Tuesday, October 13, 2015

John McHugh, Army secretary: Women will likely have to register for the draft - Washington Times

     This won't go over well in a nation largely detached from the Armed Forces.....

John McHugh, Army secretary: Women will likely have to register for the draft - Washington Times

Candidate Forum to Be Taped Wednesday

      Friday at 8PM , public television station WPBS will present the joint interview with my opponent and I on the Public Eye with Jeff Cole. This is the only joint appearance of the campaign except for a Realtors luncheon which has candidates for all races in two counties.

      The WPBS forum will be taped Wednesday afternoon and will be available the same night on the Web.

      A similar session for Council candidates will be next week. There is no forum on TV for the DA candidates, I understand.


Hef Says No More Nudes

    Playboy has given up on nude women. I didn't know anyone read the once iconic magazine anymore, but we live in a time where nude people are ubiquitous....all over the Internet for starters....even posing for photos on Times Square.
     Forbidden fruit loses its allure when its on every tree.

Stefanik in Fortune Magazine

     Rep. Elise Stefanik tells Fortune magazine she ran for Congress at age 29 more out a desire for demographic change than as a idealogue.
     Of 10,000 who have served in Congress only 300 were women and the average age is 58. She is now 31.   Ms. Stefanik spoke to a gathering of the most powerful women.
       She also said something about pattern tights, but I don't recall it an issue that year. I'd want to poll test that issue before rolling it out.
      Meanwhile, our MOC along with the rest of DC must be wondering about the contest for Speaker as her friend Paul Ryan has not made a decision and won't be doing so quickly.

No Fizz in this Year's COLA

      No Social Security increase because the cost of living hasn't gone up. That's the word from Washington. It's blamed on falling gas prices, although for most pensioners gas is probably not a big part of their budget, so the lack of an increase is effectively a decrease given other factors in inflation.

Dem Debate May Not Be That Exciting Without a Trump

     Tonight the Democratic candidates for President gather for their "debate" and it's not likely to attract the record audiences the GOP debates did. If Joe Biden had jumped in, yes, but without that the novelty is Senator Bernie Sanders.
     Hillary Clinton's slide in the polls has leveled off and while she is hurting, most experts feel the nomination is still hers due to money, organization and the lack of a tier one challenger.
     Governor Martin O'Malley could be the break out candidate while former Senator Jim Webb and GOP convert Lincoln Chafee are likely just taking up space.
      The debate will draw some audience of those curious to see if Mrs. Clinton will have trouble with Senator Sanders, who is polling well in the early primary states.

Monday, October 12, 2015

WDT:| Housing developer plans to buy six buildings in Watertown from Murray

   A new generation of entrepreneurs is making things happen in Watertown. Old buildings are getting redone and while some public sector money is part of it, there is a lot of leverage too.
    It's all part of fixing things up...and you know what....in doing so, somebody makes some money...isn't that what makes the world go round ?
Watertown Daily Times | Housing developer plans to buy six buildings in Watertown from Murray

Life's Little Things Still Worth a Photo

   Am I just a picture taker and promoter ? Well , yes and today I was proud to bring details and photos of the Italian flag raising on Columbus Day. For me it's an every October stop on the agenda of being mayor, not just something to show up for campaign time.
     Dr. Eugene Renzi was the keynote speaker and many of his family were there.
    The heritage and the chance to share thoughts came through at the IACA afterward with lunch. I sat with the Benedetto's .
      These ceremonies along with retirement ceremonies and other city events are the little things often too miniscule for the MSM, but worth coverage somewhere.

Canadians want to build a wall to keep Americans out (Commentary) | syracuse.com

    A poll shows 41% of Americans want a wall built along the US-Canada border. That's prompted Canadian writers to argue for a wall of their own to keep the Americans out...They should keep out the 41% for being a tad on the ignorant side.

Canadians want to build a wall to keep Americans out (Commentary) | syracuse.com#incart_m-rpt-1#incart_m-rpt-1#incart_m-rpt-1#incart_m-rpt-1#incart_m-rpt-1#incart_m-rpt-1

Old Man Winter Lurks as the Cold Season Looms

      Bad things tend to "loom", so this story is a reminder that even though its in the low 70s today, winter is just around the corner. I'll have to call Cheney's to get my 20 year old Simplicty snowblower serviced for the season.
    I already have ice melter from Ace Hardware on State Street and the furnaces are hopefully ready for another winter.
     You never really are ready till the first snow and you have to dress accordingly.
      Fortunately I am well equipped for travel with a Jeep Wrangler from FX Caprara.
      Winter comes in two distinct parts.
       The warm and fuzzy holiday season full of joy and good tidings...Then's there's the rest of winter.


    Todays HOTLINE will again feature Councilwoman Teresa Macaluso as the guest host and her guests are Council candidates Ryan Henry-Wilkinson and Mark Walczyk.   It should be a fun and informative hour.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

You Don't Have to Swim at Jake's

   Saturday's "pool party" at Jake Johnson's house on Mullin Street is not intended for swimming. I thought I would point that out since some are incredulous at the concept.
   It's meant to be  campy and raise some money for Graham for Mayor.  You don't really have to swim or come dressed to swim.  Jake and Katie are popular folks who have kindly opened up their beautiful home for the event, and even if the weather is spotty, the show goes on.
    So dress for fall and come on over for some fun, food, and friendship.

Bill and Hill Notch Fortieth

   The Clintons have been married forty years....Since they met at Harvard and through many stresses and strains, they are still married. That's a better record than most.

  •     Time will tell whether they both get to be President thought.

Paul Ryan has the votes for House speaker, but does he want the job?

     Does he want it ? 

     The lack of people interested or viable for the third highest position in the land is amazing. I think Rep. Ryan takes it as not doing so seems an abdication of duty given the void.
      Only problem is to succeed legislatively, will Rep. Ryan antagonize the segment of the GOP that topped Speaker Boehner.
Paul Ryan has the votes for House speaker, but does he want the job?

Open Door A/C Now Illegal in the Apple

     Another decision now made by government and not small business. It's now illegal in NYC to have the door open while using air conditioning.  Mayor Bill deBlasio has signed legislation to halt the co-mingling of inside and outside air as he says it contributing to global warming.
     How did we go all these years making our own decision. No doubt there are sufficient nanny staters in the populace to snitch in case you leave the door open with the air on.
     I wouldn't do it often but once in a while with a decent crowd you might want some cooling to go with fresh air.
     The mayor is still working on those desnudas in Times Square.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Subtle Tone Changes Noted on Friday HOTLINE

       On Friday's HOTLINE the narrative seemed to change  more than a little. Those idolized were criticized and some of it was interesting and new to me. The criticism of my opponent was spot on. So was Cody Horbacz push back on the issue-less race for Council.
    I'll have to listen to Teresa Macaluso on Monday to see what else comes up when Ryan Henry-Wilkinson and Mark Walczak split the hour.

Fresh Air and Politics

   Beautiful fall weather and a dozen of us hit the streets today for old fashioned door to door canvassing. We covered a lot of ground in different parts of town. With 98 miles of city streets, the extra help is appreciated.
    Response was good.
   I'll do a little bit tomorrow but there's also football and the season premier of the Dead.

Letter to WDT: Graham Runs for the Right Reasons

      "Don't fall for the distractions" is part of the good advice in this letter to the editor from someone who knows. Matt Masterson has run political campaigns at many levels and is someone I have worked with and respect.
        Matt took the time to pen a very nice letter and he alludes to something I am very proud of and that is my advocacy for the City of Watertown.
        Thank you for the kind words.

Bruno Closes Out Decades of Fundraising

     After years of legal battles that consumed lots of cash, former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno is closing the books on his campaign and legal funds, giving $1.4M mostly to GOP Senate candidates.
     Unlike local offices, these state and federal pols carry very large campaign accounts well into retirement.

Friday, October 9, 2015

McCarthy says Ryan 'looking at' run for speaker as pressure mounts

     Sometimes you have to do something even if you don't want to....Paul Ryan running for Speaker may be such a task as he is a figure of statue who can unite the caucus and fight the fights a Speaker must.
     Rep. Ryan was the VP nominee in 2012 and a leader in Congress. Speaker is a pain in the ass job but its the number three Constitutional job in the land.
     Mr. Ryan should consider accepting the challenge.
McCarthy says Ryan 'looking at' run for speaker as pressure mounts

Hotline Hit

    I've been so looking forward to returning to the HOTLINE, but I can see I have still competition. Roxanne Burns has done a great job and today Teresa Macaluso proved a star is born.
    Councilwoman Macaluso did very well and was visited by candidate Cody Horbacz, who is trying to break through the media filter in what is an increasingly raucous fall. On Monday, Ms. Macaluso fills in again as its a government holiday.  Council candidate Mark Walczyk is stopping in for a few minutes.
      Hopefully Ryan Henry-Wilkinson can pop in too. Haven't heard from these guys in weeks.

Paul Ryan's To Decline....But Does He Want the Job ? - POLITICO

   As a Constitutional office second in line for the Presidency, Speaker of the House is a pretty impressive job to have. However, presiding over 435 cats, listening to all their problems, endless fundraisers all over the country, a caucus split with some frustrated with RINO's canoodling with Bam, and the day to day running of the institution is real work and you are always the bad guy.
     The clamor is for Paul Ryan, but does he want the hassle and it could be a killer of future ambition. On the other hand , if this respected Member eschews the call for leadership, how does that bode for future Presidential ambitions ?
Meeting Rep. Paul Ryan During 2014 Watertown Visit
    The Speaker is elected by the whole body but if the majority caucus stays together, that's the ball of wax.
    A Speaker elected on a bipartisan basis would be impossible in the current climate although did you know the Speaker doesn't have to be a Member of Congress, so any of us are in the running, in theory.
     As for Rep. Ryan, I had the pleasure of meeting him last year, at an event for then candidate Elise Stefanik.
The chase is on for Paul Ryan - POLITICO

Honda Store on Track

       Metal has started to go up for the new Caprara Honda dealership on outer Bradley Street. The popular brand of car will be available soon and sixty people will work there.
        Putting the dealership away from car row on Washington Street is a bold move but the new location next to Exit 47  puts Honda as the interdept from points north, including Fort Drum.
        The area has been without a Honda dealership for some years now and with pent up demand for the brand, the new Caprara store should do well.

Presidential Primary Deadline Today

     If you want to vote November 3rd , you have to register by today..And the same is true if you want to sign up for a party so you can vote in next years Presidential primary. The GOP contest is attracting the most attention, but the Demoratic primary may be interesting too if VP Biden jumps in.
     New York has closed primaries so you have to be registered in a party to vote in that primary.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

First Spot Done

      I did what I think is a nice looking TV spot for the campaign and we have a radio ad in rotation. I think there's a Newzjunky ad too, promoting the upcoming fundraisers, including the October 17 soire at Jake Johnson's pool on Mullin Street.
      A well balanced effort I hope although in the Year of Trump,  the most time and the most favorable coverage sometimes goes to those who are interesting in lieu of spending money. It's a brilliant campaign when you can pull that off leaving others looking for crumbs from 120. The Donald has done that in his race, although now he is starting to have to spend a bit on organization and advertising.
    Eventually the media gatekeepers get tired of giving it away for free....They are in business, aren't they ?
     Tomorrow's HOTLINE with Teresa Macaluso should be fun. I will run the board but am under strict orders not to utter a word...no sighs...no burps...nothing. And I won't.  I think we will be taking the day off on Monday as I was told today its a holiday.    

Thursday Trail Mix

   Some people are still engaged despite health setbacks and age. Former Councilman Ken Hartz was full of vim and vigor about City Hall when I stopped by today while doing D2D on Ohio Street....The real star of the street, Jay Donovan was not at home...or was sleeping...or was ?
    Had some good conversations with voters, and recent events came up.
    While out there the Times called to asked if I was distracted. Not really, but I am not oblivious either. I am finding out more about it all every day as I talk to different people.
     Still, the chaff in the air , while directed at me, also obscures others running, so I am not sure of the effect.
     My goal is to talk about my efforts, background and platform. The Arena came up with one Eastern Blvd resident, but what can I say. We both voted for it, one after opposing it and one after supporting it all along.
      The gent I talked to must have liked my answer as he requested a sign.

McCarthy Folds His Cards

   A DC shocker today as Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California withdrew from the contest for Speaker as he was unable to get his GOP conference behind him and thus ensure the 218 votes needed to head the body.
    A moment of candor on Benghazi (or a gaffe, depending on your take) started his slide from grace.
     How about a new face and not a veteran of the talking head circuit.

Voter Registration Deadline Nears for General Election, October 9th Last Day to Register

    If you want to vote in the November 3rd election you have to register my tomorrow (Friday). The Board of Elections is on the fourth floor of the Motor Vehicles building on Arsenal Street (County Building.
     It's also important to be registered at the correct address.
     Also, you can cast an absentee ballot at the Board office, so if there is a chance you will be away on November 3 or maybe you are a snowbird, cast an absentee early so you don't have to worry.
     A week ago the automatic absentees were sent out to the confined voters, but if you have limitations, you can be put on that list too.
     Absentees can be obtained up to the day before the election and the forms to apply for one are on line. It's still early enough to mail the app in and have the ballot sent to you but you can also authorize someone to pick it up for you.
Voter Registration Deadline Nears for General Election, October 9th Last Day to Register

Dinapoli Says Splitting NY into Two States Would Harm Upstate

   If we split the state, then we could argue that Buffalo gets too much of our money. Oh wait, they do already.

High School Party Features the Devil's Brew

    Years before they can legally consume alcohol, students at Carthage Central School did just that. The superintendent says athletes at the party will receive unspecified punishment.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


     Work on the Fairgrounds Arena is on schedule. Council toured the facility this evening and learned from project manager Larry Coburn that the project is about 55% complete.
      The next major step will be installation of cooling pipe and the pouring of the concrete floor.
       A February 1st completion date is likely and there may well be ice time for the end of the winter. Council will take another peek at the Arena after Thanksgiving, although individual members stop by from time to time for updates.
       It's looking like Councilwoman Macaluso will fill in on the HOTLINE on Friday. That should be fun.
      Got a lot of things done today and since I won't have to watch the Yankees in the playoffs I will have more free time. Plus the JETS have a bye this weekend so we can savor 3-1 for two full weeks.

WDT: Near peak leaf color change predicted in Jefferson County

    I love the Fall. Best time of year hands down. Hope you enjoy it too.

Watertown Daily Times | Near peak leaf color change predicted in Jefferson County

Wednesday Afternoon

      Well, at the 120 I did get a Two Broke Girls poster for all my trouble this week. That's some consolation. I bought some TV and Steve Weed is doing the production. Keeping it local and keeping it downtown and Class of '73.
        Did an absentee for a merchant marine guy I know who is always out of town.
        Tonight is the tour of the Arena to update Council. it should be interesting. This morning I went to a Red Cross breakfast honoring local heroes. I sat with the Fire Chief and we had a nice chat about things.
       I stopped at Perry's house yesterday while doing door to door....He has a big dog.

Bungling Surgeon Ben Carson Left Sponge In Patient’s Brain! - The National Enquirer

      It's a part of his past and while it's not what you do as a President, anything is fair game these days....heck it always was.  The fact Dr. Carson left a sponge in someone's head may be relevant to dealing with turmoil in Syria.

Bungling Surgeon Ben Carson Left Sponge In Patient’s Brain! - The National Enquirer


  Let's see. It's Wednesday so I start out going to a Red Cross breakfast at the Hilton, and then I have to take some time to sit down with Craig Fox from the Times, who called yesterday but I was in the middle of something.
    There's a lot of dogs in Watertown. When you are going door to door you see lots of big dogs and some homes have lots of canines who make quite the ruckus.
      Right after the primary when I wrote an OP/ED  on the campaign and the issues, I thought the discussion on properties, drugs, downtown development plans, city finances and the like was pretty substantive. Who would have thought things would veer off into where it did ?