Last Day of the Whistleblower Tour...Stop in New Paltz

Last Day of the Whistleblower Tour...Stop in New Paltz
Teachout Drawing Supporters

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Connor Got $23,441 for Failed Residency Challenge

   Governor Cuomo's campaign paid attorney Marty Connor $23,441 for his representation of those two men who were the beards in the legal challenge of Zephyr Teachouts residency. Given his reputation as the state's premier election law lawyer, Mr. Connor's fee was reasonable. He did tie her down and provided a talking point for the whispering campaign against Ms. Teachout  Of course if you base the fee on winning, the tab was high.
    The Governor also loaned the flagging campaign of his running mate a bunch of money. And in the most recent report the campaign spent money on a lawyer shielding them from the Moreland flap
    Still the Governor is raising money so he is fine. Local Democrats need not donate.
Cuomo Raises $600K In 20 Days

Governor Please Help Cathy Pircsuk's Bottom Line...Spend it All - NY Daily News

    The Daily News reports the spigot is open as Governor Cuomo seeks to fend off the challenge from Zephyr Teachout. So.......

An open message to Governor Andrew Cuomo:

    Sir, I have many friends in the broadcast industry and they are good and decent people....Family men and women who make up the backbone and fabric of our community.
    I urge you spend and spend and spend some more at our local broadcast outlets prior to the primary. Spend money at the Watertown Daily Times...and spend money at Newzjunky and please...a few dollars at WATN, the station I work for.
    And most of all spend at WWNY. I went to college with the GM there and would like to see her bottom  improve for the bosses in Kenosha., and nothing does that more than the "found" money from politicians slathered in cash who want to win real, real bad.
    So please.  Don't hoard your millions. Spend it....Spend it all....Stimulate our upstate economy and preserve those jobs on Arcade Street.
Gov. Cuomo's reelection campaign continues to spend big in advance of Democratic primary - NY Daily News

Wu: "I Won't Take Orders from the Governor." That Would Gall Andy to No End

   Over the years, Governors have been paired with running mates not of their liking. If Tim Wu defeats Kathy Hochul, it will be a moment of rage on the Second Floor. 

Zephyr Teachout running mate, Tim Wu, gaining momentum - NY Daily News

More Gawk, Less Help in Today's World

     Sign of the times. A woman in her early 20s sat on the corner of Pearl and East Main this AM. She was in extreme pain and was there she said a half an hour trying to flag down help. Finally a man stopped and then a lady who come down to tell me. I walked up and we got an ambulance called.
     One man ask if she needed help and she said yes. Then he drove away.

Finley Tears into Byrne's Past as Primary Approaches

   UPDATE ON AD 116-

    The gloves have come off as in a direct mail piece to Conservative Party voters (I have one who is a tenant, so I see them too) Russ Finley has ripped away at GOP establishment candidate John Byrne, citing his past registration as a Democrat, his businesses downstate (including a heavily fined tavern in Oneonta, according to the mailer) and the length of time lived in the district (seven years).
Direct Mail Piece Arriving Today to Conservative Party Voters
     All this and more has been shopped privately by Democrats who didn't want their prints on it, but Mr. Finley is no shrinking Violet and frankly there should be a vetting of candidate backgrounds. Mr. Finley's legal dust ups have been brought out by establishment Republicans, so I guess old Russ thinks what goes around comes around.

‘Two Assembly Primaries Provide Interesting Battles Between Establishment GOP and Those Who Are Not— Adirondack Daily Enterprise

    The primaries in two NNY Assembly districts are interesting but get no coverage in our end of the world.  The 116th features three men vying to take out incumbent Addie Russell. The establishment GOP has lined up behind former tavern owner and current campground owner John Byrne.
GOP Establishment Choice John Byrne in Parade
     Russ Finley is the most viable challenger as he is the Conservative designee (Byrne is running an OTB for the C line) and there is Tea Party favorite John Humphrey running in the Republican primary. Finley is also seeking the B line through an OTB.
      I like the race further east in the 115th where uber-RINO incumbent Janet Duprey is being challenged by crimson-haired Karen Bisso. This is a spirited primary with the usual establishment endorsements on Ms. Duprey's side and according to the ADE, the backing of Elise Stefanik on the other side, along with conservative and RTL groups.
Ran Into Karen Bisso in Tupper Lake
      Ms. Bisso was spotted at a recent Stefanik event in Tupper Lake.
      This race will go on to November as both have minor party lines.
       I saw Ms. Bisso in Sackets Harbor earlier this year, and she is likeable enough and certainly more true to the conservative cause than Ms. Duprey.
‘Down to the wire’ - | News, Sports, Jobs, Saranac Lake region — Adirondack Daily Enterprise

Handshakes and Hugs, Hallmarks of the Stump, Are Rare With Cuomo -

   Wow, the NY Times has it out for Andy. I was reading this story about how Andrew Cuomo in his four years is never unscripted and doesn't interact with the common folks, preferring controlled events and behind the scenes meetings.
    Maybe the fact he insists on being called 'Andrew' is a sign of diffidence. But it appears the brass at the Times won't be voting for him.
Handshakes and Hugs, Hallmarks of the Stump, Are Rare With Cuomo -

NJ: Cider Mill Opens for Another Season...A Tradition Spanning the Generations

  One of the first experiences I had when I moved here in 1968 was the family going to the Burrville Cider Mill....That and Canale's Restaurant, and the Karmelcorn Shop.
     Yeah there was the Fannie Farmer Shop and Aunt Amelia's Pizza....Well there were a lot of those touchstones of life gone by in Watertown, but the Cider Mill has stood the test of time and is worth a visit for those new to the area, for sure.
      Like our candidates for Congress who come from elsewhere what want to learn our ways out west.
Fast Eddy's Kwikmart in Burrville Sold, Will Be Renamed Steiner's General Store

Democrats Have the Chance to Extend the Dialogue Without Discarding the Incumbent Too Quickly

    With the NY Times unable to decide who to endorse for Governor, maybe more time is needed and New York's system of fusion voting provides that option.
    If Democrats select Zephyr Teachout as their nominee, Governor Cuomo still is the nominee of the WFP, Indy and Women's Equality Parties.  He also has the cash to compete no matter what line he is on.
    So the case is solid for Democrats on the 9th to let the process proceed, by voting Teachout, while knowing the popular incumbent Governor will still have the chance to make his case to skittish voters by November.
     Meanwhile Ms. Teachout would have the chance to better explain herself and have her background and views more thoroughly vetted.

Gov. Cuomo, come out, come out and debate primary challenger Zephyr Teachout (Editorial) |

      The Post Standard has joined the list of newspapers calling on Governor Cuomo to debate his primary challenger (s).   He won't, and history will prove he is right says the Post Standard as he will surely win
       However the Syracuse paper is not endorsing anyone in the primary. That gets the publisher off the hook, by saying its long standing policy not to endorse in primaries where there is an opponent in November.
       That won't work at 260, where I know they have endorsed in primaries.
Gov. Cuomo, come out, come out and debate primary challenger Zephyr Teachout (Editorial) |

As An Unknown Commodity, Kathy Hochul Shouldn't Get Away With a Rose Garden Campaign

    Kathy Hochul says "the most important debate I must have is with the constituents of this state."  WTF ?
     That's Ms. Hochul's rationale for not debating opponent Tim Wu.
      You know I have not heard or seen either of these two people speak on camera this year.
      Mr. Wu is willing, but Ms. Hochul is not.
      I understand the Governor being an incumbent not wanting to give attention to challengers. It's good politics.
      But Ms. Hochul ? Few know her outside of western NY where she served one term in Congress.
      She has not visited Watertown during the primary campaign and the assumption is her link to the establishment carries the day. Some observers think she may lose the primary and could leave Mr. Cuomo with a running mate who says he won't take orders from Governor.
      As for her quote. You debate with voters or with people. They are not your constituents yet.

Zephyr Teachout blasts New York's and Cuomo's support of Common Core

    Common core standards in schools are an issue in this year's elections and its viewed as an overreach of government by those opposing it. In an op/ed  , gubernatorial candidate Zephyr Teachout gives a solid and understandable explanation for opposing common core.
     Aside from the educational angle, Ms. Teachout opines common core is another example of the moneyed class dictating public policy, since billionaire Bill Gates bankrolled the selling of the concept of uniform standards enforced by testing.
     Zephyr Teachout blasts New York's and Cuomo's support of Common Core

WDT: Labor Day Parade in Massena is NNY's Premier Union Event

    United we are one....Divided we are done....That's the theme for the 34th Annual Labor Day Parade in Massena.
     It would be interesting to see who marches, as you need to be invited by a participating union. That could tend to exclude some elected officials or candidates.
      It's a lock that the Democrats running are in.
      Ron McDougall is running the parade. Not a partisan bone in his body.
Watertown Daily Times | Organized labor prepares for Monday Solidarity Day Parade in Massena

Friday, August 29, 2014

Monument Siting Gets Help from City Hall

     The City Planning Department has huddled with a citizen group devising a monument for the 10th Mountain Division and identified several other possible sites for the project.
     I like the idea of planners helping with, well, planning.
     The effort in conjunction with retired Col. Mike Plummer has produced many excellent suggestions with six locations coming to the fore.
    There is one I like, but I won't say what it is for fear that will prompt others to oppose.

NY-21 -- Facebook fan update

   They say social media is important these days and if so, Elise Stefanik continues to lead by a wide margin in Facebook "likes".   Matt Funiciello is in second place and Democrat Aaron Woolf is third.

NY-21 -- Facebook fan update

Crowds Descend On Lewis County For moe.down 15 | WWNY TV 7

   The Wars on Drugs, Open-Air Sex and "Underage" Drinking declare a truce hopefully for the moe.down  concerts in the Lewis County Town of Turin.
    It's good to see young folks enjoying the kind of events common in my day. And I bet it's good for the local economy.
     Party hearty !
Crowds Descend On Lewis County For moe.down 15 | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Dems Shun Anti-Cuomo Clemency Event

    It's funny to watch the obsequious scramble.

Dems Shun Anti-Cuomo Clemency Event

E Boards Meeting With Teachout......A Sign She is Taken Seriously

        Editorial Boards like the Post Standard's are meeting with upstart Democrat Zephyr Teachout. That's a sign her candidacy is being taken seriously, no small task given the almost certain string of endorsements expected for the incumbent governor.
       Not that they determine election outcomes, but it is interesting to see what the serious observers of public policy are thinking.
       We will see where the Daily News falls, the T-U, The Buffalo News, the D&C and others fall.
        However if the NY Times didn't have the courage to choose someone other than the current occupant on Eagle Street, I can't imagine too many papers bolting.
Zephyr Teachout would not repeal the NY Safe Act as governor |

Woolf's New Gimmick...Clocking Stefanik

    Today, the Woolf campaign's Watertown area trumpeter called the HOTLINE to tout a new on-line clock purportedly showing how long its been since Elise Stefanik refused to repudiate Paul Ryan's plan to "end Medicare as we know it" . 
     I have sort of been around her campaign for a year-plus and have never heard such a desire on her part, but that doesn't stop Aaron Woolf from his relentless attack, attack, attack.
    It's having the desired effect by putting the GOP on defense against a red herring....But he is looking shrill of late.
    We know little about the man since June brought him forth in January only to follow it up with weeks of radio silence.
     He does have personal charm that seems to make supporters swoon....Charm and the ability to say just about anything.  Pig in a poke anyone ?
Does Stefanik Stand? | Aaron Woolf for Congress

Hochul Rolls Out Asian-American Endorsements

   Isn't party discipline grand ?  You think the guy with an Asian name might appeal to Asian voters, so you call up a bunch of Asian-American elected officials and lean on them to endorse Kathy Hochul, who they likely don't even know.
   Hey, I've done that stuff too where you get names of people who will endorse someone they don't care about, just to fill out a press release.
    Heck, if I had an Asian name, I bet June would have called me and asked to put my name on the list, and depending on my needs at the moment, I might go along. Then I'd go vote for the Asian anyway..
     Next thing you know it will be announced the Wu-Tang Clan has endorsed Hochul.
Hochul Rolls Out Asian-American Endorsements

Book Signing Featured in Campaign Reporting | Capital New York

   The book signing exchange between Zephyr Teachout and me was reported on extensively in an article in Capital New York. Reporter Conor Skelding was standing next to me when I ask the candidate to sign her just released book, "Corruption in America."

Teachout taps upstate anger on Day 2 of bus tour | Capital New York

Cuomo establishment turns to saving Hochul | Capital New York

    The Cuomo machine feels the Governor can fend off the Teachout challenge by staying in the Rose Garden, but his running mate, Kathy Hochul, is thought to be in trouble as she is unknown and being tagged as too conservative for party activists.
    If Tim Wu wins the LG primary and is paired with Mr. Cuomo for four years, it will be a replay of his dad with LG Al Delbello three decades ago.
    Cuomo donors are being ordered to give to Hochul.
     When in Syracuse yesterday I was talking to a capital reporter who clearly thought the only race in play was for LG. Yesterday, Ms Hochul was barnstorming western NY in  hopes of running up the score there.
Cuomo establishment turns to saving Hochul | Capital New York

Is There a Common Ground Between Two Political Newcomers ?

    Like the NY Times, when Aaron Woolf refused to endorse Andrew Cuomo in the September 9 primary, was that the dog whistle to his supporters ?
    A Washington Street family heard the call and Teachout-Wu signs are side by side with Mr. Woolf's.
Long Time Democrat Willy Welbourne Sports New Signs.
     Both favor progressive policies although having heard Zephyr's talk on the concentration of wealth in a few, she may be less than comfortable with the Woolf's balance sheet and Wall Street holdings.
    But politics makes strange bedfellows.

#AskCuomo — A Hashtag for Cuomo Accountability

      With today likely to pass as the deadline for Andrew Cuomo to accept the invitation to Liz Benjamin's debate, the Teachout-Wu campaign has a social media way for voters to ask the bashful Governor a question.
      Internet and social media is being used well by Ms. Teachout who ten years ago pioneered the on-line effort that for a time placed Governor Howard Dean in the running for the Democratic Presidential nomination....Then came the scream.
      This Governor is not about to subject himself to an hour with Ms. Teachout or Liz Benjamin.  He is too busy promoting the Women's Equality Party to actually sit down with women as equals.
#AskCuomo — A Hashtag for Cuomo Accountability

Davis City Council Tells Police To Have Plan For Getting Rid Of MRAP Military Vehicle In Next 60 Days « CBS Sacramento

    While the Davis CA City Council voted to order it's PD to get rid of its armored personnel carrier or MRAP.  The $700L vehicle was one of those free tactical vehicles given away by Uncle Sugar. Jefferson County has one too and like in Davis it has been the subject of controversy with critics saying it's a not-needed toy that only is evidence of the militarization of police in American cities.
    Those in favor say it could be handy to transport cops through a field of fire or to deal with a school shooting.
     In Jefferson County its become something of an issue in the Sheriff's race, with all the candidates in favor of keeping it, even though they concede it would only be used under the most dire of circumstances.
      Would we have ever bought it if we had to pay for it ? 
Davis City Council Tells Police To Have Plan For Getting Rid Of MRAP Military Vehicle In Next 60 Days « CBS Sacramento

WDT: Press Miffed at Perceived Slight from Teachout-Wu

     Journalism is easier when they come to your door, but in a time tight schedule is NNY worth the trip ? The WDT took a swipe at Zephyr Teachout for not rolling their bus this far north.
    I am just a blogger but I did take time to go to Syracuse with a couple of political buddies to see the Whistleblower Tour.  Noted NNY Democrat Ted Ford was with me and would have done interviews upon his return and as always the MSM is welcome to any photos I have.
    Nonetheless, the Teachout-Wu campaign didn't venture north of the Thruway this week although they have eleven days to make a swing through here. The Plattsburgh and Watertown TV markets may or may not be worth a swing.  Likely not though.
     Can we also note that Cuomo-Hochul has also not shown up within shouting distance of 260 ?
Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York.

Ex-Times ed board member: Governor non-endorsement a 'major departure' | Capital New York

    "The public has to make a choice. So do we."
     That was the old school theory of journalism at the NY Times, according to a former editorial board member during the Punch Sulzberger era. That makes sense, but this week the Times punted and refused to endorse in the Democratic primary for Governor, likely because while they didn't like Andrew Cuomo, they didn't want to be totally on the s--- list of the likely winner.
     Why should readers read such editorials unless they divine the real intent was to support Zephyr Teachout.
      But the public does have to decide still.
       I will be interested in whether our local paper offers a recommendation to Democrats and to members of other parties in the other primaries up  on September 9.
Ex-Times ed board member: Governor non-endorsement a 'major departure' | Capital New York

Kicked Off Ballot, Congressional Candidate Files Ethics Violation | WWNY TV 7

      Democrat Steve Burke didn't get to compete in the June primary for Congress because his petition was invalidated due to a challenge by supporters of eventual nominee Aaron Woolf.
      Turns out the lawyer Mr. Woolf hired to do the dirty on Mr. Burke was already chosen to be an attorney for the Board of Elections and Mr. Burke has filed an ethics complaint over the conflict.
       These things are by nature incestuous and you need your own high powered counsel to compete. Just the way it is , Steve.  You know that.
Kicked Off Ballot, Congressional Candidate Files Ethics Violation | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Top of Ticket Races are Not Something Down Ballot Dems Should Hide From

      The spirited race for the Democratic nominations for Governor and LG really do reflect a battle for the soul of the party. Governor Cuomo and his preferred running mate Kathy Hochul certainly are a more establishment, critics would say "corporate" strain of politics.
     Challenger Zephyr Teachout and running mate Timothy Wu are the more activist, progressive candidates railing against a party run by a small donor class.
      Observers believe Mr. Wu has a pretty good chance of toppling Ms. Hochul, while the Gubernatorial side of the race is a steeper climb for Ms. Teachout.
      While a vote is a private affair and most Democrats of high profile don't want to publicly reveal their preference, for a couple of people in contested races, that preference would be telling.
      Aaron Woolf and Addie Russell are both in spirited races for Congress and Assembly.  In Mr. Woolf's case, if he votes in the primary, it will be his first ever ballot cast in NNY.
       On issues like the SAFE Act and the future of Democratic politics in NY, this choice speaks volumes and the refusal of the two to state their preference is not acceptable.
      Ms. Russell really has to at least pay lip service to the Second Floor, as relations with the Governor are important to her district. I get that.
      But Mr. Woolf has specifically declined to endorse the Governor, and that begs the question of who he supports or whether he intends to vote in the primary.

WDT: Letter- Funiciello has a platform of authenticity

      With invitations to debates, letters to the editor, comments on blogs and visits by high profile national figures like Ralph Nader,  the Green candidate for Congress is catching on, more so than  previous third party contenders.
      Media willingness to cover Matt Funiciello has helped, and the candidate's own breadth of knowledge and campaign skills made a difference.
       The major party candidates are very predictable in their positions and tactics. The commercials, while well done, are cookie cutter, and money and spokespersons tend to insulate.
        On his present track Mr. Funiciello is gaining a following.
Watertown Daily Times | Funiciello has a platform of authenticity

WDT: Democrat Sovie Waits to See Who Her Foe Is...But It May Be Foes

     The election for Jefferson County Family Court judge is not easily defined as Democrat and WFP nominee Sue Sovie is out doing E-board meetings while a four party primary is awaited on September 9 to determine which person or persons will run against her.
     Like the Sheriff's race, it's premature to be holding forums until the race is defined. It's unknown who the GOP, Conservative, Indy or Green nominee (s) are.  Eugene Langone and Kathy Quencer are in the hunt for the party nods.
Watertown Daily Times | Democrat Susan Sovie seeks Jefferson County Family Court judge seat

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hundreds Attend Langone Event in Park

    Sometimes numbers at an event matter, and tonights picnic rally in Thompson Park for Family Court Judge candidate Eugene Langone was well attended.  It's tough to hold an event in August, but he had a lot of people there.
    It's also good to see the First Amendment being used in the "public square".  Signs, people speeches....It's good to see politics celebrated instead of all these lawyers and bureaucrats who want to stifle political speech in a misguided attempt to sanitize the world from politics.

My Copy Was Number One for Zephyr !

   Zephyr Teachout has been working for years on her book Corruption in America which was released from Harvard Press on Monday.  I had preordered so my copy came yesterday. When I asked her to sign my copy today, Zephyr was shocked and said she hadn't even seen a copy yet...
   Mine was the first one she has signed and she noted that under her distinctive "Z".
    It was a fun moment and the camera people swarmed as she signed.
    Jeff- To ending corruption in America and New York and building a Democracy where every person has a voice.
                                               Z-  (My First Book)

Ted Ford to NNY Dems: Vote for Zephyr !

    How can you not like someone standing in front of the Time Warner building in Syracuse, ripping into the cable company ? For that reason and more, it was interesting, fun and inspiring to hear Zephyr Teachout in person as two friends and I trekked to 'cuse for her "Whistle Blower Tour"
    Ms. Teachout spoke passionately about being a modern day trust buster like Teddy Roosevelt and said she is a traditional Democrat more like Mario Cuomo.
Democrat Stalwart Ted Ford From Jefferson County Meets His Candidate

    Her speech was not so much about Governor Andrew Cuomo, but about her view of democracy, and the consolidation of wealth and power among the donor class in politics.
Ted Ford Says He Doesn't Care If June Is Mad at Him
    She was quite good in a way that reminded me of the Jerry Brown campaign in 1992 when I was a Brown delegate to the DNC.
     I was accompanied by a Republican and a Democrat and we all left pleased we had taken the afternoon off and made the trip.
    We met people from Ithaca to Saranac.I also was glad to see Time Warner's Bill Carey, who is one of the true gentlemen in the news business.

Governor Cuomo Announces Establishment of $10 Million Low-Interest Loan Fund for Expanding North Country Businesses

   As part of the Regional Council process the Cuomo Administration has green lighted a $10M loan fund for NNY businesses. This should be helpful for projects like Mercy in Watertown.
    The Administration has been helpful on projects like that .  The Mercy redevelopment fits the definition of a transformational project which is what the Governor has said he like to see.
Governor Cuomo Announces Establishment of $10 Million Low-Interest Loan Fund for Expanding North Country Businesses | Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Hochul Hits Western New York, Hopes to Pull a Paladino With Hometown Loyalty

   Kathy Hochul is hoping to do what Carl Paladino did in a primary four years ago....Run up such lopsided margins in Western NY, she can win a statewide primary where in much of the state she is unknown.
   Ms. Hochul is the former Erie County Clerk and a one term MOC who is running for LG against insurgent Tim Wu, the NYC lawyer tied to Zephyr Teachout.
    Since in NY the Governor and LG are selected in separate primaries, Ms. Hochul is pulling out the stops back home with current LG Bob Duffy of Rochester at her side Mr. Duffy is very well liked around the state.
    In a 2010 GOP primary Mr. Paladino ran up enormous margins in WNY against Rick Lazio.
     Ms. Hochul's plan should work well, but its just hard to judge how she will do elsewhere.
     We look forward to her visiting Watertown at some point,
      Fellow former clerk Patty Ritchie speaks well of her.
Hochul Hits Western New York

Woolf in South Glens Falls on Thursday

      Democrat Aaron Woolf campaigns today in the Glens Falls area with a meet and greet with supporters. He is expected to continue with his "come clean" campaign against Elise Stefanik.
      Well, she probably should, as should Mr. Woolf on the questions many have about him. A list that grew by one yesterday.
       Is he voting for Zephyr Teachout or Randy Credico for Governor ?
Woolf in South Glens Falls on Thursday

Public pays security on Israel trip - Times Union

   Whenever pols say their campaign pays for something, I don't think its really true...or at least they are not paying the real cost.
    The recent trip to Israel was for one purpose. To divert attention from the Moreland mess and to aid in the Governor's reelection. It was billed as a solidarity tour, and that made it more expensive as to make it look good, legislative leaders had to tag along.
     I don't care about the Governor's security detail, as he needs security no matter where he is, so in that sense the TU story is unfair, but it doesn't change the fact the trip was pointless. Since when have any NY pols not pledged unflinching support for Israel ?
Public pays security on Israel trip - Times Union

Teachout and Wu disclose finances, an 'academic' book fee | Capital New York

       The challengers are not particularly wealthy as both Zephyr Teachout and Tim Wu have income of under $250K, mostly from their jobs as law professors. Mr. Wu does a little outside legal work and writing for publications.
       Ms. Teachout wrote a book she says she got a $1000 advance for in 2008. Governor Andrew Cuomo has a book coming out in October. He was paid a $188,000 advance.
    Recently filed financial disclosures provided the insight into the pair's finances.
Teachout and Wu disclose finances, an 'academic' book fee | Capital New York

An Aspect of the Race Little Discussed...NYT Endorses Wu for LG and What That Means-

   Another setback for the Cuomo reelection effort as the New York Times has endorsed Timothy Wu for the Lieutenant Governor over Andrew Cuomo's handpicked choice, Kathy Hochul of Western NY.
     Not that an endorsement determines the result and Kathy Hochul will certainly garner votes from upstaters and party regulars wanting to support the Governor, but in NY the Governor and LG are selected separately and what the Times urges could be a problem for Democrats.
    If the Governor wins his primary and Mr. Wu defeats Ms. Hochul the Governor will be paired with a running mate not to his liking. That happened to his dad in the 80s. Further, there is the question of what to do with the D and E lines where the Cuomo-Hochul ticket is in place.  If left that way, those lines could not be combined with the A line of Cuomo-Wu.
     Ms. Hochul is not an attorney so the methods for getting her off the line are more limited....Dying and moving out of state I believe.
      Of course if Mr. Wu and his running mate, Zephyr Teachout sweep the September 9 primary, similar problems exist with the Indy and WFP lines.
       Tim Wu could well win the LG primary against the little known Ms. Hochul who is being lambasted for a record not in line with the progressive agenda of likely primary voters.
       This stuff is interesting.
        What may be more interesting is how our local paper comes down on the races should it choose to endorse for the primary. My suspicion is they will not as they would have little choice but to endorse the Governor, but don't want to validate the whole Moreland mess. Take a knee  and wait till the general.
      Just my guess, but we will see what's written.
 Timothy Wu for Lieutenant Governor -

"Tank the Tank" Movements Breaking Out as People Demand an End to Militarization of Police « CBS Sacramento

     Will Jefferson County get rid of its unused and controversial MRAP tactical vehicle obtained from the Defense Department for free ?
     Communities are debating that from sea to shining sea as the militarization of police has become an issue...and an issue in the Jefferson County Sheriff's race.
     "Tank the Tank" is the slogan in Davis, CA. 
      So far the three local Sheriff candidates support keeping the MRAP but using it sparingly.  It's so controversial it's not used in parades for fear of ridicule.
Davis City Council Tells Police To Have Plan For Getting Rid Of MRAP Military Vehicle In Next 60 Days « CBS Sacramento

City Business on a Thursday

     This morning at City Hall, there are a couple more retirement ceremonies in the Council Chambers and the finishing touches are put on the agenda for the Tuesday meeting. I got the resolution concerning the Citizens Advisory Board that will replace "Advantage Watertown" written and vetted as the summer winds down and Labor Day looms.
   Tonight there is a political function to go to. The Langone campaign has a picnic up in the Park.  That's a great setting for events of all kind.
    The Planning Department has been working with the committee wanting to build a 10th Mountain monument. The thought was to use staff to generate a greater list of potential locations so the best choice can be made.
     Hopefully that report will be out on Tuesday.
      Where did the summer go?   Isn't that what we always say this time of year ?

Teachout Would Rather Talk About ‘Blowing The Whistle’ Than The Bills

      OK, the candidate wants to stay on message but the media wants to talk about football, since in Buffalo, that's what everyone is doing.
       Candidates entering the Queen City are pressed to commit to state funding of a new stadium for the Bills.
       And when you don't talk about what the press wants, they take you to task.
Teachout Would Rather Talk About ‘Blowing The Whistle’ Than The Bills

WDT | Flower Memorial Library entrance opened after two years

        When someone visits City Hall from out of town, if there's time I like to take them next door to see the City's gem, the Flower Memorial Library.
       Now a series of renovations is complete and the front of the historic structure in spruced up with the front entrance open again.
Flower Library Back in the Day
       The fountains are back and the fa├žade is repaired....the marble cleaned...
        One of the downsides to the marble entrance is in winter, keeping it clear and safe to walk on as using sand or chemical melting agents might hurt the stone. We'll have to look at alternatives. Back in the day, a wooden overlay was used but it was unsightly.
       That aside, take a trip to the Library and use the entrance intended.
Watertown Daily Times | Flower Memorial Library entrance opened after two years

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gawker: New York Times Is Corrupt and Cowardly in Not Backing Governor or an Alternative

   You known, Gawker has it right sometimes....These people and organizations who refuse to endorse the Governor but won't endorse the alternative are more than a bit wimpy and duplicitous.
    The NY Times felt strongly enough about Andrew Cuomo's negatives not to endorse the incumbent Democrat, but wouldn't endorse the alternative.
     CYA, if you ask me......Same is true of NNY Democrats who won't embrace the Governor for fear of backlash.
      If you buy into this party BS, you should support the people who put you there.
      Aaron Woolf owes Andrew Cuomo an endorsement...if for no other reason than the Governor's people put him where he is.
       If Aaron Woolf supports Zephyr Teachout, I totally respect that. .....But he should say so....
       The New York Times Is Just as Corrupt and Cowardly as Andrew Cuomo

Woolf Demands Stefanik "Come Clean"......Is That Another Way of Calling Her a Liar ?

       Aaron Woolf must have some polling data that shows Medi-scare and Paul Ryan are keys to defeating Elise Stefanik. Mr. Woolf has an on-line petition urging Ms. Stefanik to "come clean" on her plans to end Medicare. The other day he said she was going to end Social Security.
      The Woolf PAC is armed with video from a presser in Glens Falls in which Ms. Stefanik was on message too much and didn't elaborate enough her views. It wasn't a great campaign moment and I'd use the video in this way too. But really, she recovered nicely the next day.
     All evidence suggests Mr. Woolf is thin skinned and will have his bad days. His refusal to endorse Governor Cuomo yesterday was widely thought to be a major mistake, but it doesn't involve video walking off a stage....
    However, Mr. Woolf was not with the Governor as best we know when Mr.Cuomo was in Essex County this week to dedicate a fire station....That's another snub.

WDT: A Dozen Lines on the Ballot.

      There could be twelve lines in the Gubernatorial race as some seek to win and others seek to get 50,000 votes so they can play politics for four years with their own line on the ballot.
      Welcome to NY politics.
       This is why the scramble will be on for the C line as the Greens seek to wrest it from the Conservative Party.
Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York.

Maps Show Cave Network Beneath Our Feet.

     Members of the Niagara Frontier Grotto made another visit to caves under downtown Watertown today. It's their tenth visit with over 200 man hours of mapping the subterranean labyrinth long a mystery.
    Ben Brown stopped at City Hall today to brief the Manager and me on their progress and show us the maps done so far. It was very interesting, especially the mystery of the raccoons apparently able to navigate in total darkness.
     The cave explorers take their craft seriously and don't encourage publicity due to fears untrained people will attempt the challenging work they do.

Now I'll Find Out What She's Thinking....Zephyr's New Book Arrives

   Surely I am the first on my block to have a copy of Zephyr Teachout's book "Corruption in America" which was released Monday by Harvard University Press.
    It says on the jacket the book covers everything from Ben Franklin's snuff box to Citizens United.
     I'll loan it to Elise when I am done reading.

Zephyr's Bus Tour Skips NNY

      Look like Zephyr's "Whistleblower Tour" doesn't make it north of the Thruway The bus trip throughout upstate features Zephyr Teachout and running mate Tim Wu.
      Looks like fun and a lot more animation than the other candidates.  

Ted Ford: Reacting to Woolf Not Backing Cuomo......."That's a Good Thing"

   The area's most influential supporter of Zephyr Teachout says Aaron Woolf's refusal to back Governor Andrew Cuomo in the upcoming primary is "a good thing."
    Mr. Ford is a long time activist and progressive who is supporting Ms. Teachout and is still waiting for the lawn sign ordered.
     Mr. Woolf refused to endorse the Governor when asked yesterday in Glens Falls.  A statement that raised eyebrows given his candidacy's ties to key Cuomo staffers.

Cat Fight !-On the campaign trail, it's Christine Quinn v. Zephyr Teachout - NY Daily News

   Failed candidate for mayor, Christine Quinn sparred yesterday with Zephyr Teachout, who charged Ms. Quinn was a member of the corporate wing of the Democratic party and that as City Council Speaker, Ms. Quinn blocked reforms to benefit workers.
    Ms. Quinn snarled back, calling Ms. Teachout a recent transplant to NY, a reference to the residency flap initiated by Governor Cuomo a month ago.
     Ms. Teachout was speaking at a NOW endorsement on Women's Equality Day.  Ms. Quinn had been a key figure in trying to create the Governor's latest "me too" party....called the Women's Equality Party.
On the campaign trail, it's Christine Quinn v. Zephyr Teachout - NY Daily News

Feds OK Watertown School District's Purchase Of Reserve Building | WWNY TV 7

   It took years but the complicated federal system of disposing of excess property has finally allowed the City School District to acquire the former Army Reserve building on Massey Street.
   Federal rules preclude just selling the property to the highest bidder. There is a hierarchy of organizations who have preference starting first with homeless groups.
    Having the district own it will ensure its maintenance and while private ownership would have been nice, those are not the rules and the property's location in residential "A" would have made development difficult.
Feds OK Watertown School District's Purchase Of Reserve Building | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

WDT: MRAP issue still alive on Jefferson County board

   Jefferson County Lawmakers are less tactical these days and more now oppose retention of the armored personnel carrier that sits unused in the PSB parking lot.
Photo: Amanda Morrison, WDT
    The foreboding vehicle was controversial when acquired but more so now with the national debate over equipping small town PDs with leftover war vehicles.
     Take it to Pulaski and Charlie Caprara could have it sold in a week.
Watertown Daily Times | MRAP issue still alive on Jefferson County board

Sorry June....Your Candidate Won't Endorse Andy.....

       At the end of a long article on the back and forth on Medicare, Democrat Aaron Woolf refused to endorse Governor Andrew Cuomo in the upcoming gubernatorial primary in which Mr. Cuomo is trying to fend off challenges from Zephyr Teachout and Randy Credico.
     This is borderline shocking as Mr. Woolf is running as the candidate of June O'Neill and establishment Dems who definitely want Governor Cuomo to win the primary.
     As a Democrat, does Mr. Woolf not think the Governor deserves another term ? Or is he planning on voting for one of the other two on the 9th when he casts his first-ever vote in NY21.
      Increasing numbers of groups are backing Ms. Teachout or sitting out the race as the NY Times did yesterday.  But the Times urged at least a protest vote for Ms. Teachout as they refused to endorse Mr. Cuomo. 
      Mr. Woolf may not want a linkage to the Second Floor because of the SAFE Act, but his unwillingness to support Mr. Cuomo is telling of perhaps more.
Woolf: Obamacare needs flaws corrected

EDITORIAL: 21st Congressional District candidates need to answer the tough questions

       Yesterday the two major party candidates for Congress in NY 21 held press conferences.
       I didn't attend Aaron Woolf's presser in Glens Falls yesterday, but I did attend Elise Stefanik's in Watertown.
        Such unfiltered access has been rare this year, and the press was told by Ms. Stefanik she would stay as long as they wanted to answer questions. She answered them well. I assume Mr. Woolf was equally patient.
        It was a good day for transparency. Most days are not.
        Candidates are so shielded these days, and cautious about the gotcha moment, or making a mistake that being on tape leads to a negative commercial.
       Within hours of a Monday presser out east in which Ms. Stefanik was not having as good a time with reporters as she did the next day in Watertown.....well Dems I know were giddy and boasting to me how the commercial was coming.
        Fair enough. The message is you better be spot on  all the time.
        Now the Post Star opines the candidates don't answer questions. Maybe, but I do agree there's too much e-mailing of questions to faceless spokespersons who email back.
       During the primary last spring we saw more quotes from the Cat than the candidate.....Well the Cat was never going to be my Congressman.
         Green Party candidate Matt Funiciello has been refreshing because he doesn't have money and handlers, so he just talks about his views. He seems informed and speaks from the heart without having to keep an eye out for a tracker.
        Now the other side of the equation is that a campaign is not just about E-board meetings in two cities.
        Reporters need to be in the game too.  Yesterday I noticed former Times reporter Brian Amaral stopped by.  Brian still follows our politics even though he lives in Jersey.
       We also need journalists with that level of interest, even if they are a little snarky at times. It breaks my former journalism heart to hear news executive boast they don't cover politics because it's bad for ratings.
        Bottom line. There is room for everyone to do a better job.
EDITORIAL: 21st Congressional District candidates need to answer the tough questions

Meet Randy Credico, challenging Gov. Cuomo in Democratic primary |

     While there has been chatter about Zephyr Teachout's insurgent campaign against Governor Cuomo in the September 9 primary, there is a third candidate in the race for the Democratic nod.
     He is satirist Randy Credico, the pot smoking (openly admitting) candidate who has taken to traveling the state seeking attention and votes.
     Mr. Credico has run for Mayor in NYC and is an engaging speaker who recently called the HOTLINE.
Meet Randy Credico, challenging Gov. Cuomo in Democratic primary |

WDT: Jefferson County sheriff candidates appear together for the first time at forum

      The three Sheriff candidates appeared jointly, but its a confusing affair as the three are not necessarily the choice voters will choose from in the fall.
      The two Democrats competing in a primary must settle that score first. If Paul Trudeau wins, he faces Republican John Bocciolatt and WFP nominee Colleen O'Neill
     If Ms. O'Neill wins the Dem nod, it's a two way race with Mr. Bocciolatt.
      We would be better off waiting till after the primary when the race is defined.
Watertown Daily Times | Jefferson County sheriff candidates appear together for the first time at forum

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Do Aaron and Addie Support Andrew ?

   With the NY Times, the AFL CIO, NYSUT and others spurning the incumbent Democratic governor, it's a fair question to ask.
    Who does Aaron Woolf support in the September 9 primary. It's a gut check for Democrats and a real show of what values you embrace. So how about the MSM ask Mr. Woolf....and Addie Russell too......
    If they say it's none of our business...I get it...If they say they didn't know there is a primary, they should withdraw.....Let the leading Democrats speak out...

New York Times Walks Away from Andrew.....Yikes ! -

    The Gray Old Lady couldn't take the full leap but the NY Times did refuse to endorse an incumbent Democratic governor.....Based on his failure to reform Albany and other matters, the NY Times said today that while Andrew Cuomo is likely to win reelection, they cannot endorse him and actually encouraged voters to cast a protest vote for Zephyr Teachout......Calling her a breath of fresh air, it was as close to an endorsement you could get since most publishers, like politicians, are afraid to openly oppose the Governor.
    I was talking to an establishment person tonight at Pete's who was aghast at the prospect of Teachout beating the Governor.
    But as you look at the building endorsements, the constituencies with the Democratic party supporting her and her guerilla campaign tactics , she could win.
    I fact I bet the guy a Miller Lite on the race, and he took Cuomo in a heartbeat. Then Mike Schell came in and he took the Governor too....Wonder if I will have free drinks on September 10....A long shot, maybe, but I have done well betting against the grain this year.
Governor Cuomo’s Failure on Ethics Reform Hinders an Endorsement -

Ralph Nader to visit Glens Falls

      This would be an interesting event, as I voted for Nader in the two W runs.  Ralph Nader is coming to Glens Falls on September 14 to stump for Howie Hawkins for Governor and Matt Funiciello for Congress.
    Nader's appearance in NY21 is surely a sign he feels Mr. Funiciello is up and coming in the race.
Ralph Nader to visit Glens Falls

Stefanik Pitch Perfect in Watertown Presser on Social Security

       GOP Congressional candidate Elise Stefanik delivered a spot-on performance on the issue of Social Security, speaking to press gathered in downtown Watertown.  She even took an extra long pause after asking is there were any more questions, after an Albany TV reporter was slighted yesterday in Glens Falls, feeling the candidate left too quickly.
Elise Stefanik Addresses Press and Supporters in Watertown
       There were no moments of excitement for my Democratic friends today as Ms. Stefanik ticked off her positions on what has to stay as is and what needs reform in the 79 year old program.
       Citing concerns over insolvency in the future, Ms. Stefanik pledged to hold harmless those over fifty, but said for those in their thirties, there needs to be a conversation.
      Her opponent, Aaron Woolf was holding a presser today in Glens Falls, no doubt continuing his attacks on Ms. Stefanik and his claims she wants to gut SS.
     Ms. Stefanik was deliberate and specific today and before the event had said she would stay till midnight if the press wanted.
     The tracker was there too.  We had a nice chat. He is from Poughkeepsie and attends college in Potsdam. He is employed by the DCCC and said his camera is not high def so the footage might not be good enough for the campaign documentary some have talked about.
     Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush was there as was Councilman Steve Jennings and GOP Chair Donald Coon.

WDT: Slow Dance, but No Grinding or Twerking

    Dances will continue in Watertown schools.  An agreement reached calls for tougher rules on so called dirty dancing, more chaperones, and a policy for discipline.

    Twerking will be dealt with severely.

Watertown Daily Times | Homecoming Dance to go on as planned at Watertown High School


   Dave Mance is in town and hosting a luncheon for his employees. I will stop in after the show.
    I had a complaint the You Tube links to commercials went somewhere else one time, so I took them down till I check on what happened.
    Got my computer back from Computer Doc in the Marcy Building. Seems to work fine with the new screen and the bill was less than I expected.
     Visited City Hall this AM and dealt with an irate constituent. Eventually had to direct him to the door. Legitimate concerns, but there is a way to approach things in life.
     Not much going on today. I think I'll take Jet for a walk.

Candidates Seek Momentum Heading into Labor Day

   The Bangledeshi-American Advisory Group holds a presser in Queens today to endorse Zephyr Teachout for governor.  Will anyone cover the event ?
     Of course having press advisories on a string of endorsements is supposed to create the impression in news rooms of momentum...Later today the National Organization for Women endorses Teachout. I would send a reporter to that one instead.
     Meanwhile all the statewide candidates are criss-crossing NY with the Governor in Essex County today.
      Still no sign of any of them in our neck of the woods.  I think they caught wind of Scotty's aversion to covering politics.

Air Wars Shift to Women

    In the commercials released this week, the candidates for Congress seek to appear not just conciliatory but also seek to appeal to older and female voters.
    The latest Aaron Woolf spot is a little hard to follow but there is the theme that all of what society has achieved will be taken away if not for Mr. Woolf "fighting" for equality and egalitarian values.
      The Woolf spot again employs a syrupy voiced announcer to deliver the message and Mr. Woolf only does the tag line.
       The actors are women out of central casting with sad, wistful faces anguished over losing equal pay....being subjected to violence and losing their right to abortion.
         As always happens, candidates overplay their importance in the world suggesting they can change things they cannot, and if they "fight" for all the things they say they will.....well they'll be tuckered out pretty darn quick.

'Rent is too damn high' candidate is back

        As independent line petitions are filed for statewide office, the name of Jimmy McMillan has surfaced again. He is the "Rent's Too Damn High" Party candidate who caused a flurry of activity following his campy debate performance at Hofstra four years ago.
       Mr. McMillan almost got the 50,000 votes needed for ballot status and frankly would have if he had just done a modest amount of campaigning around the state.
       It's four years later....The rent is still too damn high....and the major parties have joined Jimmy in trying to start their own novelty parties based on women's equality and opposition to common core.
'Rent is too damn high' candidate is back

WDT: Times Favors Twerking

           Today the Watertown School Board toys with the idea of making us all a source of ridicule for banning dances in a bid to stomp out all that gyratin', bumpin' ,grindin' and dirty dancin' that's been going under right under the nose of administrators and teachers at high school dances.
          The ghost of Miley Cyrus twerking her way into the nation's consciousness will hang heavy as the Board meets today to decide if provocative dances will end in favor of donkey basketball and other family fun activities.
          Meanwhile hormone levels in local teens reach record levels as an older and more staid generations remembers when they were young and didn't have to wonder if a blue pill can bring it all back.
           The world is watching.
Watertown Daily Times | A move busted? School board may try to regulate twerking by canceling dances

Woolf and Stefanik Sparring Over an Age Old Policy Issue

     It's an age old issue in campaigns for Congress.......Democrats charging Republicans with wanting to unravel the social safety net established by FDR in the 1930s and Republicans charging Democrats with bankrupting the nation by refusing to reform the system.
     So it is in NY 21 where Democrat Aaron Woolf stakes his campaign on the assertion Elise Stefanik wants to take away Social Security.
     Meanwhile this week, Ms. Stefanik is pushing back, saying that's not her intent at all.
    It all led to a testy exchange with an aggressive reporter yesterday out east as the GOP candidate tries to assure voters this is 2014 and not 1935.

Mayor de Blasio hitting the campaign trail again - for Gov. Cuomo - NY Daily News

     The Mayor of NYC says he would be glad to campaign for Governor Andrew Cuomo, a man he worked for at HUD in the 1990s.
     Mayor Bill deBlasio says he and the Governor have done great things together.
     The Mayor is the state's leading Democrat after the Governor and has been a leader in progressive politics.
Mayor de Blasio hitting the campaign trail again - for Gov. Cuomo - NY Daily News

Now Here is Some "Affordable Housing"

    Homeless people, tiny houses....192 square feet ....
    That's an answer being pursued in Portland Oregon.  Houses at less than $20,000.

This Genius Project Would Create Tiny Homes For People Making Less Than $15,000 A Year

Monday, August 25, 2014

Rob Astorino, Zephyr Teachout to debate Sept. 4

  Her primary opponent won't debate her so Zephyr Teachout is jumping ahead and debating her prospective GOP opponent.
    Ms Teachout will square off against Rob Astorino on November 4 on WNYC radio......
    Meanwhile a voter posted on Facebook this comment indicating the Governor is having calling done on his behalf.
LOL My husband was just called by Cuomo's campaign to "see if they could count in his vote in the primary." He said, "NO- I am NOT voting for Cuomo- I'm voting for Zephyr Teachout!"
    It's  all anecdotal, but I saw a post tonight about former Governor Paterson being shocked over the Teachout surge.
    Is there something out there that we old, conventional wisdom people are missing ?
Rob Astorino, Zephyr Teachout to debate Sept. 4

Advantage Watertown to Continue as Designated Advisory Board..

       City Council will formally appoint the so called Advantage Watertown committee as an advisory board using the same 17 members and the Council members as ex-officio members.
      Lawmakers also informally agreed to work with the local Chamber of Commerce to revamp marketing on the City's website.
      Other than that, Council met in the back room and adjourned.

Cuomo has raised $23 million for election; Astorino gets edge in rural counties

    In four years Governor Cuomo has received donations from 3300....Mostly from downstate....and no dollars from at least ten upstate counties.
     It's likely many of the Dems locally who profess loyalty have never contributed.
Regardless, Mr. Cuomo has dollars, amassing millions to spend....
      In fact, he is the most prodigious fundraiser ever in NY. 
       How can he lose ?  Remember Lou Lehrman ?  The Cuomos do.
Cuomo has raised $23 million for election; Astorino gets edge in rural counties

Focus On Hochul Is About Cuomo, Teachout Says

    Andy knew.
     The Governor knew the Teachout campaign was deeper than a lefty professor.  Endorsements are rolling out from liberal groups and the battle has been joined over Cuomo running mate Kathy Hochul, who seems like a nice enough person, but has a record not so pleasing to progressive Democrats.
     Voting against favor of a contempt citation for the AG....and more all part of the "Hochul dossier" being touted by team Zephyr.
      Now Charlie Rangel is out defending Hochul. A Democratic food fight downstate and while we are outside the splatter zone, the Deaniacs have a cause celeb.
       This is a race for the soul of the Democratic Party in NY and all the Cuomo ads on TV may be just background noise to the true believers.
       And for the media anxious for a street fight to write about..They have one.
Focus On Hochul Is About Cuomo, Teachout Says

WDT | Burger King may buy Tim Hortons chain

   Whoppers and donuts.....A fast food marriage guaranteed to make you fat.

Watertown Daily Times | Burger King may buy Tim Hortons chain

Astorino Goes to Bat for Zephyr....Raps Andy for Hiding

      Rob Astorino is piling on the Democratic debate issue, but despite his sudden concern for democracy, don't look for the Governor to relent.

       Mr. Cuomo is still best advised to lay low til September 9 and let the party members with an interest in his incumbency carry him through.

        I think Rob Astorino thinks a Zephyr Teachout upset helps him. I don't see it. He loses either way.

NY State of Politics « The STATE of POLITICS blog is a running statewide conversation about NY politics – the debate and the drama, the victories and defeats. We invite you to be part of the discussion. Please share your comments on our posts or (please!) send us a news tip.

Flash Cards Used to Teach Teachout About NY Politics - NY Daily News

       A laboratory creation ?
      The Daily News reports on the bid last spring to take an unknown law professor and make her into a politician capable of challenging the Governor of New York.
     WFP operatives are said to have coached Zephyr Teachout, even using flash cards so she would know the names and faces of NY politicians. (Some reporters might want to find those flash cards)
       You can tell from aspects of her campaign, there are some smart people behind it, although the lack of money is evident too. It's very much a gorilla campaign.
      Now, Ms. Teachout is a thorn in the Governor's side and what she calls a new breed of politician.
       The Governor must think so too.
         And were there any other newcomers to politics who used flash cards this year ?
Zephyr Teachout feels 'built' to take on Andrew Cuomo in gubernatorial race - NY Daily News

Cuomo Opponent Unbowed by Underdog Status -

   With ballot status assured and a Governor in hiding, Zephyr Teachout is getting all the free media she can and the NY Times and Daily News obliged today, as did even the WDT in an editorial.
    A smoking gun video of Andrew Cuomo's running mate bolsters the view that Kathy Hochul is not the kind of Democrat many in that party want (not all, mind you).
     The "Z" gal is at a point where a swing of upstate TV markets makes sense, as that local coverage now seems assured.
      Besides....TV knows what we know....A little scare from the left will make Andy spend and that's found money for the folks on Arcade Street.
Opponent Unbowed by Underdog Status -

Voters Beware....New Parties are More Albany Trickery

   Caution. Don't vote for these ballot shams. They will end up as lines for sale and are owned by the statewide candidates listed.
    The Stop Common Core Party and the Women's Equality Party are just more of Albany's corrupt ways.
Third parties galore on 2014 ballot - Times Union

Hochul Reveals the Vacuous Nature of NY's Minor Parties.

    In a video released by the Tim Wu for LG campaign,  Governor Cuomo's running mate Kathy Hochul is seen boasting every time she has run she had the Conservative Party line and that she is a different type of Democrat. That's supposed to appeal to upstate Democrats.
    Now Ms. Hochul is the nominee of the Working Families Party for LG, and competing for the Democratic line in the September 9 primary. Mr. Wu is running as a progressive Democrat.
     Ms. Hochul is a former Erie County Clerk and MOC for one term.
     Now as Andrew Cuomo and Rob Astorino seek to create two more minor parties (Women's Equality and Stop Common Core), one might ask what these parties stand for.
Honing In on Hochul

Will Challenger Be Invited to Massena for Labor Day

   With labor support gelling for upstart Democratic challenger Zephyr Teachout, I wonder if NNY labor leaders will invite Ms. Teachout or her running mate to the popular Labor Day parade in Massena ?  Will either the Governor or his running mate be there ?
     I would think a man of influence like the Mayor of Gouverneur could get the big names up here next Monday.
      Come to think of it, will the three NY21 candidates be invited to attend ? Or just one of them.

WDT:Will he or won’t he? Cuomo elusive about whether he’ll debate Teachout

       For those who read editorials, Governor Cuomo got a little whack today from the WDT over his refusal to debate his primary challengers.  The Times opines those who support Mr. Cuomo deserve more than the politically astute decision to coast to victory without scrutiny over the Moreland Commission and other issues of interest.
      This is the second Times editorial sympathetic to Ms. Teachout, a  candidate who normally wouldn't get the time of day from NNY media. 
       Watertown Daily Times | Wil he or won’t he? Cuomo elusive about whether he’ll debate Teachout

Editorial: Cuomo a Dodger

      In the year of his overwhelming reelection, Governor Andrew Cuomo not only has opponents but prickly editorial boards who are frustrated with the enormously popular chief executive.
     The Auburn Citizen says the Governor dodges issues of substance including fracking, election reform and public corruption in Albany.
     Newspapers often do the obligatory warning shot to candidates they ultimately endorse, so I would expect several endorsements this week before the September 9 primary.
     Some more bold editors may choose to make no endorsement.
Our view: Cuomo trying to dodge substantive issues

Isis Used to be a Good Thing

   In simpler times , Isis was not a blood thirsty terrorist movement, but was a Saturday morning childrens show on CBS.

The Secrets of Isis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

WDT: Erstwhile congressional candidate Stephen Burke not surprised by Woolf’s Albany election connections

     Long time Democrat Stephen Burke of Macomb was liked by the party until he tried to get in the way of the wealthy self-funder who was giving party brass a chance at holding the NY21 seat following the sudden retirement in January by Rep. Bill Owens.
      Mr. Burke sought to challenge Aaron Woolf in a primary and a big time election lawyer with deep connections in Albany was hired to represent a SLC resident ostensibly challenging Mr. Burkes nominating petitions.
      Mr. Burke says it was ham handed, much I suspect like the courtroom battle recently to oust another harmless challenger to the Governor.
       However, Mr. Burke surely must realize this is a seat for high office with high stakes, and Mr. Woolf was not about to subject himself to a primary he would win but which could damage his brand.       
Watertown Daily Times | Erstwhile congressional candidate Stephen Burke not surprised by Woolf’s Albany election connections

Sunday, August 24, 2014

WDT: State investigating prison raffle game at Cape Vincent

    Must be a Native American blew them in as the Cape Vincent prison is in a section of the state the tribes have exclusive gaming rights.
      Seriously though.......Who thinks gambling in a prison is OK?  These Queen of Hearts things are the domain of the clubs, and they are big traffic builders if you can get the pot up....But the purpose is to sell drinks and dinners....What purpose is served having one at a prison...
      Maybe they should have a sign in pool and dice too.
Watertown Daily Times | State investigating prison raffle game at Cape Vincent

Game On as Stefanik Commercial Sets the Right Tone for the Sixty Day Sprint

    A pleasant surprise in my e-mail today with the first Stefanik commercial for the fall campaign.
     The spot strikes the right tone and issues, and most of all the candidate talks...Not an announcer.
       There's a bit of humor with the cow at the end and the optics are suitably rural and down home.
       Both Ms. Stefanik and Aaron Woolf have well done commercials out of the gate. Both strike a conciliatory tone.    However, having the candidate speak to voters matters, especially in a race where voters are still getting to know the candidates.
      It is funny how much farm imagery is used in these things, but most district residents are not farmers.
       With the Labor Day starting gate approaching, I am sure Ms. Stefanik will engage on the issues and this is where her familiarity with the dreaded DC helps. You can't span that knowledge gap with talking points and bromides.  Well, you can try.

Zephyr Gets Another Endorsement That Normally Goes to the Incumbent Democrat

   Guess that new Women's Equality Party didn't impress all women.
    The NYS chapter of the National Organization for Women has endorsed Zephyr Teachout for Governor.
Capitol Confidential » State NOW chapter endorses Teachout

Cuomo Looks to Reel In a Second Term

    Governor Cuomo gets to campaign by recreation between now and the primary. That keeps him in the news without getting pestered by reporters or his opponents.
Fishing on Owasco Lake
         Look for Mr. Cuomo at Saratoga soon for the Travers Stakes and of course Labor Day parades and picnics.

Artifact or Junk ?

   This was a print or painting from the White House Inn in Watertown that was demolished to make room for the Dulles State Office Building.
   It's interesting what people just leave behind for the demolition crew to grab.

Gaining A Better Understanding of the Topic du Jour

    Coincidence being what it is I was looking for something to watch on TV as its slow as molasses in the gin mill today....I notice the 2011 movie Footloose is on....All that evil dancing and gyrating before it was invented by Miley Cyrus.
     With a talk show to do tomorrow and the subject of dirty dancing in our local high school likely to come up....I needed a greater understanding of the topic.
     It doesn't look much different than when I was in school, except that back then you weren't in high school till age 21.

Clarkson Prof Ditches Woolf...Goes Green

  One member of academia in St. Lawrence County has lost interest in Democrat Aaron Woolf after a Daily News story about a lawyer close to Speaker Silver being used to knock Steve Burke off the primary ballot and clear the field.
My message to Woolf, as I 'unliked' him on Facebook....
Scheming with Shellie Silver to knock off a minor primary candidate? And using the unctuous Jason Clark as the 'beard'? Sorry, I can't support you - that is EXACTLY the kind of politics I would like to see gone from New York and Washington. Although I generally avoid voting third party, I have now switched my support to the Green Party candidate Matt Funiciello. He may not win, but I won't feel dirty voting for him.

Tom Langen
Clarkson University

Space Reserved for the Right Candidate

      So there is an opening on my lawn...A void....An emptiness....

Keeping St. Lawrence County Close a Key to GOP Retake of NY21...But Beware June and Her Woolf are on the Prowl There Too

     I was looking over the weekend Facebook photos from the campaigns for Congress and I notice Elise Stefanik was in St. Lawrence County, as she tries to staunch the bleeding that occurred in June's back yard the past couple of cycles.
     Labor, libs and Birkenstock wearing SLU professors have made the Big County a steep climb for Republicans.
       The path for victory for Stefanik in this off-year race is to hope the turnout model is more favorable in a race with a Cuomo and no Obama topping the ticket.
       Also, she should do better than Doheny 2012's solid showing in the Glens Falls to Johnstown area due to her ties there. With no Bill Owens, Clinton County should at least be closer. Stefanik should take Essex this time and is strong in Franklin.
      That leaves the problem child western counties where marginal improvement should ensure victory, although Jefferson poses some unique problems stemming from the primary.

Why it’s hell to be a doctor in America today | New York Post

   Sagging morale, stagnant wages, ever increasing overhead costs, paperwork galore, worries about being sued, the government on you at every turn.....
    Hey Doc, welcome to business in America.  Try owning a gin mill.
    A  new book says physicians are souring on their career choice due to having to spend so much time as a business person, gaming the system and fighting the insurance companies and Uncle Sam.
     Why it’s hell to be a doctor in America today | New York Post

The Golf Address -

     President Obama is getting more than FOX ridicule these days for his recreational Presidency on the Vineyard with all the celebrities and golf.
     Maureen Dowd is rapping The One in a parody of the Gettysburg Address in today's NYT.
     Of course the other side is that an executive needs down time and you don't want to appear frenzied on the world stage over every beheading.
      The Golf Address -