Sunday, June 26, 2016

WDT: No Uber Here

  I don't know if the Uber business model would work here, but in the currently unregulated taxi market in Watertown, why should Albany have to say whether innovations in ride sharing can happen ?
      The Legislature failed to pass legislation to allow Uber and Lyft to operate north of NYC.
       Get a car and a cell phone and you can open a taxi service in Watertown. There is no "Taxi Commission" overseeing it all. It's the free market, so if Uber were in place, what's to stop it and why shouldn't it happen.
       The market would decide if it works.

WDT: Tarot Cafe Adds Some Diversity to Downtown Coffee Fare

       Something a bit more eclectic for downtown. That's what makes downtowns interesting. The Tarot Cafe in the Franklin Building offers a variety of exotic tea and coffees. Best wishes on the venture.

Saturday Bus Service to Thompson Park a Welcome Iniative

     The City is trying out the notion of Saturday bus service to Thompson Park, diverting the Washington Street route in a bid to make the service more relevant.
      This is a welcome addition and shows a willingness to adjust routes.  There are more adjustments needed to tailor the service to today's needs.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Mia Love to skip Republican convention - POLITICO

    With the up and coming and the old and declining not attending the RNC, you have to wonder who will be in Cleveland.

     Rep. Mia Love of Utah doesn't want anything to do with the mistake on the lake in July. It's actually possible the Beehive State could spurn the GOP nominee for President in favor of Mrs. Clinton or Governor Johnson.

     The whole Mormon/Romney thing could cost the GOP a state that's normally safe.

Mia Love to skip Republican convention - POLITICO

One Less Bow Tie Republican....Petulant George Will Quits GOP and Urges Defeat of Trump

        Full of himself for too long George Will has changed his Maryland voter registration from Republican to neutral and he is urging Republicans to defeat Donald Trump and grit their teeth till 2020 and try to oust President Clinton then.

        George Will leaves the GOP over Trump

Donald Trump says Muslims from ANY country can emigrate to the US if he's president | Daily Mail

      An impromptu rolling presser on the links and Donald Trump has ditched the so called Musliim ban, says Muslims ftom any country can emigrate to the US but that those from troublesome terror states would be severely vetted.
      The evolution of his original position should start to remove one of several issues dogging his campaign .
      Donald Trump says Muslims from ANY country can emigrate to the US if he's president | Daily Mail Online#ixzz4Cbmepma8#ixzz4Cbmepma8

POLITICO delegate survey: Dump Trump lacks the votes - POLITICO

    Despite oodles of stories about  a dump Trump movement, an actual survey of the members of the NRC Rules Committee shows little interest in such a gambit.

     Seems the press narrative was mostly about pot stirring.

POLITICO delegate survey: Dump Trump lacks the votes - POLITICO

Bernie Sanders eats at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que before Syracuse rally for candidate |

    On Friday morning, Bernie Sanders was forced on MSNBC to say he would vote for Hillary Clinton, but he is still a candidate and still likes to campaign.  The Vermont Senator was in Syracuse later in the day rallying for his favorite local candidates.

      Tough to go back to being an obscure Senator once you have tasted national adulation

Bernie Sanders eats at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que before Syracuse rally for candidate |

Graffit Mars Jefferson Street

    Public Works will have to be dispatched to clean up graffiti critical of police. The naughty words appeared in paint in a neighborhood familiar to cops.
     The crude message is the wrong message to neighborhood kids. Needs to be cleaned up so not to encourage contempt for the rule of law.

The Great Unwashed Confound the Elites

      Amid a day of roiling the markets and spooking the public about their 401K's, the media also was fond of speculating on why those ill-informed, cranky, old, racist, xenophobic Brits didn't follow the advice of President Obama and vote to reject the Brexit.
      Only one talking head put it in perspective and explained why it's not that big a deal on several fronts. Ben Stein was a lone voice in a cacaphony of doom and revulsion that the political and media elites had been rebuffed.

WDT: Thompson Park Pool Remains Closed

      The city's two remaining pools open Monday for the summer. The Alteri and Flynn pools (named after City Council Members) will open, but still shuttered is the Thompson Park Pool. Council Members made a point of promising to reopen it, but that talk melted away with the spring thaw.

Address Raises Questions

   I saw in the blotter the address given for a teen held on a weapons charge was 231 Schley Dr, Apt.2
    That's a one story single family home where I lived while in high school.
    If there's an apartment 2, there is either an illegal subdividing or it's phony address. 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Hey Andy, Get It In Gear for the Fourth Since You Missed This Weekend

   Summer is fleeting but this one is certainly nice and this Sunday the many resorts and restaurants in NNY will have to go another Sunday telling their customers they are too whatever to have a mimosa on Sunday morning.....
    Andy hasn't signed the law to allow service of alcohol at 10AM on Sundays.....It really doesn't amount to a lot of business for me but for those places with adults on vacation it's another Sunday morning of lost business.
     It's bad enough a self appointed arbiter of morality successfully blocked 8AM, but the Governor should do what he can by signing the brunch bill.....
     Sir, at least allow New York's hospitality industry to get a break for Independence weekend.

WDT: Fearing ex-boyfriend, woman installs security system only to find him under her bed

   Women aren't perfect by any means but the number of men who are jerks, scrubs, slackers and worse is staggering. 

Watertown Daily Times | Fearing ex-boyfriend, woman installs security system only to find him under her bed

Lawmakers push to ban e-cigarette use inside |

   Here we go...another law they pass and we who own buildings get to enforce. And the people who find some small solace in vaping ?
    These are the people who think brunch eaters are too loud or funeral goers should be denied a cup of coffee and a Danish.
     These are the state lawmakers who largely serve no known purpose so they appear relevant by meddling in our lives and kissing the but of the advocacy groups.
Lawmakers push to ban e-cigarette use inside |

Sex Worker Sinks Cops in Mile High Sexcapades | New York Post

   She was very alluring and the prospect of mile high fun was too much for some NYPD cops willing to trade official favors for a good time.
    As bribes go, this is way beyond a fifty passed with you license and registration.
This hooker had group sex with NYPD cops on flight to Vegas | New York Post

WDT:| State Libertarian Party launching petitions for presidential, senate and congressional candidates

        Don't like the two sides of the same coin candidates for President ?  Libertarians will be on the streets this summer gathering signatures for their ticket of Governors Gary Johnson and William Weld.

         It is expected the pair will appear on the ballot in all fifty states.

Watertown Daily Times | State Libertarian Party launching petitions for presidential, senate and congressional candidates

Mount Carmel Feast: 100 Years of Faith, Fun and Food

    Faith, family, neighborhood and 700 pounds of sausage, rides, fireworks and great weather combine this weekend at the 100th Mount Carmel Feast at St. Anthony's Church on Arsenal Street.
     Mount Carmel is the gold standard for church festivals of which there used to be three, but now only this one remains.
      It's worth a visit, to see friends and enjoy the tradition.
Mount Carmel Feast: 100 Years of Faith, Fun and Food

WDT: Fire Captains Get Their Marching Orders and a New Title

        The fire captain renaming is essentially a result of the core reason for hiring labor Svengali Terry O'Neill after years of namby pamby bargaining over a dollar here or there on co-pays.
         The goal has been to create a flash point...a line in the sand issue that can be resolved either through litigation or leveraged bargaining.
        The latter is in play here. A combination of assertive PR and pitting smoke eaters against one another over some getting pay cuts while others don't.
         I assume the feeling is there will pressure within the union to get pay restored to eight captains demoted to firefighter/unit leader.
         On the union side,  going to arbitration will produce a status quo imposed contract and tee the controversy up for another cycle, thus costing the city money and the risk of public fatigue with the conflict.
       But that doesn't help the captains who took a pay cut.
       The City may say it wants an end to minimum manning and in theory they do. What they would likely take is a reduction by one, two, maybe three men in exchange for a pay hike and some kind of accommodation for the captains caught in the crossfire.
        "Unit leader" sounds so contemporary management style..Kind of like a Wal-Mart or McDonalds. The old paramilitary model is fading.  Maybe police sergeants can be called team leader. Well, probably not.
Watertown Daily Times | Watertown fire department captains get marching orders

Stefanik After Sit-In: I'm Not a Protestor | WWNY TV 7

   Obviously, Rep Elise Stefanik was not a participant in the House floor sit-in staged by Democrats in a bid to garner attention or support for gun control.
    Ms. Stefanik says she is open to legislative solutions to balance the Second Amendment with a desire to deny firearms to terrorists.
    The corollary question, since we are in a campaign for NY21, is would Democrat Michael Derrick have taken to the floor with Pelosi and Warren ?
     Be an interesting follow up story.
Stefanik After Sit-In: I'm Not a Protestor | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Cameron Resigns, Trump on British Soil as Drama Unfolds

      The political upheaval roiling Britain has prompted the resignation of PM David Cameron who says he will leave the office in six months.
       Mr. Cameron and the establishment of British politics and business heavily backed "remain" in the referendum on leaving the European Economic Union.  The "leaves" won 52-48, and the movement's backer Boris Johnson is the early favorite to move to Number 10.
       In a coincidence likely not all coincidence, Donald Trump is in the UK to check on a golf course, giving him the chance to comment on this major event from the scene. While the media is criticizing the trip during the campaign, the irony is events buttress his belief there is anger everywhere with the establishment and it seems the PM may recognize that as he told his peeps that new leadership is needed.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Markets Plummet as Brits Vote to Get Out

Looks like the Brits are voting to get out of the European Union. Current projections are 53-47 in favor of leaving and that's going to cause a blood letting in the markets over here.
   I don't claim to know all the nuances but immigration has a lot to do with it as well as identity as a nation....And I think there's a revulsion towards the establishment which was all behind staying in.
    It's like Trumpism across the pond.

WDT: Sunoco finalizes $76.4 million deal for Valentine shops, gas stations

        Congrats to the Valentine's who came out of Chaumont, worked hard and now are able to cash out on their chain of convenience stores.  Success is something to be admired.
Watertown Daily Times | Sunoco finalizes $76.4 million deal for Valentine shops, gas stations

Brunch Bill and Many NNY Resort Businesses Await Andy's Pen

  Local restaurants and resorts hoping to help their short summer season are waiting for Governor Cuomo to sign the 'brunch bill' so that Sunday sales can start at 10AM.  In a letter to members Empire Restaurant and Tavern Association director Scott Wexler informs members the law takes effect upon Mr. Cuomo's signature.
     While the bill was not all the industry wanted, the 10AM opening is important for many resorts serving brunch. Hopefully Mr. Cuomo will not delay in signing the bill. Sunday is just three days away.

Left Latches on to Gun Control

   The fight over gun laws spilled on to the House floor as Democrats staged a sit-in, demanding a vote on bills already defeated in the Senate. Meanwhile, media outlets like the NYDN continue there assault on the GOP and the lack of a knee jerk response to the Orlando tragedy.

       Meanwhile, on Orlando, the AG says more love will help prevent such events, while news accounts say the gun man's purported gay lover said the killer liked to cuddle.
       There is talk of a Senate compromise that would address the issue of "no fly, no buy" and would include some due process provisions.

WDT:Handful of Users May Get Their Own Power Grid

     A government funded "micro grid" may soon be competing with National Grid to distribute electricity to select spots in the City and the Town of Watertown.  This was a concept pushed a couple years back and seems to have steam again.
     It's called economic development as it could provide cheaper power to chosen parcels.
     Of course for the big utility, seeing a handful of large users cherry picked doesn't fit with their economy of scale model.
     Grid had been granted exclusive distribution in the city under it's franchise/power buy agreement that extends another 15 years.  Whether a micro grid program changes that had been a subject of conversation. This report lists JCC as part of the plan. The college is located in the City.

WWNY: Fireworks Sales Blossom, But Concerns Linger

    While not as exciting as you can get in some states, the fireworks being sold legally in NY this Fourth of July season are said to be selling well, despite safety concerns.  Lots of people seem to have firecrackers and the like every year, so this will just add to that.
      With the number of commercial displays each year, these little pyrotechnic shows in people's back yards will not seem that exciting, but there is still a danger of fire or injury so we will see what happens.
     I am told the fireworks for the 100th Mount Carmel Feast will be quite impressive this weekend, if you are looking to save your money and your fingers.

WDT: Factory Street Costs Rise as Project Creeps Along

      A series of cost overruns, partly related to bad engineering estimates, is ballooning the cost of the slow-as-molasses reconstruction of Factory Street which won't be completed till next year.
      More change orders are expected.
      These are the kind of frustrations I don't miss. 

WDT: Hospital Gobbles Up Four More Buildings

      A $10M expansion project has increased the footprint of the city's only hospital.  Four buildings have been razed on the Woodruff Street side of the sprawling medical complex.  I remember the original hospital on what was Pratt Street with the old Keep home still there. As kids we used to think it was haunted.
      Things have changed.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Zombie Law Looks Close

      A new law will require a state registry of "zombie homes".  These properties in foreclosure will be required to be kept in repair by the bank holding the paper.
      Sounds good, but it's yet to be seen what constitutes keeping it repaired.  Hopefully this helps.
       What we are still waiting for is proposed and promised local legislation to repair said properties.

Buffett's automotive group goes shopping

    Billionaire Warren Buffett likes buying car dealerships and has been rumored to be interested in our area.

Buffett's automotive group goes shopping

260 Features Tyro on Biz Mag

       Rep. Elise Stefanik will be making a much anticipated HOTLINE appearance within the next ten days or so and she was featured on the NNY Business cover....Now that's acceptance if I ever saw it.
2014 Visit to City Clerk
        I am working on my incisive questions.....Things like Coke or Pepsi ?,  Do you watch the Walking Dead ?, Why are you a Cowboys fan ?  and maybe I'll ask who do you like for President ?  Clinton, Trump or Johnson ?
       Now I think she's a lock for reelection....for the old fashioned reason. She's competent, cares and has done a good job.
         But if she says Pepsi, I could change my mind.
June 2016 Cover Story: The Business of Politics

NY lawmakers OK food in funeral homes |

    Another example of how anti business NY has been...The Legislature had to approve a law to allow funeral homes to serve refreshments and light food items like sandwiches.  And the morticians are supposed to be grateful to be able to serve their clientele and make grieving a little more palatable.

     As long as the serving area met the health requirements, what's the problem whether it's a funeral home or anything else.

     You'll gradually be reading news stories in the coming days as the session's results are discovered by the media.

NY lawmakers OK food in funeral homes |

Trump to Fight Back Today

      After some dithering since winning Indiana, Donald Trump is expected to take on the record of Hillary Clinton this morning and hopefully start shutting the pie holes of the media's nattering nabobs.
     Also this morning, it was reported Marco Rubio is seeking reelection to the Senate and that's a good move for him, and the GOP in Florida.

New Florida poll shows only Rubio beats Democrats in U.S. Senate race

    Senator Rubio needs to run and keep open his options for the future, but also needs to run to make sure Rep. Alan Grayson doesn't win as he is a possible Democratic nominee.  He is a vile person.

New Florida poll shows only Rubio beats Democrats in U.S. Senate race

Jersey Sausage Maker is the Man Behind the Meal at Mount Carmel

   They say the two things you don't want to see is how legislation is passed and how sausage is made. That's why I put up the interesting photo of 700lbs of sausage being made in the IHC kitchen for sale at this weekend's Mount Carmel Feast at St. Anthony's Church on Arsenal Street.  Retired New Jersey cop Vito DiGiovacchino comes up from the Garden State every year to make sausage for the Feast.
     When he showed me the phone, I said "text it to me", as I saw some news value there.  It's interesting, and people look at it and react.  In the end, that's what constitutes news.
      Also, Vito's dedication to his craft and to The Flats here in Watertown is inspiring. 

The Dangers of Cell Phone Video and Being Not Always on Guard | Daily Mail Online

    It's a lesson Mitt Romney learned the hard way and a lesson Donald Trump must learn. Private meetings with donors or supporters are not private in the day of cell phone video.
    So when in a room with evangelicals and someone asks about the faith of the candidates, you have to be careful. Just saying, as Trump did, that little is known of Hillary Clinton's faith is dangerous as an already hungry and hostile media can twist that to "Trump Questions Clinton's Faith". 
   Not what was said, but whatever the point he was trying to make got twisted. That has happened on both sides, but in the case of Mr. Romney , his 47% remark dogged him for some time.
Donald Trump questions whether Hillary Clinton is really a CHRISTIAN | Daily Mail Online

WDT: Stefanik and Derrick Continue to Raise Money for the Raise Few are Following

    The horse race stories on campaign fundraising have never gotten much play up here until the epic races kicked off by the Aubertine runs and subsequent Congressional races. Even now the coverage is perfunctory and never looks very deep into sources.
    Actually, being publicly slathered in money isn't always a good thing as we saw with Jeb! and the success Bernie Sanders had by spurning Wall Street and special interest money.
     Used to be a candidate wanted to publicize their "war chest" as a badge of validation and a bludgeon to be used against foes.
      Since money is the mother's milk of politics, you need it, but now the less said about sources the better.
       Few local people donate to campaigns, and a look at that would be revealing. So are all the PACs and other pols who donate.
       When I first ran, the media was interested in specifically who donated as it's a window into the candidate and their associations. When I ran last year, no such interest. It's just assumed now that big money pays for our campaigns.
      Given how much of it goes to local broadcasters, I am sure they are content with the system as it is and no need to roil the waters.
       Looking at local races, Rep. Elise Stefanik leads in fundraising over Democrat Michael Derrick, although he has shown an ability to raise enough to run a credible challenge. The real issue is whether the national parties think the race in play.  If not, TV won't make the money they would like.
      The only other local race is for Assembly.  Incumbent Addie Russell has little local base for donations but can rely on DACC.... None of the Republicans have significant local sources of money, or the network to gather it. They are all hoping for RACC funding.
       With New York not a battleground state again this year, Presidential ad money won't be there, although 120 and others got a little infusion with the unexpectedly interesting NY primaries.
        The best place to put your ad ?  The most concentrated audience of actual voters would be on America's Favorite Noontime Talk Show.
Watertown Daily Times | Stefanik raises $301k in second quarter, more than doubles Derrick’s fundraising totals

NPR: Was 2016 a Bad Year for Business in NY ?

      Public radio asks the question, was this year's legislative session bad for small business ?
      The minimum wage, the Family Leave Act, and that list of edicts I read about in the WDT the other day concerning the "rights" of workers.
        In my industry , a request for minor relief and the chance to better compete was largely rebuffed and on the simple matter of Sunday morning sales, we only got half a loaf as Assembly Democrats fretted over the silly notion that Sunday brunch eaters are a noisy lot.
       I am sure those of you in other industries have your examples of  the deaf ears in Albany.

WDT: Federal Funds Sought for War on Bed Bugs, and Other Developments in the 13601

    Our two US Senators will get a chance to respond to a request for federal funds to battle bed bugs. Downtown resident Patricia Whalen discovered there was a Bed Bug Act of 2009 passed in DC that was supposed to allocate money for the battle against the pests.
     Ms Whalen is collecting signatures on a petition.  Bed bugs have flared as a major issue with the city allocating $12,500 for the fight.
Horizon Media Catches Shot of Wiley Students Having Fun

     In other news around town, I read that Roth Industries over near the jail is doing a $6M expansion. Roth is one of those quiet industries that has been a stabe force in the local economy.
     The damage at Lachenauer Plaza remains untouched at least six months after a motorist plowed into the traffic island/park and ripped the fountain from it's moorings.  Nothing has been done and it's a shame he city would just leave something like that with orange police tape on it. Whether the fountain returns, it's poor stewardship of property that sends a very negative vibe about the city's own committment to downtown.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

WDT: Senators Seek Grant for Paint

       Getting a $5M grant normally would be an exciting day for a local or state pol.  Imagine the presser to announce it or ribbon to be cut.
       But when it's for something as mundane as paint....well that seems a waste of a grant..Isn't that a normal expense just paid for and not the extraordinary expense a Senator....much less two Senators, would want to go to bat for.
       I could use a coat of sealer on my parking lot. Can I get a grant ? 
Watertown Daily Times | Senators Schumer and Gillibrand seek $5m for Ogdensburg bridge paint

Tuesday Musings

    The popular Honda Ridgeline pick up trucks are back on the lots. Four arrived this week and were sold immediately according to a Pete's regular who bought a Black Edition. Nice looking ride Terry.
     A local Democrat says a rumor among party members is that President Obama will pardon Secretary Clinton after November 8 to inoculate her against any legal peril on the email or other issues being investigated.
     That may explain why everyone is so blasé about the FBI.
      The Mount Carmel Feast celebrates its one hundredth year this weekend. It's a great event and will be even better this year. It's held at St. Anthony's on Arsenal Street.
       Former Councilman Jeff Smith has become quite the athlete in his later years. His Mom tells me he recently competed in an Iron Man event by swimming a mile, biking 56 miles and running 13 miles.
      Got all our new staff shirts in from Robbe Sales on Route 283.  They are a hit and come in both button and polo.

Motorists Have Something New to Learn About....Roundabouts

   Wow, we are getting a couple of those traffic roundabouts seen in other cities. I saw several l in the Glens Falls area when visiting there a couple years back.
   Our roundabouts will be north of the City at the confluence of NYS Routes 37 and 11 and at the joining of Mill and LeRay Streets.

WDT: North Country Regional Economic Council Offers Tips for the Losers

       News reports say only five NNY communities took the time to apply for the Downtown Hunger Games.  Watertown, Ogdensburg, Massena, Potsdam and Canton.
       Missing are some the region's most vibrant communities in Plattsburgh, Saranac Lake and Lake Placid. These are smart people in these towns.
        The $10M grant will leave other communities feeling empty as they likely pitched their application to their constituents and it's kind of humbling to get nothing.
        If those five places are it, I'd say the college towns are out, and the two troubled River communities would have the edge.
Watertown Daily Times | North Country Regional Economic Council discusses other options for Downtown Revitalization

WDT: Albany Passes Ethics Law

   For most of us, news that Albany has passed an end of session ethics bill is yawn worthy. Talk of greater oversight of campaigns and more disclosure of who is lobbying who is of little interest to jaded voters who have watch a long string of ethics dramas play out.
     Something had to be passed and it was.

Council Getting Used to Saying No.

     Maybe they will get to the point where fees are assessed and paid and the requests end for waiving a fee for NFPs or others who decided they don't want to pay.
     Council last night rejected a request to waive a $200 rental fee for a pavilion in Thompson Park.  A week earlier it was a church requesting free use of the Arena.
      Waivers, by their nature, render pointless a fee system.
       Council also renewed the contract of City Manager Sharon Addison for two more years at her present salary of $125,000.

Short Shotting Your Latte......Sue !

   A federal judge is allowing two people to sue coffee giant Starbucks  over their claim cups of latte were deceptively filled to only three quarters of their advertised level.
    Wow, some people have time and money on their hands. If I didn't like Starbuck's product, I just wouldn't buy it again.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Man at Vegas rally tried to grab officer’s gun to kill Trump | New York Post

       There are some of the venom spewing left who are lamenting this didn't happen.

Man at Vegas rally tried to grab officer’s gun to kill Trump | New York Post

WDT: Why America’s men aren’t working

      I like to work....I just don't want to work real hard...

Watertown Daily Times | Why America’s men aren’t working

Trump campaign manager Lewandowski out - POLITICO

     The shakeup long needed happened as Donald Trump said "you're fired" to Cory Lewandowski.

      In the last month the campaign has meandered and stumbled and a lead in the polls was frittered away.

Trump campaign manager Lewandowski out - POLITICO

Consensus says Heastie and Flanagan are weak leaders | New York Post

   Dicker says we have traded corrupt leaders for weak leaders in Albany....Maybe that's OK, as strong, autocratic leaders are likely more corrupt and ruthless.

   Consensus says Heastie and Flanagan are weak leaders | New York Post

German Policewoman Claims to Be World's Hottest Cop

      The uniforms aren't always flattering but if you look good in police garb, you probably are really good looking.....The title of hottest cop has been claimed by a 31 year old German officer named Adrienne Koleszar.
      And she has become the world's latest Internet sensation with fans begging to be cuffed and stuffed by her.
      It would take the edge off getting a ticket, but I'd still forego the chance to meet her and skip the fine.
German Police Woman Being Called The Hottest Cop on Earth- Please Arrest Me...NOW! ⋆ Freedom Daily

Trump's Advice for Night Clubbers Deemed Off the Mark

     Donald Trump just keeps talking and while the media is happy to oblige with printing his most out-there comments, he needs to stop obliging those anxious to discredit him.
    Mr. Trump's post Orlando remarks have been largely unnecessary as events there speak for themselves, but the candidate is anxious to stick up for the Second Amendent, even suggesting people packing at The Pulse club may have prevented the tragedy.
     I doubt most people there were interested in combining the duties and responsibilities of firearms with their Saturday night revelry.
     Nor should they, as the NRA pointed out after Mr. Trump's remarks.
     NOTE: The campaign later put out a statement that Mr. Trump meant armed security people, not the drinking public. Gotta start thinking before speaking, especially in a Morning Joe world.

July 4th Fireworks Sales Underway

      The fireworks that are being openly sold under a new law allowing a two week annual window for sales have actually been sold in the area for years on the down low by smaller stores. Now bigger stores and tents are being set up for the sparklers and other fiery delights.
      The difference this year is the state is collecting fees for the brief licenses.
      Regardless, caution is a good rule.
       An impressive fireworks display is also on top for this weekend's Mount Carmel Feast in Watertown.  It's the 100th year for the event at St. Anthony's Church