Friday, December 9, 2016

New York Pistol Permit Owners Have One Year to Renew License Due to SAFE Act Provision

The latest bit of confusion with the SAFE Act is a provision to renew pistol permits....Who will know about this ? Who will notify permit holders ?
Many have held permits for decades (and not shot anyone by the way) and don't realize this.
Oh, I know...Ignorance of the law is not excuse...But the enforcers don't even known what's going on...SP are supposed to handle it..Really ? It's Sheriff's who hand the permits now...
More disarray and ways to bust the average law abiding guy or gal.
New York Pistol Permit Owners Have One Year to Renew License Due to SAFE Act Provision Police Blotter

The usual aggravated unlicensed and pot possession...One guy printed off a fake $100 bill to buy pot....Did the seller complain ?
Society is going to struggle with this pot issue as the new AG won't adopt a look the other way stance with states increasingly permissive. Congress may actually have to do something.
Funny how we outlaw beer for 18 year olds and the 18 year olds smoke pot because they frankly see nothing wrong with it.
I think everything should be outlawed, except those items society has licensed me to Police Blotter

Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

      Change is happening in DC as old members of the House and Senate get their send offs....That includes abrasive Senator Harry Reid who has called Presidents "losers" and earned the moniker "Dirty Harry" for his tactics.
       Senator Reid now says Donald Trump is not as bad as he had thought.

WDT: Lincoln Building Part of a Progression of Downtown Projects

    For decades communities have struggled with downtowns and whether they are even relevent in the modern age. From Urban Renewal to todays continued efforts our Public Square has been significantly improved, albeit at signficant public subsidy.
    There have been been and are several major projects that have saved historic buildings and their heritage.
     These are difficult decisions in an era when urban sprawl was defacto policy.
      As the Lincoln Building comes back into use, the adjacent Crystal Restaurant suffers from a facade that is terrible shape, despite the popularity of the eaterie with its holiday flair.
     Finding a way around the ownership challenge of the building and fixing this up would be a major plus.
     A new generation of property owners is making things happen with structures like the Lincoln Building as they buck the temptation to demolish. The decline in bricks and mortar retailing is also a challenge for both downtowns and suburban malls.
     I like the strides downtown has made. I remember in the 70s when merely repainting the Paddock Arcade was a news story as so little had been done for so many years.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

North Country Gets $61M In Economic Development Funds | WWNY

Does all of this mean anything ? Who knows ?
North Country Gets $61M In Economic Development Funds | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Clinton decries fake news 'epidemic' - POLITICO

Where is all this "fake news?"
Is there some at 260 or 120 ? Or is it only on the Internet ?
I know I am sick of hearing about it.
Clinton decries fake news 'epidemic' - POLITICO

John Glenn, American hero, aviation icon and former U.S. senator, dies at 95 | The Columbus Dispatch

Not many true heroes now....Unless you consider P Diddy or Kanye West a role model.
In the years when we were being raised by the greatest generation and Ike was President, men like John Glenn became our heroes as models of the space age and American pride in the race for space of the Cold War.
John Glenn Became a Role Model to a Generation
John Glenn died today at 95. The last of the original seven. Nobody pays attention to space anymore, but we sure did then. For hours the coverage went on with Walter at the controls.
For my generation meeting an Astronaut is a big deal, and the loss of John Glenn is the passing of an era. Godspeed John Glenn !

John Glenn, American hero, aviation icon and former U.S. senator, dies at 95 | The Columbus Dispatch

Michael Moore: It's possible Trump doesn't become president | TheHill

Imagine eight years ago if you or I suggested President-elect Obama wouldn't make it to January 20th ? We'd be tarred as old fashioned Southern lynchers....and somewhat rightly so as it's reckless to suggest our new President will not make it to the steps of the Capitol....And in this case Michael Moore is not referencing recounts or faithless electors.
The homely film producer also called on people to act up at the inauguration. Their right ? sure....But the left is beside itself and they seem to get a pass.
Michael Moore: It's possible Trump doesn't become president | TheHill

Weather and Other Things on a Thursday

        Not quite the snowmageddon some feared but it looks like we will have a wintry day in the 13601 with heavy snow to the south.
         I was out blowing this morning and noticed the light is gone from the Welcome to Watertown sign on the corner...Maybe its maintenance but more likely someone stole it.. It's probably a $200 fixture.
        Had breakfast at Mo's today where I heard tales of people pulling out and clipping the new island. Someone knocked over a hydrant this week, but they are glad the street is open, and there are some old candy cane decorations are up after a merchant complained.
      Saw John Moore filling in on the Morning News.  As usual he looked very dapper and distinguished. I would think he ends up on the 6.
       Snow picking up again...My guess is the two hour  delay becomes a day off.

PS: TrumpTaps Watertown Native for Economic Panel

      Famed surgeon and Cleveland Clinic CEO, Dr. Toby Cosgrove has been chosen to serve on a panel of advisors to the new White House on matters relating to business and the economy.
     Dr. Cosgrove is a Watertown native and still owns property in the area. He is a national leader on health issues. There's even a street over on the Southside named for his dad, who was also prominent in the community.

WDT: Stefanik Backs Mad Dog

          Rep. Elise Stefanik offered what the media called "effusive" praise of retired General James Mattis, who is President-elect Trump's nominee to head the DOD. She disagrees with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand who has vowed to block a waiver that would allow the recently retired Marine to head the agency as a civilian. You can now publicly praise the Trump transition as long as its clear doing so is considered effusive.

WDT: Businesswoman Sues NOW over Easement and Other Issues

    A courtroom battle is on the docket between Neighbors of Watertown and the lady who starred in local political ads in the last campaign.
     It's all over an easement to be used for a fire exit in the old Empsall's complex, part of which houses a kid's play center and the other part a commercial/residential project overseen by NOW.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Judge Ends Michigan Recount

       It's over in Michigan and the doors are closing for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats hoping an Electoral College miracle will reverse the election.
       No recount in the Wolverine State means those 16 votes stay with Mr. Trump. A Wisconsin recount is replicating original results and PA stands as well.  306 minus the one idiot in Texas and maybe a couple of others who want to be interviewed on CNN and MSNBC.
       It was a close election and it's over.  By the way the number of votes cast is up in the 136M range, far more than was predicted.

Trump's SNL Obsession

    I don't know if sparring with Saturday Night Live is worth it or not but the show does have reach, largely because the media fawns over its clips and replays them.
    The show has a rich tradition of skewering newsmakers dating back to the days of making fun of President Ford's stumbles and the work of Chevy Chase, Dana Carvey and others.
     This year, like most in the Hollywood crowd, SNL had an agenda and the use of bad boy Alex Baldwin as Trump was stark compared to Kate McKinnon's affable and attractive portrayal of Hillary Clinton.
      There was an edge beyond just poking fun at mannerisms and foibles. The introduction of the notion of KKK ties was contrived and a reach and Mr. Baldwin's portrayal was especially deplorable.
      Like most national press post election, the war isn't over and Mr. Trump will have a lot to complain about if he continues to tweet about all who go after him.

Jet Surges As Popular Baby Name

   A county legislator came up to me tonight to show me a photo of his new grandson....I looked and was pleased to hear the lad was named Jet.  I didn't think of it as a boy's name but I think it's a good one.

St. Lawrence Hires Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion | St. Lawrence University

If you think the election of Donald Trump changed everything, think again. The deplorables got their guy but the dainties are still chugging along as St. Lawrence University today ballyhooed the hiring of an Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion. First let me say I am sure Ms. Flint-Hamilton is a nice person. And, believe it or not I am in favor of diversity and I think I have a record to support that.
Associate Dean Kimberly Flint-Hamilton....(SLU Photo)

Like many deplorables this year I was tired of being called every "phobe" the left could think of and I see no need for colleges with already inflated tuition hiring six figure people to hand out safety pins.
Having said that , I wish the new dean well and welcome her to NNY.
St. Lawrence Hires Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion | St. Lawrence University

WaPo: Relationships Suffer in the Trump Era

    It's difficult to deal with...But I wouldn't refuse to commit over it.

Trump picks wrestling magnate Linda McMahon to lead Small Business Administration

Let's get ready to rumble !

Trump picks wrestling magnate Linda McMahon to lead Small Business Administration

Governor Cuomo Deploys State Resources to Prepare for Lake Effect Winter Snowstorms Forecast in Western, Central and Northern New York | Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

It's likely to snow tomorrow and some areas (the usual suspects)will likely get a lot.
You should gas up your car today and grab a couple 18 packs and some milk and eggs or whatever. You likely knew that. Have the winter clothes at the ready and make plans for the kids being home.
Also realize the weather will vary by area and what's bad in one spot is a big nothing not far away.
Shoveling snow can be dangerous and children, pets and the elderly are especially susceptible to cold.
Drive carefully and don't take chances or get in the way of crews clearing roads or tie up first responders with unnecessary accidents and rescues. gubernatorial am I ?
Governor Cuomo Deploys State Resources to Prepare for Lake Effect Winter Snowstorms Forecast in Western, Central and Northern New York | Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

While Not Widespread or Conspiratorial....Ballot Errors Do Show Up

   As the Wisconsin recount plods along there is no significant overall change and certainly nothing nefarious noted. However, for those who want their vote to count there are several minor and accidental oversights and miscues. Things like absentees never taken out of their envelopes.
    It won't matter but there is an argument to be made about systems that don't accept a 'close enough for government work' model.

Pearl Harbor: Nation Marks 75th Anniversary of Japan's Attack - NBC News

A lot has happened in the 75 years since the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, forever changing the course of this country.
Remember today those lives lost on a quiet Sunday morning in Hawaii.
Pearl Harbor: Nation Marks 75th Anniversary of Japan's Attack - NBC News

Colorado secretary of state slams rogue electors - POLITICO

Nothing will likely come of it but the efforts by Clinton backed electors to convince Republicans to join them in a bid to turn the process on its ear is just another example of some people not willing to accept the results of the election.
Two Colorado electors pledged to Hillary Clinton are fighting the law requiring them to vote for her as they have the crazy idea they can team with skeptical GOP electors to focus on a compromise candidate like Governor John Kasich who has already disavowed the effort.
January 20 can't come soon enough for this never ending election of 2016.
Colorado secretary of state slams rogue electors - POLITICO

Albany Takes One Last Stab at a Raise

   They are still talking about a pay raise in Albany and what was thought to be dead is now alive again as a special lame duck session looms.   NNY lawmakers of course are sensitive to district feelings and say they oppose any increase and are hoping it will come up as a separate up or down vote instead of being mixed in with other items like ethics reform that they want to be seen voting for.
    The Governor has raised the issue of term limits, something lawmakers are cool to.

Man of the Year Easy to Choose this year.

      The end result is not in doubt this year. The eleven finalists for TIME's Person of the Year will be announced this morning..  Among them is the man who will win...Donald Trump.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Half of Detroit votes may be ineligible for recount

This is all hard to understand but apparently there are a lot of precincts in Michigan that were certified but the votes tallied were not reconciled with the sign in books. According to law, those districts cannot be recounted, according to the Detroit News.
The whole thing is borderline crazy. Can't see how it gets resolved quickly and does it matter ?
Half of Detroit votes may be ineligible for recount

NYT: We Opine About Only One Topic

   Here's today's lineup of editorial and OP/ED stories in the NY Times. They can't get over it.

Editorial: Why Does Donald Trump Lie About Voter Fraud?
  • One Million Badger Ballots Counted Again and Trump Gains 26 Votes

    A little over a third of Wisconsin's votes have been recounted and Donald Trump's lead is up by 26 votes. They have to have it done by the 13th....
    Michigan's recount was supposed to start today and Pennsylvania is in the courts.
    The Clinton strategy of getting a couple states to not vote on the 19th may work and then the House decides. That will produce the same result but will serve to discredit a Trump Presidency.
    Meanwhile Joe Biden said today he may run in 2020. The more things change the more they stay the same.
    Trump Picks Up Dozens of Votes in Wisconsin Recount - Leah Barkoukis

    Yankees to retire Derek Jeter’s No. 2 on May 14 - NY Daily News

    Let me piss some people off....Can we please stop retiring numbers ? The Yankees will soon have no single digit numbers left and a future generation will see only three digit numbers on the field.
    Plaques and statues, fine...Take a number like Jeter's out of use for five years and only reassign it when appropriate. Just stop this gimmick of retiring numbers.
    It's only a number !
    Yankees to retire Derek Jeter’s No. 2 on May 14 - NY Daily News

    WDT: Watertown part of new state program to reduce poverty

    Details of the poverty grant program were fleshed out today and let me say from the outset, I am against poverty.
    The state program will use AmeriCorps volunteers and grants funneled through city halls and NFPs to fight poverty in select NYS cities.
    OK, but how ?
    Do you give people their Grid bills.....hire them...reduce blight in key something about drugs........
    I don't think whacking it up among the usual suspects does anything. I'd try to create something entrepreneurial that would employ some people and perhaps revitalize a neighborhood. I don't claim to have the exact model, but some innovation is needed.
    Watertown Daily Times | Watertown part of new state program to reduce poverty

    WWNY: Open Season on Old Good Samaritans ?

       For those scratching their head over the SC mistrial of the cop caught on tape shooting a fleeing man in the back, scratch harder over no jail time for the SLC Border Patrol guy getting no jail time for beating the stuffing out of an elderly couple who stopped on the highway to help out when the officer's wife was run over in what is still an unsolved death.
    Photo: WWNY
         Bryan McDonald is not longer an agent...At least he is not suspended with pay during his five years probation on an "attempted assault" charge...It was not attempted, it succeeded.
          For those who think there was no justice, the former federal cop was ordered to pay $5200 in restitution and stay away from the terrorized couple for eight years.
         Does anyone else think this case is both troubling and bizarre ?

    WWNY: County Leg Asks Rain to Resign.....(And Hand the DA Job to Andy ?)

         St. Lawrence County lawmakers may have overreached again by voting 12-2 in a sense of the body resolution to ask DA Mary Rain to resign.
         She is an elected, Constitutional officer whose term has a year left on it.
          Why should she listen to these people and unilaterally give up a $3500 a week job that she thinks she is doing a good job at and has supporters telling her so ?
          Why should she hand the job to Governor Andrew Cuomo who surely would place a Democrat in the premier elected spot heading into next year's election ?
          Recently an ADA quit and issued a letter critical of Ms. Rain. The manifesto sounded like a campaign announcement. An ADA from Franklin County says he is running too.
          The feuds between Ms. Rain and the Legislature  have hinged on Albany taking action to shorten her term, something not likely.
           Elections have consequences, and all those clamoring for her to go should consider their complicity in her election.
           Mary Rain has no obligation to listen to these people and should stay put. She won and gets the prize...The whole prize not three-quarters of the prize.

    Elector Goes Rogue

          A Republican elector from Texas tells the NY Times in an op/ed he plans to not vote for Donald Trump on December 19, even though voters in the Lone Star State voted for Mr. Trump by a wide margin.
         The elector argues Mr. Trump is not qualified to be President, something voters decided otherwise. Will other electors go rogue ? Will Dems (oops Greens) be successful in flipping any states or rope a doping long enough that some states lose their votes ? 
          Mr. Trump will take office in January, but the Electoral College  system keeps some mystery alive well after the vote.

    Monday, December 5, 2016

    Varied Thoughts on a Monday Night

       Let me illustrate  the split between old school journalism and the Trump era reporting ethos.
       Old school....In reporting the nomination of Dr. Ben Carson to be HUD Secretary you would report the facts about who the Doctor is and his career and let the public decide if that coincides with the agency in question.
        Today, FOX's Shep Smith reported Dt. Ben Carson has been nominated to head HUD, despite having no qualifications for the job.
        His words , not mine.  I would never report news that way, but standards today are gone and there is no place to go for old school journalism.
         On a mission this evening for some new boots...Just general walking around boots for winter like for days like today...not for snow blowing or the like.....Try to find a 13 Wide.....Now I don't think a 13 is freakish. It's only a quarter inch more than a 12 and when you get older a wide shoe is nice too.
         Went to several stores and one gal told me they get a lot of requests for those but the company doesn't stock them...They can order them...but I am not at the point I order shoes on line.
         Finally I was walking out of the Mall through Dick's and noticed they had some boots and the very able and helpful young lady hooked me up with the one pair of 13W they had....I left happy because I got my size and the service was great.  Too bad there isn't a tip line on the credit card receipt.
         A lady at Byrne Dairy ask me while in line if I liked Trump...So I said yes, and she was upset....Why did she ask ?
           Stopped in the pet shop at the Mall this evening to look at puppies. Too many hybrid breeds these days, but there was a gorgeous Dachshund. Prices there are way higher than when I got Zeppelin in 1995....He was a great dog.
            I am looking forward to hitting the hay tonight..I lead a simple life....and you know, it's not a bad way to live.
    pushes Cuomo to unify Senate Dems - NY Daily News

    Remember when being elected on the party line meant something ? No IDC or rogue Brooklyn Senator who aligns with whoever gives his district the most money ?
    Some are questioning if Andrew Cuomo is a Democrat....Yes he got elected on the line but he continues to play footsie with Senate Republicans.
    The lefties want Andy to stop and put the state in a lockstep march to deBlasio style progressive disaster.
    Why doesn't the Governor listen to the most progressive voices like ? pushes Cuomo to unify Senate Dems - NY Daily News

    WDT: Village of Hermon ceases to exist Dec. 31

    I am sure a millennial just living on a road in a rural area doesn't know or care if they are in a village or a hamlet....or what town or county they live in. In that sense, the dissolution of the Village of Hermon means little.
    A little less "all politics is local".....Some purported "savings".
    A victory for the regionalists who believe in one nation under DANC.
    Less representative government and less sense of community.
    The assistant superintendent for diversity in the local school district probably costs more than the whole village, but the goo-goo folks will say they streamlined government.
    See you later Hermon...Nice knowing you.
    Watertown Daily Times | Village of Hermon ceases to exist Dec. 31; town inherits iconic stone arch bridge

    Prohibition ends - Dec 05, 1933 -

    It was on this day in 1933 the Twenty-First Amendment to the Constitution was enacted as Utah became the 36th state to ratify. Back then there were 48 states so 36 was three-quarters.
    In Watertown the only licensee and location that can trace itself back to that day is Colesante's on Factory Street. The original licenses are still posted.
    Prohibition ends - Dec 05, 1933 -

    Woody Johnson under consideration for ambassadorship | Page Six

    Is this a prelude to the JETS moving to London ?
    Woody Johnson under consideration for ambassadorship | Page Six

    Here's the Latest in the Presidential Vote Recounts in 4 States

    There is no absolute certainty in election results. Misplaced ballots, use of the wrong kind of pen, mistakes, transposition of numbers, differing standards and technologies even with jurisdictions. A power failure at a polling place....A traffic jam or varying weather.....All these and more factors that in a razor thin margin means there is no absolute number, just the best you can do.
    Jill Stein says she wants to expose the quirks in our systems. They are there for sure, and so far in Wisconsin the Trump margin has inched up by 39 votes.
    While some fret over methodology, the WaPo today was blaming millennials for the Clinton loss. Seems they think not enough of them voted or not in the percentage they should have. Earth to WaPo. Maybe a lot of voters or potential voters in that age group were not enthused by Mrs. Clinton's candidacy.
    I'm glad my last election was a margin I had no interest in further discussing much less recounting.
    Here's the Latest in the Presidential Vote Recounts in 4 States

    Carson in at HUD

         Dr. Ben Carson has been nominated as HUD Secretary. The one time candidate for the GOP nomination is a retired brain surgeon but came from a modest upbringing in Detroit.

    Sunday, December 4, 2016

    The war on ‘fake news’ is all about censoring real news | New York Post

    If its not blaming the Russians, it's FOX News in bars and restaurants, or their other new excuse...."fake news."
    Sure there are made up or exaggerated stories and social media can spread it, but we are being told the unsophisticated rubes in the fly over states can't tell the difference.
    To the left, fake news is anything outside their bubble.
    The war on ‘fake news’ is all about censoring real news | New York Post

    Italian PM Matteo Renzi to resign in wake of referendum defeat

    Feisty voters have upset the apple cart again. This time it was the defeat of a referendum that led to the resignation of Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.
    That's OK, he could move here and run for judge and win easily.
    Italian PM Matteo Renzi to resign in wake of referendum defeat

    Colin Kaepernick: 49ers QB says he didn't vote |

    This loser's 15 minutes needs to end.

    Colin Kaepernick: 49ers QB says he didn't vote |

    ‘Sketchy’ Brooklyn shop may be a brothel open for business | New York Post

    Imagine a mysterious business with only an LED "Open" sign in the window and no external inkling on the type of business inside...Imagine it opening in a typical family neighborhood with only ads on "".
    The NY Post found such a business in a nice Brooklyn neighborhood and in muckraking style sent a reporter in...Well you can read about it....
    If there were such a story opportunity here in Watertown, would the media here do the same...Would John Moore be assigned ?
    Maybe society has for the most part quit worrying about what goes on quietly on the down low. Must be the case here.
    ‘Sketchy’ Brooklyn shop may be a brothel open for business | New York Post

    WDT: Scrooge Won and It's Ruined My Holiday

       Today Perry writes a column about the fading importance of Christmas because it's too warm (climate change) and it's over commercialized......
        He say's it's not because he is old and crusty.....Well, actually Perry it is.
         Age and curmedgeon provided you the clarity of thought absent when you were young and accepting of society's conventions and customs.
          I still take Christmas in limited doses and enjoy it, although I draw the line at New Year's.
          I would add  that maybe the despair over the election is impinging on Perry's Christmas spirit, where as for me it has made the season merrier.
           You see Perry, for we old and crusty people, politics is a great determiner of how you feel. Maybe in four years, you'll find a way to Make Christmas Great Again.

    WDT: Calls for a "Plan" Suggest Council Step Back Off the Diving Board.

            A toe in the water will ultimately not work when it comes to the fate of the Thompson Park Pool and today 260 stuck its toe in as well, suggesting Council is floundering in the deep end by not having a plan for Thompson Park in general. Such a plan would allow City Hall to either rationalize spending millions on the pool as planned or cutting and running and going with a compromise splash park and perhaps a renovated bath house and bathrooms.
            Plans are great but often life comes down to individual decisions based on the needs and politics of the moment.  And of course who comes up with the plan ? The usual suspects ?
            The plan for the pool manifested itself three years ago when the pool was closed due to age and in a bid to shave operating costs. Difficulty in hiring life guards was also cited.
            Council changed course when faced with demolition, they opted to rebuild the pool and recently sought and received state money that would cover about 10% of the cost.
            I'd say the Mayor and Council have a plan of sorts. Their continued support for a new playground and for a new pool shows a commitment to recreation and families using the Park. Councils have pursued vigorous maintenance programs.  New street lighting and more organized events are laudable goals.
             The call for a plan dodges the real decision.  Can Council pull the trigger on $2-3M ? Rebuilding the pool has long been in the five year capital plans but  due to the size of the expendture got pushed out. If there is a feeling something has to be done, the more modest splash park/bath house makes more sense fiscally, but is there a demand for such a facility ?  That's never been established by empirical evidence, only by the suggestion of members of a local civic club who want to do a project in the park.   

    Saturday, December 3, 2016

    Greens Abandon PA Recount

       So with the Green Party effort to recount in the Keystone State abandoned, what's the point of the remainder of the drill ?
        Maybe the bitter Democrats need to call an end to all this.  Do what you want with WI and MI and Mr. Trump will still have 280.  Oh yeah you can threaten eleven electors and make Mr. Trump get the White House through the House.
         Sore losers.

    WDT: Driving the economy: Legislators should permit ridesharing firms throughout state

    The Times opines Andy should allow us to have Uber and Lyft...the ride sharing apps common in most of the civilized world.
    That's a valid request of our minders in Albany.
    Actually, truth be's anything goes now in local cab service. There is no regulation of rates or anything else, and if you have a cell phone and a have a cab company.
    Those who think the hand of government is needed to conduct commerce would be astounded to know how unruly it all is.
    Watertown Daily Times | Driving the economy: Legislators should permit ridesharing firms throughout state

    It's All Coming Together

       While the left continues to whine ad nauseam and don more safety pins, evidence is growing that America is becoming great again.

    Saturday Musings

        The Christmas spirit has started. I went to a house party tonight and earlier today customers were festive as I had the best Saturday day shift I can recall.
         That part of the season is fun...The days leading up......then when Christmas passes, we endure the most overrated holiday, New Year's.
          The President of Taiwan called me today and invited me out for sushi. It was a nice chat and I hope our Chinese overlords don't mind.
           I read somewhere today the Republicans are in control of the State Senate. I guess nobody cares up here as there is zero news coverage. There's some other interesting state news about term limits and other stuff, but it's just not on the radar here. Too bad. I like to read about that stuff.
         Giants play Pittsburgh tomorrow at 430.....Huge hot dog buffet at Shooties...Not to be missed...

    Daughter of NYS police major arraigned on manslaughter charge, judge closes courtroom |

    When the people arrested are strangers, it's theater to give them the perp walk, and so it goes everywhere.
    When connected, it's a personal and embarrassing matter, and worthy of a professional courtesy. In other words you get led in through the basement instead of Sterling Street. I remember seeing it when I was a newsman and since.
    It's the way it is.
    Daughter of NYS police major arraigned on manslaughter charge, judge closes courtroom |

    Without CA, She's Down by 1.9M As Final Totals Near

       The latest tallies in the race for President show over 135M voted, up at least six million from four years ago. While Mrs. Clinton leads the national popular vote by 2.5M,  that and more results from her massive 4.4M bulge in my native state of California.
         The tale of the tape in these spreadsheets is the Trump improvement in the battleground states with only AZ falling from the Romney spreads in 2012.

    Today's Outrage...A Phone Call from Taiwan

    As China gleefully creates new islands for its military in the South China Sea, a phone call from the leader of a real island, Taiwan, is causing US media to go off on its latest anti-Trump screed. The call from the Taiwanese President is said to be a major break in protocol from nearly forty years of bowing down to Beijing's hegemony in the region.
    The WaPo also discovered a portion of tax law that could benefit billionaires who divest property while assuming public service. Where was outrage over this law before now.
    The Wall Street Journal is against the Carrier deal while most others are trying to pooh-pooh it. The WSJ really should look at the Alcoa deal or the Nine Mile nuke deals, to put their outrage in perspective.
    It's an incredible string of stories as it becomes clear the press and left view their mission as one.

    WDT: Gillibrand in Watertown

         Senator Kirsten Gillibrand was just up the street yesterday enjoying the newly open Factory Street when she visited the Watertown Urban Mission.
          Senator Gillibrand has been in the news this week for her opposition to approving the waiver needed for General James Mattis to be chosen as Secretary of Defense. Ms Gilllibrand says the 1947 law creating a seven year wait for retired generals should not be waived lightly,although general reaction to the Mattis nomination has been positive.