Wednesday, October 26, 2016

2 Upstate NY cities named among best for trick-or-treating by...Netflix? |

    Based on data on how many movie pauses per hour on Halloween, Netflix has determined Watertown is among the best cities to trick or treat. Must be especially true in the Holcomb Street-Paddock Street area where hundred of kids from the neighborhood and around the county descend to take candy from the upper middle class.
     Of course the neighborhoods with no trick or treaters probably don't have Netflix to pause.
2 Upstate NY cities named among best for trick-or-treating by...Netflix? |

Joe Heck...Profile in Waffling

      I'd just as soon see Republicans hold the Senate but Rep. Joe Heck of Nevada isn't impressing me. He has a shot at the Harry Reid seat and a GOP pickup, but again when asked who he is voting for President, he demurred.
      Rep. Heck is one of those Republicans who whipsaws back and forth on supporting the nominee for President.
      In doing so, he shows no conviction, as he should be voting for someone......Don't tell me you are voting blank...or writing in Donald Duck.
      Our MOC didn't run around waving signs for Trump, but repeatedly says she supports him and that shows more character than Mr. Heck has shown.
      Donald Trump has shown flaws and made unforced errors.....but these DC Republicans are making the case why they like their Dem counterparts are the problem.
      Man up Congressman. If I was a Trumpist in the Silver State, I'd have trouble pulling your lever....And trust me, those who you are pandering to will never vote for you.

Media Girds Its Loins for the Final Battle

   A new Bloomberg poll has Trump up in Florida...A day ago Politico was writing about the Sunshine State spiraling away....This morning the narrative on Joe was about how it's over...five points is a landslide.....The race is over...What happens next ? Trump TV ? OMG, Trump's attending his hotel ribbon cutting.
     Can't win....abandon all hope...."Trump almost won a news cycle.".......
     A WikiLeaks memo yesterday listed all the media invited to John Podesta's house early on for indoctrination. It was the usual suspects who broke bread and cozied up. The fruits of stroking are being seen when it counts.
     We all work the refs....But this year the refs have actually suited up for the other team.

New York's Rates Up 16%

       Despite reassurances it won't cost most people anything, New York's 16%+ rate hike for ACA plans has a cost, since for many it means more government subsidy, which does affect all of us.
       While less than the national average the increase is still hefty and is a ready made issue for the few Republicans in NY running in contested House races.

No Early Voting Here

    Despite being a progressive paradise, New York still has the most restrictive registration and voting laws and there is no early voting here, except for absentees, which to get you have to purport to be out of county on Election Day. That's no problem, but absentees should not carry that caveat.
    I don't favor voting weeks or months ahead of time. If you don't want to take the modest effort to vote, then you don't vote.

WDT: Yawner Campaign Wraps Up

      The final Congressional debate came and went and according to news accounts from out east, the lead guessed it......Rep. Elise Stefanik supports her party's nominee for President but disagrees with some of the things he has said....
        Nothing about the ACA....the deficit.....or any issue.
        Oh, there were the usual Green jabs about the other two being "creatures of Wall Street."
        In the end, this year's race for Congress in NNY was mundane compared to recent years...Still spent a lot more than the good old days, but all in all, not much to follow as this year's drop-in Democrat didn't catch on.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

FOX Will Lose Viewers With Megyn Kelly's New Attitude

 Wow ! It's time for FOX to rid itself of Megyn Kelly.  Tonight I watched her try to do a hatchet job on Speaker Newt Gingrich, accusing him of "anger issues" because he pushed back at her anti Trump  screeds worthy of that Joy woman on MSNBC on Saturday mornings.
     Kelly's performance was that of a person with an agenda, and someone who needs to find a job as Rachel Maddow's understudy.
     Fortunately the baseball game was on so I went back to that.

RealClearPolitics - 2016 Latest Polls

    When you look at all the polls on a given day it's mind boggling, but what's clear is how corrupt media is. Clinton up by seven in NC trumpeted MSNBC, but no mention of another poll released today showing Trump up three in the Tarheel State.

     Then there's the ABC poll at 12 points while everyone else is settling in at four to six.....Pollsters try to get it right in their final published numbers. Prior to that its a case of skewed results and different media grabbing the poll that fits their narrative.....And now that narrative is create a cadence of victory for Hillary Clinton.

RealClearPolitics - 2016 Latest Polls

Percoco, Kaloyeros and Cor executives in discussions with Preet Bharara |

     Who's rolling on who ? Plea discussions are reportedly underway with the defendants in the Buffalo Billion case that ensnared officials from COR, SUNY and the Second Floor.

      Be interesting to see how this is resolved, but nobody wants to go to trial so pleas a plenty will be the order of the day.

Percoco, Kaloyeros and Cor executives in discussions with Preet Bharara |

Watertown Fire Department Adopts New Operating Procedure | WWNY

     The new FD operating procedure, devised over the past months since several captains were demoted (or laid off and rehired), calls for appointing acting captains when something is going a fire..They get paid 94 cents extra per hour.
      The City had contended it didn't need five higher paid captains on duty at all times, but this new procedure does sound a little convoluted as the appointee only gets paid the extra although there is no testing to demonstrate whatever the extra skills are possessed by the person designated.
      Maybe it will work out, but the differential will mitigate the announced cost savings.
Watertown Fire Department Adopts New Operating Procedure | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Poll: Trump, Clinton virtually tied in Arizona - POLITICO

    If the GOP can't turn AZ back to bright red with the Obamacare news, they need to find another occupation. Arizona is projected to have a 116% rate hike next year, the nation's largest.
    The ACA story and the drip, drip, drip of corruption and lies on WikiLeaks, gives a focused candidate an opening for the final two weeks.
    But even today, media was looking for any bobble in Trump's delivery as polls have tightened a bit to around five percent and the MSM will have to again make sure any traction is stopped in its tracks.
     Trump was on fire today speaking in Sanford, FL, while yesterday a Tim Kaine event drew 30 people.
Poll: Trump, Clinton virtually tied in Arizona - POLITICO

Hillary’s 33,000 emails might not be ‘missing’ after all | New York Post

   We will likely never see them because the FBI never used subpoena power or a grand jury to thoroughly examine the Clinton hardware. Why should they ? They had no intention of ever charging anyone, especially the Clintons.

Hillary’s 33,000 emails might not be ‘missing’ after all | New York Post

Watertown Students Hold Mock Presidential Election | WWNY TV 7

      If you are worried about "rigged" elections, trying having one run by Big Education with NYSUT as the inspectors......I still remember the school board election some years back where a friend voted at both WHS and North with no problem.

     Students at Wiley today held a mock Presidential election and Hillary Clinton won easily.

Watertown Students Hold Mock Presidential Election | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Roll Call: Stefanik Reconciles Support for Trump with Her Own Agenda.

     It wasn't a significant quote, but I made the cut in Stephanie Akin's article about Elise Stefanik's delicate dance to deal with Donald Trump while avoiding his miscues.
     I am glad she didn't do one of those endorse, unendorsed routines like too many Republicans. That would have been a real issue.
     We need Trump and Stefanik in Washington......Period.....

NBC Polls, Polls and More Polls

      I was a strange child. As gift I wanted an almanac and I would actually read over and over the data within, including election results from 1960, '64, 68.   I read the Theodore White books on the Making of the President and for balance read Fear and Loathing as well. Yes, I read the Hardy Boys too, but I consumed an inordinate amount of political data.
    So when I hear Joe Scarborough telling people a five point win is a "landslide", I know that's not historically true. In a two person race, landslide starts at 55%, a la FDR in '36 or Johnson in '64. ( I would refigure the '64 results some times to see how Goldwater could have sad is that ?)
     I don't see Mrs. Clinton pulling away as Reagan did in 1980.
     What I do find interesting is so many NNY Republicans, some of whom depend on party fealty for their income, running around telling people they are voting for Johnson or McMullen.
      People shouldn't bite the hand that feeds them, and be team players...This year the Democrats are doing just that.
NBC News - Breaking News & Top Stories - Latest World, US & Local News

Recipe for Winning Means Talking About Saving the Middle Class and Small Business

     It's not trailer talk with Billy Bush or a too-fat Miss Universe, but Donald Trump and the GOP just may have an October surprise that can work for them...for them as a team.
     The announced hikes in Obamacare premiums and the corrolary story about the pending collapse of the current system should be manna from Heaven for candidates from Trump on down the ballot.
     I would drop Benghazi, Syria, fights with media, denying groping and concentrate on the economic peril the ACA poses for regular Americans and small business.
     Not just "repeal and replace" but an articulation of why this is failing and why if Dems are in power, the only path alowed will be to sngle payer. 
     For Trump and GOP candidates for Senate and House, the message should be clear. It is imperative to elect Republicans because the alternative is threatening to bury the little guy.
    This is a test of how nimble Trump can be and whether all on the Republican side can quit their unendorsing and fretting about suburban white women from the suburbs of Philadelphia.
    Thirteen issue....see what happens. (And if you get some more scandal from WikiLeaks, all the better)

Campaigns Ebb and Flow

      Yesterday I was chatting with  a Roll Call reporter who was doing the obligatory story on young,up and coming , female MOC still publicly backing Donald Trump. We talked about the race and as far away as DC it was obvious NY21 is not on anyone's radar as competitive. 
       The bid by Democrat Mike Derrick just never took off.  Mr. Derrick did a decent job raising some cash early on, but his totals were dwarfed by the incumbent and he was never able to get the poll numbers needed for the national party to help more.
     The race has been bland with little controversy and is now eclipsed by the local Assembly race, where the challenger is increasingly confident of victory.
     Some have gone as far as speculating on John Byrne's opponent in two years.  Much touted Massena Mayor Tim Currier is widely thought interested and has been featured in recent TV spots on recycling.
     Of course, Assemblywoman Addie Russell doesn't see herself losing and is all over the airwaves with her new polar bear spot.
      The only other races of passing interest are nearby Congressional races where there are open seats, and of course waiting to see how much Senator Schumer wins by over Wendy Long. Ms. Long is the in studio guest on the HOTLINE this Thursday, perhaps an omen for where her campaign is less than two weeks out.

Happy Birthday Hillary

        Hillary Clinton turns 69 first of all, Happy Birthday.  The likely next President is celebrating in Manhattan with friends like Stevie Wonder and it costs ten grand a head to help cut the cake.

Senator Says Andy Has Too Much Control

    A top State Senate Republican says the Governor has too much power over upstate spending on economic development. Senator John DeFrancisco of Syracuse was in part responding to recent scandals on awarding of state bids and contracts for major projects like the Buffalo Billion.
     The Governor is unlikely to embrace more legislative oversight on such largesse.

Monday, October 24, 2016

'Walking Dead': Everything You Need to Know About Negan - Rolling Stone

   As sadistic sociopaths go, Negan takes the cake... Makes the Governor look like Mel Busler...
    The season premier of the Walking Dead was an orgy of violence that made the most faithful viewers wince....But it was compelling.
'Walking Dead': Everything You Need to Know About Negan - Rolling Stone

Walczyk Predicts Byrne Win

   City Councilman Mark Walczyk predicted today that Republican John Byrne will win the AD 116 race. Mr. Walczyk made the on-the-record comment after dining with the candidate at Pete's. Both men ate like a bird and took the remainder of their meals home in to-go containers. Chicken tortellini according to sources.
     Mr. Walczyk was said to have run Mr. Byrne's nearly successful 2014 bid but says he didn't have the time this year.....
      There seems a confidence borne of an insider's knowledge of those much sought after "internal poll" results.
      Mr. Walczyk disappointed though when he revealed his Presidential pick is a guy from Utah not even on the NY ballot.

WDT: Factory Street

     Every day I drive down Factory Street looking for the day's progress...It's slow, and clearly won't be done this year.

Obama administration confirms double-digit premium hikes | Political News | US News

    The looming economic insolvency of the ACA is actually good news for Hillary Clinton and Democrats. Voters won't take it out on her as most are insulated through Medicaid, Medicare or employer funded plans.
     For many though who pay substantial portions or all of health insurance, they just won't connect the dots in 14 days.
    For the Democrats this is the path to single payer as they can block a return to the old ways and economic calamity will leave the public begging for more.
     Great issue for Trump but he never goes further than the vague "repeal and replace" argument without explaining the real impact.
     The numbers are out, but it's the job of media to tamp it down and keep talking about the 42 year old porn star who had her arm squeezed.
Obama administration confirms double-digit premium hikes | Political News | US News

Monday Politics

   Finally today Donald Trump took a topic in the news today and drove it home....Speaking in Florida, Mr. Trump laid into Clinton pal Governor Terry McAuliffe of VA donating nearly $700K to the state senate  campaign of the wife of the FBI dude in charge of the Clinton email probe...
   That helps explain why the probe ended as it did.
    But he also did a radio interview where he got to talking about the latest sex accuser, so that will be the news for 72 hours on the two pro Clinton nets.
     On another media note I got a call today from a Roll Call reporter asking people in the district about whether Elise Stefanik should continue to back Trump....Isn't that round of made up media outrage over ?  Nobody up hear cares other than a couple of reporters just recovering from the nasty note trauma at SUNY Canton.
     But the reporter was nice enough and I told her what I thought, which is that it's all much ado about nothing as the Trump kerfuffles are largely contrived or not important, and the real issue is who can offer change...and the answer to that is Trump.
      In the epic battle for the Assembly, nothing much new but I don't think the ad with the polar bears does much. It's inside baseball as everyone is propped up by out of district money.
      I did get another Shelly Silver mailer today....and old Russ Finley called the show today and fired a few more salvos at John Byrne, whom I am beginning to think Russ doesn't like.

Pearl Street Drink Slinger Goes Libertarian

    Bucking the conventional identity politics so many adhere to, Chrissy voted for Gary Johnson by absentee today as she expects to be away on the 8th.
     She tells the blog Trump offends her but she doesn't like Mrs Clinton either.
     Chrissy also supported Matt Funiciello for Congress.
      She freely said its OK to publish her preferences.

Must Have Missed a Favorite Halloween Event

        I haven't heard any publicity over the Vortex Halloween event. We had good success with that for a couple or three years and many kids enjoyed the fun.
Councilwoman Teresa Macaluso, Who Played the Alien in Past Vortex Events

        The Thompson Park Vortex is a state recognized site for paranormal activity and was dubbed 'Watertown's Area 51' as part of an initiative I started about three years ago.
    There was a Harvest Fest in the Park last month that attracted 2500 people.

Cuomo to stump for Dems in key races to tilt Senate control - NY Daily News

    Governor Andrew Cuomo will be stumping in select parts of the Empire State in part to help Senate Democrats take control of the upper house. Mr. Cuomo polls well in NYC and Long Island, so that's where he will be.

     The matter of Senate control is the issue that gets no mention up here as all the races are unopposed, One Senate seat on the Island counts for way more than a NNY Assembly race. But even up here the GOP will at best tread water. If the GOP wins the River District, they are likely to lose the race to the east in Franklin and Clinton Counties.

      In any event, the Governor will likely not be up this way as his relationship with voters is more complicated than it is downstate.

       In another aside, retiring Rep. Richard Hanna has put out feelers for a 2018 Gubernatorial campaign. Others have already started campaigning including two county execs from the Hudson Valley.

Cuomo to stump for Dems in key races to tilt Senate control - NY Daily News

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Assembly Spots Blot Out Other Races

    Suddenly the Assembly race in AD 116 has eclipsed other races with tons of TV ads. John Byrne and Addie Russell may be locked in a highly competitive race if you use the TV spot intensity and frequency to judge.
    Back to back they run through all day parts including today's football games. Meanwhile the Russell campaign has fired a salvo into mailboxes ripping at Mr. Byrne's days as an Oneonta bar owner where he was fined in five figures for a variety of offenses including pouring cheap booze into high end bottles.
     The Byrne attacks have centered on defense of former Speaker Sheldon Silver and the support she got from the late Assembly groper in chief, Vito Lopez.
      Both sides have run syrupy positive spots suggesting they can do everything but cure the common  cold.
       The last two weeks will play out on TV and in your mail box. Hope they buy some radio.

Stunning Numbers: Trump Leads Hillary in Rally Attendance by Half a Million People Since August

    There's no place more fun than a Trump rally and lots of people go. Mr. Trump has an 87-34 edge on the number of rallies since August 1.   Attendance is 561K to 31K

      But......Hillary still leads in the polls. In the past week ABC/WaPo increased its margin from four to twelve points as the media cadence that the race is over intensifies.

      Stunning Numbers: Trump Leads Hillary in Rally Attendance by Half a Million People Since August

EDITORIAL: Donald Trump for president | Las Vegas Review-Journal

       The largest circulation paper in battleground Nevada has offered a thoughtful and persuasive argument for Donald Trump as a change agent or a least a disruption of the cushy, comfy ways of the capital.
       The Review-Journal offers the first major paper endorsement of Mr. Trump with all the others backing Hillary Clinton, with a sprinkling for Governor Gary Johnson.
       Mr. Trumps clumsy, flaw-filled campaign and tin ear to the traps set for him are masking a core message many Americans long for.
       What is there in Hillary Clinton's campaign that has suggested anything more than what we've seen?
        This is about change and the best prospect for that is Mr. Trump.
EDITORIAL: Donald Trump for president | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Hillary Clinton Faces Choice in World Series on Whether She Will Tolerate Racism to Win a Swing State

        Two old and gritty Midwest cities where baseball fans have had little to cheer over for decades are headed to a Great Lakes Series.
        The Chicago Cubs aced the Dodgers 5-0 to win the NL pennant and play the AL chiefs, the Cleveland Indians.
          The Tribe features Chief Wahoo, the stereotypical red skin with a big nose and a feather. The Cubs are represented by a cute and cuddly bear.
          Even with distant Chicago roots, Hillary Clinton could never be seen validating the Cleveland icon, even though Ohio is very much the swing state. But, if elected will she use her Justice Department and the influence of the Oval Office to quash Chief Wahoo ?
          Donald Trump can never win Illinois so he might as well trade his Make America Great hat for one with the chief on it.
          This could again rekindle the debate that has swirled around the Washington Redskins about racial imagery.
          The press knows Donald Trump is racist, but Mrs. Clinton needs to be asked pronto where she stands.  I doubt the MSM will however.  They like Mrs. Clinton will tolerate a bit of racism for those 18 electoral votes and certain victory.

On an Uneven Playing Field, The GOP Isn't Very Resourceful

   Payback is fun, especially in politics...The "bimbo eruptions" of the 80s and 90s plagued the Clintons and threatened their passion for power. "Dragging a dollar through a trailer park" is how the venerable James Carville described GOP efforts.
    Now it seems Mrs. Clinton has showboating lawyer Gloria Allred draging a roll of one hundreds through Beverly Hills as more and more suddenly distraught women come forward to file their public grievance with Donald Trump for events often decades old.
     Today it as adult (porn) film star Jessica Drake getting all weepy at Ms. Allred's side.
      This is not bean bag, as the Dems play for keeps.
       Getting questions supplied from a network for an upcoming forum. Inciting violence at Trump rallies to create a false narrative. Arranging with Comcast to have an obscure out-take surface at just the right minute.   Canoodling with a fawning press corp whenever possible.
      Democrats keep tight ranks behind their nominee. Witness much abused Bernie Sanders being the good soldier.
      Republicans have routinely been embracing and unembracing their nominee based on a finger in the air.
      Democrats with a straight face discredit the WikiLeaks memo by saying they were altered by the Russians.
       Republicans get caught in trap after trap like the kerfuffle over whether Trump would "accept" the results of the election. (Like Al Gore did, when he used the courts to pursue his interests until all avenues were exhausted a month after the election).
       With the two week warning at hand, it's hard to imagine Hillary Clinton losing, but there's still a chance....But it will involve being on message and Republicans showing some solidarity.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Clinton oppo files portrayed Sanders as a failed lawmaker - POLITICO

      Poor Bernie...sitting at his new summer home on Lake Champlain, reading everyday how much the Clinton's boned him.....But he's got that pat on the head from Schumer to look forward to in January.

     Bernie Sanders....sad story of 2016.

Clinton oppo files portrayed Sanders as a failed lawmaker - POLITICO

Clinton home allegedly loaded with 'expensive gifts' from Global Initiative sponsors | Daily Mail Online

      I've been pretty up front about my bewilderment with aspects of the Trump campaign, but it amazes me this republic is about to bestow our version of royalty on two grifters with a house loaded with the booty obtained selling the office and influence.
     And we are sold on this nonsense of the "first woman President" and the most qualified candidate ever.......
     A lot of it is revealed in WikiLeaks but that's banned from most of the press, and now it's just run out the clock time.
      A million for Bill's birthday from Qatar....Twelve million from the monarch of Morocco for who knows what.
       As for the house in Chappaqua, I was at the base of the driveway in 2000 to take a peak at my opponent and visited the Starbuck's Bill goes to. Very tony neighborhood, but I'd really like to get inside to see all the bling from around the world. 
Clinton home allegedly loaded with 'expensive gifts' from Global Initiative sponsors | Daily Mail Online

WDT: Heat's On for City to Act on Courtroom.....And COR Pledges Project Completion

        The Fifth Judicial District is trying to light  a fire under City Council to get moving on courtroom renovations. The chief judge of the district has a long time close relationship with the local paper which this morning printed the editorial designed to end what are called "courtroom capers."
        Often, local elected officials will look for permission or validation from media before moving on a controversial project, especially when there is public blowback over the cost...
         Also in city news, Mayor Butler says work will move ahead on the Mercy site, but the pace will be slower than thought. The corruptions allegations involving COR officials seems to have altered the firm's schedule. Frankly, just getting rid of the old hospital and some run down houses puts the city ahead of the game, but the housing/commercial development planned for there was considered to be a boost for downtown.
Watertown Daily Times | Courtroom capers: City Council needs to get to work on new judicial facility

Trumps First Hundred Days....Change Has to Come from the Outside

      Today's major policy speech by Donald Trump was heavy on details and specifics. The kind of policy talk people say they want while the media reboots the Billy Bush video.
       The Trump speech in Gettysburg began with some red meat politics including a pledge to sue his accusers, and that will be the news and parody topics.
       As for the content, by Monday it won't matter as the MSM will have fresh SNL clips they can chortle over.
       Mr. Trump moves on to other rallies today, as the two week warning is sounded and despite a better message, a cadence of defeat is beginning.

Salma Hayek claims Donald Trump asked her out repeatedly while she had a boyfriend | Daily Mail Online

         Stop already. These people who are coming forth are looking really desperate to be part of Hillary's party.

Salma Hayek claims Donald Trump asked her out repeatedly while she had a boyfriend | Daily Mail Online

David Duke qualifies for Louisiana Senate debate - POLITICO

    This is easy to predict.  Duke will mention Trump as he knows it gets him in the news and then the media will feign outrage and get everyone to react.

     The test for Trump is realize this is coming and have an appropriate " Louisiana voters need to defeat this racist loser."  Instead Trump will say something stupid and there's goes a three day media cycle.

David Duke qualifies for Louisiana Senate debate - POLITICO

Coke Gets Nod for Soda at Concession | WWNY TV 7

       I see the City went with Coca Cola products, according to the menu seen  in this report. That's a good choice as I have always got good service from them.  A couple of decades ago it would have been politically impossible to not do Pepsi. But times have changed.
      It would be interesting to see the terms of the deal with Coke, as they surely got something. Free coolers, cash, signage, something.
       As is always the case here, people complain about prices. It's a sporting arena and the people waiting on you have to be paid....More and more in coming years. The days of the 20 cent burger at Carroll's are gone.
Watertown Arena's Concession Stand Now Open For Business | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Derrick releases tax return | Topic Pages |

     Democrat Michael Derrick has released his last year's tax return following the same move by Republican incumbent Elise Stefanik 
      Did he pay enough as is his obligation according to his party's Presidential candidate ?  You decide. I'd like the media to post the actual return so we can scour it as reporter's are not accountants. Also we should know about the seven houses in Colorado.
      Now we need to stick our noses into Matt Funiciello's finances...he has a lot of dough , I hear.
      This also raises the question I raised on the HOTLINE yesterday. Should we see the returns of the Assembly candidates as valid questions have been raised over the business dealings of one candidate.
      Will Perry and Scott demand it as part of comprehensive , team coverage ?
Derrick releases tax return | Topic Pages |

Pointing Fingers in Cyber Attack

       That cyber attack that took down popular websites yesterday....Of course the Clinton mania media wants to blame the Russians...That's the narrative...Maybe it was the attack Joe Biden promised last week on NBC...Could be WikiLeaks or maybe just some 400 pound guy who lives in his parent's basement.
       The worry now is about what two networks call the "stolen" Podesta emails.  It's the worry because of the threat not to the nation but to the Clinton campaign.

Status Quo Thinking Wins Again in Albany as Home Sharing Is Smacked Down

    Once again government uses its heavy hand to protect the way things were and the people whe have been in charge.
     Airbnb allows for people to rent excess space in their homes. But zoning, greedy county governments and now Albany want to bring it to a halt.
     Protecting hotel worker unions is good old fashioned politics so now Governor Cuomo has signed a bill to impose heavy fines on anyone who places an ad on-line to rent out space in a home they may need help paying for.
      It's been similar to protecing the old taxi industry as new technologies come along for ride sharing.
      Recently in NNY, counties scrambled to expand their "bed tax" to home sharing.
      We need a revolution but n 16 days that won't happen. The status quo is about to win and we are about to take it on the chin once again.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Republican Sissies Abound

   Charles Krauthammer has joined the ranks of Republican feckless people. He says he cannot support Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton and will write in either Senator Ben Sasse or Speaker Paul Ryan.
     This op/ed icon joins the John McCains and Lindsey Grahams in offering a horrible civics lesson. Vote for one of the candidates who has qualified for the ballot. These random write ins are so underwhelming.
      The race may be over, but its time for these old bulls of US politics to grow a pair.

Landslide Hungry Media Sells Notion Trump Bad for Stocks - POLITICO

   OMG, it never stops. The media is keeping its foot on the gas...Not happy with a likely Clinton win, they continue to manufacture stories to scare the public and produce the landslide for Hillary

     Now, it's your 401K will tank if Trump is elected...Like Brexit they say....that was a one day panic.

      Economists: A Trump win would tank the markets - POLITICO

Politics on a Friday

       Today's interview with John Byrne was good, I thought. I challenged him on some things but let him talk. He is very nimble and able to get back on message....As they say on cable news, he pivots well.  

      I've been seeing these signs for Gilbert for Supreme Court Judge....I just found out this week he is Hugh Gilbert's son.  Now I've always found Judge Gilbert one of the gentlemen of politics, always respectful and courteous. I assume the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, but I don't know why they don't promote the Gilbert lad in this market as Hugh's son.
     Bullet vote for him.

Elected official to quit mid-term, to take $10K buyout intended to cut county payroll |

    This is kind of interesting, but I guess OK as the County Legislator is an Onondaga County employee. Must be the county attorney forgot to "rule" the legislator is not an employee.
      This certainly is not the intent of the program but the County Exec could drag her feet in appointing someone to fill out the term.
      Imagine allowing and elected executive appointing someone. That's pretty rad.
      The legislator  could have just let her last year run out without going to meetings. No good representation but totally legal.
Elected official to quit mid-term, to take $10K buyout intended to cut county payroll |

Byrne: Shelly Ties Make Russell Corrupt Too

   Republican John Byrne accused his opponent of de facto corruption by her support of former Speaker Sheldon Silver, and the candidate also fended off accusations of his Otsego County plastics business which Democrats say has been shuttered since 2010.
John Byrne on HOTLINE
    Mr. Byrne participated in a spirited hour on the HOTLINE where he pledged to work with his party in Albany and work to repeal the SAFE ACT.
     Mr. Byrne was also questioned about his fine plagued tavern in Oneonta and his campground business in Cape Vincent.

Snow Possible

   Snow is possible this weekend in parts of the Tug Hill Plateau. That means someone will send that photo to Newzjunky of snow on their bird feeder or deck. Temps are dipping in the days ahead.

Is Anybody Checking the Claims in the "Whispering Campaign"

     The race for Assembly is interesting and I wonder, since its the only competitive local race, why the MSM doesn't put some more effort into it.
    Addie Russell's folks have raised issues about John Byrne's purported plastics factory in Morris, NY (near Oneonta).  They have raised issues about his bar in Oneonta and his run in with the law in Manlius over a boat storage issue.
    Crickets from the MSM as the man is slammed by his Democratic opponent. Couple nights in a hotel in Oneonta isn't that big a tab for the media mandarins who guide us.
     And what about Ms. Russell ? How much reporting is there about her dealings and what her relationships are in Albany ?
      I guess you can say as long as they are buying ads, the media is doing its due diligence.....but coverage has been thin gruel.
      Of course the new news ethic is two old news type of stories don't matter any more...One is politics and the other is crime.

Hillary's Four Minute Window to Push the "That Was Easy" Button

     Hillary Clinton has been talking about the "nuclear codes" and the "nuclear button."  In the debate this week, she also revealed the response time when the order comes to the President.
     Mrs. Clinton would have you believe a President can just launch on demand. I can't believe that's the case., but since Mrs. Clinton has made specific reference to nuclear protocols, we need to know the whole story in order to judge whether what Mrs. Clinton says about her opponent is true.

Russia's attack fleet arrives at Dover as Putin's warships enter the English Channel TODAY on their way to launch strikes in Syria | Daily Mail Online

   Been a while since there was this much excitement on the White Cliffs of Dover....It's not the Bismarck and not the Spanish Armada....It's the Russians passing by and belching lots of smoke as they traverse the 22 mile wide English Channel.

    Russia's attack fleet arrives at Dover as Putin's warships enter the English Channel TODAY on their way to launch strikes in Syria | Daily Mail Online

Al Smith Dinner Reflects Nasty Campaign

    Even the Al Smith charity dinner became extra acrimonious as the tradtional appearance by the two Presidential candidates got testy as light hearted jabs got a little rough. Donald Trump started it and after some good material got booed for going too far. Hillary Clinton was pointed as well.
     The Mr. Trump's chances waning, the push now for Mrs. Clinton and her press acolytes is not just a path to 270 but an Electoral College landslide.
    They want 400 and could come close if current pollling holds.
     More likely is a five or six point win with about 350 EVs.
     It's hard to see how 17 days of rallies can make a difference, although there are lots of WikiLeaks to come and some natural tightening may occur as GOP voters come home.

GOP Rallies Before the Election

   Local Republicans gathered for their fall dinner last night at the Savory in Watertown.  The speaker was the Dutchess County Executive and in attendance were Rep. Elise Stefanik, judge candidates looking to define the next 14 years of their life, and Assembly hopeful John Byrne who is looking to unseat Assemblywoman Addie Russell.

      The Assembly race took a new turn yesterday when prominent SLC lawyer Preston Carlisle joined the GOP in making an issue of no worker's comp hearings being held in Canton.
       The incumbent scrambled to try and come up with a proposal for teleconferencing hearings, but I can't see this is that much of an issue for voters other than as a wedge in St. Lawrence County.
        Meanwhille Democrats are continuing to privately make an issue of Mr. Byrne's purported business acument, distributing a recent photo of a Byrne owned plastics plant in Morris, NY the Dems says has been closed since 2010.
Apparently Vacant Building in Morris, NY

        Republicans hope the lingering residue of Sheldon Silver will prompt voters to oust Ms. Russell.

WDT: City Hall Discovers People Like Fried Food

        The Wolves open their season at the Watertown Arena this week and the concession stand opens with new menu items after City Hall purchased an AutoFry ventless fryer and a grill.
        Only in Watertown would the availability of cheese sticks be news, but controversy swirled over food earlier this year.
       Workers at the stand will be getting a 70 cent per hour raise soon as the state's minimum wage rises January 1st to $9.70.
        By the way I owned an Auto Fry some years ago and while it's a well made appliance, the challenge is keeping it clean and it does not allow for the kind of high volume delivery you need in an arena. It actually is a good alternative for some locations, like behind a bar where the staff services the occasional order.
       The Times story also alludes to a grill, but we don't know if that required fire suppression.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Radio Daze

   Today I took part in a panel discussion at the Historical Society on the history of radio in NNY. Ellen Rocco of NCPR and I showed up as the other two shops in Watertown stiffed the museum.
    Anyway, Ms. Rocco is a lovely woman with a rich appreciation of radio.
    I was able to give a history of local radio because I am old and remember most of it.
    These are the type of events where you get to bloviate and realize you are over the hill.

On radio: Is Cuomo part of Miner's beef with Mahoney? Will Miner run for governor? |

    Old Steph could edge out the Z gal as the woman Andy hates the most....If Mayor Miner decides to run for Governor in 2018. There's already talk of Comptroller Tom DiNapoli and AG Eric (eyeliner) Schneiderman running.
     Governor Cuomo is really tight with Onondaga County Exec Joanie Mahoney and has sparred with the Mayor who is term limited next year.
      On radio: Is Cuomo part of Miner's beef with Mahoney? Will Miner run for governor? |

Stein-Stefanik ?

     Today an employee told me she needs to be out of state on November 8 and my first thought to this millennial was making sure she votes. People that age don't think of voting like we did. So I got her an absentee.  Despite my big mouth I don't try to influence who they vote for. I just want employees to learn good civic habits.  Well she actually put a lot of thought into it and in the two races of interest, Congress and the White House, she went back and forth.
     On Congress, she said she like Matt Funiciello but somewhere had met Rep. Elise Stefanik and liked her....So a vote for Elise.
     And for President, this millennial was not going back and forth not between Trump and Clinton, but between Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Jill Stein.
     The vote went to Stein.
      I hope all of you work hard to get younger citizens around you to vote....Most won't but hope springs eternal in building a new generation that cares enough to check a box

Russell Launches New Ads Refuting Byrne Charges

     Assemblywoman Addie Russell has new ads on TV refuting his opponents ads linking her to Sheldon Silver and a legislative pay raise.
      Let's be clear. Both candidates want the pay raise and you know what ? They should get it as DA's and judges just keep making more and more and the outrage level hovers around zero.
       On Friday GOP candidate for AD 116, John Byrne, is the guest on the HOTLINE and will face caller questions and be asked to respond to the sharp criticisms of current and past opponents.
       The HOTLINE appearance is the last unscripted appearance in the campaign.
        With two weeks left, it's unknown if Ms. Russell will drop her oppo research bombs. So far she has played nice, but it's crunch time.
Addie for Assembly: Assemblywoman Russell calls on opponent to disavow super PAC’s negative TV ads

Kelly corners Brazile on leaked town hall question - POLITICO

     The new DNC chair is a liar...Caught and cornered by Megyn Kelly, Donna Brazile lied about being provided town hall questions from CNN and providing them to her candidate.

      It was fun to watch her Southern drawl routine fail her as Ms. Brazile relied on the new party line that the Podesta emails were "stolen" and therefore not true.

Kelly corners Brazile on leaked town hall question - POLITICO

WDT:| It’s the law: Lewis County legislators increase DA Leanne Moser’s salary

       Should a local yokel lawyer who gets elected DA be making $183,000 a year ?....As much as the Governor...almost as much as a school superintendent, twice what a  State Senator makes, and six times the average income of the jurisdiction elected in ?
       You're just going to get lawyers looking for a job.. Same with these judges.
        As we have seen, anyone can get elected and its not like this is some town or city council post.
Watertown Daily Times | It’s the law: Lewis County legislators increase DA Leanne Moser’s salary

WDT:| It’s the law: Lewis County legislators increase DA Leanne Moser’s salary

       Should a local yokel lawyer who gets elected DA be making $183,000 a year ?....As much as the Governor...almost as much as a school superintendent, twice what a  State Senator makes, and six times the average income of the jurisdiction elected in ?

       You're just going to get lawyers looking for a job.. Same with these judges.

        As we have seen, anyone can get elected and its not like this is some town or city council post.

Watertown Daily Times | It’s the law: Lewis County legislators increase DA Leanne Moser’s salary

Thursday and the Debates are Over

      I see somebody has finally bought the old Bonnie Castle Recreation Center.  That's good as that whole are leading into Alex Bay on NY 12 looks terrible.  Remember Watefun Village ?    Roadside attractions just don't work anymore.
      Can't say 'bad hombre' anymore. Common expression among most people 70 years of age, but I guess it's of limits now.
       Will you accept the results of the election ? Enough already with that question. It's like saying will you accept the weather this winter.  What happens, happens.
       Nineteen days till it's over,