Saturday, August 27, 2016

Here’s what we need to know about Rep. Elise Stefanik’s support for Donald Trump « The In Box

      The media is so feminized now they all think and function like Mika. Here's an NPR piece excoriating Rep. Elise Stefanik for her support....not highly demonstrative....but support of Donald Trump for President.
      Why does she have to rationalize it. ? Why does Mike Derrick have to justify his support for....oh he hasn't said...We'll we assume he supports Crooked Hillary.
       Elise Stefanik is no different from any of us...we want change but have some misgivings about the Donald...but also realize if its a binary choice, there is no choice but Trump.
      After Labor Day, I'll be putting my Stefanik sign out front and it won't depend on whether she explains to NPR, PerryKos or Scotty World why she is voting for The Donald.
Here’s what we need to know about Rep. Elise Stefanik’s support for Donald Trump « The In Box

Johnson Dropping Some Cash In Bid for Debate Slot

    The most viable third party candidate since 1992 is spending money in select states to expand his polling footprint. Gary Johnson is the Libertarian hoping to make it into the Presidential debates.
      So far the Johnson-Weld ticket has far outraised what the party took in last cycle.

WDT: Council Surprised at Sligar Hiring

       The Times reports Council members were surprised at the rehiring of former water czar Michael Sligar as a consultant to draw up staffing protocols for the Fire Department.
        I don't know why it was a surprise. I had heard about it a while back and I don't have any particular insight into all this.
        A good sense of deja vu helps provide insight.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Bleach It Out

      A new hard drive eraser called bleachbit got a boost  this week as it was revealed Hillary Clinton used it to electronically shred embarassing emails.
      Good to see a product get recognition from the former First Lady.
       I did some listening today as I stopped by Colesante's to see how they are bearing up with the construction.
       Comments like "this is the worst Presidential election in my lifetime", to "Clinton frightens me, she keeps me up at night".  There was no enthusiasm for Donald Trump either and there was frustration that he won't just shut up.
        Meanwhile the latest race war between the candidates flared up again with a rehash of the Clinton crime bill and whether black youth are "super predators."

'We don't care' - the new sign for gender-neutral toilets - BBC News

   All kidding aside, NNY needs to get used to the new world...It is appearing first in schools, but it will be everywhere...The old notion of  "Buoys" and "Gulls" is fading as gender neutral restrooms are being forced upon some cases, businesses not interested in sparring with Andy are embracing it.

    Wait till your daughter comes home and tells you she showered with a guy in gym class....Then you will now change has come.

'We don't care' - the new sign for gender-neutral toilets - BBC News

Trump to 'crazy' Mika Brzezinski: 'Apologize!' - POLITICO

    I think old Joe gave up a nice wife to pursue an avenue that is destroying his morning show as the go to place for politics.  Mika is off the rails as you could see in her hostile interview this morning with a black minister who did the unthinkable....he supports Donald Trump.

    MSNBC has a problem in the AM.

Trump to 'crazy' Mika Brzezinski: 'Apologize!' - POLITICO

WDT: Rally to support Watertown firefighters again postponed

   The rally for the FD is delayed again....No urgency, I guess....It will be in September...better time anyway...Everyone this month is soaking up the end of summer.
    Not sure what there is to rally for. The public doesn't seem that worked up by the long meandering labor talks or whether there's lots of captains.
    Everybody has their own problems.
Watertown Daily Times | Rally to support Watertown firefighters again postponed

WDT: DNA evidence excluded from Hillary trial

      The DNA is out and after five years one wonders if Mary Rain will ever get her conviction of Nic Hillary in the alleged murder of 12 year old Garrett Phillips.

       Watertown Daily Times | DNA evidence excluded from Hillary trial

Mika Brzezinski tears into Donald Trump after 'affair' attack on MSNBC | Daily Mail Online

   With 70 days to go Mika is becoming unhinged as the nation takes sides as Clinton and Trump trade charges of bigotry.
    Normally its Dems who accuse their foes of racism and there is no return fire....this year that is different.
    Meanwhile Morning Joe and the "journalists" who perch there is a cauldron of Trump hating. This election won't be producing any kumbaya or honeymoons.
Mika Brzezinski tears into Donald Trump after 'affair' attack on MSNBC | Daily Mail Online

Meet the vet Dr. Evan Antin named 'Sexiest Beast Charmer' by People magazine | Daily Mail Online

     Jet is bummed out...All that working out and weight lifting and her veterinarian Diane didn't make the cut at People Magazine.  It's a rigged system.
Meet the vet Dr. Evan Antin named 'Sexiest Beast Charmer' by People magazine | Daily Mail Online

Eighties Redux as Debbie is Back

   When you see stars from your prime years, it's reassuring till they open their mouth....Absolutely loved Debbie Gibson in the 80s, and she looks good but the singing voice ...tough to hit all the notes, But the stage presence still there....and it was good to see her again. I felt it was 1985 and I was watching her on that newfangled video disc player at Shooties.

Shelly Stays Free | New York Post

        If you thought Sheldon Silver was in jail, think again. He is free pending appeal and the Post reports that may take over a year. He was allowed to stay out as the judge saw a path for success in the appeal due to the recent Supreme Court ruling on the case of VA Governor Bob McDonald.

Justice delayed for Shelly Silver | New York Post

Bannon's Past Gets Scrutiny Other Operatives Don't

        The background of candidates is fair game, but is it news if a campaign staffer had a dismissed misdemeanor domestic violence charge twenty years ago ?  It's a full court press again Steven Bannon, the new CEO of the Trump campaign.

WDT: Swinger General Once Served at Drum

    A  former brigade commander at Fort Drum is in hot water for being a swinger. MG David Haight looks like he will be shown the door at a lower rank, lowering his pension from $123K a year to $98K  Still a good paycheck.
     When you look at all those retired generals working as talking heads on TV, you realize why the deficit is so large.
       But in the private sector, you can swing all you want. It's not a crime.

Nurses Reach Accord...Strike Averted

    No strike, no lockout, as nurses at SMC have reached a tentative contract agreement with management.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Trump hits back at Clinton: 'Shame on you' - POLITICO

   I've had my reservations about the Trump campaign, but I've had it with being characterized as uneducated and racist.
    On more than one occasion I've shut people down when they use words like "nigger" or "faggot" in my business and I wouldn't tolerate such nonsense from staff.
    Now Hillary Clinton is portraying Trump supporters as Klansmen. Done with her and her ilk.
Trump hits back at Clinton: 'Shame on you' - POLITICO

When Jack Daniels Isn't Jack Daniels and Heineken Isn't Heineken....Finley Dumps SLA Records on Local Media

    GOP Assembly hopeful Russ Finley is hoping Liquor Law violations from over a decade ago will sink his principle opponent.
    Mr. Finley called the HOTLINE and also emailed us copies of the citations and pleadings in several SLA actions against the Brass Rail Tavern in Oneonta, owned about 12 years ago by GOP frontrunner John Byrne.
     The citations include after hours sales, underage sales, unlimited drink deals and improperly certified security guards...
    All par for the course in the industry and long enough ago not to dissuade party leaders and the press from supporting Mr. Byrne two years ago when he nearly beat Assemblywoman Addie Russell.
     However some of the SLA allegations involve pouring cheap liquor in bottles indicating more expensive brands. Also there are allegations of pouring draft under false labeling.
      Now I know enough about SLA actions and how they originate...It's not always as it seems or is portrayed...But  the bottle swapping is not something that plays well in a political context.
      This story simmered beneath the surface last time, but the media was pretty intent on seeing Ms. Russell go... This time, it's not that way, but I still don't think old bar allegations from so long ago will get traction.
      Sometimes SLA action is an indication of character and practices, but it can also be fueled by petty complaints from rivals and strident action by local governments.
      All said, I'd hate to be running for office defending against these issues, and if I'd been cited for pouring Old Crow into a Jim Beam bottle, I'd surely have calls for a probe to be launched.

Ponderosa in Watertown Closing Down | WWNY TV 7

    For decades the Ponderosa Steak House was among the most popular family dining spots, but now it is closing...Originally located on Arsenal Street , it was moved by the state to the plaza behind the original location.

    Forty people will lose their jobs.

Ponderosa in Watertown Closing Down | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Hillary Launches New Front in the Race War

    Today Hillary Clinton will respond to Donald Trump's outreach to black voters....She will lecture us on something called the "alt-right", something I never heard of till the past week.
     To make it simple, Mrs Clinton will tread on familiar ground in order to sustain her base..Mrs Clinton will try to link her opponent to white supremacists.  How original is that ?

Big Labor Passes on NY21 | NYSAFLCIO

     It's unclear whether being the union candidate helps or hurts up here, but in the NY21 race the NYS AFL CIO has taken a pass, not endorsing any of the three candidates.
     It's generally an automatic for a Dem, as the only Republican endorsed is the incumbent MOC from Staten Island.
     Whether Michael Derrick passed on purpose or the union wasn't interested, I don't know.
      Last week the state's largest teachers union endorsed Rep. Elise Stefanik.
New York State AFL-CIO Announces Endorsements for Congress | NYSAFLCIO

SUNY Binghamton offering 'Stop White People' course; controversy ensues |

SUNY Binghamton has a seminar for it's incoming resident assistants on how to stop white people....particularly "uneducated" ones. It's not surprising in a world where Donald Trump supporters are routinely referred to as older, white, uneducated, angry males. Imagine if someone called Mrs. Clinton's most dependable voters as angry, uneducated black men ?
     One can only imagine what's being taught at the college's in the Big County.
SUNY Binghamton offering 'Stop White People' course; controversy ensues |

WDT: Grand Juty Lets Perp-Walked Guards Off Hook on Felonies

      Remember those three prison guards hauled to jail on felony charges for doing what likely always goes on.......Fudging their time cards and filing for a full day's pay even if they finished up a training day early.
       The felony charges never survived the grand jury and we all know grand juries indict who they are told to.
       There was always something curious about this case. So often these things are billed as an "internal" matter. The trio will face misdemeanor charges in town court.
       Wouldn't you normally get fired for something like this ? Or reprimanded in some other way.

Chelsea Clinton to Stay on Clinton Foundation Board if Hillary Becomes President - WSJ

       Carville says critics of the Clinton Foundation will burn in Hell, but there are a lot of people willing to do so.....The controversy continues to fester and the Clinton's don't seem inclined to give up their cash cow....Daughter Chelsea says she will stay on the board of directors. Some reports have said she draws a large salary from the foundation.
         Most Clinton supporters have already dismissed concern over scandal but all of this comes at just the right time for Donald Trump who needed a Clinton stumble to coincide with his own rebooting.
Chelsea Clinton t Stay on Clinton Foundation Board if Hillary Becomes President - WSJ

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

WDT: Finley Says He Won't Accept Proposed Legislative Pay Hike

     GOP Assembly hopeful Russ Finley, hoping to capitalize on public disdain for elected officials, said today he will not accept the pay hike for state lawmakers likely to take effect in January. He challenged his opponents to say the same.

     Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York.

HOTLINE: Finley Won't Support GOP Primary Winner If Not Him

       Wow, some news happened on the HOTLINE today as GOP Assembly hopeful Russ Finley called in to talk about legislative pay and I ask him if he will support the Republican primary winner if it is not him.
      He said no....Twice....Wonder if the MSM will ask that question of the other two ?.....Not likely.

WDT: Stefanik hears veterans complain of VA health care

   On these veterans health care issues, I like what Trump is saying about allowing patients to get care on the private market and not be tied to VA hospitals. There are too many people for whom the present system is too remote and inadequate.

     Of course, no one is allowed to say the Trump proposal is a good one, but it is.

     Watertown Daily Times | Stefanik hears veterans complain of VA health care

Club 9 Poised for a Good Run

             I went to the Club 9 debut this evening and owner Robert Dalton has done a fabulous job.  D├ęcor and ambiance are exemplary and the long time west end bar will have a new life when it opens officially on September 9.
     The club will be open seven days from 4PM to 2AM and I think it will do well.
      Lots of luminaries there.
      The martinis, the lighting, the fixtures and many chandeliers all combine with a spacious dance floor and pleasing sound system to create a night life experience not the norm in Watertown.
       Congrats to Robert and best wishes.

Anti Cop Message Appears on City Street Again

   UPDATE- The message was cleaned up although someone from the hood told me it was there all summer. How sad is that, if true ?
When I drove down Jefferson Street today, I saw what appeared to be the same painted graffiti I saw last spring. The text says "Fuck the Police."
     Was it cleaned up and appeared again in the same spot....possibly as I don't recall seeing it over the summer.
     In any event it's disrespectful and a bad message to kids.  The City should remove it pronto.

New Club Offers Offers Peek This Week

   While the grand public opening is not until September 9th, a sneak preview is being held the next three nights for Club #9, the very tony dance club located next to the Arsenal Street bridge.
     Owner Robert Dalton has become the go-to guy for swanky entertainment and his latest venture has caught the eye of the city's social elites yearning for something new and different.
     It will be interesting to see who this elite is and I'll stop by and take a peek.

Daughter of Democratic Senator Rips Off Sick Kids - NBC News

    The elites do so well at our expense...The life saving EpiPen device is relied on by many with allergies that can put them at death's door...Now the price of the already developed device is going up 400% and so is the salary of Mylan CEO Heather Bresch.....Who is she ?
     Oh, she's the daughter of West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, a key supporter of Hillary Clinton.
     Politics is such a joke at times and we are such rubes.
Mylan Execs Gave Themselves Raises As They Hiked EpiPen Prices - NBC News

Mike Pence Got A Haircut At A Black Barbershop In Norristown, Pa. : NPR

    Governor Mike Pence continues to show he is an unexpected plus to the Trump ticket.....He got a haircut at a PA barbershop at what the media calls a "black barbershop".  Now I agree with the optics and the outreach and the Governor seems at ease in any setting.

     Yesterday I got a haircut from a lovely lady named Sarah at JC Penney's salon. (I go to different places). She was white....But I didn't leave there thinking I went to "white barbershop."   Maybe PerryKos would have seen it that way.

Mike Pence Got A Haircut At A Black Barbershop In Norristown, Pa. : NPR

Hillary Clinton’s run-out-the-clock strategy - POLITICO

      With only 76 days left, a still fawning media, an erratic opponent, and a boatload of money, Hillary Clinton is well positioned to just run out the clock on this election....taking her automatic Dem vote and the never Trumper Republicans to a win.
       Like her hubby it won't be a majority win, as Donald Trump finds his stride the third party candidates garner numbers. Doesn't matter. A 45% win gets you 100% of the Presidency and the power the Clintons have sought.
       Yesterday's AP story on pay to play access was dismissed as "cherry picked" data. Now she can't argue the press is against her, so that's the argument. People living in markets where media doesn't subscribe to the AP don't know what I'm talking about.
        She can refuse press conferences and plod along at her own pace. Most votes are baked in by now and she has such enormous percentages of certain demographics, it's hard to deny her.
        Mrs. Clinton has had a rough week on the Foundation issue alone, but Carville says its a "five star" NFP that the destitute in Africa can't live without. No one else can do what the Clintons have done....No one !
         I'd do what they are doing....Hunker down...take the incoming....make the opponent and unacceptable alternative.
         Again...when its a choice between corrupt and crazy....a majority will choose corrupt...It's that simple.
Hillary Clinton’s run-out-the-clock strategy - POLITICO

NY adds machetes to list of "dangerous or deadly" weapons | WHEC

      There's a lot of garden tools that can be dangerous but now the machete is on Governor Cuomo's list of "dangerous or deadly" weapons. Possession with intent to harm can now get you jail time.
       What about a scythe ? 
        Could do a number on someone with one of those. There are lots of things that can be put to ill use.  Come to think of it, other than in the movies, have you ever seen anyone use a machete to cut brush. They got machines for that now.
NY adds machetes to list of "dangerous or deadly" weapons |

WDT: Effect Being Recognized on Business as Road Fix Drags On

      The Factory Street reconstruction challenge is leading to criticism and a recognition the slow as snails process is decimating business. Some may be left in such a precarious spot, they may not recover. One diner reports a 60% loss in business.
       At this point, the neighborhood can just wait it out and hope the latest predictions are true. Opening Mill Street after Labor Day will help, and many merchants are keeping a stiff upper lip, employing gallows humor to get by.

Strip or I'll Shoot....French Fight Burkini Scourge

    Skin to win ? The chant of many Westerners at any wet T-shirt contest...Well, on a beach in France this week a woman dressed in traditional Muslim garb had four cops descend on her demanding she strip down on the beach.  Sunbathing in a "burkini" is not legal on French beaches in the wake of all the problems faced with the nation's immigrant population.
     Somehow the sight of cops on a beach full of scantily clad lasses, demanding the one modest sunbather show more skin is a sign how strange the world is.

Monetizing a Public Job Can Get You in Trouble....Sometimes.

        A former town clerk in Alexandria has been sentenced for taking $26K in town funds over a four year period. It's kind of like these clubs where there is always such a scandal. People ill prepared, with little oversight, no credible press coverage and in a setting where no one else seems interested. 
      Wrong ? Yes ...A betrayal of trust, but you have to figure transgressions are not uncommon in these venues, and it can take many forms.
      In this case, it was a well liked local clerk who has been disgraced late in life and spent a couple years in the barrel awaiting her case to be settled for five years probation and restitution.
       The inabililty of this clerk to properly monetize her post like the Clintons is perhaps her biggest crimes.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Open for Business at Foggy Bottom

    An AP story is more bad news for the Clinton campaign although most voters just look at pay for play as business as usual. It is reported over half the non-government visitors to Secretary Clinton's State Department were also donors to the Clinton Foundation.
      People don't mind this. Look at how content New Yorkers were for years with Sheldon Silver, Joe Bruno and Dean Skelos. It only matters if Donald Trump is seen as and acceptable alternative.....

Sligar Hire Sign of Third Floor's Antipathy to the Fire Chief.... | WWNY TV 7

    As a member of the City's bargaining team, then water czar Michael Sligar is said by  those close to have been an ardent foe of the current Fire Department and sees the need to bust up the cabal.  He had just come off the stormy firing of a high ranking Water Department staffer in a fight where he earned the allegiance of the CM.
    His job now is said to be to work with Fire Chief Dale Herman, but it is clear the Third Floor  feels the Chief  has  been thought an impediment to reorganizing the FD.  The stated goal is to make the Chief accountable for implementing the parameters approved by Council, and that includes the demotion of eight captains.
     This is all brinksmanship.
     Some Council candidates from last time are already talking a redux, including ,we hear, Capt Todd Demar, who was the straw that stirred the drink in last year's municipal races. Look for Cliff Olney and Henry Ryan Wilkenson to vie again, this time for seats held by Mr. Jennings and Councilwoman Teresa Macaluso.
      Today on the HOTLINE there was discussion of the current Fire situation, mostly critical....However, when you cut through it all, it's about unraveling minimum manning so the City can do what Oswego did in a bid to control long term expenses.
      Mr. Sligar's hire is part of that strategy and brinksmanship. Meanwhile, City taxpayers, most of whom make far less than all the aforementioned, just keep chugging along.
       Meanwhile, two members are privately advocating their own changes at City Hall, including perhaps to the very structure of governance.  Fights over the FD, the pool and the proposed rental inspection law suggest choppy seas ahead for City leaders.
      Sligar Hired To Help Sort Out Watertown Fire Department Staffing | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Dog Elected Mayor

       The tiny village of Comorant, Minnesota has reelected a nine year old Giant Pyrenees named Duke as its mayor.
      Could it happen here ?

Friot's Finale

      The massive John Friot send off took up a big chunk of the news tonight.  Well deserved kind words for a guy who carried the department for over thirty years.
       Good thing the news director at the time had the sense and vision to hire someone so lauded today.
        At the time we had to get a 50 mile radius carve out in the NABET contract to allow his work without a union camera man.  Those days are gone.
         He had to send material down by bus as I recall and we rented him an office in Canton near the county building.
          At the time I chose John over John Moore who ended up coming to TV 50 before reaching the promised land on Arcade Street.
           The on air tribute was Papal in length, but it's always good to see old video especially when it reminds us of how good looking we used to be.

Cuomo wants the government to pay union workers higher wages | New York Post

    Of course does. And who pays ? All those new taxpayers resulting from START UP NY, I presume.
     This urging comes on top of the Wage Board and the higher minimum wage.
      Time for a remake of the movie "Escape from New York".
Cuomo wants the government to pay union workers higher wages | New York Post

WDT: Felons Get to Vote for Hillary in Virginia and other Campaign Stuff

    Even though polls have Hillary Clinton well ahead in VA, the Governor there has given the thumbs up to 13,000 felons voting this year.
       Meanwhile the AP reports more than half of the non government visitors to Mrs. Clinton at the State Department were also donors to the Clinton Foundation, which does so much good work helping kids with rickets in Africa....
       Nothing to see here, just move along..
        The networks are still trying to push the story that Donald Trump is secretly trying to lose so he can start a new Trump TV network offering political discourse. Sounds like the cable nets are worried such a venture might gut their small audience....
Watertown Daily Times | 13,000 felons given back voting rights in Virginia

FOXY NEWS in More Trouble as Tantaros Piles On

   FOX News is a tough place to work. All those beautiful people.....Wearing short skirts on air and crossing their legs back and forth for the cameras....It all may be toned down as the women fight back against the harassment and objectification.
     Why the other day on The Five, Kimberly Guilfoyle wore pants while sitting at the end seat at the table.
      It was only a one day protest....
       Bottom line is this is show biz and looks and sexuality matter. You have to remember that even if you are are smart and talented, a lot of the reason you are there is looks. Doesn't mean you have to put out for these old men...but you have to look good for the audience and that will result in being hit on by guys who don't act like management but as frat boys.
      But no, the boss shouldn't be doing it...although who was that CBS news exec who married a morning anchor a while back ?
      Goes on all over in news....Tell me Brooke Baldwin doesn't get hit on at CNN. Even in the early 80s locally there were stories to tell....Probably not much of that now as the work force ages.

Businesses Eager to See Factory Street Project Complete-Time Warner

     Last night I was driving down the dust bowl called Factory Street and I saw Colesante's closed. Lights out...Never seen that before. George is always open. It was at that point I realized how deep the damage is to these businesses.
    The other day I talked to a furniture store owner...recently another property owner related the story of businesses leaving.
     I'm not here to point fingers or cast blame.....Just to say it's tough when your livelihood is slipping away and those who make the decisions are guaranteed their pay and benefits.
Businesses Eager to See Factory Street Project Complete

Pay for Play at State Could Be Achilles Heel for Hill

       Polls are inching closer...Hillary Clinton is shaking the west coast money tree franticly......and revelations linking Clinton's State Department to pay for play with the Foundation are coming into focus.
      No longer is it just a whacky personal e-mail server story, but it's a Albany-like style of pay for play..and if played right by Donald Trump could make this the race it should be.

WDT:City Did Rehire Sligar to Help Fire Chief

            The City has hired, at an undisclosed price, the former water czar to serve as a consultant to the Fire Chief, who the CM says is not adequately implementing staffing protocols.
             Two points on this. One is the delay in this being reported is central to why old media is losing allegiance of the decreasing number of news consumers who even follow such things. It dribbled out through comments here and likely elsewhere.
             The other point is it shows a trend in city, county and school governments where people "retire", draw pensions and then come back on payroll in some fashion. Sometimes there are restrictions on amounts earned, sometimes not.
             Now, as for the core story, this move adds to the cost  of the fight with the fire union and that it was not announced publicly suggests a knowledge it would be controversial. Also there is something amiss in a system where a department head needs a retired head of an unrelated department to help him out.
             Again, a comparison to how it all plays out versus Oswego is not lost on those who learned of the Oswego situation through a link on Newzjunky to the Post Standard. Proof positive, news doesn't stop at the county line.

PS: Oswego Council Vote 7-0 To Back Mayor's Plan to Cut 16 Firefighters

        It's a story happening 50 miles away but with clear relevance to Watertown. The Oswego Common Council voted 7-0 to affirm a budget proposed by the Mayor that cuts 16 firefighter positions.
    Oswego was bridging a funding gap caused by the end of a deal to rent a water tunnel. Mayor Billy Barlow called it a tough decision but the new, young mayor proposed what he ultimately wanted to do.
    Conflict avoidance and politics go hand in hand, but the new Mayor showed leadership in taking on the issue without fuzzing it up by saying he wouldn't actually lay anyone off.
     The actual right sizing agenda here as there was not a debate about overtime, which is part of life and business, but instead is about employing fewer people.
      Now there are surely differences between here and there, but the common thread is long term fiscal balance and it should be said here, as Mayor Barlow did, that it's not some mystery plan to realign expenses without cutting positions. It's not just about overtime.
       Watertown has a similar fiscal reckoning if not short term but longer terrm in the hydro contract.
        Watertown is struggling with it's long overdue contract and has demoted eight captains and is now fighting with its own FD management over staffing protocols.  

Monday, August 22, 2016

National GOP Targets the Z Gal

      I was reading the RCCC's latest rip at Zephyr. Someone sent it to me as I only get their rips at Derrick.
      They said she is from another planet and a pandering hypocrite for taking money from George Soros when she claims to be a political crusader.
      Being virtuous doesn't mean you have to be stupid....Opponent Faso is well slathered in big money, and you do have to compete after all.
      Wonder if anyone will get the list of donors common to both Zephyr and Elise Stefanik ?

Democratic gubernatorial candidate in West Virginia says he can't support Clinton - POLITICO

    The media can't get enough of Republicans who say they won't support Donald Trump, but in once blue West Virginia, the Dem Gubernatorial Candidate Jim Justice says he cannot support Hillary Clinton.

     The issue is coal.

      No problem though...don't expect Mrs. Clinton in the Mountain State again before the election.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate in West Virginia says he can't support Clinton - POLITICO

Monday Musings

       This was the most gorgeous day this summer....Sunny, a breeze, cool and low humidity...The heat builds again by Wednesday, but let's just say this was a day when being in NNY was being in the best place on earth....All is subject to change by January.
       Still some good pool weather left and the prospect for a new pool in the Park continues to be a struggle...Staff is urging Council defer the project that was promised by everyone last January 1st at the swearing ins.   I was told lawmakers were urged to wait for the demise of the Flynn Pool on the northside, but that pool was recently refurbished. There could be  a showdown over this issue.
     Meanwhile prospects for that landlord law appear mixed to dubious. A vote could come as early as next month but look for tabling motions as nervous lawmakers seek support  for their decision.
     Ran into Dan Burkhard at Pete's. He sold me my Lennox furnace about 30 years ago. It's still running although this might be the year for replacement.
     I see that swimmer lost his Speedo and Ralph Lauren deals......Real smart move at age 32.

Elise Stefanik: Q&A on women in politics - Times Union

     I was going to read this article in the TU, but you have to subscribe to do so and while I understand there is value to the product of news organizations, it's just not worth the time registering and paying just to read one article.

     I am sure it was interesting though.

Elise Stefanik: Q&A on women in politics - Times Union

Donald Trump opens up new front in war against 'Morning Joe' | Daily Mail Online

      Stupid.....After a week of disciplined and good messaging, Donald Trump flew off the handle with the two love birds on Morning Joe, the one time political go-to show in the AM....Now mostly a shill for the Clinton campaign.
     That aside, you can't take the bait and Mr. Trump let loose with predictable insults against the show and co host Mika Brzezinski.  
      Ms. Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough do look silly in their audition for a job in a Clinton White House. However, Mr. Trump attacking showed his thin skin and petulance.
       But poor Joe, the former GOP MOC emasculated by Mika is but a shadow of his former days on TV. He wears a silly sweater in August and is now second fiddle to his gal pal.
Donald Trump opens up new front in war against 'Morning Joe' | Daily Mail Online

Little has re-election opponent for state Senate seat | Local |

    One NNY legislator has an opponent this year. Seven term Senator Betty Little has a Green Party opponent....No Democrat is running in the district that spans from Plattsburgh to Glens Falls.

     The Senator has run unopposed in five of seven races.

Little has re-election opponent for state Senate seat | Local |

WDT: Obligatory Answer Will Generate Requisite News Stories

       You have to give this answer when the media comes a calling.The candidates in the 115th AD gave the easy answer to the hot button question....Should state lawmaker salaries go up ?
        In the 115th, one candidate is a Sheriff and the other a retired Corrections employee. They already have pensions to which the current Assembly pay will add to. So it's an easy refusal, although they don't mean it.
       They may not have to. This WDT story says the proposed hikes from a pay commission take effect anyway barring affirmative action by the Legislature.
        Currently a NNY lawmaker with lulus and per diems makes just over $100K, about the same as a State Trooper or a school principal.
        That someone picked by voters makes six figures bothers some, but frankly what's being proposed is not out of line and while all candidates will dutifully tell the Times they oppose it, they really do not, especially those already getting a pension,
Watertown Daily Times | Assembly hopefuls oppose raises for state lawmakers

TW: More Traffic Woes ?

    Deja vu all over again....As the Factory Street corridor looks forward finally to an end to traffic stifling construction, we hear through the media there's talk the north span of the Pearl Street Bridge may face extensive work.
    The span is not that old or that large but a shutting down of traffic would isolate  a quadrant of the city and impede a busy thoroughfare to Fort Drum.  We saw this before when the south span was replaced in the early 90s'
     Bridges are the transportation lifeblood of a city with a river through it. All five major spans have been replaced in the last 30 or so years. Residents have dealt with the various closures and their inconveniences.
      Yes, progress carries a cost and as frustrating and costly a project can be, we all have sucked it up and soldiered on.
      But when the suggestion of more closures comes up.....
      No mas !
Watertown Officials Hope to Get State Funding for Bridge Repairs

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The New Way of Whispering

   Whether it's a suggestion of health woes or something saucy about one's youth, the old whispering campaign the pros always used    is augmented on both sides at the national level by websites that look like straight up news...Both sides use it and once posted on Facebook it certainly looks authentic, which in some cases it may be.

BREAKING: Melania Trump Exposed As Alleged Former 'High End Sex Worker', Campaign Implodes

Dog Days Musings

   The week ahead is really the wind down for summer and the get ready for school and all the rest period.  Not much going on except the sneak preview at the Club #9 on Arsenal Street....Looking forward to seeing what Robert has done.
    I think there is a Council meeting but with the temperature only 70 on Monday, I think pool talk will die although Councilman Walczyk seems to be quite vocal in moving ahead.
     Did the City ever get that insurance money on the Vanduzee fire ?...The appraiser was looking at it back when I was in office. And what is going to happen there ?   Who set that anyway ? Guess it doesn't matter now.
    The Olympics are done, and the USA did well. Lots of medals and a trashed rest room.
     Will that River District Assembly primary ever get exciting and will the two losers support the winner ?  The answer is no to both questions.
      Prediction. In 20 years there will be no neighborhood bars in Watertown. The last generation of owners is getting old and it's too targeted an industry to attract anyone with business sense.
       Back to the HOTLINE tomorrow.

WaPo: Transition Begins

    And the WaPo, no need for more hit pieces.....they've declared the election over and are covering the transition already.

See,the Previous Post is True - The New York Times

   Kristof, Dowd, the front page, and the editorial page are today all bristling with stop Trump rhetoric. I probably missed some more stories, but those were just the obvious.

How Can America Recover From Donald Trump? - The New York Times

American journalism is collapsing before our eyes | New York Post

     Michael Goodwin is a respected reporter dating back to Vietnam....So his views have weight...

American journalism is collapsing before our eyes | New York Post

Our Neighbors Battle Zombies

   The North Country's Tenth Mountain Division is depicted as engaged in the fight against zombies in the AMC series Fear the Walking Dead.  The battle plays out in Los Angeles in the early weeks of the Apocalypse.
   The season debut is tonight at 9.

An Open Letter From Mr. Trump - The New York Times

        For those who think other views are not considered here, I made it a point to read Maureen's column this morning, where she reminds us of all the Trumpisms of the year gone by.

An Open Letter From Mr. Trump - The New York Times

Shape Shifting Pro Hillary Media Grabs a New Narrative - NY Daily News

         Whether it's "MTV senior correspondents", preposterous papers like the Daily News, or headlines locally like "Trump Talk Irks Blacks", the revived and rebooted Trump stump effort has prompted  the shape shifting and corrupt media to adopt a new narrative.
         No longer is it the bumbling Trump campaign and sliding poll numbers.....
          The newly disciplined candidate with a strong message has the media yakking that Mr. Trump has new staff in a bid to intentionally lose and create a post election Trump TV network. In other words, belittle the campaign and get voters to think he doesn't really want to win.
          What's really eating at them is Mr. Trump talking about the meager rewards for black voter subservience to the Democratic Party. That goes against all conventional news speak and liberal orthodoxy and it strikes at the MSM's designated black spokesperson , Al Sharpton.
          This will be an all out pitched battle as media tries to raise the drawbridge and protect us all from what they see as anathema to all they stand for and the pampered lives they live.
Stephen Bannon hire shows Donald Trump's campaign plans on losing - NY Daily News