Wednesday, September 2, 2015

HOTLINE- Interviews Continue.

     Voters are getting a chance to meet the Council candidates as one by one they are interviewed on local media. This Sunday the Times has a candidate summary section as well.
      Ryan Henry-Wilkinson is the guest on the HOTLINE today with Cindy Habeeb doing the interview.

      On Thursday Cody Horbacz is on ad on Friday its Todd DeMar.  Next week features Doug Osborne on Tuesday and Mark Walczyk on Wednesday

Trail Mix

    If you have a moment, please remember in your prayers former Councilman Ken Hartz, a good man and a long time friend who is having a tough time of it with health issues and his wife June is hospitalized with a grim prognosis.
    I visited Ken this morning at his Ohio Street home and we talked a bit about city issues which he still follows closely.
     The radio interviews went well this morning, and I get some more signs up. Have a few more to do.
     Gregg's Plumbing is due back today to replace the last stretch of cast iron piping that serves the second floor.. That should end once and for all problems as we discovered a rotted out piece way up in the wall that was less than aromatic.
    I see the Donald and Jeb ! are getting into it...That's fun to watch.
    My Make America Great Again hat should be here soon.
     And what about that juxtaposition of Mark Walczyk and Bernie Sanders lawn signs on State Street ?   The GOP brain trust is scratching their heads over that one.

Mayoral Candidates Face Off In Forum | WWNY TV 7

      The media take on last night's forum was that the room was too warm...the questions too few...but I thought the hour long event was revealing even if it didn't drone on.
       Points I made that were good included compassion for heroin addicts, poking fun at making moving the dog park to Thompson Park the first priority of one candidate, and taking on why the decision to pay $160K on a labor lawyer is a dubious decision and the rejection of the SAFER grant a mistake..
      My good friend Councilman Butler better be careful reeling off all the reasons the City's finances are doing so well. I might just say 'thanks Joe.', as I was mayor during the period referenced.
       The format didn't allow for interaction so this was not a debate. It was a forum, but it went well and the lack of A/C didn't bother me.
        Tonight there is a forum at the IACA for Council candidates and with that said I am off to WTNY for an interview.
Mayoral Candidates Face Off In Forum | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Taffer Media | Jon Taffer for President

   If you have ever seen Jon on Bar Rescue, you'd know this guy cuts to the chase...Maybe a Trump-Taffer ticket ?
Taffer Media | Jon Taffer for President


       About fifty people watched a barely one hour face off between the three Mayoral candidates tonight at the All Souls Church on Gotham Street.  TV 7 and Time Warner were there too
       There was one question on the Fire Department and some talk on drugs and blight and of course the dog park.
       I felt good about the job I did.
       Got my second wave of signs today. I got some compliments yesterday from some media savvy folks who liked the "Our Mayor" slogan and the bold and clear fonts.  Many lawn signs are hard to read.
     At 730 AM I am on WTNY...Maybe I can sneak a moment on Jay's show.

7 Arrested In Alleged Prostitution Ring | WWNY TV 7

    I didn't know anyone lived in Newton Falls anymore, much less enough to start a prostitution ring.

7 Arrested In Alleged Prostitution Ring | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Candidates Report

   All three mayoral candidates complied with the latest finance filing deadline. As I posted earlier we have raised $7353 so far. My account # is C04601 if you want to look it up. Remember when figuring donations you have to go through all the reports this year and add them up.
    Councilman Butler raised $3,486. His account # is C34940.  Councilman Jennings reports $1220 raised. #C04949.
    Council candidates also must file, but I didn't bother to look them up.
     All of this is easily found on the NYS Board of Elections website.

90 Days Warning

    Today begins the last quarter for the 7.75% sales tax in Jefferson County.  Sales tax quarters are offset one month from regular quarters, to the 8% rate goes into effect December 1.
     On a $20000 car that's a savings of fiddy bucks if you buy now, so go and see Billy and Charlie today.

Bring It On....Forum Tonight

    Today is a day of prepping for the one public forum before the primary. It is at the Unitarian Church on Gotham Street.
     Yesterday's E Board meeting at the Times was  a blessing as it was a peppering of questions we don't get day to day. Also an exposure to some issues and specific concerns we are familiar with in general but not accustomed to being quizzed on.
      Prepping means research but also thinking through ways of stating positions.
      The greatest thing campaigns offer is you are compelled to state your views, but more important you have to listen to others in a competitive format. Campaigns are the way change happens and better government happens, either through changing  people or introducing new ideas.
       Now that we are in the swing of things and have gotten over the initial organizational matters (fundraising) , I am looking forward to the eight weeks ahead.
       I do miss the HOTLINE and the interaction as I always thought being on live makes you sharper. It prevents cloistering.

WDT: Letter: Graham, Walczyk endorsed in city election

           When you have run a few times, you find people who once supported you but no longer do, and you also find folks like Steve Perry who at times didn't support you but now do. People evolve.
            I find many people who do view me differently than they once did. Maybe wrinkles and less hair do that, but the reassurance of experience and the demonstrated commitment to operating in the public's interest is something established only over time.
            Thanks to Steve for the letter.
Watertown Daily Times | Graham, Walczyk endorsed in city election

WDT: Gin Mill in Bay Closed in License Dispute

       The Dancing Dog dances no more. A license app for a new operator has been denied based on what is reported to be an obscure rule on proximity to a church.   The state even had precise measurements from different doors, meaning there was more scrutiny than normal and there was an underlying desire to deny.
        The current practice of granting "temporary" licenses to applicants has resulted in other cases locally of people getting underway and then finding they cannot get licensed.
        There are specialized lawyers who guarantee they can get approval, but be prepared to pay and wait. It's frustrating and this bar has been there forever.
Watertown Daily Times | Supported by nearby businesses and church, Alexandria Bay bar disputes state Liquor Authority’s license rejection

Monday, August 31, 2015

What woman would you like to see on the new $10 bill? (poll) |

    To tell you the truth , Amelia Earhart is a good suggestion but will be Harriet Tubman going on the ten dollar bill.
    Identity politics.
What woman would you like to see on the new $10 bill? (poll) |

Zombies....What To Do a 2015 Issue

      The number of homes just walked away from is alarming and so are the ones just let go. A house on Ten Eyck Street owned by Banco Popular is a good example....the owners walked and the bank just pays the taxes as it's small potatoes to do so.
Zombie Home at 165 Ten Eyck Street
    Meanwhile windows break and trouble makers used the inside to party.....Not bad enough to condemn but bad enough to blight a nice neighborhood.
     More aggressive enforcement and less intermittent enforcement on a complaint, gotcha basis.

My Day

   My first ever editorial board meeting lasted 90 minutes. It was an interesting discussion but I won't attempt to characterize it here. There were some discussion of property issues  Perry, Jerry and two generations of Johnsons were there along with a well behaved dog named Peanut Butter.  It really was a very nice dog.

Mount McKinley Will Again Be Called Denali - The New York Times

       Denali will no longer be just an SUV, as President Obama heads to AK today to rename the Continent's highest peak.  Mount McKinley becomes Denali. It was known as Denali prior to 1917.

         It's an homage to Native American culture and a rebuff to what some saw as lower 48 imperialism naming a mountain after a President.
         Things are supposed to be named after Presidents, aren't they ?.....or at least a school superintendent.
Mount McKinley Will Again Be Called Denali - The New York Times

Female leaders applaud reporter’s topless Times Square exposé | New York Post

        Mayor deBlasio felt obliged to crack down on female painted-body entertainers and now he is catching heat from prominent women pols who think the mayor is out of line. The controversy over Times Square posers ramped up after a Post reporter did an undercover expose of the phenomenon.

Female leaders applaud reporter’s topless Times Square exposé | New York Post

Confederate Flag makes an appearance at the State Fair - powered by NewsChannel 9 WSYR Syracuse

    A chink in the armor of New York State's imposed sense of PC.....A Hank Williams Jr concert at the State Fair led to the appearance of Confederate flags....Makes sense and Albany's ban on the Stars and Bars suddenly had to be more flexible.

Confederate Flag makes an appearance at the State Fair - powered by NewsChannel 9 WSYR Syracuse

Horror director Wes Craven dies at 76

   The world is a little less horrible with the passing of movie legend Wes Craven, who brought us among other things Freddy Krueger.

    The genre owes Craven a lot.

Horror director Wes Craven dies at 76

Toilet Art Garden In Potsdam Vandalized | WWNY TV 7

The feud in Potsdam over Hank Robar's Toilet Gardens continues with vandalism, possibly done by angry neighbors.  The commodes are art to Mr. Robar but an eyesore to neighbors demanding the village do something.

  Embrace the toilets and get over it.

Toilet Art Garden In Potsdam Vandalized | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Graham for Mayor Fundraising Nets $7,363 as Primary Looms

    My treasurer Melissa VanBrocklin has filed our last pre primary report to the state showing contributions so far of $7,363.32  and a cash balance on hand of $2800.62.
    The closeout day was Friday.
     Thank you to those who have contributed. We have enough to get through the primary but with pledges of large spending opponents ahead, continued support is appreciated.
     Graham for Mayor,  PO Box 6332,  Watertown NY 13601

Do It Yourself Debates

    I heard something this week that could only happen in Watertown. The next Council debate was organized by a candidate and the media reps picked by him too. There was even a meeting of candidates scheduled in Sackets Harbor to discuss it all.
    The next forum is Wednesday night at the IACA.
     I remember in 1991 when Ken Lovett covered my race and one of the radio stations paid for a poll.  Nowadays one three minute interview at 6AM constitutes "covering" the race.
     But organizing your own debates, that's strange.

City Rallies Against Drugs

   An enthusiastic crowd of over 200 crowded the Butler Pavilion downtown today to rally againt drugs, in particular the current pernicious spate of heroin deaths.
    Users spoke as did the usual cast of characters of local officials, including yours truly who invoked the Myth of Sisyphus to explain how the War on Drugs has disappointed and new approaches need to be tried.
Anti Drug Rally Today
   It was encouraging to see such awareness of the issue, which is always out there but not always on the front burner.
     Use does result from bad choices but rather than treat victims as evil or the enemy, there is a need to embrace those in trouble and find ways to help.

Candidates Unfiltered and Unvarnished.....

Kicking off on Tuesday with Cliff Olney, the Council candidates will get a entire hour on the radio without the media filter.  High noon and likely repeated on Newzjunky although I doubt what they say will be news elsewhere.
    This is your chance to hear these people perform in long form. It's only this way can you get a feel for what they are bringing to the race.

I went undercover as a topless performer in Times Square | New York Post

    From Eagle Street to Gracie Mansion, the pols are outraged....shocked I tell painted-body performers on Times Square...
    A return to pre-Rudy NYC they say.
     In a journalistic coup, the Post sent its reporter....Amber the Crossroads of the World to sign up as a painted lady and pose with curious tourists. The results were fascinating as were Ms. Jamieson's observations.
     That cops have time to hand out cards letting people know tipping is optional and that a Jumbotran blares above with scantily clad pop tarts are among the ironies.
       As a Mizzou grad I would have to be very introspective before authorizing this kind of journalism and frankly it's not for every reporter, just like covering wars isn't.
       Ms. Jamieson did a fine job. I just hope this phenomenon doesn't spread upstate where the official response would be not just feigned outrage but full fledged apoplectic sanctimony...
I went undercover as a topless performer in Times Square | New York Post

Chris Christie: Track immigrants like FedEx packages -

   Bar codes for immigrants ?  How about for all of us...Right on our forehead.

Chris Christie: Track immigrants like FedEx packages -

No Parking Signs Up On Knickerbocker Drive, Residents Not Hopeful | WWNY TV 7

      Over the last year it was the one-way crowd versus a more temperate solution....City Council chose the latter as a means of lessening dangerous traffic congestion at Knickerbocker School as parents jockey to drop off and pick up kids as close to the front door as possible.
      There is no stopping on the north side of the street during school hours..
       There is still a need to repair the beat up blacktop and to install curbing. But for now, the traffic restrictions should help. 
       Of course the important thing was to get some people on TV to say it won't work as the operative theory in news is to spot a donut and fixate on the hole.
        Hence the old William Safire axiom about 'nattering nabobs of negativism.'
No Parking Signs Up On Knickerbocker Drive, Residents Not Hopeful | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Me-Too Parties for 2015

   Another me-too party. Democrats around the state will get the designation of the Women's Equality Party , the latest iteration of the state's system of fusion voting. Because it's in the first year of operation the WEP doesn't need petitions, instead the statewide candidates who secured the line, control it...

    There is a new GOP me-too party called the Reform Party. 

    Here is Jefferson County, I suspect the DA candidates will get these lines.

    The good news is you don't have to be interested in reform or women's equality to be the nominee.

Morelle Hedges On WEP

Watertown City Council Candidates Sound Off To Voters In Forum | WWNY TV 7

      I saw some coverage of last night's forum for the Council candidates. 

Watertown City Council Candidates Sound Off To Voters In Forum | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News


    Read with sadness today of the passing of Paul Higgins.  Paul was well known and outspoken.  He was the brother of the late Jim Higgins who was a gentleman when he ran the Times and I got to know him better when he did commentary on TV 50.
     A constituent came up to me tonight with a dog question. Some people moved in next door on Harrison Street and put up a kennel and now have six barking dogs in it all day. That's not considerate but I didn't know off hand if there is a limit and of course I don't know on a Saturday evening if there was a fence permit.
     Looking forward to both the E Board meeting on Monday and the forum on Tuesday evening. Read the Fire Department CBA today as we know that topic will come up.
      Tomorrow is the anti drug rally downtown.  It's from 2 to 4.  Given the tragedies this year,  it's appropriate to think about different ways to approach the problem, realizing the decades old "war on drugs" has had a mixed record of success. :: Newzjunky | NNY death notices

Addie Russell brings Kate Wehrle on as Special Assistant for Community Relations

        In a move that makes sense on a couple of levels, Assemblywoman Addie Russell has hired veteran GOP operative Kate Wehrle to her staff.  Ms. Wehrle worked for former Rep. John McHugh and has a good inside take on constituent service and politics.
         The outreach would also provide entre to GOP voters with a year coming up when Republicans fancy another run at the Assemblywoman.
        Cape Vincent councilman John Byrne is setting up for another run. He lost last year to the incumbent by a mere 91 votes.    
Addie Russell Press Releases: Addie Russell brings Kate Wehrle on as Special Assistant for Community Relations

Thanking Those Who Work Every Day for You

    One of the little things we do on the Third Floor in the last couple years that doesn't get attention but is good for morale and long overdue is a ceremony for retiring employees at which your Mayor thanks the employee and presents the service plaque.
    I really think the employees and their families enjoy the acknowledgement from the chief elected official on behalf of the Council and by extension the people.
    Friday, 30 year DPW employee Roger Mott retired and he was described by his boss as "old school" in that he came to work and did his job well in a way he didn't make news but got the job done.
     Usually such ceremonies are in the morning and well attended.

A Second Take on the Friday Night Fights

     It's not up to me to provide coverage as this blog is merely a locale for my observations and musings as I link to mainstream coverage.
     In the case of last nights Council forum, I guess my musings are it....So here is one that struck me.
     In the  discussion over the Fire Department the most Republican/Conservative person up there took issue with the current Council's rejection of the SAFER grant. Mark Walczyk said it was a mistake to reject it and that the grant could have provided fiscal relief during a period when collective bargaining will be pursued. Mr. Walczyk is GOP through and through and while city elections are formatted to be non-partisan, I found his remarks interesting, not just because I agree with it but because his position in a legislative office shows a knowledge of the fundamentals of governing and politics.
     Now with a small audience there is little impact to all that was said last night by all candidates. Clearly there are venues where speaking that truth to power is not what you want to do.
     Trying to look at it all objectively, I'd say Mr. Walczyk and Todd DeMar made the strongest impression with their presentations. Doug Osborne came across as a low key but thoughtful candidate not likely to be blustered or flustered.  Cliff Olney had outside the box ideas on promoting Watertown which set a good tone even if you don't agree with the specifics.
     Ryan Henry-Wilkinson made a impression with his theme of "I work for you" and Cody Horbacz talked about his buy local campaign and jabbed a little at Mr. Walczyk over length of residency.
     For candidates it seems these forums are make or break. They really are not, especially with such a small audience, but for me, as a voter and as someone who will lead the Council next year, it was an interesting insight into six good candidates who will bring change and begin the transition to new leadership in Watertown.
     I will say that Unitarian Church on Gotham Street is architecturally fascinating and the indoor space is beautiful.
     One candidate, , did suggest pursuing churches, NFPs and the hospital and convincing them to sign PILOTS so they would be paying for the services they consume.

Watch: Assembly Speaker rides Megadrop at the NYS Fair (video) |

   Speaker Carl Heastie is getting out more than his predecessor. Speaker Heastie spent a day at the State Fair this week, actually trying a couple rides, playing games and enjoying his day out rather than the obligatory bite of a sausage sandwich followed by a peek at the butter sculpture.

    Assemblywoman Addie Russell accompanied the Speaker.

Watch: Assembly Speaker rides Megadrop at the NYS Fair (video) |

Feedback: Under Cloud Of Racist Threat, More Minority Students Enter SUNY Postdam | WWNY TV 7

    Many young people are signing up to attend SUNY Potsdam with all the excitement and trepidation that entails. It's a diverse student body from places far away.
     So how can it be said there is a "cloud" over all this ?
Feedback: Under Cloud Of Racist Threat, More Minority Students Enter SUNY Postdam | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Friday, August 28, 2015

Where There's Smoke, There's a Spirited Race Ahead

        As I watched the 90 minute forum at the Unitarian Church among the six Council candidates. I checked out the crowd of fifty or so. Good, solid Watertown residents. Didn't see the elites, the movers and shakers, the thought police....Just concerned citizens who definitely will vote..
        Now for the important question....who won?   We demand a winner be named and I'd say it was Smoke Eater.
         Candidates time after time affirmed support for the Fire Department, minimum manning, their disdain for out of town lawyers and the rejection of the SAFER grant. One candidate was a little more circumspect on the CBA talks but even he said it was bad to reject the grant.
         All three mayoral candidates attended.
          There were many interesting new ideas and what struck me is how much change could result from this election.
          Anyone (except a candidate's wife or mother) who says they know their choice of two is either a fool or a bull----er.   There's a lot to think about in all that was said.
          These are (except for Mr. Horbacz who rain in 2013) all first time candidates fresh off meeting many city residents via door to door.
         On Tuesday  the mayoral candidates meet at the same spot and on Wednesday the council candidates meet again at the IACA.
          After that, it's autopilot for the Labor Day weekend which quickly blends into the primary on Thursday the 10th.

Final Morning Intervew Done for Mayoral Hopefuls, | WWNY TV 7 -

    TV coverage of the Mayoral race is over. That's good. Now I have an E Board meeting at the Times on Monday. Hope I am not nervous, as I have never been to a editorial board meeting before.
    I remember in 2000 climbing several flights of stairs in Harlem to meet the editor of the Amsterdam News, the famous paper serving the black community. I was running for Senate and they kept asking me about Israel, so I gave the stock support-Israel answers you are supposed to make, not realizing the politics in play at the paper, which supported the plight of Palestinians being oppressed.
      It's taped and on-the-record, unlike the old days when you just visited the publisher. Frankly I didn't think they'd make endorsements for the non-partisan primary which is just a set-the-stage for the real act event. 
       But all that's fine.  We are doing well after a successful event last night. We got the most signatures and so far have raised the most money and have a plan in place for the next two weeks and beyond.
       I am going to pop into that Council forum tonight to see what's up. After all I have to cast votes too.
Mayoral Candidate Profile: Stephen Jennings | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Zoo's Executive Director Resigns | WWNY TV 7

     Wow, I met him at the Zoo Brew and he seemed like a great guy...lots of enthusiasm. He was carrying bags of ice for vendors. Whatever happened, wish him well.
Zoo's Executive Director Resigns | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Rep. John Katko will give away Pope Francis tickets in online lottery

     If you want to watch the Pope address Congress you can win a seat to sit on the lawn outside the Capitol and view the Holy Father's address on a Jumbotron.  The Syracuse Congressman is giving away fifty seats in a lottery.
     Why not watch the Pontiff at home ? Or at a group viewing at your local church ? Or ask the bartender to turn up the volume ?
       Each MOC is allowed one gallery seat inside. Rep. Katko says he gave that to his wife.
       Rep. John Katko will give away Pope Francis tickets in online lottery |

'Nazi Gold Train May Be Booby-Trapped'

    Nazi stories still fascinate like this one about speculation in Poland that a train has been found underground containing looted gold and other treasures from the German rampage across Eastern Europe..

     Whenever someone discovers some photos or relic from the era, it's still news today.

'Nazi Gold Train May Be Booby-Trapped'

WDT: Poultry company seeks 15-year tax break from JCIDA for $5 million expansion

          The chickens don't smell, I guess.

Watertown Daily Times | Poultry company seeks 15-year tax break from JCIDA for $5 million expansion

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Statement about Vester Flanagan's employment history at WDBJ7

    A self absorbed, chip-on-his-shoulder, disgruntled miscreant did what he said he would but there was nothing that could be done. Vester Flanagan ruined three lives this week and really more when you think of the families and friends...And for what ?
     You always have to worry when you fire someone.
Statement about Vester Flanagan's employment history at WDBJ7 | Local News - Central and Southwest VA

A Fun Raiser and a Fundraiser

       Over a hundred supporters filed through the back room at Petes for the Graham for Mayor fundraiser.   Many stayed quite a while to enjoy conversation.  Most were from the city but others came from as far as Lewis County.
        This was not a low energy crowd as they heard Steve Behm's passionate intro and then my speech.
        Thanks to all who came.

Post Star: Stefanik endorses Graham On Day of Campaign Rally

      Good news from the eastern front.

     I didn't expect to read of the endorsement today as I figured word would come out via finance reports, but I am very pleased Rep. Elise Stefanik was kind enough to endorse me while talking to Maury Thompson at the Post Star. I guess he just ask her.
    More than the endorsement, I value the strong relationship City Hall has with the Congresswoman as well as with her Watertown Office.
Earlier This Week

     All that aside, the decorations are up at Pete's for tonight's fundraiser. We expect a good crowd and appreciate all the support to date.
     Radio legend Steve Behm will be among the speakers and the commercial he voiced debuted this week.
      But for all the fun tonight the kind words from Elise are appreciated.
      Stop by this evening, the food will be great !
Stefanik endorses Graham


     I saw the first photo lawn sign of this season. Democratic DA candidate Anthony Neddo opted for the thoughtful pose,  in a pitch to female voters. I never used a photo sign although the first couple terms I could have got away with it.
     I hear I am getting a shout out in Maury Thompson's wildly popular column in the Post Star.
The next financial filings are due this weekend, so by Monday the state should have them on line.
    Friday is a Council forum at the Unitarian Church.  Unless they are a personal friend, it's hard to imagine how anyone has the data base to vote in that race. I am fortunate to have at least met them all, but I don't know a lot about them.

Mayoral Candidate Profile: Jeff Graham | WWNY TV 7

    So I watched the interview.  I was somewhat avuncular but Mom would have been pleased that I did speak slowly which is the bane of many in interviews.

Mayoral Candidate Profile: Jeff Graham | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Jeff Meets Jeff in the AM

   Did my Channel 7 interview this morning.... Fire Department, dealing with a new Council, health insurance, housing....Maybe something else.
    For someone used to talking every day, trying to sum it all up in three minutes isn't easy but I did my best and it came out fine.
    My headline is making the case  that rejecting the fire grant was a mistake, and why I will best be able to lead a new Council with fresh, new members.
    There is a forum next Tuesday at the Unitarian Church on Gotham Street and I will be on WTNY the same day. That's about it.  That's the day I meet the E-Board at 260.
     That' and a bit of advertising and it's Primary Day.
      Later today we also have the Meet the Mayor fundraiser at Pete's, and let me thank those who have contributed to the campaign in all amounts.
      Checks can be to Graham for Mayor.

WDT: Treat the problem: Forum presented new ideas for dealing with heroin addiction

    The recent spate of deaths locally from heroin is disturbing and a couple recent events have helped educate on the problem and ways to address it. A Bay State police chief and his approach to balancing arrest and treatment and a rally on Public Square earlier in the summer for a heroin victim were both chances to listen and learn.
     There is another such event on Sunday, although this one looks a bit more political at least from a review of the speakers list. Like the one earlier in the summer, I will go to hear first hand from those affected.
     Drugs ebb and flow over time, but the current trend is troubling and its important to show people care and are willing to help find ways to approach the issue more effectively.
Watertown Daily Times | Treat the problem: Forum presented new ideas for dealing with heroin addiction

WDT: | Stefanik talks Plan 2014 with Save the River in Clayton, tours Cape Vincent patrol boat manufacturer

      One of the things that continues to impress with Rep. Stefanik is her ability to field questions on so many different issues.  I glaze over whenever things like water levels come up, but she dives in.
      At her private fundraiser in Watertown on Tuesday she took questions from supporters but there were some offbeat topics anyway and she handled them.
      Ms. Stefanik is completing an August recess tour of NNY that took her to all 12 counties and to countless communities where she met with lots of people.
      Despite all the sniping about Members of Congress, when they do their job it is hard work and we are getting solid representation.
Watertown Daily Times | Stefanik talks Plan 2014 with Save the River in Clayton, tours Cape Vincent patrol boat manufacturer