depends on what you area looking for. Still impressions matter and any and all rankings should be reviewed to see how we  can do better.

These Are The 10 Worst Places To Live In New York State - RoadSnacks#content#content

WDT: Philanthropist, 97, gives River Hospital $1m

   At 97 Richard Macsherry is still going strong and the businessman and philanthropist has just given one million dollars to help out the River Hospital in Alexandria Bay. It's the start of a five million dollar campaign.

     Mr. Macsherry had been a fixture when it comes to generosity for so long.  Thanks for a life well lived.

Watertown Daily Times | Philanthropist, 97, gives River Hospital $1m

How tongue piercings can ruin your smile | Daily Mail Online

    They're neat and cool....provide sexual excitement and impress your friends.... But tongue piercings have a downside say dentists, who warn about long and short term dental problems including fractured teeth and receding gums.

     So while getting your tats, piercings, and droopy ear lobes, you may want to reconsider that tongue piercing...You can always get a split tongue instead.

How tongue piercings can ruin your smile | Daily Mail Online

Why is George Pataki running for president? |

    When we talk of 16 GOP candidates for President, that sounds amazing, but  you have to wonder if some are really candidates....One of those in former NY Governor George Pataki who seems to have no real reason for running.
    Just filing with the FEC may suggest a campaign but with Mr. Pataki there seems no other apparent career objective.....I think it costs a grand to register for the NH primary....That doesn't mean you are really running.
     We've had this same thing happen with people who say they are running for offices like Congress and even some local offices, and when they quit the media reports they quit, like they were really running n the first place.
     I'm not sure what Mr. Pataki is up to, but if he is having fun doing it, good for him.
Why is George Pataki running for president? |

A-Rod celebrates birthday with a bash as Yankees cruise | New York Post

       The Yankee's won again on A-Rod's 40th birthday as the slugger hit his 678th homer....While Alex Rodriguez' season is a bit of a redemption, the Yank's season is a shocker too....No one would have thought they'd be up by a half dozen games at the end of July.

       Fans are happy in NY.

A-Rod celebrates birthday with a bash as Yankees cruise | New York Post