Friday, November 27, 2015

Manners Matter and Are Appreciated

     There's just something about good manners that makes you feel good about the human condition. Today I got a very nicely written thank you note for teacher Pam Staub-Johnson up at Wiley for the Egyptian art I donated from the lot I bought at the Starbuck House auction.
     Ms. Staub-Johnson said the parchment prints would help the students better visualize antiquity and maybe they will.
     Some people realize the value of a thank you. I always get a nice note from Rande Richardson if I give something to one of his causes. Then there have been political candidates I have given money and effort to and never got a thank you.
     Everyday I am thankful for the upbringing I received.

Scriba mulls axing highway superintendent post after man with DWI elected |

      A newly elected highway superintendent in Scriba (Oswego County) got a DWI after being elected and so the town board wants to turn the position into an appointed one asap so the guy won't have the job for long. 
     Some town board members claim the superintendent-elect misled voters about his drinking. If that's an issue, there are a lot of legislators in DC and Albany who fit the bill.
      The public loses their right to vote on important positions every day and laws shouldn't be changed for one case. The people elected him, and if he doesn't have a CDL, so be it. It's not a condition of running.
   Highway supers often feud with town boards, and many don't like the idea of someone getting elected to a fifty or sixty thousand dollar a year job. They'd rather appoint someone for $80K/
Scriba mulls axing highway superintendent post after man with DWI elected |

Maury: Stefanik meets with women members of Afghan National Assembly

    During her recent trip to Afghanistan , Rep. Elise Stefanik took time to meet with three women lawmakers serving in the Afghan National Assembly. 

Stefanik meets with women members of Afghan National Assembly

WDT: ‘Prejudicial’ remarks to jury by DA cited as 2014 rape conviction reversed

    Poor Mary Rain. Once the endorsee of the establishment and the favorite of many political big wigs , now she can't buy any good press. The latest is a reversal of a rape conviction based on prosecutorial misconduct, as determined by an appellate judge.
    The first time I met her was about three or four years ago at a political event on the St. Lawrence. She seemed pleasant enough and my impression she had a very skeptical view of police for someone running for DA.  She had a lot of people pushing for her to defeat Nicole Duve', who now stars in TV commercials for a local law firm as she readies to be the law clerk for the county judge, in advance her someday seeking to wear the robes.
     Ms. Rain was granted considerable press latitude when she regurgitated champagne on camera on election night. Who you know matters.
     However, she has cultivated a very negative public image and seems without friends in high places.
     The couple of times I ever talked to her, she seemed pleasant enough.  However, she may want to explore other options before seeking another term, as unless the Dems have no candidate, Ms. Rain will be greatly at risk for reelection
      Watertown Daily Times | ‘Prejudicial’ remarks to jury by DA cited as 2014 rape conviction reversed

CBC: Black Friday Border Frenzy Waning

      Exchange rates, more on-line shopping options, and Black Friday marketing by retailers back home have prompted "experts" to say Canadians are less often flocking across the border on shopping trips.
      The theory makes sense as retailing in general changes, but a trip to the US is still something many Canadians do, maybe not so much for bargains, but a weekend away from home.

Warm Temperatures Bring Out Shoppers

      On cue, some folks fled Thanksgiving food and football for a trip to retailers open ever earlier for so called Black Friday shopping.
      News reports say so.  Me ? I was tired and went to bed early. The urban legend says turkey makes you sleepy.  Jet slept well too.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Another Fence Jumper at the White House

   Can't the First Family just eat Thanksgiving dinner in peace ? Today another idiot jumped the White House fence while the Obamas were dining.   What is wrong with people ?

America has wised up to the Black Friday con | New York Post

     Maybe America has wised up, but Black Friday will still be covered by local  and national media as real news event instead of what it is, which in most cases is just a Friday many people have off from work.
America has wised up to the Black Friday con | New York Post

NYPD beefs up security for Thanksgiving Day Parade

     When I went to the store to buy a Post this morning, it wasn't because I'd been assured there is no credible threat of terrorism. Yes, we have authorities on alert for bad stuff and yes we always should be aware of surroundings, but from watching TV today, you'd think everybody is quaking at home for fear of exploding Muslims.
     Look at the mayhem in Brussels where nothing happened but the fear sunk tourism and commerce. To the extent people react and fret over the prospect of terrorism, the terrorists succeed.
NYPD beefs up security for Thanksgiving Day Parade

George Will: The low depths of higher education | News OK

      Since the criticism comes from bow-tie Republican George Will, it's safe to say it now. The academics antics we have seen of late, including at my alma mater are a sign of the wussification of a generation and a generation who now believes in numbers that everything is a grievance to which someone must pay a price.

George Will: The low depths of higher education | News OK

Sure, Be Careful, But Have Some Fun Too

   The holidays used to be the time for families to gather....adults and children.....and the grown ups would go out...and meet up with friends also home for the holidays.  Back in the day, coming home from college at Thanksgiving meant stopping at the Watertown Bowl first to see who was there.
    Sure we had to worry about the Cold War and nuclear Armageddon, but otherwise they were good times.

     Now, there's terrorism alerts and road blocks but still get out and enjoy socializing. Do it responsibly. I had three cars left overnight when I got up today.
     We are open our usual hours on Pearl Street 8AM to 2AM, so stop in on way to wherever you are headed.
     So much of holidays is rushing around. More stress then regular...So take time to relax at a good neighborhood tavern, like Colesante's or the Pearl Street Pub.
Bars welcome busy holiday break, police urge caution on roadways

Happy Thanksgiving !

         Happy Thanksgiving....Let's eat...When do the stores open ?
          I think some open this morning, others this evening.  In any event, the weather is fine and if it's over the meadow and through the woods you go, this will be a great Thanksgiving.
         Enjoy the day !

Nate Silver Not Buying the Trump Stampede

      For all the fuss on cable news about the real chance of a Trump nomination or Presidency, the guy who predicts stuff pretty well, Nate Silver of Five-Thirty-Eight writes a pretty compelling piece on why the chances are still pretty long.
     The main reason is the number of people really paying attention doesn't spike till some votes are cast. Mr. Silver makes a point, but the Trump phenomenon has had legs so far and the primary obstacle (Jeb) is so low energy now, its hard to see him recovering. However, when you look at the endorsement primary and the money primary, you wouldn't think so.
  If Cruz wins Iowa and The Donald wins NH and SC, then its all about the Florida primary and that could end Jeb and Marco.

Can This Be True ?

    Students at a Massachusetts college offered counseling because they saw a Confederate flag sticker on another student's lap top ?

Red State Migration to Benefit GOP for Years to Come

     In Congress it's important to get the voters to pick you but even more important that your team gets to pick the voters.  An analysis in USA Today shows Democrats, who controlled the House with impunity for decades post Depression (except for briefly after WWII) now face redistricting challenges that will keep them at bay for years to come.
     In five years new lines will be drawn and with control of legislatures in the states that gain in the Census, the tip will continue to the GOP.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Third Hate Message Received by SUNY Potsdam Prof | WWNY TV 7

       How are the messages delivered ? What do they say ?  Didn't the professor want to stay out of the news ? 
       Without  more information, it's impossible to put this story in perspective, other than to say I strongly disagree with invoking personal traits or ethnicity as a rationale for ridicule or criticism.
       From reading this, I wonder if students are as much at risk as is implied. 
       The media needs to explore all of this more, before presenting in this way. Catnip is not always good journalism, as we saw in spades this year.
       Third Hate Message Received by SUNY Potsdam Prof | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

WDT:Stefanik talks ISIS with Saudi, Egyptian leaders; meets deployed Fort Drum soldiers in Afghanistan

   While I was bidding on some Egyptian art, our MOC was in Egypt and other places over there making us all proud.  Rep. Elise Stefanik visited Fort Drum troops and met with Middle East leaders.
    It's good to have someone so engaged and in a position of influence.  I know supporting her came with a price but I have no regrets, and I look forward to signing her nominating petition in 2016 as she seeks a second term.
Watertown Daily Times | Stefanik talks ISIS with Saudi, Egyptian leaders; meets deployed Fort Drum soldiers in Afghanistan

Trip to the Dentist on Thanksgiving Eve

   I have all my teeth (except for the expendable wisdom kind), and it's come with substantial investment over the years to various dentists. Today I was in for a crown on a broken tooth, but it's always a pleasure with Dr. Ward and his lovely assistant Bonnie, whom I have known for years.
     Today's trip was supposed to be next Tuesday, but they had an opening and I am a believer in getting things out of the way.
Bonnie  (Facebook)
      Everything went well and I go back in a couple weed to glue the crown on. Later in December I will go see Linda who has cleaned my teeth since the Carter Administration.
      Also today, I had the electrician over to replace some more wire ravaged by the animal kingdom. I never realized what can happen in places you can't see.
      I am working tomorrow during the day. I look forward to seeing the regulars and anyone else who wanders in.

Russian pilots 'shot dead' after Turkey shot plane down near Syria | Daily Mail Online

    Its the first time in a long time a NATO country  has shot down a Russian (Soviet) jet. On top of that the Syrians on the ground claimed to have machine gunned the pilots as they floated to earth after ejecting from the stricken fighter.
     There are varying reports on whether both were killed but its endless turmoil in the Middle East, that's for sure.
Russian pilots 'shot dead' after Turkey shot plane down near Syria | Daily Mail Online

Upstate nurse who took pic of man's genitals loses license, gets 3 yrs probation |

Shutterbug Nurse (Police Photo)
         Hardly worth a career in nursing, but little harm done either.  With  cameras so small and pervasive, people just do things they wouldn't if they had to take the film to Kinney's for processing.

Upstate nurse who took pic of man's genitals loses license, gets 3 yrs probation |

Thanksgiving 2015

     So what are you thankful for as we ready for Thanksgiving weekend ? No, really. Without being cynical or a smart ass, what are you thankful for ?
    I am thankful for all the interesting experiences I have had and the people I have met. I am thankful for my upbringing and all my parents taught me and did for me. I am thankful I live where I know what I am doing tomorrow and won't be a refugee overnight or the victim of a random act of cruelty or madness.
    I am thankful for health and look forward to a great weekend.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Chicago Police Shooting The Latest in Continuing Debate Over Use of Force

    Mayor Rahm Emmanuel has reason to worry about civil unrest after the release of a dash cam video showing a police officer shooting a teen to death with 16 rounds. Thirteen months after the shooting and after the city paid the family a five million dollar settlement, the officer is charged with murder and the tape released, but only after a court ordered it.
    Protests grew Tuesday evening. The officer is being held without bail and once again the debate is on about police and their dealings with minority youths. This case revolves not just around he shooting which was egregious, but that nothing was done until a court ordered the video released, and that the officer was on payroll since.
    Mayor Emmanuel, who was running for reelection at the time, never spoke of the shooting.  The officer also had a long record of complaints lodged against him.

Critics Assail Alcoa Deal

      The further you get from the deal, the less rah-rah....The Post Standard says the Alcoa deal to keep six hundred jobs is the fourth such deal in a decade at the Massena plant. The P/S claims the latest subsidy amounts to $115K per job "saved".
      Despite critics, a deal is what people wanted up here and it was a celebratory moment for Governor Cuomo and Senator Schumer who said they pressured Alcoa to abandon a policy of betrayal.      ttp://

WDT: State to crack down on unsafe driving for Thanksgiving holiday

    Can't we crack down on unsafe driving on days when it isn't double time ?
Watertown Daily Times | State to crack down on unsafe driving for Thanksgiving holiday

WDT: Ogdensburg Mayor-elect Finding Out You Have No Privacy for $8K a Year.

     Public life....taking over the reins of city government (well not really), the new mayor in the Maple City gets some publicity for having an infection.
      I remember the time in 1995 when I broke my leg walking the dog and the ER called the Times....Another time I accompanied a friend to the ER who had a dog bite and the press showed up.
      I wish the mayor-elect a speedy recovery, but don't really think his illness is any of my business.
      Watertown Daily Times | Ogdensburg Mayor-elect Ashley hospitalized with infection

Is it legal to give a child a NYS lottery ticket for Christmas? |

    So the state...the ultimate arbiter or right and wrong says you can buy a Lottery ticket for a 10 year old and the child can claim it....Where is the line of good and evil, right or wrong, the age of majority ?

    I would think it endangering the welfare of a child to give them a Loose Change or a Lucky 7.  No different than giving a twenty year old a beer.

    Gateway activities can lead to a life of perdition. It may start with just one scratch.

Is it legal to give a child a NYS lottery ticket for Christmas? |

The Politics of Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

        Massena's new mayor and former police chief Tim Currier came out a winner on today's Alcoa announcement. The effect of the possible closure was sending shock waves through the already ravaged village once the hub of blue collar labor.
     The other winner is Assemblywoman Addie Russell who benefits from locking down support in that end of the River District. Takes the sting out of her being so tied to Governor Cuomo and his SAFE Act.
      After last year's close call at the polls, Mayor Currier's stock rose, but he would be unlikely to challenge a sitting Democratic MOA.
       For Governor Cuomo, will the next stop be a PASNY takeover of the closing nuke plant in Oswego County ?  
        For everyone, the lack of bad news is good news, whether you had anything to do with the end result.

Alcoa Plant Saved

      In a stunning political turnaround, Governor Cuomo and Senator Charles Schumer rallied with workers in Massena today to announce that Alcoa will keep its West Plant open for at least three and a half more years. This preserves 600 jobs and results from an "incentive package" from the state.
     "Darkening clouds have given way to a ray of light,"  said Mr. Schumer.
      Senator Schumer said he initially felt betrayed at the corporate decision to idle the smelter operation.  He says he told the company's CEO the firm had an obligation to work out a deal.
       "The Governor is putting money into this plant that will modernize this plant and keep it competitive," Mr Schumer said.
       He said the plant will be open for generations to come and alluded to Thanksgiving in praising workers and management.  It was good to see Ernie LaBaff there although they cut off the TV coverage as he got to speak.
      For those who remember, Ernie was a legendary labor leader for many years in the Big County.

Buy Local Not Just This Weekend But Year Round

    Buy local is the theme Saturday as downtown businesses host a kickoff for the Christmas season. The event is at the Paddock Arcade from 10 to 2.
     Nationally this coincides with a buy local movement as the little guy tries to counter the endless Black Friday hype from corporate retailers.
     As a local business owner, I agree its good to support our local businesses, also some things are not available anymore. I was thinking the other day about where I would buy an ice machine the next time. Some retail businesses don't exist at the local level anymore, but where possible buying local is good for us all.

WWNY: Alcoa Deal Will Keep Plant Open

   Governor Cuomo and Senator Schumer will hold a presser today in Massena and reportedly a deal will be announced to keep Alcoa's west plant open till at least 2018 in exchange for management and union concessions.  The presser is being carried live, an almost unheard of thing in local media.
    The aluminum giant had announced closure of the plant setting off a political firestorm.
    It's hard to imagine Mr. Cuomo going to Massena if not to announce something. If true, a major plus for Dems in the northern end of the River District.

States Says Don't Get Too Tan

   "All you can" promotions find little favor in Albany.  The AG has stopped the popular Planet Fitness chain  from offering "all you can tan"  deals..
    Eric Schneiderman says there cancer threats from tanning.

Streets to Reopen

       After a summer and fall of construction, Mill and Factory Streets will reopen for the winter this week as crews shut down until better weather. This is good news for the neighborhood as traffic detours and jams will ease in time for the holidays.
      Work will resume in the spring on the $12 M project.

Monday, November 23, 2015

WWNY: Bucks Gone

     The fledgling Watertown Bucks baseball team and its league are gone. One and done.

WDT: One of last four northern white rhinos on Earth is euthanized

    Oh come on Perry, there's lots of Northern RINOs left.

Watertown Daily Times | One of last four northern white rhinos on Earth is euthanized

Elisabeth Hasselbeck announces she's leaving 'Fox & Friends' | Daily Mail Online

   She's better off at home as FOX ad Friends on weekday mornings is the weakest part of the FOX lineup. Steve Doocy is way annoying.

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck announces she's leaving 'Fox & Friends' | Daily Mail Online

NY property tax rebate: Search database to estimate your chances of qualifying |

   Some of you will get free money this winter. City residents qualify but I am sure I don't meet the requirements....Hopefully you do.

NY property tax rebate: Search database to estimate your chances of qualifying |

Batting .714

      Having just finished a couple bouts with voters this year, I looked back on the record.
1991- Mayoral primary (WON)
           Mayoral general (WON)
1994-  Assembly general (LOST)
1995-  Mayoral primary (WON)
            Mayoral general (WON)
1999    Mayoral general (LOST)
2000    US Senate primary (WON)
             US Senate general (LOST)
2003     Mayoral primary (WON)
             Mayoral general (WON)
2007     Mayoral general (WON)
2011     Mayoral general (WON)
2015     Mayoral primary (WON)
             Mayoral general (LOST)

Fourteen elections with a 10-4 record. In the NFL that's at least a wild card, depending on the division.
That's a lot of petitions, door to door and the like and it doesn't count the many other candidates I assisted along the way including various Council hopefuls, John McHugh, Jim Wright (Carol too)t, Cindy Intschert, Darrel Aubertine, and in some ways the incumbents now serving us.
    Clearly Bob Nortz, Hillary Clinton and the Butler lads have me figured out.


The Lion is King

    The lion I bought at the auction this weekend is drawing attention. People have pulled in to look at it as they think it looks so real.
    Hope the DEC doesn't shoot it.

Sharpton Gets a Raise

    He is required ring kissing by any Democrat running for statewide or citywide election in NY, and he is an advisor to the President and a go-to TV commentator on anything racial...Now despite over three million dollars in federal tax liens against his NFP, Reverand Al Sharpton has gotten a big raise and his reported salarty from National Action Network is over $400K.
     The NAN raises money from corporate donors looking to avoid trouble with the Reverand. "Not for profit" ?  Hardly.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday Night in the 13601

    After watching a dismal performance by the JETS, I went over to Samaritan Medical Center to visit a sick friend. It was a nice visit, and I felt better about it all, although I don't know if the patient did.  You always hear about family gathered around, but in some cases life is the antithesis of all that.
     So then I went to Pete's where I realized how good off I have it.
     Pretty quiet week ahead with the holiday and all. Hope its busy but you never know with holidays. I will not be participating in Black Friday. My spree at the auction was my self indulgence for this year.
      Tonight I ran into Councilwoman Macaluso and her sister Karen. We talked about the auction and Karen said her husband really wanted the painting with the Egyptian ladies. I hated to tell him I had gotten it for so little.......

Ted Cruz 2016 rejects Donald Trump's support for Muslim registries - POLITICO

   Senator Ted Cruz is slowly inching up in the polls and seems to be eclipsing Dr. Ben Carson who is bedeviled by a shift in the race to foreign policy,  a field he is no brain surgeon in.

    Mr. Cruz spoke against The Donald's ill advised suggestion of a Muslim registry, and the Texan may have more traction than first thought.

Ted Cruz 2016 rejects Donald Trump's support for Muslim registries - POLITICO

DraftKings Attorney: It’s A Question Of ‘Unlawful’ Gambling

   David Boies vs Eric Schneiderman.....Who do you like ?

DraftKings Attorney: It’s A Question Of ‘Unlawful’ Gambling

WDT: We're Cutting Back...Leaner, Meaner, All That Stuff

      When its your company you call it restructuring...If you are reporting on someone else's company, it's downsizing, cuts or layoffs.
       It fell to Perry to write the story....Now in all fairness the loss of nine jobs system wide is not that many.  What was interesting was the departure of Timothy Farkas, the fellow brought in a couple years back to jazz up the product.

       I thought there was a difference and it looked better , but Mr. Farkas is back at the Schenectady Daily Gazette.
        I hate to see papers fold, but you can't spend years on end railing against aggregators and blogs when the world is changing.
Watertown Daily Times | Johnson Newspapers undergoes restructuring

WDT: Career and tech students at NNY BOCES have high graduation rates

    Graduation rates for students getting vocational training at local BOCES is well above the state averages and goals. There are many opportunities to get a solid education locally and while coverage does not normally focus on BOCES, its clear they are doing a good job.

Watertown Daily Times | Career and tech students at NNY BOCES have high graduation rates

Chicago Records Snowiest November Storm in Over 100 Years - NBC News

    Snow in the heartland sent the message to all winter is coming. Nearly a foot in the Windy City and more elsewhere.

     We have been treated lightly by Old Man Winter so far, but as they say on TV ,'an icy blast from the nation's midsection will cut a swath through the Northeast with bone chilling cold and a healthy dose of the white stuff." 

      But it won't happen that way till after Thanksgiving.

Chicago Records Snowiest November Storm in Over 100 Years - NBC News

WDT: Derrick Seeks to Climb Steep Hill Against Steep Odds

        It will be interesting to see if Democrat Mike Derrick can mount a meaningful challenge in next years first defense of the seat by Rep. Elise Stefanik.
         Mr. Derrick has raised money in six figures and has been criss-crossing NY21, lining up party support. Lewis County's committee backed him this week.
          As retired Army colonels, Mr. and Mrs Derrick have the means to take the time to run around campaigning for a year.  People seldom consider its not just campaign spending that is the cost in something like this. There is tremendous personal opportunity cost and effect on livelihood.
         On the positive side, Mr. Derrick is engaging and well versed on military and world geo-political matters. That places him ahead of Aaron Woolf on the substance meter.
          Mr. Derrick is relatively unknown and faces the challenge of making the case for changing MOC's when the district just elected one of DCs rising stars in Ms. Stefanik, who continues to impress with her hard work and stands on issues that are in tune with NNY.
          As with any of these affairs, a candidate must demonstrate viability before national money and help flows in. There will be sufficient national support on the other side and the selection of Rep. Paul Ryan as Speaker only helps Ms. Stefanik.
           It's a heavy lift for Mr. Derrick, not because he is a bad guy, but because his opponent is doing a good job and is by any measure an emerging player in the capital.
           It will be interesting to see if Ms. Stefanik now gets McHugh-like reverence from the Watertown media who lined up against her last year. Maybe, maybe not, but Mr. Derrick will have a hard time breaking into the consciousness here.
Watertown Daily Times | Derrick gains support from Lewis County Democratic Committee

NY Post: Albany Protection Racket Right Out of Goodfellows

         With the trials of the big two in Albany in motion, there is another chance for hand wringing about the corruption in the capital.
         Pressure to hire Dean Skelos' son to a job he is not qualified for.  Is that corruption or is it life ?
         There is so much as stake in terms of state money and regulatory laws and interpretation, there will always be efforts to gain access and influence.
        Where the line is crossed into corruption is something juries are now being asked to decide.

Defeated CNY MOCs Taken Care Of.

    When you get beat for Congress, one option is to be a commissioner on an obscure federal agency.
Former Rep. Dan Maffei will be on the Maritime Commission and former Rep. Anne Marie Buerkle already is on the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  These are jobs that pay about $155 K.

WDT: Granger Says You Can't Fight City Hall

       The owner of the Starbuck House blames City Hall for his decision to sell off his collectables and the house they are in. Ronnie Granger says a refusal to change the zoning prevented him from findng a buyer as few want to live in a single family home so large and surrounding propertes are multi-family but allowed under grandfathering.
        He is correct.
         There is a rich history to the recent years at this address, a history best glossed over, but the facts remain a rezoning to "A" was  a political decision in favor of some at the time, and now that's making it difficult to market.
        There will be a price someone may buy it at, but the conudrum is you need substantial resources just to maintain and operate the home.
        However, nothing will be changed and the market will decide. Meanwhile, getting rid of the contents was a good move as the motif didn't necessarily enhance prospects for a sale.

Saturday, November 21, 2015


   Brought my art work home and hung a couple paintings. Of my ten Egyptian items, I gave away a couple and set aside four of them to give to WIley School as a teacher there said they would be good teaching tools.  
    I put the lion in the kennel to discourage theft and saw a photo on line of Jet's veterinarian who is now some kind of bodybuilder.
    Byand large a good Saturday and a way to interact with citizens.

Working Families Party reaches outside New York City to support local politicians - Times Union

    It would be nice if New York's "me too" parties actually had some interested people on the ground, but for the WFP it looks like a spot on the ballot is all it will be.  Probably the same for the Conservatives unless we get organized. I'll have to talk to Kenny.

     I see that Reform Party produced about 77 votes for DA.  Nobody used the Women's Equality Party up here.

Working Families Party reaches outside New York City to support local politicians - Times Union

Day at the Auction

    It was a fun day at the Starbuck House auction as over one hundred bidders scarfed up momentos of Ronnie Grangers decorating prowess.  I got a life size lion, a statue, and I outbid a TV 7 anchor for some Egyptian art. I never would have guessed Diane has a thing for Egyptian art, but we had a nice chat and I complimented her on her recent story on the Library.
    Others picked up all sorts of items but the most expensive single item, a $16,000 commercial tanning bed went for a scant $600. The hot tub went for $1900. Lot of memories in that tub for sure. Lot of DNA too.
     The house is for sale sans content.

The White Stuff i Creeping Into the Picture, But Not Here Yet

   While people spent much of yesterday uttering "I hear we are getting a foot of snow",  what lake effect does fall will be on the Tug, so don't worry.  Winter is creeping our way, but it looks good here for the next week.

My Saturday Will Be at the Auction

        I took the day off so I could attend that auction over at the Starbuck House. It should be fun to see all the people and who buys what.
       It starts at 10am and its an eclectic collection on sale. I don't know if I will pick up anything, but you could probably make money selling coffee and doughnuts to the assembled masses. I saw they had brought in porta-potties as many will make a day of it.
      The auctioneer told he this is the largest single house collection of stuff he has ever handled.
      Starbuck House is a 253 Clinton Street.

Atlantic: Syracuse's Love-Hate Relationship with its Interstate

    Sometimes the impact of decisions cannot be ascertained for decades, but planning decisions made in Syracuse are getting a serious review now, nearly sixty years after the stampede to use federal highway funds to clearcut a swath throught the city to make way for Interstate 81.
     Of course in the run up to urban renewal and accomodating the automobile age, it made sense to do so and maybe it did and maybe the white flight and neighborhood decay would have happened anyway.
      Now, with the highway's useful life expiring there is talk of other ways to accomodate the road, as a tunnel or an on-grade boulevard.
     This article in The Atlantic is a good read and a reminder of the impact decisions have both good and bad.
      The path of I-81 was surely debated here in the 1960s and the decisions made certainly had impacts not fully understood at the time.